MISCELLANEOUS FEATURES.                                265
American statute-law enacted as will compulsorily compel me
to subsist upon such abominable stuff. Mildly drawn, I should
consider it a daring—a most audacious menace to personal lib-
erty ! And yet, better, almost infinitely better, have mice and
grasshoppers in the digestive apparatus than cow-pox virus in
the circulatory system, poisoning the blood and breeding such
diseases as eczema, boils, eruptions, erysipelas, cancers, scrof-
ula, tumors and sluggish syphilitic sores.
Once educate, once raise people above poverty, depend-
ence, dirt and wretchedness, and they will discover a sufficient
motive to live, as to voluntarily adopt real and efficient means
of protection against every form of epidemic disease. But the
American citizen and sovereign has surrendered his liberty to
class privilege and power. He has permitted the vaccinator to
enter his household and plant the most filthy diseases in the
pure and tender bodies of his children. A whole nation con-
sents to be put under compulsion to submit to the barbarous
practice of the vaccinator whose only interest in the rite is the
ready and unfailing revenue which the legislative guarantee of
vaccination affords. Our fathers who laid the foundation of
the state had better conception of liberty than their weak de-
scendants, and it is the voter's own fault that compulsory vac-
cination was ever permitted, and once permitted and proved to
be an unmitigated curse, that it is any longer tolerated. The
general community have not informed themselves on this ques-
tion which vitally concerns their welfare and their children's
welfare, and so have quietly submitted to be bound and handed
over to the executioner. As a people we have regarded with
apathy and indifference the compulsory legislation which has
conferred upon doctors and boards of health arbitrary powers
by which they may compel parents to submit their children to
the merciless vaccinator or otherwise incur dreaded penalties.
Through ignorance, dear readers, you have permitted a "rob-

266                                    VACCINATION A CURSE.
ber's roost" to be established over your front entrance, where
unclean birds may congregate and poison the airs of your home
The amount of anti-vaccination literature which has been
put in circulation, is a fair indication and measure of the popu-
lar protest aroused against the practice. A catalogue of anti-
vaccination liSerature, printed in 1882, showed:—
French and Belgium..............
Dutch ..........................
Since 1882 both the number of writers and publications
have greatly multiplied, until now it may fairly be assumed that
500 publications, books and pamphlets have been put into cir-
culation against the vaccination delusion, and particularly
against compulsory legislation. The uniform attitude of the
medical profession toward this literature has been one of con-
tempt. A standing reproach has been levelled against the anti-
vaccination literature as being intrinsically "poor stuff." A
similar reproach was levelled against Garrisonian literature dur-
ing anti-slavery agitation in the fifties. When abuses cry to
heaven for redress, reformers do not study an elegant and re-
fined mode of writing and speaking, but address themselves
primarily to the work in hand. It is quite true that previous to

MISCELLANEOUS FEATURES.                               267
1880 but few medical men from the old school of physic cham-
pioned anti-vaccination reform. It would be folly to expect
them to do so. Popular reform does not originate among the
members of a privileged class who can obtain from govern-
ment anything they ask for; a class moreover, who readily se-
cure appointment to official positions, and who reap pecuniary
benefits from the oppressive measures complained of. Popular
reforms are generally espoused for the benefit of the poor, since
the poor being defenceless are the principal victims of com-
pulsory and oppressive laws. In this agitation the reformers
are principally physicians from the new schools of medicine—
Homeopaths, Eclectics, Hydropaths, and Osteopaths. But in
1887 and 1889 two eminent names were added to the reform
list from the old Allopathic school—Dr. Creighton and Prof.
Crookshank, who have treated the whole subject of vaccination
so scientifically, thoroughly and conclusively, that old school
doctors generally are conspicuously silent touching their labors
in this field. Some, however, are anti-vaccinationists, and many
do not believe in making it compulsory. Then the distinguished
naturalist, Dr. Alfred Russell Wallace, has more recently made
most important contributions to anti-vaccine literature, which
not only materially assisted the London society in securing the
"Conscience Clause" in the vaccination act of 1898, but also
constitutes a powerful factor in the reform agitation in the
United States.
Progressive new school physicians being far more numer-
ous in this country than in Europe, they are almost to a man
opposed to the vaccination scourge, and from this class scores
of pamphlets on various phases of the subject are published and
sent forth every year. Moreover, in every municipality where
health boards close the public schools against unvaccinated chil-
dren, these progressive, broad-minded physicians open the fight
to secure their rights and are foremost in the organization of
anti-vaccination leagues.

268                                    VACCINATION A CURSE.
One of the chief difficulties that stands in the way of those
who desire the repeal of oppressive laws, is the attitude of the
press. The great dailies, and to some extent, the popular mag-
azines, are owned and managed by pivotal minds who represent
class interests and leading party organizations. Their existence
is for the promotion of these interests—place, power, and
wealth. They each and all profess complete and undying devo-
tion to the common interest and welfare, but these they un-
hesitatingly and invariably subordinate—and, if necessary, sac-
rifice—to the aforesaid class and corporate interests. Their
professions are usually a hollow mockery and hypocritical pre-
tense. We know they have no interest in reform or reformers,
and further than they can turn them to lucrative and popular
account. The real reform journal is round the corner, in a
back alley, whose editor is also both typo and printer. But the
"press," the political press, which I am writing about is located
in a twelve-story building with marble front which it owns.
The "press" does not hesitate to send the reformers to jail; to
brand him as a malefactor, an anarchist, an insane fanatic, a
troublesome disturber of the peace. What the privileged classes
hate the press hates.
The great newspaper is the mouth-piece and defender of
chief inversions that characterize modern society; it is part and
parcel of that "Old Dragon" which has been made the conquest
of the world; which has fenced itself in with privilege and place
and power. Once the great newspaper represented a principle;
now it represents a corporation, and therefore has no soul.
When Horace Greeley launched the "Tribune" it became a liv-
ing exponent of a living and breathing man. The modern "Tri-
bune" is the organ of a corporate interest; its editorial page is
anonymous; its writers are paid to run the machine under its
corporate management.

MISCELLANEOUS FEATURES.                               269
The great newspaper is on good terms with the vaccinator
and upholds compulsory vaccination laws. When it makes men-
tion of the anti-vaccinator it is with an air of flippancy and arro-
gance, styling him as an "advocate of free trade in small-pox."
(St. James Gazette, London.) It uniformly excludes communi-
cations that contain statements to the discredit of vaccination.
This was the case with the San Diego "Union," and the "Tri-
bune," both water syndicate sheets. The "London Times," as
another for example, displayed gross unfairness two weeks be-
fore the report of the Royal Commission on Vaccination was
published, by printing a lengthy article, "Professional Criti-
cism on Non-professional Evidence of Opponents of Vaccina-
tion ;" said article evidently being the work of a medical mem-
ber, hiding under a fictitious name, of the Commission and de-
signed to prejudice the public in advance in favor of vaccination,
which the Commission was trying to bolster up. This article
passed over in absolute silence the most important evidence
that came before the Commission, namely, that of Prof. Crook-
shank, which occupied the Commission nine days and embraced
no printed pages; being by far the fullest and most complete
indictment of vaccination on scientific grounds which has ever
been made. It is not difficult to find a motive for this silence;
for what the "Times" does not notice, the average well-to-do
Englishman regards as of little account. The legiSlators who
make laws for the vaccinators, and the justices who send pro-
testors who refuse to be vaccinated to prison, get their knowl-
edge of current events from the "Times." As the "Times" did
not deign to notice the terrible indictment of vaccination con-
tained in Prof. Crookshank's evidence, the legislators and jus-
tices who make and execute vaccination laws, will never trouble
themselves to go to the Blue Book and look up the evidence.
Then magazine editors are very careful not to admit articles
which might offend a haughty aristocracy or medical ortho-
doxy. So with current journalism, truth and falsehood are

270                                    VACCINATION A CURSE.
trivial and unimportant matters; but to stand well with that
portion of the public that gives patronage and offers pelf are
matters of vital concern.
In the Normal Order the daily press would be the great
exponent of truth and righteousness, but in the existing order
its general moral rottenness is so manifest that the careful
thinking public has come to regard it as the liar par excellence.
No great newspaper hesitates to destroy the reputation of any
man who dares to offend, or who advocates an unpopular cause.
Had not Capt. Dreyfus been a son of a member of one of the
millionaire firms of Alsace, it is very doubtful whether the daily
press outside of France would have expended the eloquence
and employed the machinery of hundreds of publishing houses
in his behalf. There are thousands of innocent men under con-
demnation—thousands who are wronged and defrauded whom
the great daily papers do not work for. Millionaire press-cor-
porations do newspaper work, not in the interests of humanity,
not that justice and mercy may abound on the earth, but to se-
cure the same ends for which all trusts are organized in the in-
verse order—the gratification of corporate greed. Moral con-
sideration is wholly ignored by corporate press combinations.
Personal responsibility and individual conscience have quite
disappeared from the modern newspaper. Its editorial page
is anonymous; its backing is aggregated wealth; its character
is compositely infernal; its purpose is to possess and dominate
the world. It is persistently, deliberately and systematically
employed in fostering class hatreds, race hatreds, and this very
often by falsehood and malicious provocation. It never cham-
pions reform except as the Pharisee and hypocrite champions
reform. It is not in the reform business, only as the style of
selfish business can be made to serve its purpose. As well ex-
pect to gather figs from the thistle stalk, as to find a candid con-
scientious and important discussion of class encroachments

MISCELLANEOUS FEATURES.                               271
upon the people's liberties by the metropolitan press.
It will thus be seen that reform of public abuses and class
encroachments, has no champion or defender in the popular
press located in the great commercial centers. The reformer
knows by oft repeated experiences that he has no friend or ally
in the millionaire newspaper; knows, too, that when the press
uncovers scandal or exposes fraud in high places, it does this
with party motives or as a paid detective or attorney; knows
moreover, that in its daily record of current events it has but
a slight regard for truth, which is most conspicuously mani-
fest in its publication of war news. Consider, therefore, what
a difficult task lies before the regal-souled reformer in his en-
deavor to reach the masses with the facts and the truth which
vitally concern their welfare.
I have already made frequent mention of the "Mammon"
feature associated with the practice of vaccination, and doubt-
less many readers will think I have made it too prominent; but
the more I reflect on the history of legislation which the vac-
cinating fraternity have been instrumental in bringing about,
the more thoroughly convinced I am that they are actuated by
the same motives that impel business combinations in every
sphere in life. Moreover, each class has a code of morals
adapted to its particular form of self-interest which is wholly
different from that of practical life. War, politics, trade, law,
medicine, each have their soScalled moral code, which is modi-
fied from year to year in a manner to conform to local circum-
stances. The Golden Rule is good doctrine to profess and
adapt to Sunday worship, but in practical life it is construed in

272                                    VACCINATION A CURSE.
a "Pickwickian" sense and not permitted to interfere with bus-
While modern "civilized" warfare discards poisoned arrows
and explosive bullets, it is nevertheless compatible with war-
morals to employ explosive shells, concealed mines, torpedoes,
ambuscades, starvation, cutting off the water supply, fabricating
lying dispatches, employing spies, spreading false reports, dis-
playing false signals, etc.
In law again, the "code" is adapted to the interests that arc
to be subserved. By common usage an advocate is pledged
to "defend his client," whether his cause be just or unjust. The
only end he has in view is to win the case, to do which he is
justified in suppressing or discounting the facts on the other
side. If he prosecutes, his object is to hang the prisoner—in-
nocent or guilty. If he is on the defence, then the prisoner must
be cleared, though not a doubt exists as to his guilt. No man
can enter a chancery suit with a reasonable hope of being alive
when a final decision is reached, if he has a determined adver-
The medical profession, perhaps more than any other, is
interwoven with the misfortunes of mankind. The pecuniary
feature of medical practice is associated with disease, not with
health. Old school physic has a similar stake in disease that
the law has in private and public disagreements and quarrels.
Neither war, law nor medicine will waive pecuniary interest,
office or power to mitigate human suffering, but in further-
ance of these interests they would not hesitate to lay waste
the fairest fields that industry and thrift ever conquered from
rude nature.
Dr. Pickering (New School), who has fought the vaccina-
tors the last thirty years, and who knows the fraternity better
than almost any other writer, says in preface to his large work:
"Vaccination with the faculty is purely a money question.

