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SunToads Health News 187.
Vaccines: New plague for a new era

Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2001 11:05:42 -0600
From: "SunToads"

This article was published in The Journal of Degenerative Diseases. Page 21.
Date and issue unknown.
For further info on The Journal of Degenerative Diseases see


VACCINES: New Plague for a New Era

by Karen Maidra

Some might feel this is harsh criticism for a product with supposedly lofty ideals.

Others may think it is not harsh enough. They have good reason to feel that way.

The vaccine debate maintains a long and sordid history, although too few people are aware of this fact. Due to the controlling interests of government agencies and their puppeteer, the pharmaceutical industry, public awareness has been manipulated, via the media, to its present state of indifference. Why does no one question the authority of injecting agents of unknown toxicity into their body? The general public is apparently satisfied with the information (or more accurately, the lack of information) provided by the government, unless presented with a specific reason not to be. Unfortunately, now is the wrong time for apathy. We are on the verge of vaccine mania, and by the time our wake up call comes, it just may be too late.

The controversy began two centuries ago, when Dr. Edward Jenner experimented on an eight year old boy, using cowpox pus in an attempt to lessen the severity of subsequent smallpox infection. He achieved limited success at first, but even from the beginning, failures and severe reactions were common. Nevertheless, one would surmise that his motives, at least, were honorable.

The vaccine industry has evolved immensely since then. Regrettably, so has its motives. The worldwide market for human vaccine use has been projected to exceed $7 billion by the year 2001. Profits are now the number one priority, the underlying purpose cloaked in the guise of protecting public health.

Researchers who once labored to rid populations of lethal plagues are now churning out vaccines for every imaginable complaint, no matter how benign. Hundreds of new vaccines are being developed, along with dozens of ways to administer them, and as long as the profit margin is acceptable we can expect to encounter them in the very near future. This industry would even have every young child vaccinated for sexually transmitted disease, assuming that child will engage in risky behavior in the future, and without any assurances that the vaccine won't have worn off by then. The lack of long term research into the safety of immunization is being conveniently white-washed by the appearance of "new and improved" products. But the fundamental problems still exist, and the many facets of vaccine imperfection must be examined.

Are Vaccines Responsible for the Control of Infectious Disease?

Supporters of vaccination would like to take credit for the control of infectious disease, but the simple truth is that vaccination has had precious little, if anything, to do with controlling disease epidemics. Epidemics of infectious disease had undergone a dramatic decline long before any mass immunization programs took place. Many childhood diseases had all but disappeared before a vaccine was even developed for them. According to Metropolitan Life Insurance company policies, in 1911 the four leading causes of death covered by the company in those aged 1 to 14 were diphtheria, measles, scarlet fever and whooping cough. The standardized death rate for these was 145 per 100,000 in 1911, but dropped to 7 per 100,000 by 1945 -- a decline of over 95%, before mass immunization began in the United States.(1) Similarly, in England and Wales between 1850 and 1940, deaths from these four diseases declined by 90%. The first vaccine available for diphtheria wasn't until the early 1940's, whooping cough in the early 50's and measles in the late 60's. No vaccine was provided for scarlet fever, yet it somehow managed to disappear on its own. In fact, many plagues disappeared without the benefit of vaccines -- cholera, bubonic plague, yellow fever, for example -- all are virtually unheard of today, and without the assistance of mass immunization.

Strangely enough, plagues of disease also disappeared simultaneously in countries which rejected vaccination as well as those which implemented it. European countries that refused immunization for smallpox and polio saw their epidemics end as well as those countries that mandated it.(2) In fact smallpox and polio vaccines, both the proverbial golden children of vaccine supporters (i.e. what kind of horrible crippled state would we all be in without them?), actually increased the incidence of those diseases.

