This fine book is published in Australia
Book Review
Melanie's Marvelous Measles
by Stephanie Messenger
high quality paperback children's book, 35 pages.

Finally there is a beautifully illustrated and scripted children's book that teaches our children about how to immunize our bodies naturally through diet, fresh air, exercise, pure water and living in a loving, nurturing home. The story is about Tina's experience going to school and finding a few of her classmates are absent due to having measles. Tina overhears another boy being told misinformation about measles and vaccines at school by a classmate and is confused so she asks her mother about them. Tina's mother shares with her truthful health information and they decide to go over to visit Melanie who is home with measles. They bring her carrot juice and a cantalope to eat since they are both high in vitamin A and the experience teaches Melanie's mom a valuable lesson. Apparently Melanie was vaccinated against the measles and many other children at school also had the measles vaccine. The rest of the book illustrates that health is the only real immunity since two of the vaccinated children who came down with measles ate a lot of sweets and junk food prior to contracting measles.

This is one of the most well written children's books I have ever had the pleasure of owning. Although the book is pricey, it is worth every penny. Wish we could discount this book but the shipping from Australia plus the Australian dollar having more value than the U.S. dollar has already forced us to sell this book at our cost.

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