MISCELLANEOUS FEATURES.                               273
I shall drive this nail home at every point; it is the bone and
sinew of the practice. Every argument employed, every statis-
tic requisitioned, finds its inspiration in the money value of the
observance. There is no craze so absurd that it could not be
legalized with the aid of similar endowments pains, and penal-
"If the faculty deny the charge I make, then I challenge
them to surrender the public monies and grants they receive,
and to let vaccination stand or fall on its own merits. They
know too well the truth of what I allege. If vaccination were
left to fight its own way in the world it would die of 'atrophy
and debility' within a twelvemonth—and medical men know it
—hence it is not very likely they will trust their craft to the
perils of an open sea."
Walking out one morning in the city of Leeds, Dr. Picker-
ing met a physician with whom he was well acquainted. Per-
sonally this doctor possessed the virtues and sympathies of a
kind-hearted man, but professionally his actions conformed to
the current methods in business affairs. When passed on the
pecuniary side of vaccination, the physician observed:—
"It is absurd saying that medical men have no money in-
terest in vaccination. Let both parties discuss the subject hon-
estly. Lately I was requested by letter to re-vaccinate the
girls in a ladies' seminary where a limited number only are un-
der tuition. I was occupied less than an hour. Every one was
prepared for the operation at the time I called. I took home
with me ten guineas—20 at 10s. 6d. fee for each pupil. Can I
conscientiously say that I have no pecuniary interest in vacci-
nation? The thing is absurd. I hate "cant." There are public
vaccinators who earn £1oo per annum by vaccination under the
Local Boards of Guardians, in addition to that they may obtain
a bonus of £100 to £300 a year for supplying charged vaccina-
tion points to the authorities, and they may further gain £50 or

£100 a year by private vaccinations. Have these men no pe-
cuniary interest to subserve? If the vaccination question is to
be thrashed out, by all means let it be done on fair principles.
I admit, I must admit that medical men have a strong pecuni-
ary interest in vaccination and that this interest is a factor in
determining the retention or surrender of the observance."—
"Sanitation or Vaccination," p. 44.
"I emphatically assert that the money product is the com-
mon sense definition of vaccination; it is not susceptible of any
other interpretation, and it accounts fully for all the efforts put
forth by the faculty, or lather the medical officers of the Local
Government Board, to retain it. The money value of vaccina-
tion is its only value. It never had any other appraisement."
Dr. James Braithwaite, editor of the "Retrospect of Med-
icine," wrote in 1872:—"As for the faculty, what I say for my-
self I say for each one—vaccination is viewed by us as a thing
to be done; it is a law, and we carry it out without making
many serious injuries. We do not admit responsibility for the
legal enactment."—(Pickering, p. 30.)
Neither does the lawyer admit responsibility when using
his legal art and subtlety to defeat the ends of justice; nor does
the army scout admit responsibility when he succeeds in in-
veigling the enemy upon the mine prepared for his destruction.
Certainly, this admission of Dr. Braithwaite illustrates and sup-
ports my contention, that few people in our modern life—es-
pecially in a professional capacity—act with a sense of personal
responsibility in the prosecution of their calling, any further
than the efficiency required for success. If their acts involve
suffering, they do not consider it any affair of theirs. Their
conscience is not troubled.
The profession find it far easier to conserve and defend a
"good thing" like vaccination, than to let that go and adopt
some other form of blood poisoning. Letting go of "inocula-
tion" and substituting therefor vaccination, cost much labor and

time and money. Experience has taught the profession wisdom
in matters relating to vaccination as a business enterprise, since
this is the only business firm in this country which has state
endorsement to the extent of compeling the people to buy their
goods. In England the vaccinator's annual bonuses amount to
$100,000, and their doles through Boards of Guardians to $500,-
000. But their various benefactions, of which no account is
taken, is estimated to reach $10,000,000 a year. The profession
will hardly consent to part with a friend like that.
The old school doctors, with their vaccine virus and false
promises have robbed the people of all nations during the last
hundred years—civilized and uncivilized—to the extent of hun-
dreds of millions of dollars, and what have they given them in
return? A long catalogue of filthy, loathsome and incurable
diseases among the poorer classes of civilized nations, and a
wholesale spread of eczema, syphilis, and leprosy among the na-
tive races in tropical lands, by which they are rapidly verging
toward final extinction; and this under the pretense of '"pro-
tecting people who are too ignorant to protect themselves."
There is no cunning, no infernal device, no infamous craft,
no false array of statistics they have not put under contribution
in their efforts to conceal the real truth from the government
and the people. They well know their practice has not the valid
warrant of science. They know that the introduction of putri-
fying animal tissue into the delicate blood vessels of a human
being is an operation against which not only psychic science,
but the instincts of humanity revolt and for which every victim
is liable to pay a fearful penalty.
"Some two years since a retired officer, lately holding an
important appointment in the Queen's army, took his son to a
well-known surgeon in London for his opinion as to certain
symptoms which affected the youth's health. The father is a
staunch advocate of non-vaccination views and loses no oppor-
tunity of improving his knowledge. As he was leaving the con-

276                                   VACCINATION A CURSE.
sulting-room he turned to the surgeon and inquired, 'Doctor
may I ask, are you opposed to vaccination?' 'No,' the doctor
replied, 'I should think not, indeed, when I consider that it
brings me in £400 a year.' Four hundred pounds a year from
surgical cases due to complications following the vaccine fever
which Jenner called 'vaccination.' 'This fever runs its course.'
And you answer, 'Yes, for eight days.' Aye, and sometimes for
80 and 800 days after that, and occasionally it accompanies each
heart-beat till that poor heart ceases its beating. I have seen
many such instances. My third illustration is an example—the
disease communicated with the vaccine virus 'ran its course'
for 5,000 days, only killing its victim after nearly twelve years
of cruel suffering.
"If one surgeon in London estimates that his income from
his practice is increased by £400 every year, dependant upon
vaccination, it would be an interesting statistic if we could ascer-
tain how many surgeons there are in London, and throughout
the country, who derive similar advantages 'from public and
private vaccination!"—Dr. Pickering, p. 338.
The annual revenue from vaccination in India, South Africa
and British West Indies, where the practice is enforced by com-
pulsory laws, must be much greater than that derived in Eng-
land. So far as the United States are concerned, I have no
present access to information on this point, but the annual rev-
enue from vaccination, and for treatment of diseases incident-
ally growing out of the practice, certainly mounts up into the
millions, and from a business point of view, constitutes one of
the most lucrative branches of medical practice.
The appointment of a royal commission on Vaccination
and Parliament (1889) has played so important a part in discus-
sions of the subject, in England, upon the continent,
and in the United States, that the reader will pardon
some further comments on its-appointment and proceedings.

MISCELLANEOUS FEATURES.                               277
While this commission was appointed to silence popular clamor,
yet that portion of the public who protested against compul-
sory laws, had no voice in selecting members who were to com-
pose it. It was appointed to shelve a troublesome subject, and
provide a way to dispose of the interminable series of ques-
tions which came before Parliament as to the administration of
vaccination laws. Its appointment was wholly in the hands of
those who had an interest and stake in the practice. Medical
men were represented on the Commission by six to one in favor
of vaccination. Of the eight laymen appointed, none of them
has expressed a definite opinion on the subject, but as might
have been expected, these naturally deferred to the medical
experts upon a subject so largely medical in its character.
Suppose a municipality, like Chicago, should appoint a
Commission to enquire into the fouling of Chicago River by the
manufacturing industries, and the appointing power—which
the people have no direct voice in—should select six to one
from the very manufacturers who are perpetrating the evil
complained of, to sit on the Commission. The people would
justly conclude that this farce of a Commission was merely a
"sop" to silence their murmurings, while the nuisance would
be in no wise abated as a result of the Commission's findings.
For a similar reason the medical profession had no occasion
to fear a final report at the Royal Commission. In theory we
do not allow a magistrate having a large property interest in
public houses to adjudicate licenses; nor one who has railway
shares to sit on Railway Committees. But when the people
want to know the truth about vaccination; how it may affect
their households; what protection may be expected and what
dangers may be feared from a practice to which the law com-
pels them to submit, this commonsense rule is reversed: The
doctors have their own way: They appoint themselves to ad-
judicate the momentous issue.