In England, the highest death rate from smallpox for any two year period (before compulsory vaccination laws in 1853) was 2,000 cases. After years of mandatory vaccinations 23,000 people died in 1870 and 1871 alone, and 124,000 died during the same period in Germany. All had been vaccinated.(3) In Australia, where the government terminated compulsory vaccination ofter two children died from their smallpox shots, the disease virtually disappeared -- three cases in 15 years.(4) In 1920s England, only two towns rejected smallpox inoculation during an epidemic -- Leicester and Dewsbury (relying instead on stringent hygiene and sanitation). These two towns had the lowest death rates in the country.(5)

Cases of polio in the one year ending August 30,1954 (before mass immunization) compared to the one year ending August 30, 1955 (after immunizing) were reported as follows: In Connecticut, 144 cases before -- 276 cases after (92% increase) New Hampshire, 38 cases before -- 129 cases after (239% increase) Vermont, 15 cases before -- 55 after (266% increase)...Rhode Island, 22 before -- 122 after (454% increase)......and in Massachusetts, 273 before -- 2027 after (642% increase!).(6) Polio had been declining for decades before the advent of the vaccine -- the CDC admits that all current cases are caused by the vaccine.

But if immunization has had little to do with controlling plagues of disease, then what did alleviate them? The answer is simple, and still the best solution -- improvements in hygiene and nutrition. The poverty, filth and squalor of urban life up to the early 1800's gave way to sanitation reforms, fresh water supplies and plumbing (no more raw sewage running in the streets...), less crowding/proper isolation, central heating etc., all of which radically changed public health standards. Add to this an increasing awareness of nutrition, better food preservation and the ability to import fresh fruits and vegetables in the winter months (no more lard pies day in and day out...) and you can begin to see how people were better able to fend off disease. These two factors, combined with evolutionary selection (the natural resistance to a pathogen that a host aquires over generations) are what truly control contagious/infectious disease.

Vaccines CAUSE Disease:

Airborne viruses were not meant to be injected directly into the bloodstream. They normally enter through the nasal passages where the body's defence system initiates a process of filtration. Coughing, sneezing and secretion of a local antibody in the respiratory tract is followed by involvement of the tonsils, lymph nodes and other immune organs. But when the normal port of entry is bypassed and viruses are injected directly into muscle tissue, they are driven deep into the body and given immediate access to all internal organs, including the brain, where they can do unrestricted damage. Further, attenuated and "killed" viruses will not provoke the body's major inflammatory response nor its non-specific immune defences. Therefore this form of virus, found in vaccines, remains in the body and causes continuous antigenic stimulation of the immune system which weakens immune defences and can lead to cancer, leukemia and autoimmune disease.(7)

Viruses and the human body have co-existed for millennia, and over that period of time attained a state of equilibrium (as is nature's way until man interferes). The relationship, if not symbiotic, may in some ways be mutually beneficial. Obviously viruses are reliant on the human body, but conversely, research is beginning to indicate that the human body also depends on certain viruses for maturation of its immune system.

Vaccination and the subsequent lack of contagious infectious disease in early childhood may foster the development of asthma and other autoimmune disorders later in life. A study in New Zealand reports that Of 1,265 children born in 1977, 23 received no childhood vaccinations and none suffered childhood asthma. Among the 1,242 who got polio and DPT shots, 23% later had episodes of asthma, 23% had asthma consultations and 30% had consultations for other allergic illness.

According to information published in The Lancet in 1996, certain findings indicate that measles infection prevents allergic sensitization. After comparing two groups of young adults in West Africa, one which had recovered from a natural measles epidemic while the other had not contracted measles and were later vaccinated, researchers found that the vaccinated group had twice the rate of allergic conditions than the group who had recovered from measles. In addition, according to WHO statistics, those who are innoculated against measles have a 15X greater chance of contracting the disease than those who are unvaccinated.(8) However, due to vaccination, the infection may be atypical measles which is an especially vicious form that resists treatment, or it may be the so-called "mild measles" with under-developed rash -- the type that does not provoke a full inflammatory response and so remains latent in the body and may result in chronic or degenerative disease, including cancer.(9)

