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Vaccination Liberation


By Walene James

"Human beings are made for freedom"~Bishop Desmond Tutu

"And without freedom there is no truth"~Jiddu Krishnamurti

Vaccination Liberation means to liberate vaccination from being categorized as a public health issue when, in reality, they are a personal and private health issue (It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the obvious: If vaccinations work as their proponents claim they do, it wouldn’t make any difference to the vaccinated whether anyone else was vaccinated or not. Hence, no public health risk is involved.)

Vaccination Liberation means to liberate us from the tunnel vision of the medical model and into other more liberating ways of understanding disease phenomenon.

Vaccination Liberation means to liberate us from forced consumption of the products of the medical-pharmaceutical industry.

Vaccination Liberation means to liberate ourselves from blind belief and obedience.

Vaccination Liberation means to liberate us from the gullibility of believing single-sided and frequently aggressive presentations, particularly from those who have a vested interest in promoting a particular point of view.

Vaccination Liberation means to liberate us from disease-scare promoted by organized medicine, public health departments and most medical doctors.

Vaccination Liberation means to liberate us from giving our power away by deferring to ‘authority’ figures who think they know best what our healthcare choices should and must be.

Vaccination Liberation means to reclaim our power as thoughtful, caring, responsible, autonomous human beings.

Vaccination Liberation means to liberate us from distrust of the natural health and healing processes of our body-minds, which distrust is promoted by the medical model and its vaccination philosophy.

Vaccination Liberation means to liberate our perceptive faculties, thereby enabling us to see the compulsory vaccination laws for what they are—anti-holistic, mechanistic, atavistic and anti-democratic. We will touch on each of these in turn:

Anti-holistic. Compulsory vaccinations, usually called ‘immunizations’, are a contradiction in terms. This is true of any kind of compulsion with respect to something as personal as healthcare. Not only does it ignore the body-mind connection, but it fragments different organ systems and their functions so that an understanding of a seamless, indivisible whole is lost. (In a larger sense, health as wholeness, includes the health of human relationships as well as the health of the earth’s life support systems—soil, plant, animal, water, air.)

We now recognize not only the mind-body connection, but spirit-mind-body as a unity, and that any treatment addressing one system—or an aspect of a system (as in vaccinations)—affects all others.

Mechanistic. Ignoring the power of the mind to create health or disease states takes us back to the 19th century mechanistic theory of the universe and the way our body works. The universe was seen as a gigantic clockwork and our body as a machine with separate and replaceable parts. Does this sound much like modern medicine? Assembly line compulsory vaccinations are based upon this soulless, materialist understanding of ourselves and our world.

Atavistic: Demonizing disease, as most vaccination promotion literature does, and interpreting their symptoms as entirely negative functions whose genesis is primarily external is reminiscent of medieval notions of disease as possession by evil spirits. We now have microbial demons which can possess us. Instead of talismans and magic spells to protect us from these dark forces, we have medicine men and vaccinations.

Anti-democratic: Infantilizing populations by assuming that the average person is too foolish and undiscriminating to govern himself was characteristic of earlier authoritarian or monarchial governments. The average man, therefore, needs to be controlled by fear and regimentation, or he will get into trouble, harming himself or others. Our Constitution assumes just the opposite, saying in effect that the average person has a disposition toward self-reliance, responsibility, resourcefulness and self-determination. Our founding documents are based upon the assumption of a vital spiritual essence in its citizens, and is without precedence as far as I know. The onslaught of the vaccine machine will, in large measure, test whether this noble experiment will succeed or fail.

*In summary, we will liberate ourselves from the fear-inducing, self-and-natural-world-distrusting model of the vaccination philosophy. We will liberate our discerning faculty to question, even challenge, any organization, any doctrine, any business that forces itself upon us. And we will liberate ourselves from fear into love by honoring the other person’s free will.

Application: We will translate these insights into action by working to delegitimize the compulsory vaccination laws so that the narrow, limiting, mechanistic, person devaluing and disrespecting mindset which sustains these laws will become visible, and the compulsory vaccination laws can be repealed.

Walene James is the founder of Vaccination Liberation. The text above was excerpted from the manuscript of her soon-to-be-published book, Vaccination and The Making of Mass Mind.

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