278                                   VACCINATION A CURSE.
"A Commission or committee of enquiiy into this mo-
mentous question should have consisted wholly, or almost
wholly, of statisticians, who should hear medical as well as
official and independent evidence, would have all existing offi-
cial statistics at their command, and would be able to tell us,
with some show of authority, exactly what the figures proved,
and what they only rendered probable on one side and on the
other. But instead of such a body of experts, the Royal Com-
mission, which for more than six years was occupied in hear-
ing evidence and cross-examining witnesses, consisted wholly
of medical men, lawyers, politicians, and country gentlemen,
none of whom were trained statisticians, while the majority
came to the enquiry more or less prejudiced in favor of vac-
cination. The report of such a body can have but little value,
and I hope to satisfy my readers that it (the Majority Report)
is not in accordance with the facts."—Prof. A. R. Wallace—
Wonderful Cen. p. 235.
In their eagerness—as interested parties—to defend vac-
cination as the sole protection and safeguard against small-
pox, this Royal Commission totally ignores all other forms of
liability, as age, over-crowding, poverty, notoriously unsanitary
conditions, etc. The distinctions of rich and poor, or of cleanli-
ness and filth they never notice. Vaccination alone is the qual-
ifying factor. The Commissioners say: "Those, therefore,
who are selected as being vaccinated persons might just as well
be so many persons chosen out of the total number attacked.
So far as any connection with the incidence of, or the mortality
from, small-pox is concerned, the choice of persons might as
well have been made according to the color of the clothes they
wore." (Final Report, par. 213). Now, there are extant ex-
haustive statistical tables which show that about one-seventh
of all small-pox mortality occur in the first six months of life,
and more than half of these again occurs in the first three
months. Small-pox is especially a childhood disease, infants
being far more liable to it than the adult population. Many

MISCELLANEOUS FEATURES.                               279
children have their vaccination delayed on account of ill-health.
Hence the "unvaccinated" always include a large proportion
of those who, merely because they are infants, supply a much
larger proportion of deaths from small-pox than at any other
age. How inaccurate and misleading, therefore, the statement
of the Commissioners, that the unvaccinated might as well be
chosen at random, or by the color of their clothes, as far as any
liability to small-pox is concerned.
Again, any man with a grain of commonsense and a scin-
tilla of conscience knows, that independent of the question of
vaccination, the liability to an attack of small-pox is vastly in-
creased by bad habits and unsanitary surroundings. Take the
epidemic of Gloucester in 1895-6. Divide the city by a line
running east and west through St. Michael's Square, into the
clean, well-to-do northern quarter, and the South Hamlet
which is crowded, poor, filthy, extremely deficient in water sup-
ply, and most abominable in its drainage. Would not any un-
prejudiced medical man say that the chances for taking the
small-pox were increased tenfold in this Drouth District?
What were the facts? As we saw in a previous chapter, both
quarters were about equally vaccinated. The northen half had
the largest population; yet the number of fatal cases in the
South Hamlet were 2,036, while those in the North District
were 214,—ninety per cent of the fatality fell in the crowded,
filthy and unsanitary quarter of the City. The most of these,
too, had been vaccinated. These facts were before the Com-
mission, but were considered by them too trivial and unimport-
ant to even mention. Well, the medical members of the Com-
mission were the "attorneys" on the defense, and saw only
what would contribute to the acquittal of the accused.
In their examination of evidence, the Commission treated
witnesses whom they knew to be opposed to vaccination very
much as President McKinley's Commission on the army beef

280                                    VACCINATION A CURSE.
scandal treated all witnesses who complained of its bad quality.
The policy was to worry, badger, harass, and if possible, render
the testimony contradictory and worthless. The work of the
Commission was an enquiry which it was desirable the public
should follow from day to day, yet the majority decided its
proceedings should be conducted with closed doors—mark
this closed doors—and so its hundreds of columns of printed
matter was sequestered in the Parliamentary Blue Books which
none but students and professional men ever examine. In this
way, the general public, which should have been instructed re-
garding the practical workings of vaccination throughout the
Kingdom, were not a whit better enlightened than they were
But the accumulating wrath of the people might in some
degree be appeased. The Commission in their Final Report,
while they acquitted vaccination and hesitatingly voted to re-
tain it, conceded the propriety of a "Conscience Clause" to be
inserted in the Compulsory Vaccination Act. In the United
States we have not even secured that; and although the State
Supreme Court in several States have decided compulsory vac-
cination to violate both State and Federal constitutions, yet
State and Municipal Boards continue to close the Public
Schools to unvaccinated children, whose parents refuse to obey
the pseudo-vaccination laws. Oh, for a little of that spinal
stiffening—that stalwart spirit of liberty which actuated our
forefathers in 1776, to infuse into the weak-kneed house-
dawn of a new century; the rank and file of our American citi-
zenship ; the feeble folk whose once vigorous young sap has
been contaminated, poisoned, and rendered well-nigh worthless
by a century of vaccination!
'A vast amount of misconception has arisen in the public

MISCELLANEOUS FEATURES.                                       281
mind from the unfair and misleading manner in which vaccina-
tion promoters, and physicians who have a pecuniary interest
in vaccination, handle facts, and figures. From the first the
National Vaccine Establishment of Great Britain has exhibited
the usual traits which characterize a heartless, soulless corpora-
tion. Supported by Government grants it has issued periodical
reports which were printed by order of the House of Com-
mons. In 1812 and again in 1818 it was stated: "Previous to
the discovery of vaccination the average number of deaths by
small-pox with the (London) Bills of Mortality were 2,000 an-
nually, whereas, in the last year 751 persons have died of the
disease." Again, in 1826, the report stated: "But when we
reflect that before the introduction of vaccination the average
deaths from small-pox within the Bills of Mortality (London)
was annually about 4,000, no stronger argument can reasonably
be demanded in favor of the value of this important discovery."
This malicious, misleading, and grossly exaggerated figure
was repeated in 1834; and then again in 1836 there was added
another thousand thus: "The annual loss of life by small-pox
in the metropolis and within the Bills of Mortality only, before
vaccination was established, exceeded 5,000, whereas in the
course of last year only 300 died of the distemper." In 1838
this lie—this doctor's lie—was again repeated; and this sort of
advertising by the medical profession was sanctioned and paid
for by the Government. A patent medicine vender has to pay
for his own advertising and depend on the good will of the
public for the disposal of his wares; but the government has
adopted a system of "paternalism" toward the vaccinator un-
heard of before, giving him offices and salaries, advertising his
goods, and guaranteeing their prompt and ready sale by
compelling every house-holder to become a purchaser. We
should not be surprised to see some heavy twisting, turning,
and pettifogging to retain a system that can boast such unpar-

282                                     VACCINATION A CURSE.
alleled backing and Government guarantees as vaccination.
Now, 2,000 was the average annual small-pox mortality
in London for the whole of the eighteenth century. So the
number in the alleged fact is multiplied by two, plus one thou-
sand ; while the misleading features of the report is, "Whereas
in the course of last year only 300 died of the distemper;"
leaving the inference that as 300 is to 5,000, so is the average
annual difference that should be set down to the credit of vac-
cination. No regard is here paid to the epidemic and periodical
character of small-pox—to the fact that a series of years inter-
vene between the periods when small-pox becomes epidemic,
when the small-pox mortality reaches but a tew hundred an-
nually. But as a sort of rebuke and masterly irony on the last
lie above cited, immediately after the report was published,
small-pox broke out in vaccinated London with epidemic vio-
lence, and carried their boasted figure up from 300 to 4,500.
This was the London epidemic of 1838. Vaccinationists for a
time, at least, were ashamed of their misstatements.
Again, Dr. Letson—a public vaccinator—testified before
the Parliamentary Commission in 1802, that before vaccination
the annual small-pox fatality in London was 3,000, and in Great
Britain and Ireland 36,000. In this way: The population of
Britain and Ireland was estimated to be twelve times greater
than that of London. Assuming small-pox fatality to be 3,000
in London, he multiplied by 12—36,000. He first takes the
London death rate for small-pox at one thousand above its
average, and then assumes that the town, village, and country
populations have the same proportional amount of small-pox
as over-crowded and superlative filthy London. We have
here once more illustrated the fact that the vaccinating syndi-
cate, from the Royal Commission down to the scrub-doctor,
totally ignore sanitation and every species of personal habit and
environment as factors concerned in the relative liability to

MISCELLANEOUS FEATURES.                               283
contract small-pox. The whole question is made to turn on the
vaccinated and unvaccinated. Sir Gilman Blanc tells us that in
many parts of the country small-pox was "quite unknown for
periods of twenty, thirty, and forty years." In 1782 a surgeon
at Seaford, in Sussex, knew of only one small-pox death in
eleven years. Hence, to compute the small pox fatality of the
country from that of London in order to show what vaccination
had done toward "utterly stamping out the disease," is, to say
the least, a species of dishonest, if not disgraceful, pettifogging.
Dr. W. B. Carpenter—author of a well-known work on
physiology, but whose word no literary man in England could
be induced to swear by—in a letter to the "Spectator" of April,
1881, says: "A hundred years ago the Small-pox fatality of
London alone, with its then population of under a million, was
often greater in a six months' epidemic than that of the twenty
million of England and Wales now is in any whole year." Now
the facts, known to every well-informed enquirer, are,—that
the highest small-pox mortality in London in any single year,
for twenty years before vaccination came into vogue, was in
1772, when it reached 3,992; while in the London epidemic in
1871 it reached 7,912—in a thoroughly vaccinated population.
(See Won. Cen. p. 226.) I have good authority that this amaz-
ing mistake was pointed out to Dr. Carpenter and acknowl-
edged by him privately, but it was never withdrawn publicly.
Mr. Earnest Hart, editor of the "British Medical Journal,"
in his work, "The Truth About Vaccination," p. 35, states that
in forty years from 1728 the average small-pox mortality for
London was 18,000 per million living, which was the correct
figure multiplied by nine, and this was triumphantly dwelt upon
and compared with modern rates, which vaccination has re-
duced to a minimum. Then the local Government Board has
authorized, published and distributed in thousands of families,

284                                         VACCINATION A CURSE.
such statements as the following: "Before the introduction of
vaccination, small-pox killed 40,000 persons annually in this
country. This was in 1884. In later issues of this tract the
language is slightly modified: "Before its discovery (vaccina-
tion) the mortality from small-pox in London was forty times
greater than it is now."
It is such "official" figures, such demonstrations of moral
dishonesty as I have here cited, that our local lillipution doc-
tors draw upon when they get down off their professional stilts
to demolish the "erroneous" statements of Anti-vaccinators.
It is no uncommon thing to hear a public vaccinator assert
that his practice has extended through a series of years; that
he has vaccinated a certain number of thousands, and has never
seen the slightest evil results therefrom. Interested men have
wonderful power and aptness of not seeing what they have de-
cided should not interfere with their business. One need not
see the sun while he resolutely shuts his eyes. Public vaccina-
tors, it is true, do not see the result except by accident. Those
who get small-pox go to the hospital, and cases of vaccinal in-
jury are usually treated by other physicians. The vaccinator
goes his way and is never interested in the results of his prac-
tice. Medical men, like other men, have a habit of covering up
and prevaricating when the facts look ugly. The end in view
is the important matter, means are secondary and subservient.
In strategy, a lie generally serves the end more effectively, than
does the truth.
Prof. Wallace—"Wonderful Century," p. 228—gives a list
of 785 deaths in fifteen years directly traceable to vaccination,
yet which were officially returned as deaths from erysipelas.