In December 1988, an article was published in the New York Times by Dr. John Walker-Smith of St. Bartholomew's Hospital in London. This expert on intestinal diseases had found a sharp increase of Crohn's disease in children of East Indian origin who had grown up in Great Britian. In India the disease is "very, very rare". Dr. Walker-Smith concludes that the lack of many childhood infections may allow children in the West to grow up without the vigorous development of their immune system such infection would normally promote.(10)

Diabetes is another autoimmune disorder that has increased substantially in the last three decades, coinciding with the significant increase in childhood immunizations. The pertussis vaccine in particular is known to cause diabetes in mice, and medical literature as early as 1949 reported that some children injected with the pertussis vaccine had reduced blood glucose levels. Dr. J. Barthelow Classen, former researcher at the U.S. National Institutes of Health, states that juvenile diabetes increased 60% following a massive Hep B vaccination campaign for babies six weeks or older in New Zealand from 1988 to 1991.(11) Also, Finland's incidence of diabetes increased 147% in children under five after three new vaccines were introduced in the 1970s and diabetes increased 40% in children aged five to nine after the addition of the MMR and Hib vaccines in the 1980s.(12)

More recently, in September 00, Dr. Classen presented data at the International Public Conference on Vaccination proving vaccines are the largest cause of insulin dependent diabetes in children. His data indicated that vaccines cause approximately 80% of cases in children who have received multiple vaccines starting at two months of age. Amazingly, a week later the CDC also presented data at the Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy that supported Dr. Classen's findings. Diabetics have been advised to seek council before their right to compensation expires.

The burgeoning incidence of autism may also be correlated with rampant vaccine use. Although genetic factors are well accepted, there are variants of autism and it is known as an etiologically heterogeneous, or multi-causal, disorder. For some children, genetic vulnerability may interact with insults on the developing nervous system to lead to autism.(13) There is increasing evidence of immune system abnormalities in autism. A substantial number of reports on this subject have appeared in medical journals since the 1980s and most of these articles present data that appear to support the theory of a connection between immune system dysfunction and some cases of autism.(14)

Infectious agents in the prenatal or postnatal period may be a factor in the development of autism. The most common mechanism appears to be a direct toxic effect on brain cells from infection (encephalitis).(15) Strangely enough, viral infections are considered causal for autism if they occur 'naturally', as in measles encephalitis, but not if they occur after vaccination. Yet the Cure Autism Now (CAN) foundation in Los Angeles relates that approximately one-half of the hundreds of parents who call their office each month report that their child became autistic shortly after receiving a vaccination.

Evidence for an autism pandemic is mounting. In California there was a 273% increase in the number of children with autism from 1987 to 1998 and in Florida it's up 571%. According to U.S. state education data, we have seen increases of 876% in 8 years in New Jersey, 627% in 6 years in Illinios, 1200% in 10 years in Broward, Miami and a 13-fold increase in 6 years in Colorado. In 1992 the education authority of Wakefield, West Yorkshire in the U.K. had five autistic pupils. Just seven years later in 1999 that number had jumped to 111, a 22-fold increase!

Autism is a relatively new disorder, first diagnosed in the mid 1940's. When the first cases began to appear, researchers were puzzled by the high incidence of autistic children in well-educated, upper class families. Of course, these were the families who could afford private doctors and would request the latest advancements in medicine for their children -- in this case the latest medical marvel was the pertussis vaccine. As would be expected, as soon as free vaccinations became available at public health clinics across the country, autism became an equal-opportunity disease.(16)