MISCELLANEOUS FEATURES.                                285
But now and then we find a public vaccinator with a spark of
conscience left. Dr. Henry May, in an article published in the
Birmingham "Medical Review," January, 1874, says:
"In certificates given by us voluntarily, and to which the
public have access, it is scarcely to be expected that a medical
man will give opinions which may tell against or reflect upon
himself in any way, or which are likely to cause annoyance or
injury to the survivors. In such cases he will most likely tell
the truth, but not the whole truth, and assign some prominent
symptom of the disease as the cause of death. As instances
of cases which may tell against the medical man himself, I will
mention erysipelas from vaccination, and puerperal fever. A
death from the first cause occurred not long ago in my practice,
and although I had not vaccinated the child, yet in my desire to
preserve vaccination from reproach, I omitted all mention of
it from my certificate of death."
While there may be many, here was certainly one honest,
conscientious doctor. The omen is a good one. The millen-
ium must be at our doors!
That this style of suppression has been going on during
the whole period of the vaccine practice, is rendered more than
probable by the statement of Dr. Maslean, who says: "Very
few deaths from cow-pox appear in the Bills of Mortality,
owing to the means which have been used to suppress a knowl-
edge of them. Neither were deaths, diseases, and failures trans-
mitted in great abundance from the country, not because they
did not happen, but because some petitioners were interested
in not seeing them, and others who did see them were afraid
of announcing what they knew."—Quoted by Dr. Wallace
(Won. Cen, p. 229).
Dr. Charles Fox, of Cardiff, published 56 cases of vaccinal
injury, 17 of which resulted fatally; but in the medical returns
only two were mentioned in connection with vaccination.
Among those which survived, some were permanently injured,
and others were crippled for life. The sufferings of some of
the children were so great and so prolonged that their moth-
ers were obliged to endure mental tortures for years on their

286                                   VACCINATION A CURSE.
account. And this is the account of only one medical man. I!
all the medical men, in all the civilized coutries of the earth,
should by some inscrutable providence go to the confessional
and make a full disclosure of things they now declare they have
not seen, we should then have something of a picture—a gen-
uine picture—of the cost price of the disease and suffering oc-
casioned by a century of vacccination; a picture of the ruined
temples which God made divinely fair; of native races in trop-
ical lands verging toward extinction with the curse of scrofula,
syphilis, and leprosy, which the vaccinator has sown broadcast
among them.
Mr. Alfred Milnes, a statistician who has paid special at-
tention to this subject, expresses the deliberate opinion, that if
the officially admitted deaths were multiplied by twelve, it would
come much nearer representing the actual number of deaths
resulting from vaccination. After a most thorough review of
the misstatements, special pleading, and deliberate falsifying
by the medical profession, Professor Wallace sums up the case
against them:
"The facts and figures of the medical profession and of
Government officials, in regard to the question of vaccination,
must never be accepted without verification. And when we
consider that these misstatements, and concealments, and de-
nials of injury, have been going on throughout the whole of the
century; that penal legislation has been founded on them; that
homes of the poor have been broken up; that thousands have
been harried by police and magistrates, have been imprisoned
and treated in every way as felons; and that, at the rate now
officially admitted, a thousand children have been certainly
killed by vaccination during the last twenty years, and an un-
known but probably much larger number injured for life, we
are driven to the conclusion that those responsible for these
reckless misstatements and their terrible results have, thought-
lessly and ignorantly, but none the less certainly, been guilty
of a crime—a terrible crime—against liberty, against health,
and against humanity, which will, before many years have

MISCELLANEOUS FEATUR.ES.                                287
passed, be universally held to be one of the foulest blots on the
civilization of the nineteenth century."
—The Wonderful Century, p. 232.
In notes on the Small-pox Epidemic at Birkenhead, 1877,
(p. 7), Dr. F. Vacher says: "Those entered as not vaccinated
were admittedly unvaccinated or without the faintest mark.
The mere assertion of patients or their friends that they were
vaccinated counted for nothing." Another medical practitioner
justifies this method of making statistics as follows: "I have
always classed those as 'unvaccinated,' when no scar, presum-
ably arising from vaccination, could be discovered. Individ-
uals are constantly seen who state that they have been vaccin-
ated, but upon whom no cicatrices can be traced. In a prognos-
tic and a statistic point of view, it is better, and I think, neces-
sary, to class them as unvaccinated."
—Dr. Gayton's Report for the Homerton Hospital for
This method, which is so general as to be well nigh uni-
versal, is such a falsification of the real facts as to render them
worthless for statistical purposes, and bears out Prof. Wallace's
contention that "there is much evidence to "how that doctors
are bad statisticians, and have a special facility for misstating
"I know one gentleman, a manufacturer in Lancashire,
who has a family of 13 children, not one of them has been vac-
cinated, and a certificate of successful vaccination was handed
in to the authorities in proper form, and within the prescribed
period after the birth of each child. 'How can that be?' do you
ask? Ah, the ways of the vaccinator are past finding out. 'Do
you mean to infer that the medical men signed those certificates
knowing them to be false?' Do not repeat that question I im-
plore you, lest I should say, 'Yes, I do!'
*                                          *                                          *                                                        *
"I am acquainted with a physician in a northern town, one
who is honored with a government appointment. I hold a let-
ter from him in my hand now, dated Dec. 3, 1889, who says that

288                                    VACCINATION A CURSE.
'whilst in practice in London I frequently filled up death certifi-
cates of children as Marasmus, Debility, etc., when I felt per-
fectly certain that such cases of wasting and debility in delicate
children had been induced by vaccination,—or, aggravated by
—Pickering's Sanitation or Vaccination, p. 165.
"When I know that the deaths from atrophy and debility,
diarrhoea, and convulsions, a total of 54,344 deaths annually,
are wrongly certified; that they are symptomatic, not caustive,
I am justified in saying that the whole system of registration
and certification requires to be remodelled and reformed. Medi-
cine will never reform itself. Certification should be in the hands
of an independent authority.
"Again, when I contemplate the resources of infection
in its power to spread epidemic and fever miasmata all around,
and know, at the same time,, that all fever contagiousness given
off by the patient is the result of bald-headed ignorance in the
treatment, I am not surprised that Medicine should seek to hide
some death causes under misleading symptoms, and that a con-
tinued warfare should be kept up between itself and the other
three rival systems, all of which are immeasurably in advance
of Allopathic practice."
—Ibed, p. 194.
"Within the last four or five years the mortality from
typhus has dropped from 7,000 to 300 and 160. This is to be ac-
counted for by the fact of some sudden eruption, or instruction,
either from the Registration Department, or from the Royal
College of Physicians. It is not claimed to be in consequence
of the discovery of some andidote, or some violent national ex-
penditude, counteracting the conditions which give rise to this
fever. No, it is too sudden to be real. It is, on the whole,
entirely a change in certification. Instead of being found under
the heading 'Typhus,' the deaths have been transferred, I should
say, by authority, to other death-causes which are similar or
symptomatic. It was necessary to show a change somewhere
in the dull, continuous, mortality from fevers, and typhus was
selected. Fashion rules even in certification. Query, Is it
fashion ?
"Sanitarians know that typhus has not much chance of ever

MISCELLANEOUS FEATURES.                               289
becoming epidemic again.
"We still have epidemics, plenty of them, such as phthisis,
bronchitis, pneumonia, atrophy, diarrhoea, convulsions, other
diseases of circulatory system, cancer, etc.; but these are quiet
and permanent epidemics, they come and go without observation,
Death retains his power and popularity, and as he conducts his
victims off the stage, he saunters on with discursive step to
mark his contempt for the impotency of physic."—Ibid, p. 213.
The startling assertion is made by an expert in inebriety
in a paper read before the Connecticut Medical Association, that
morphinism is being spead among the people of the United
States by the example and advice of medical men themselves,
ten per cent. of whom are now opium drunkards. The asser-
tions and deductions of the author, Dr. T. I. Crothers, of Hart-
ford, and thus summarized in the Memphis "Appeal.'' (Dec. 4,
"According to Dr. Crothers, twenty-one per cent.—or one
in five—of the physicians of the Middle and Eastern States use
spirits or opium to excess; and he concludes that from six to ten
per cent. of all medical men are opium inebriates. It is esti-
mated that there are 150,000 opiumists in the United States;
and this fact in connection with the prevalence of the opium
or morphine habit among doctors presents one of the greatest
problems for solution before the American people. It would
seem a fair inference that the responsibility for the spread of
morphinism among the people rests largely with those doctors
who are addicted to its use. It would never occur to an unin-
formed person to contract the opium habit. This can only
come from example or from constant prescription by a doctor,
and if the latter is addicted to the use of the drug he is more
apt to be reckless in prescribing it. Thus the spread of the
habit is no doubt largely due to that part of the profession

which has become cursed with morphinism. Physicians have
the reputation of being very strict in the observance of the eti-
quette of the profession, and very rigorous in their hostility
against the quacks, whose capacity of harm is readily under-
stood. Certainly then it would seem that the medical profession
ought to protect itself as well as the people at large from the
opiumists among the doctors. Unless something is done to
stop the growth of inebriety in its various forms among physi-
cians, it may be necessary to invoke the aid of the law, and have
doctors examined once a year to ascertain whether they are ad-
dicted to any of the habits which are so utterly incompatible
with the proper discharge of their professional duties. There is
no calling which makes such a demand for a clear head and a
steady hand as that of the doctor."
If the bad habit could be confined to the old-style drug
doctors, the public might in the end be the gainer; but since
every doctor who is an opium fiend will be instrumental in fast-
ening the habit on scores of his patients, he thus becomes a
"center of contagion," from which the curse will spread and
ramify through society. At least nine-tenths of the opium, the
morphine disease, with much of the drunkenness in this coun-
try is directly traceable to practicing physicians. Whom could
the world spare better than the old-school drastic-drug doc-
J. W. Hodge, M. D., at Niagara Falls, N. Y., contributes a
vigorous paper on vaccination to "Light of Truth," published in
its issue of September 16th, 1899, from which I extract the fol-
lowing :
"To affirm that there never has been any scientific war-
ranty for a belief in the alleged protective virtues of vaccination
and that its practice is backed by ignorance and indifference,
is a sorry charge to make against the medical profession at the

MISCELLANEOUS FEATURES.                              291
close of the nineteenth century; but the charge, I regret to say,
is only too true. I know whereof I affirm, for I, too, must
plead guilty to the charge. Before discovering my mistake I
had vaccinated more than 3,000 victims, ignorantly supposing
the disease I was propagating to be a preventative of small-pox.
Having taken for granted what my teachers had asserted, I was
a staunch believer in the alleged efficacy of vaccination as a
prophylactic against small-pox. I remained in this blind and
blissful state of ignorance for several years, and not until I ac-
quired a little experience in the school of observation and re-
flection did I discover my faith was pinned to a shameful fraud.
The first real eye-opener I received upon the subject was in the
year 1882, while practicing my profession in the city of Lock-
port. At that time small-pox made its appearance in this city
and soon attained the proportions of an epidemic. At the out-
break of the disease general vaccination was ordered by the de-
partment of health and the writer was officially appointed public
vaccinator. My duty was to go from house to house and vaccin-
ate all persons who could not present vaccination scars on their
bodies, and to re-vaccinate all those who could not give assur-
ance of having been vaccinated within a period of two years.
Just before and during the prevalence of this epidemic I oper-
ated upon nearly 3,000 victims, using the so-called 'pure calf
lymph' obtained every third day 'fresh' from the vaccine farm
of the New York city board of health. Much to the disgust
of the people, and more to my own surprise and chagrin, I was
confronted with a large number of cases of vaccinal erysipelas,
as well as several cases of phlegmonous axillary abscesses fol-Sbr>lowing as results of my work. One death occurred from blood
poisoning, the result of vaccination. This was not all. A num-
ber of those vaccinated were attacked with confluent small-pox
at periods varying from twelve days to three weeks, after hav-
ing been rendered 'immune' by cowpox.
"These astounding facts, so contrary to my preconceived
notions about vaccination and small-pox I was unable to ac-
count for, and they worried me not a little, as I was unable to
see where the 'protection' came in.
"With Pascal, 'I considered the affirmation of facts as more
powerful than the assertions of men,' and began a careful study

of the relations existing between small-pox and vaccination,
with the ultimate result that I was forced to entirely abandon all
faith in the medical dogma of vaccinal protection against small-
pox. During the epidemic I had under inspection 28 small-pox
patients, all of whom, with one exception, (a very mild case),
had been 'successfully vaccinated,' as attested by vaccinal scars
on their bodies. Several of these patients have been revaccin-
ated before contracting the disease. Thus was I forced through
the stern logic of disagreeable facts to the unwelcome conclu-
sion that vaccination had not 'protected' these victims of small-
"After the remarkable revelations of this dismal experi-
ence had dawned upon me I determined to make a careful study
of the literature on small-pox and vaccination, and accordingly
procured all the works I could find on these topics. After a
thorough investigation of the statistics of small-pox epidemiol-
ogy collected from various parts of the world, I was treated to
another great surprise, namely, the world's greatest statisti-
cians on small-pox and vaccination fully corroborated the ex-
perience that I had met in the Lockport epidemic. Previous
to this disappointing experience I had read only orthodox lit-
erature as is usually found in the medical libraries of physi-
cians. I had heard only the exparte testimony of the provac-
cinists. I knew (?) but one side of the question, and was like
him of whom John Stuart Mill said: 'He who knows only his
own side of the case knows little of that,' After a careful study
of the history of vaccination and an extensive experience in
its use, I am thoroughly convinced that it is utterly useless
as a preventive against small-pox, that millions of vaccinated
persons have died of small-pox—that the practice of this de-
grading rite is enforced by doctors as a dogma without being
understood. That like that other infamous dogma (inoculation)
it is only good for 'fees." That inoculation was unanimously
believed in and practiced by the 'regular' doctors for 100 years
in multiplying small-pox cases by spreading the contagion.
That small-pox epidemics were checked by the cessation of in-
oculation, not by the introduction of vaccination. That small-
pox continued to increase under vaccination until sanitation
came into more general use. That sanitation and isolation have
controlled small-pox, and vaccination has claimed the credit.

MISCELLANEOUS FEATURES.                               293
That vaccination protects from small-pox only by killing the
persons 'protected." That vaccination has been the means of
disseminating consumption, cancer, syphilis and many other
fatal and loathsome diseases. . That consumption follows in
the footsteps of vaccination as directly as an effect can follow
a cause. That tuberculosis is a disease common to cattle and to
human beings, and has frequently been conveyed by vaccination
from the former to the latter. That Edward Jenner saddled a
legacy of disease and death on the human race and incidentally
made $150,000 by the transaction. That many doctors and
some editors are making money by propagating this curse.
That vaccination is called 'successful' when it makes a healthy
person diseased. That disease as the result of vaccination is the
legitimate harvest from the seed sown. That vaccination has
no scientific basis upon which to rest its claims and no analogy
in any ascertained principle or law in nature. That 'sponta-
neous cow-pox' is a myth, the disease so-called being tuber-
cular or syphilitic in its nature. That when vaccination kills its
victims the facts are suppressed and health (?) boards return
death certificates so made out. That compulsory vaccination
has recently been abolished in England and Switzerland, while
laws sanctioning this crime still disgrace the statute books of
'free' America. That vaccination is one of the foulest blots on
the escutcheon of the 'noble art of healing.'" A portion of the
above article appears in a previous page of this volume; but this
vaccination subject, so notorious in results, deserves line upon
line of condemnation.
Prof. Thomas D. Wood, of the Stanford University, re-
cently said in a lecture:
"Tuberculosis bacilli is a rod-shaped plant, the 1-5000th
part of an inch in length. It is a parasite on animals, and does
not exist outside of the warm-blooded animals. It will pene-
trate almost every tissue of human beings or of animals. It
will die at 175 degrees Fah., may be killed in sunshine, and ob-
jects to the air. It may be killed by certain forms of chemistry,
but it cannot be frozen. It hibernates, too; dries up, remains
quiescent on your mantel, awaiting to be taken into the system,
Consumption has been developed in the human system by oc-
cupying rooms in which no consumptive had lived for five

294                                  VACCINATION A CURSE.
years. It effects human beings, especially when crowded to-
gether in large cities of big buildings. It is partial to the do-
mesticated animals, but rarely attacks the horse, and more
rarely the dog. Swine are most affected. Next to these are
cows and heifers."
Now mark—tuberculosis in cows and heifers; and from
these we get the cow-pox lymph which vaccinationists thrust
into human arms, which is tantamount to inocculating them with
consumption or tuberculosis tendencies. It is generally admit-
ted that both consumption and cancers have increased in the
world since the introduction of Jenner's cow pox system.
It is said that these heifers are entirely healthy. How do
you know? Did the officials look at their tongues and feel of
the pulse? Cows, heifers are dumb. They can not tell you
whether they have a kidney complaint, or indigestion, or any
other disease. And then—think of it—they take supposed
healthy heifers from the fields, confine them in 'sterilized sta-
bles' (a phrase used by a San Diego doctor), rope them, throw
them, shave their abdomens, puncture this portion of the hair-
less body with 'small-pox pustular poison,' and then watch the
irritation, watch the animal's thirst, the increasing inflammation
up to the point of puss-rottening—and now call the brute
healthy, do you? Would you consider your own body healthy
if half covered with inflamed pustules and discharging sores?
Then watch the applied clamps as they squeeze out the putrid,
mucus-like pus, mingled with a little of the animal's inflamed
blood, to be manipulated into 'pus-lymph'—rather impure poi-
"How would it do to take catarrh mucus from the nose of

MISCELLANEOUS FEATURES.                              295
some otherwise healthy young lady and manipulating it up to
the point of pure catarrh lymph, introduce it compulsorily into
the School children's arms as a preventive, say against the grip,
erysipelas, or some kind of eczema?
"These half-fledged medical scientists forget, however, that
a heifer may have the germs of tuberculosis or some other mal-
ady in its blood before such disease is visible in its tissues, or
before it could be detected by a postmortem examination. In-
deed, the opinion of eminent chemists is that whatever lurking-
and latent disease there may be in a heifer, is drawn out by the
violent poisoning to which a small-pox inoculated animal is sub-
ject and that it commingles with the so-called 'pure pus' which is
squeezed out of the poor creatures' 'running sores!"—J. M. P.
in San Diego Daily Sun.
Here is a sample of the practical working of this "specially
prepared," "pure" vaccine matter—some that was guaranteed
to have been secured by the latest and most improved methods.
In the early part of 1894, the Iowa State Board of Health sent
out a decree that all the school children in the state should be
vaccinated and amongst the other children so maltreated was lit-
tle Alma O. Peihn, daughter of L. H. Peibn, president of the
First National Bank of Nora Springs—a beautiful little girl six
years of age and unusually healthy. Shortly after her vaccina-
tion with this "pure" pus, her arm swelled and became inflamed
and was soon covered with black spots. No pains or expense
was spared to give her the best medical attention, but all to no
purpose. In a few days her whole body was covered with simi-
lar spots; then they became putrid and loathsome sores, and in
less than a week thereafter her sufferings were ended by death.
The doctor who performed the operation, probably, in all his
practice extending to thousands of cases, "never saw a case of
vaccinal injury follow vaccination."
Early in 1899, a whole family in New York contracted
syphilis from vaccination. The St. Louis "Medical Gazette"

"The New York 'Medical Journal' of March 26th last, re-
cords an epidemic of syphilis in which the disease was intro-
duced into the family, according to the history, by vaccination.
and in which every member of the family of eight was ultimately
infected. The first case was a child of two years; then the moth-
er, aged 32; then two girls aged 9 and 14 respectively; then a
boy of 4; then a girl of 7, and then a nursling, aged 6 months.
The father escaped until the last, but late in the spring he came
to the clinic with a characteristic eruption, alopecia, etc. The
cases were all severe. There were several irites, all had obstin-
ate and some very extensive mucous patches, and the two-year-
old child had syphilis pneumonia. The site of inoculation was
discoverable in two cases only, probably on account of the late-
ness and irregularity with which patients were brought to the
clinic. In the other it was upon the center of the cheek, and
in one girl it was upon the eyelid."
The Board of Health, of Winona, Minn., made a vaccina-
tion order and furnished vaccine virus to the surgeons. P. Von
Lackum was appointed vaccinator for the Third district. After
the epidemic had subsided he returned the virus which had
been furnished him and proved he had used pure cream instead.
He also showed that his district did not have a single case of
small-pox, and that the general health was good, while in the
other districts there were many cases of small-pox and much
sickness and many deaths. This occurred in 1873. Until the
detestable compulsory law is repealed, we will pray that the
"Von Lackum's" will multiply in the land.
I presume I may be excused if I refer to the City of Lei-
cester once more. It is the city of standing reference with
Anti-Vacccinators. It is the champion city in the world for its
successful and practical protest agaSnst compulsory vaccination
and in finding a better way. For the sake of once more reas-
serting its position, a member of its Board of Guardians last
year moved "that this Board resolve to continue the policy of
the three previous Boards in not instituting proceedings against
parents under the vaccination act." This was adopted by forty

MISCELLANEOUS FEATURES.                                297
yeas—no nays. This means that Leicester has tried ignoring
vaccination and is abundantly satisfied with the result, not by a
majority merely, but unanimously. We saw in a preceding
chapter that Leicester's Board of Guardians has been elected
for many years by a unanimous anti-vaccine constituency. That
city will always be accorded the proud position of having held
the foremost place in the agitation against compulsory vaccina-
tion, and especially for havng risen en-masse in open defiance of
the vaccination act. It has a noble record of sacrifice and labor,
its protesting citizens having paid over $100,000 in fines for re-
fusing to submit to vaccination. Over 7,000 cases have been
brought before the magistrates. The cost and loss of time
exclusive of fines represent a sum equal to $50,000. Seventy
persons have been sent to prison for "conscience sake."
For over twenty years Leicester has made a specialty of
sanitation, and has practically demonstrated the fact for the
whole world, that to be free from small-pox, and all other filth
disease, the person, the house, the street must be clean. This is
their form of prevention; this their secret of safety. Walt Whit-
man must have had some such city in mind when he wrote:
"Where no monuments exist to heroes, but in the common
words and deeds,
Where thrift is in its place, and prudence is in its place,
Where the men and women think lightly of the laws,
Where the slave ceases, and the master of the slave ceases,
Where the populace arise at once against the never ending
audacity of elected persons."
The Atlanta Constitution, a vigorous broad-minded South-,
ern Journal, recently had the following:
"At Americus (Ga) several Christian Scientists, who re-
fused to be vaccinated, were sentenced to an imprisonment for
thirty days, and a fine of $15.
"This in free America, sounds like autocratic rule in Russia,
or the semi-barbaric methods of China. The despatches tell us