Another recent addition to childhood disorders is Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity disorder -- ADHD. It spread rapidly among school children in the 1950's and in 1963 was officially dubbed MBD (minimal brain dysfunction). It was soon noted that this disorder appeared to lie at the root of nearly every type of childhood behavior problem, with children typically exhibiting symptoms related to neurological damage.(17) Today, it is thought that one out of five children have learning disabilities, hyperactivity and associated developmental disabilities. Teachers complain that their students are cognitively inferior and have shorter attention spans than those they taught in the 1960's, and that "kids' brains must be different these days".(18) In fact, SAT scores for verbal and math skills, as well as IQ levels, have steadily declined since 1964. Sadly, neurological damage is often a harbinger of social violence and crime. Nearly ninety percent of juvenile delinquents suffer from learning disabilities and in one study of hyperactive children it was found that they were twenty times more likely to end up in a reform school than their peers.

Even those considered among the country's elite are not exempt from vaccine injury. Despite military and FDA assurances that the anthrax vaccine is safe (believe it or not, the FDA reports that it "has fewer side effects than some childhood immunizations"), a war is raging over the hazardous effects it may have on a recipients health, and the rights of military personnel to refuse it on that basis. It seems the producer of the vaccine, BioPort corp., is also having its share of difficulties. After separate recommendations by the House subcommittee and Congress earlier this year to suspend the anthrax vaccination program (which the pentagon ignored), the vaccine was recalled by its maker last month due to 'labelling problems'. Amidst audits, missing documents, and lack of FDA approval for renovated labs, BioPort has just been hit with another controversy. Their anthrax vaccine has been implicated in the death of one of their employees. Richard Dunn had been required to take the anthrax vaccine because his work involved the monitoring of test animals. His death in July was due to "an inflammatory response to the vaccine throughout his body" according to Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Robert Joyce. BioPort officials are "shocked and puzzled" by the coroners findings. A month after his last dose, Dunn had been complaining of fatigue and swelling. He was sent to the company's doctors who examined him three times and determined there was no connection to the vaccine.

Gulf War Syndrome is a seriously debilitating condition that has NOT been taken seriously by military bureaucrats. From the outset, many have categorically denied its existence, let alone having anything to do with its cause. Not surprisingly, one simple fact speaks for itself -- of the 28 coalition countries that sent troops to the Gulf, only French troops are not exhibiting symptoms of GWS...France is the only country that did not vaccinate their troops.(19)

No discussion on vaccine-induced disease would be complete without mentioning the current AIDS epidemic. However, volumes of information could be, and indeed have been written concerning this subject. Therefore, for the sake of simplicity, here are the bare bones of the issue:

a) AIDS is a simian virus that "somehow" crossed species (prompting several colourful theories as to just how that might happen).

b) Vaccines contain, among other disturbing components, animal DNA from the tissues they were grown on. Attached to this animal DNA are inherent animal viruses -- most of which are as yet undiscovered.

c) Mass vaccination campaigns took place in areas of the world which later became epi-centres of the AIDS virus. The vaccines used in those campaigns had been cultured on simian tissues.(20)

(the conclusion is obvious enough for even a monkey to see...)


The most reprehensible element of the vaccine issue is without doubt the question of genetic interference, both premeditated and incidental. Primarily, "natural" virus infection induces permanent immunity to the disease, while vaccines prompt only temporary protection, if at all (hence the need for additional booster shots). Therefore, instead of contracting childhood diseases when we are supposed to -- when the human body is 'programmed' to handle the disease -- we now have older children or young adults who are infected after the vaccine wears off. Certain diseases contracted at this stage of development can lead to serious complications. Public health "experts" are quick to blame the disease for these complications, rather than the rightful cause which is vaccination.

More importantly, temporary vaccine-induced immunity does not invoke the production of permanent antibodies and, consequently, vaccinated mothers lack maternal antibodies to bestow on their children. This leaves infants vulnerable to common childhood disease, and dependent on immunization for some measure of protection. In fact, when measles cases began to increase in the late 1980s, with cases atypically occuring in infants under one year in age (who would normally have been protected during the first year of life by maternal antibodies but were not because their mothers had been vaccinated and therefore did not develop maternal antibodies), the World Health Organization (WHO), in concert with the CDC and other various "health" organizations, were working on a way to vaccinate all infants by six months of age. The problem was, some babies still carried maternal antibodies (as they are supposed to) and the vaccines wouldn't take.