298                                    VACCINATION A CURSE.
that many of those thus sentenced belong to the best families
in the place. The refusal to be vaccinated therefore, can not be
charged to ignorance. Call it rather elightenment. They have
read of the fatalities, and the disease which follows the use of
the vaccine lance, and in self-protection, they are defying an
unjust and arbitrary law.
"The course pursued by the authorities of this Georgia
town, will have an effect entirely contrary to that intended. It
will be looked upon as persecution, as an attempt to deprive
people of rights and liberties, which are inherit to America.
"It will arouse a hostility which will give a strong impetus
to the anti-vaccination movement—a movement that is surely
growing in all civilized and enlightened countries." Yes, it is
growing and all the powers of earth and hades can not check it.
Let the doctor consider, let the conservative beware when sci-
ence let loose a great truth.
"Swing inward, O gates of the future!
Swing outward, ye doors of the past,
For the soul of the people is moving
And rising from slumber at last;
The black 'rites' are retreating,
The white peaks have signaled the day,
And freedom her long roll is beating,
And calling her sons to the fray."
The eloquent and cultured Dr. E. M. Ripley, of Unionville,
Conn., said in a public address delivered in New Britain, Conn.:
"Never in the history of medicine has there been produced
so false a theory, such fraudulent assumptions, such disastrous
and damning results, as have followed the practice of this dis-
gusting rite; it is the ultima thule of learned quackery, and-
lacks, and has ever lacked, the faintest shadow of a scientific
basis. The fears of the whole people have been played upon as
to the dangers of small-pox, and the sure prevention by vaccina-

tion, until nearly the whole civilized world has become phys-
ically corrupted by its practice.
"The life-blood of nations has become the cesspool of vac-
cinators, wherein they have poured the foul excretions that are
thrown off from diseased beasts, nature adjudging it too vile
to contaminate the system of any living creature. Scrofula, that
hydra-headed monster of pathology, whose ramifications ex-
tend into and complicate nearly all the diseases that flesh is heir
to, and whose victims are as the sands of the seashore in num-
ber, is one of the oldest children of vaccine poisoning. Syphilis,
that disreputable disorder, that sinks its victims below the scale
of decency, and hounds them to dishonorable graves, has been
carried by the vaccinator's lance into the homes of the innocent
and the virtuous, and there the blighting curse has been left to
consummate a work of disease and death, with coSsequent suf-
fering that defies the imagination of man to depict."
When a mad dog enters a community and bites a child, the
whole people rise up and demand the death of the creature, and
desire that all available means be immediately used to elimin-
ate from the system of the child the virus that has been so
cruelly inserted. The action of the people in this case is a very
natural one; but let me tell you that where the bite of a mad
dog has caused death in one case, the mad doctor, with his
calf-lymph poisoned lance, has caused his tens of thousands.
It is the most outrageous insult that can be offered to any
pure-minded man or woman. It is the boldest and most im-
pious attempt to mar the works of God that has been attempted
for ages. This stupid blunder of doctor-craft has wrought all
the evil that it ought, and it is time that free American citizens
arise in their might and blot out this whole blood-poisoning
"It is a sorry charge to make against a learned profession
to say that the cause of vaccination is backed by ignorance,
but so it is. I know whereof I affirm, for I, too, must plead
guilty to the charge. I vaccinated for five years, ignorantly sup-
posing that it was a preventive of small-pox. I took for granted

300                                    VACCINATION A CURSE.
what my medical teachers had affirmed. I came near being a
murderer, and in my own family, too. For weeks my child, vac-
cinated by my own hand with pure vaccine lymph, and from the
calf, too, was tended upon a pillow by his faithful mother; and
when not in a stupor he suffered as only the damned can suffer.
After a time the crisis passed and he came back to life; and I
then and there took a solemn oath never, so long as God would
let me live, would I poison another human being with vaccine
virus, and I have kept my vow.
From that time on I studied the subject, as I should have
done before, and as all doctors should before commencing
medical practice, and I was appalled to find how fearfully I had
been deluded."
In consonance with Dr. Ripley's above address, it may be
said, that vaccination is a moral cancer, a santanic contagion,
invading all the sanctities of human life. Masquerading as
sanitary science, it is the champion harlequin of our time, and
while a source of revenue to medical boodlers, at last it "biteth
like a serpent and stingeth like an adder."
The English physician, Dr. John Pickering, F. R. G. S., F.
S.S., F. S. A., etc., says:
"Wherever you have no vaccination you have the best
health. The moment you give up vaccination you do away with
small-pox; it will die out."
The late Dr. William Hitchman, Consulting Surgeon to the
Cancer Hospital, Leeds, and formerly public vaccinator to the
City of Liverpool, expressly stated, in 1883, that "Syphilis,
Abdominal Phthisis, Scrofula, Cancer, Erysipelas, and almost all
diseases of the skin, have been either conveyed, occasioned, or
intensified by vaccination."—(Transactions of the Makuna Vac-
cination Inquiry, p. 31, London, 1883.
Dr. Hitchman further says: "Cancer may be generated
anew whenever the necessary conditions are present. And here
a strong indictment is again furnished against both 'calf-lymph'
and 'arm-to-arm' vaccination. Cancer," says Dr. Hitchman,

MISCELLANEOUS FEATURES.                                301
"is a blood disease; so also is cow-pox; and when, to inherited
or acquired morbid tendency, vital exhaustion, digestive dis-
order, and unhealthy surroundings, are added the various com-
plications attending vaccination, the presence of certain growths,
or even bony structure in the larynx or any other part, is not
surprising to one who believes in causal sequence. Scientific-
ally, whatever tends to a diminution in the natural color and
specific gravity, especially of the red corpuscles of the blood,
may, sooner or later, lead to serious transformation into tuber-
cular, syphilitic, or cancerous affection."—Vaccination Inquirer,
London, February, 1888.
To introduce any animal substance directly into the human
lymphatic system is perilous, especially as the lymph is, to use
Swedenborg's forcible and scientific definition, "the true, purer
blood." So that, even were the actual lymph of a perfectly
healthy calf to be introduced into the lymphatic system of a
healthy child, the conditions sufficient for the generation of a
cancer would then be present; owing simply to the mere differ-
ence in the rate of growth in the representative cells of calf and hu-
man being, or in that of the protoplasm out of which they are
respectively formed.
W. H. Burr, a clear-headed student, historian, writer and
author, residing in Washington, D. C, says: "I gave the follow-
ing English statistics to the New York Daily Sun, fourteen
years ago:''
"Vaccination was made compulsory in England in 1853,
again in 1867, and still more stringent in 1871. Now mark the
result as given in the vital statistics authorized by Parliament.
Since the first year named England has been visited with three
epidemics of small-pox, each more severe than the preceding,
as appears from the following figures:
Epidemic of                                                                  Deaths.
1857-58-59 ....................................... 14,194
1863-64-65 ........................................ 19,816
1870-71-72 ................................. ...... 44,631

302                                    VACCINATION A CURSE.
"And you tell us that in New York City ''August, 1885),
where vaccination is not yet compulsory, the disease has almost
disappeared, while in London, where most stringent compulsory
laws prevail, the small-pox is raging.
"All the foregoing facts appeared in the Sun of August
21, 1884, with the editor's own heading in these words: 'Vac-
cination a Fraud—New York Healthier Without It.' * * *
"It is sanitary regulations, and not vaccination which abate
the ravages of small-pox.
"The anti-vaccinationists have always been able to demol-
ish the pretensions of their adversaries. I don't wish to say
any more on the subject. Let Brother Peebles come forth with
his 'pen-gatling.' "
                                          W. H BURR.
The Chicago Inter Ocean of recent date prints the follow-
ing special from Fort Wayne, Ind., concerning the evil effects
of vaccination:
"Indiscriminate vaccination has caused many children here
to suffer seriously!' This morning the seven-year-old son of
William Maddux, foreman of the New York, Chicago and St.
Louis Railway wrecking gang, died suddenly from blood poi-
soning, superinduced by vaccination. There are six other cases
where chidren are afflicted with blood poisoning from the same
cause, and children were vaccinated who were unable to stand
the shock, and some physicians have not used fresh vaccine
points, but have used virus from the arms of other children."
In the Transvaal, where war is now raging, vaccination,
says Dr. Bond, is enforced with a cat-o-ninetails. In Algiers
soldiers if refusing vaccination, are bound with cords and then
legally poisoned. The fee here is $5. when it "takes."
The Abyssinian Emperor Menelik had encouraged vaccin-
ation for a long time; but seeing the bad effect he became dis-
gusted with the results. Dr. Wurtz reports the following-
see p. 124 Life in Abyssinia: "A rich Abyssinian refused vac-
cine lymph offered him by Dr. Wurtz and insisted on having
eight young female servants inoculated with the result that they
all died of small-pox. In 1896 a French trader of Addis-Abada,
had nine servants inoculated with the result that each of them
soon afterward had a sphilitic sore on some part of their bodies

MISCELLANEOUS FEATURES.                               303
and one of them, a chancre-like ulcer on the wrist. Three other
neigboring children were vaccinated with what was termed pure
calf-lymph. One of these exhibited scrofulaSimmediately after
and the two others syphilitic symptoms."
The erudite Dr. A. Wilder, of New York, physician and
author, assures us that if vaccination has any influence, it is that
of changing the body from a natural and normal condition to an
unnatural and diseased one; in which case, repeated vaccinating
can be but an endeavor to make this unnatural and diseased
condition permanent. The individual is thus rendered sickly,
and placed in a state of chronic aptitude to contract other dis-
The doctor further says that Lorenzo Dow was once chal-
lenged to preach from a text to be given him by a minister just
as he was about to begin. The text assigned was from Num-
bers xxii., 21: "And Balaam rose up in the morning and sad-
dled his ass."
"This text," said Dow, "embraces three distinct ideas,
which I will explain. First, Balaam, the wicked prophet; he
denotes your minister. Second, the saddle, which is the salary
which he receives. Third, the ass; this means the people of his
congregation. The improvement is this: that your minister has
his saddle fastened upon you, and is riding you to inevitable
"Of our friends in Brooklyn I say, as Chatham said of the
American colonists: "I am glad that they have resisted." It
may be that martyrdom is in store for the friends of personal
freedom and pure bodies; we shall see. We read that when the
apostle cast the Python-spirit out of the soothsaying girl (Acts
xiii.) "her masters saw that the hope of their gains was gone,"
and in the mad fury of their disappointed cupidity, caught
Paul and Silas and dragged them to the agora, under the
charge of teaching illegal and pernicious customs. The multi-
tude—the majority—rose up en masse, and the magistrates
beat them and cast them into prison. Doctor-craft is about as
malignant and obstreperous today. It abides no law, no con-
stitutional safeguard that conflicts with its selfish ends."

304                                    VACCINATION A CURSE.
During the Civil War, 1863-4-5, Mr. C. C. Watkins, a
solid, substantial citizen of San Diego, Cal., 125 Grand Avenue,
was with other soldiers exposed to the small-pox. Soon there
were exhibited symptoms of the disease. And including Mr.
Watkins, nearly a dozen of them were put into a pest-house
in Tennessee. Seven of them had been vaccinated and every
one of them died, while C. C. Watkins, who had not been vac-
cinated, was the only one that fully recovered from the terrible
disease. And yet there are physicians, either ignorant enough
or impudent enough, to declare that calf-lymph vaccination
is a preventive of small-pox. It is strange that thinking cul-
tured people are losing faith in the average doctor? Many
of them had better drop their profession and become black-
smiths or daily tillers of the soil.
Dr. Johnson, of Newburyport, Mass., says: "We have five
children, all of whom have been exposed to the disease. The
only one who took it was the one who had been vaccinated."
The Hon. A. B. Gaston, present member of Congress
from Meadsville, Pa., writes as follows in the monthly Cassa-
dagan: "Americans unfortunately have some of the most
tyrannical laws that could possibly disgrace any statute books.
Among the numerous vicious laws of my own state, I may name,
the compulsory vaccination law, as it is at present being en-
forced in my own city, a benefit to physicians, and hundreds
of filthy poisonings for the victims. This vaccination fad car-
ries a thousand dollars into the pockets of the doctors, and two
thousand bits of health-destroying virus into the systems of
our children, to vitiate and curse their rich young blood.
Every intelligent reader knows that the best preventive of
small-pox, or of any contagious disease rests, in sanitary regu-
lations, in personal and municipal cleanliness, by fortifying the
system with pure air, pure food, pure drink, pure habits of
thought and of living, and entire abstinence from excesses and
over indulgence in all directions."
The Washington Star informs us that Congress has made
an appropriation of $100,000 to be expended in an effort to ex-

terminate tuberculosis among the cattle in the United States.
What appropriation will it make to exterminate the tubercu-
losis—imparted virus—or the cow-pox virus—that doctors are
strenuously, selfishly and compulsorially putting into our
children's arms under the baseless pretence that it will prevent
small-pox ?
Cows and heifers are known by the well-informed to be
very many of them unhealthy. "A herd ten days ago," (says
Public Opinion, Jan. 14, 1891), "on a farm in this district, was
found to have 80 per cent. of its animals infected; and a few
days before that no fewer than 90 animals in a herd numbering
125 near Richmond, Va., were discovered to be diseased. These
are extreme and unusual cases, it is true; but occurring syn-
chronously within a narrow radius, they were enough to rouse
the Government to a sense of the danger to which the country
is exposed from this source. An experiment performed by one
of the scientists attached to the animal industry laboratory
about the same time tended in the same direction of alarm.
Ascertaining from test experiments which he had been making
with the milk supply of the Capital that it was tainted with
tubercle, he inoculated a guinea pig with the milk; and, sure
enough, after a few days when the tubercle bacilli contained in
the milk had had time to plant itself and develop in his sys-
tem, the rodent exhibited unmistakable tuberculosis. Concur-
rent circumstances like these, forced on the attention of the
Government, produced the belief that it was about time a gen-
eral investigation of diseased cattle should be made, if the
danger to human health so portended would be avoided.
Sores or ulcers on these tuberculosis cows, heifers or calves,
are tapped and the discharged pus—virus manipulated, is forced
compulsorily into the arms of our children. How long—oh
how long will our suffering countrymen permit this outrage!
The following is from the Rev. Isaac L. Peebles, a promi-

306                                     VACCINATION A CURSE.
nent preacher in the Methodist Episcopal church, Mississippi.
It is an exhibition of not only high-grade Scotch grit, but of
southern chivalry on a religious plane. He thus writes in his
able pamphlet on Vaccination: "The virus that Dr. Jenner, the
accredited father of vaccination, used first was from a sore on
the hand of a young woman. This sore, she claimed, was pro-
duced by matter from the sores on the teats and udders of
the cows, while milking them. This was the filth start of vac-
cination, but the extreme nastiness of its filthiness will appear
more clearly when we remember that the sores on the cow's
udders and teats were caused by an oozing matter called grease
from the diseased heel of badly kept horses. Persons attend-
ing the horses would milk the cows without washing. It almost
makes us vomit to think of such filth, and yet to think that
human beings would have it compulsorily thrust into their
children's bodies." Although this was the beginning of Jen-
ner's vaccination, yet it was not its limit. Two years after his
first vaccination, he vaccinated his own son with the virus of
hog-pox. Indeed, he vaccinated with the putrid matter from
the disease of horses' heels. He further by way of experiment
vaccinated with horse-pox, cow-pox, goat-pox and hog-pox,
and it is a wonder that some of his disciples have not completed
his list by taking filth from some dirty mangy dog and vaccin-
ating some poor ignorant fellow and calling it dog-pox. Jen-
ner contended that all these poxes were of the same origin.
Some claim that it is produced by vaccinating a cow with
a virus of small-pox, while others of equal ability claim that
the virus of small-pox will produce small-pox, and not cow-
pox, and that cow-pox must appear of itself in the cow. The
doctrine of spontaneous cow-pox is without foundation. In-
deed, it is contrary to reason and the nature of things, unless it
can be proven that the good Lord, through special regard for
the ladies, made the cow of such peculiar sensitive nature that

MISCELLANEOUS FEATURES.                               307
the pox develops in her, and her only, so that the nice terra
"cow-pox" couldSbe used, instead of the gross term "bull-pox."
* * * Fifty years from now there will rise up a well-in-
formed generation, who will look back on this time of vaccina-
tion and forced vaccination with wonder and pity. Let those
who love the darling, filthy, butchering business practice it on
themselves as much as they choose, but for humanity's sake,
if for nothing else, let others alone."
What becomes of the heifers and calves after they have
yielded their harvest of Pustular and poison pus Lymph?
This question, legitimately asked, is a very serious one;—
what becomes of them? Are they killed and their shaven, sore
and pus-scarred bodies buried from human gaze? This would
be a waste of beef, not "embalmed beef," but rather veal from
a calf-lymph producing farm. No, these pus, or pustule-tapped
heifers, are returned to the farmers or sold in city meat mar-
kets. Such facts the more deeply intensify vegetarians in their
The Philadelphia Daily Item, Nov. 22nd, 1899, has the fol-
lowing trifle condensed: "Some more interesting facts are
coming to the surface in connection with the fight inaugurated
by the Anti-Compulsory Vaccination Society of America
against the law which was passed at the last session of the Leg-
islature, and Attorney C. Oscar Beasley is willing to tell his
experience in getting matters into shape for what he says will
be one of the greatest legal battles ever waged in the State.
In the Sunday Item he said that there were only twelve
farms, or "factories," as he called them, in the country for the
production of vaccine virus.
"We have abundant evidence," said Attorney Beasley,
"direct from the people who have seen the calves, after they
had been used for the purpose of producing the virus, taken
from these farms full of poisonous vaccine matter and sold.

308                             vaccination a curse.
"Naturally, everyone interested in this matter wants to
know what becomes of these poor animals. What I have just
told you is only part of the story, but we also know that they
have been sold to the public as veal after the virus has been
put into them. We can prove that, and if such action is pre-
venting the spread of disease, I, at least, would like to be in-
formed how the authorities reconcile the facts.
"The people who run these cow-pox farms rent the calves
from the farmers. After the calves are kept the proper time
they are sent back to the farmers. Now, the question is, 'What
do the farmers do with them?' I have already told what we
know—and what we can prove.
"There are a number of mattters which will be brought out
before this affair is concluded, and I want you to understand
that I will be responsible for everything that I tell you.
"There are hundreds of children who are kept away by the
enforcement of this law from public, private and Sunday
schools, and it is not unlikely that the League may arrest some
of the Sunday school superintendents on the charge of pre-
venting the children from attending the school because they
are not vaccinated. A test case will be made and then we will
see where we stand on that phase of the case.''
At this point in his talk, Mr. Beasley referred to a letter
which he had received from a Catholic priest who was a resident
of this city. He was immune from small-pox and during the
terrible epidemic of the winter of 1872 and 1873 was one of
the Catholic clergymen who were detailed by the Archbishop of
the diocese to visit the poor and afflicted in all parts of the city
and give them extreme unction, the last rite of the church.
This reverend gentleman says he is positive that the dis-

MISCELLANEOUS FEATURES.                                 309
ease caused by the inoculation of vaccine virus is at best a
very vile one. It not unfrequently causes death. The virus,
he says, is sure to fasten upon the weak portion of a child's
system. These are still more greatly weakened by the virus
often with fatal results. He concludes by saying that he hopes
the League will be successful in having the bill repealed."
The April number of Frank D. Blue's Vaccination, pub-
lished in Terre Haute, Ind., has the following:
"David Mackay, M. D., Surgeon General of the Grand
Army of the Republic, in sending a subscription to Vaccina-
tion says: 'The abominable practice is only one of the horri-
ble delusions arising from filth, and from a false dietary,—flesh-
eating. Until that ceases man will go on his crazy method of
'curing' a disease, by creating a worse one.' "
As I write January 15th, 1900—the evening mail brings
to my desk an item from the Los Angeles East Side News,
giving the latest phase of the Vaccination Question in Chi-
cago :
"A small-pox case escaped from the chief medical inspector
of the health department and ran into a crowd of people. The
inspector called a half dozen policemen to his aid, rounded up
seventeen persons supposed to have been touched by the
small-pox patient, and in spite of protests, threats and resist-
ance, vaccinated the lot. The Tribune says:
"With his back to the side of a house Dr. Spalding seized
his patients as fast as they were pushed toward him by the
police and applied the virus in record-breaking time."
Now, dear reader, I shall have to "take back" the asser-
tion I made in the fourth chapter that "no person has yet been
vaccinated in the United States by applying actual physical
force." The Chicago incident inaugurates that phase and makes

310                                   VACCINATION A CURSE.
the compulsion of the "Code" a concrete fact. We now stand
on a par with Germany in the mode of enforcing the law. The
same paper from which I clip the above casually mentions that
recently 2,500 medical students in Chicago mobbed a preacher
for criticising the drug practice. The doctors are evidently
numerous in Chicago—indeed, so numerous that quite a large
army of them must needs be numbered among the "unem-
ployed." The unemployed "vag" holds the citizen up in Chi-
cago as he returns late from business or pleasure, and if caught
is "sent up." And why should not the unemployed doctors
"round up" a few citizens occasionally and vaccinate them,
when the law says they may do that very thing? At this sea-
son of the year—since the "Appendicitis" racket is about played
out—many doctors must find but a scanty demand for their
"professional" services in that city. With office rent falling due
and no "revenue" with which to buy coal, we should not be
surprised to learn that they are arming with the lancet, with
tubes, or a phial of calf-pus and taking to the street, physic-
ally enforce vaccination. They well understand that the Legis-
lature, gave them leave to vaccinate all "goers and comers," and
agreed to help them do it up to the point of efficiency.
Now, by lending to the doctors the services of the police,
we may be assured the Government is faithfully performing its
part of the contract. Why should we not hope and pray that
the State Legislature and the doctors shall carry out their
mutual "understanding" that the common people shall be "pro-
tected," seeing that they are "too ignorant to protect them-
I would suggest (seriously) that on the next election day in
Chicago, the doctors charter a sufficient force of police to
"round up" a few hundred voters, and that the doctors be
ready for duty with "pure" glycerinated and "sterilized" calf-
lymph to duly "protect'' the aforesaid voters; and that this