Incredibly, in an effort to find out if they could override maternal antibodies, researchers began trials on thousands of Third World babies and later, on more than fifteen hundred black and hispanic babies in inner city Los Angeles, using high dosages of experimental Edmonston Zagreb (EZ) measles vaccine. (In Haiti, infants were reportedly given 10 to 500 times the usual dosage) The CDC and WHO at first ignored reports of high mortality rates in infants six months to three years after immunization. But when mortality data was finally published in The Lancet in October 1991, the experiment was discontinued.

According to an article in the January 1996 issue of Pediatrics, authored by the CDC, Johns Hopkins and Kaiser officials, (overriding maternal antibodies) will not be a problem in the future because all mothers will have been vaccinated and won't have maternal antibodies to give to their infants, and so all babies will be candidates for measles vaccination after birth. This is an obvious admission that officials plan to eliminate natural antibodies (which are permanent) from the human race and replace them with vaccine-induced antibodies (which are temporary), thereby securing a perpetually vaccine dependent (i.e. government dependent) populace. For what motive, other than financial benefit, would government agencies be developing programs with the sole intent of eradicating maternal antibodies?

In another fine example of the World Health Organization's covert agendas, contraceptive vaccines have been used for population control on an unsuspecting public. In the early 1990's the WHO began massive tetanus vaccination campaigns in several countries, including Nicaragua, Mexico and the Philippines. Despite the fact that tetanus can be contracted by men, women and children of any age, only women between the ages of 12 and 49 were vaccinated. Additionally, multiple injections were given within a much shorter time span than usual. Suspicions led to the discovery of human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) in the vaccine. This hormone is released when a woman becomes pregnant and is necessary for the continuation of that pregnancy, but when coupled with a toxiod carrier, in this case tetanus toxiod, antibodies are formed against tetanus and hCG. These hCG antibodies will decrease the level of natural hCG in the body until a pregnancy can no longer be maintained. Thus, pregnancy is not prevented, but aborted.(21) It is not known how long the effects may last. Not only is this an abomination of a people's basic rights and freedoms, but there are ethical considerations concerning the abortion issue as well.

In addition, anti-hCG vaccines may perceivably cause problems with auto-immune disorders and cross reactivity. Normally the immune system distinguishes between "self" and "non-self", tolerating the bodies own substances and attacking foreign substances. But inducing the bodies mechanism of self preservation to attack its own molecules may bring disasterous results. Particularily in view of an increase in auto-immune diseases, it may be risky to manipulate the highly complex mechanism of "self" tolerance of the human organism. Moreover, there is a possibility of cross reactivity of hCG antibodies with other hormones. HCG is a member of the family of glycoprotien hormones, which also includes lutropin (LH), follitropin (FSH) and thyrotropin (TSH). Parts of the structure of these four hormones are similar, so antibodies elicited against hCG may interfere with other pituitary hormones. Unexpected cross reactivity has already been observed against pancreatic cells.(22)

One of the latest, and most frightening, developments in the vaccine arena is the edible vaccine. Information from WHO states that key genes are inserted into edible plants where they replicate -- producing vaccines at a fraction of the cost. There are a myriad of difficulties with this concept, some of which are already beginning to surface in its predecessor -- genetically engineered food. How will dosages be controlled? More importantly, how will the pathogens be kept from escaping into the food chain? Current practice is to insert plant or animal derived DNA into genetically altered foods but it is possible that synthetic DNA may be utilized which will contain bits of genetic code never occurring before in any species.(23) "Frankenfoods" are just the tip of the iceburg. What are they thinking? Irretractable damage to the ecosystem cannot possibly be justified by sheer profits.

Since the pharmaceautical industry is obviously exploring more lucrative avenues, what could be more profitable than a vaccine that can be administered to every person, every year, for the rest of their lives? Enter the influenza vaccine.

Last year the Ministry of Health implemented protocol concerning influenza immunization for Long Term Care Facilities (LTCFs), in an effort to increase consumption of flu vaccines. Their rationale was that they had discerned a need to protect staff and residents of LTCFs and reduce resident morbidity and mortality due to influenza. (note -- public health officials are the first to admit that influenza does not cause death but may accelerate previously existing chronic conditions)

The flu is a common affliction of modern civilization, and flu vaccines have been available for quite some time, if so desired. So why the sudden push? LTCF staff are "required" to be immunized, but they are threatened with time off without pay should they refuse. Incidentally, this type of coercion (which is sanctioned by the Ministry of Health) is illegal -- according to Canadian Law, informed consent must be given before any medical procedure, and this consent must be voluntary. If it is given under duress, then any medical interference is considered assault and battery, and criminal charges can be laid. Employers across the country are breaking the law in order to enforce government protocol. How can this kind of medical tyrrany possibly be justified?

It seems the Ministry of Health is having difficulty convincing the public of the "need" for influenza vaccination. Perhaps the public would be more receptive were there more substantiated examples of efficacy and less abundant instances of serious reactions. Hospital emergency-room staff, who several years ago first reported occurances of odd disorders following the Gulf War, are now recounting cases of influenza vaccinees with "flu-like" symptoms 12 hours following immunization. We are told that being immunized can help reduce the incidence of pneumonia but that has proven not to be the case. Numerous examples of pneumonia and collapsed lungs in previously healthy vaccinees cannot be ignored. Indeed, adverse effects of the vaccine are so common that public health officials have provided an explanation within their protocol -- people who complain of contracting the flu after receiving their shot have either coincidentally picked up the virus just prior to being immunized or are confusing their symptoms with those of a cold or allergy.

Officials also like to condemn the "anti-vaccine" movement for hindering vaccine programs. While it is true that many people are finally beginning to realize there are serious problems with vaccination, the vast majority still have little knowledge of this controversy. Also, one must take into account the source of these accusations. An article in the December 1999 issue of Canadian Nursing Home charges that a negative environment is being pushed out by anti-immunization groups. This information, however, is taken from a discussion sponsored by none other than Pasteur Merieux Connaught -- the maker of the flu vaccine. Who, then, is behind the complaint that not enough people are interested in this product?

As to the effectiveness of the vaccine, with no specific evidence provided by officials one must rely on personal observation. For the 1999/2000 season, LTCFs in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario boasting the highest vaccination rates for residents and staff (95%+) suffered more frequent and lengthier influenza outbreaks than other institutions. "Morbidity and mortality" rates were equivalent to previous years of much lower vaccination rates. The government dismisses all this as just so much hearsay, but when the preponderance of hearsay begins to outweigh the rationale for immunization, officials will be forced, once again, to do some nifty backpaddling.

Study after study, statistic after statistic -- it is abundantly clear that there are deep rooted problems with the practice of vaccination -- medical literature is replete with reports of its insidious nature. But as long as pharmaceutical companies have government officials in their back pockets, not to mention "friendly" journalism editors to perpetuate the myths, the damage to our childrens bodies and minds will continue to compound, generation by generation. The evolutionary process is relentless and unforgiving. Simply put, in the words of research scientist Dr. Michael J. Dufresne, we may be engineering our own extinction.

Immunization is an invasive medical procedure involving unknown variables, with repercussions that will inevitably alter the genetic makeup of the human race. Coupled with a government which may not comprehend that potential and an industry with the capacity to apply it, you end up with all the components for disaster. Bureaucratic officials are meddling in realms where they have no business. The downfall of mankind will be his audacity to believe he can compete with the power of nature and God.


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