MISCELLANEOUS FEATURES.                                311
operation be repeated on each successive election day, until
American "sovereigns" are aroused to the point of rising en
masse to break and repeal this infamous compact between the
doctors and lobbied legislatures—legislatures that are bought
and sold by unprincipled multi-millionaires.
The Militia called out! Such was a recent heading in the
Hudson Journal, June 15th. Called out for what? Here's the
paragraph—it speaks for itself:
"The Hudson company of militia, ninety men strong, went
to Stockport today to aid in enforcing quarantine regulations
against a number of persons who have refused to be vaccin-
"An epidemic of small-pox has prevailed among 500 col-
ored brickyard laborers at Walsh & Company's yard, Stock-
port, for some time. About fifty, white and colored, refused
to submit to vaccination, so a company of the State Militia
was ordered to Stockport to enforce the quarantine rules."
And this is the free America, is it? This, a land of per-
sonal liberty, is it? This a country of inalienable rights, is it?
No—it is rather an oligarchy manned by certain "professsional"
doctors, the repulsive dules and unconstitutional laws of which,
are to be enforced by the militia.
There's not a thoroughly-read, intelligent physician in
America but that knows, and if honest, will frankly admit that
cow-pox vaccination is not an invariable preventative of small-
pox. They know from the most unimpeachable testimony that
thousands vaccinated and re-vaccinated have died and still die
every year of small-pox. And yet in Hudson the militia is
called out to enforce the blood-poisoning process of vaccina-
tion—compulsory vaccination—with fire-arms behind it! Think

312                                    VACCINATION A CURSE.
of this, freedom-loving American citizens, and blush for your
Soon after their arrival Miss Nora Donahue, Worcester,
Mass., was reported by the Health Board to be suffering from
small-pox and was sent to the pest-house. The Steamboat
Company, bestirring itself, the Boston Board of Health went
to Worcester and after due investigation and examination de-
cided that the case was not small-pox. In the meantime it came
out that this young woman had been twice vaccinated, once
when she left Queenstown and again as she entered the harbor
of New York, but that "neither took"—when the plain truth
was it took too well, producing "a new disease," said the
Rockland (Mass.) Independent, "worse than the small-pox."
This is what we have all along contended for, that vaccination
creates new diseases, as well as sows the seeds and lays the
foundation for eczema, erysipelas, ulcers, tumors, cancers, and
other of the filthiest, festering diseases known to the human
Dr. R. M. Leverson, of Fort Hamilton, gave his views on
vaccination before the Brooklyn Philadelphia Association in
Williamsburg, Jan. 14th, 1900. He said: "Should small-pox
be discovered in your family, do not be foolish enough to send
for your doctor or any other one who would notify the Board
of—well, some call it Health. Do not, I say, resort to that. All
this talk about the danger of the disease is exaggerated. It is
easily treated and not in any way formidable. The importance
of vaccination as a subject of discussion is increased now, be-
cause of the prevalence of bubonic plague in many sections. It
is the disease which a generation ago was predicted by those

MISCELLANEOUS FEATURES.                               313
who opposed vaccination. Scientifically we say the cow-pox
was really the specific disease of an animal. Vaccination means
the inoculation of the dreaded taint, and the bubonic plague is
nothing more nor less than the result, is a sporadic form, of
this evil specific disease."—New York Tri-Weekly, Jan. 15th,
The above is a note of warning—I do not say timely warn-
ing, for the time is past. A century of vaccination over the
civilized world has fully prepared the soil for the crop which
we must now reap. It has been prepared in India, where for
two generations compulsory vaccination has been forced on the
native population—mostly arm to arm vaccination, which has
given rise to a distinct diathesis, and to new and before unheard
of diseases, as set forth at the beginning of this chapter. Bu-
bonic plague is undoubtedly one of these new species, which
will abundantly flourish during the first quarter of the twen-
tieth century.
The wholesale vaccination on ihe Hawaiian Islands since
1853 has prepared the soil there, and as I write—January, 1900
—the dreaded plague has gained a strong foothold there, and
will undoubtedly reach the Pacific Coast during the ensuing
summer. At any rate, sooner or later it is bound to come and
ravage the United States, for a poorly-informed public have
submitted themselves to be made merchandise of by a class of
semi-consciousless physicians, until sloth and ignorance will
exact a sterner mode of teaching. The object lessons which
the plague, with varied zymotic diseases, will furnish, may have
the effect of opening the eyes of an apathetic public to the
grave violations of physiological law to which they have so long
blindly submitted.
Unlike the yellow fever, bubonic plague is most virulent in
winter, but like all zymotic diseases, its home is where filth
abounds. It continues to spread in India, and in the city of

vaccination a curse.
Bombay it acts fatally within a few hours. The natives refuse
European aid, remembering well the sad lesson taught them by
the vaccinators. Nearly all cases prove fatal. Everywhere
there are little puddles of water, especially in the suburbs,
amidst the most filthy surroundings, and the water is used by
the natives, they preferring it to the water supplied by the city
authorities. Last winter (1899) there were 250 deaths daily
in Bombay, sometimes 2,500 a week. The epidemic recedes
for a few weeks during the hottest season; then reappears with
destructive violence when the cooler weather sets in.
Just as "inoculation" was prohibited by law in England, so
will vaccination in both England and America soon be strenu-
ously prohibited by law. Its death knell is already being
sounded. All honor to Covington, Ky., for pronouncing vac-
cination "felony" for physicians. This, bear in mind, is one of
the highest classes of offenses with a severe penalty attached
thereto. Here is what the Cincinnnati Times-Star, May 2nd,
"At the meeting of the Covington City Council Monday
night the ordinance demanding compulsory vaccination was
repealed. Mr. Evans, from the Third ward, introduced an
ordinance making it a felony for any physician to vaccinate a
person under any circumstances and provided a fine therefor
of $100 and four months' imprisonment."
The English inoculation fad had its reign in Britain and
died. The cow-pox lymph, the serum and the anti-toxin will
pass away with the increased intelligence characterizing this
era of thought and profound research.
Just now, there is a bubonic-plague scare in San Francisco,
originating, the Press says, among the doctors and directed

MISCELLANEOUS FEATURES.                               315
towards tSe Chinese. On my third journey to and through
the great cities of India, I was brought into close connection
with this plague, which, like the small-pox, is a disease of dirt
and filth. It first appeared in Bombay among the underground
rats and then among the poorest and dirtiest portion of the
lower caste. It seldom affects the cleanly, and if it did, it would
be comparatively harmless. Those treated with drastic drugs
generally died. Those placed under cleanly sanitary conditions
lived. This disease should have been called the glandular
rather than bubonic plague. Those previously tainted with
syphilis, gonorrhea, and whose blood had been poisoned with
calf-lymph virus, were the first attacked by this oriental dis-
ease. Women were seldom seriously affected by it. The San
Francisco Press of May 20th, says: "There are several cases of
bubonic plague in the city and that portion of the city occu-
pied by the Chinese." The San Diego Sun of May 24th pub-
lishes the following: "A great number of Japanese have vol-
untarily presented themselves for inoculation with serum, and a
few, but not many, Chinese have submitted to treatment."
Inspection of the Chinese quarters is in progress, and san-
itary measures are being enforced.
The Chronicle editorially declares that there has been no real
cases of bubonic plague, and said the cry was raised by the city
board of health, some of which are physicians, to compel the
supervisors to appropriate a large sum of money to hire an
army of guards and inspectors, and that the whole scheme is a
political conspiracy."
No doubt, this scare and scheme was "a conspiracy" be-
tween the politicians and physicians for selfish ends, all of
which is painfully deplorable, in this boasting, self-assertive age
of civilization and moral enlightenment.

The Homeo Envoy, Philadelphia, Pa., records the case of
a man, who in the category of a good compulsory law-abiding
citizen, was vaccinated with pure glycerinated lymph and "it
took"—took so well that the doctor got frightened and had
him quarantined for the reason that the vaccination had actually
developed into a full-fledged case of pronounced small-pox.
The family physician, with a great degree of gravity, said:
"This is unaccountable—unaccountable !"
Recently, says that eminent physician, J. W. Hodge, M. D.,
Niagara Falls, N. Y., "The Buffalo Courier printed a statement
taken from the records of the surgeon general's office at Manila
showing the number of fatalities and their causes among our
troops up to the second of last June.
"According to this compilation," says the editor of the
Courier, "of 699 privates, 294 died of wounds received in action,
9 killed accidentally, 23 were drowned, 7 committed suicide, 106
died of typhoid fever, 89 of small-pox and 14 of meningitis."
By examining the above tabulation we find that the deaths
from small-pox among our troops (all of whom, without excep-
tion, have been repeatedly vaccinated since leaving this coun-
try) constitute 317, nearly 50 per cent. of the entire number of
deaths from all diseases.
The Courier frankly and truthfully says: "Opponents of
vaccination find a good argument in this condition of affairs at
In many of the old countries where vaccination has been
tried long and faithfully, its compulsion has been abandoned
from the army. In Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Holland and
Switzerland no soldier is now obliged to be vaccinated. The
prevalence and fatality of small-pox among our much vaccinated
troops in the Philippines is no unique experience and does not

at all surprise those who are familiar with the hSstory of vac-
cination. The London Morning Advertiser of Nov. 24, 1870,
reported as follows: "Small-pox is making great havoc in the
ranks of the Prussian army, which is reported to have 30,000
small-pox patients in its hospitals. These were all vaccinated
and re-vaccinated."
And yet there are doctors—rather non-studious medical
professionals (complimentarily called "physicians"), who per-
sistently tell the people that vaccination prevents small-pox.
They either do, or they do not know better. Do they think—
do they observe—do they investigate—do they study and rea-
son? It has been wisely said that he who will not reason is a
bigot, he who dare not is coward, and he who can not is an idiot.
Each back-chapter physician, touching this all-important matter
of small-pox, vaccination and anti-vaccination, must necessarily
pose upon one of the points of the above trilemma. Take your
positions, Physicians! The people constitute the jury.
"He who said the age of myths was past was surely un-
acquainted with the suspicious ways of certain doctors in sus-
taining the tottering vaccine idol. Perhaps the most remarkable
of the many fables invented by the advocates of vaccination to
bolster up the Jennerian dogma, surely the basest and most
insistent is that known as the "Franco-German war statistic."
Along in 1872 the following falsehood first appeared in
English print, in the British Medical Journal. In June, 1883,
it was used by Sir Lyon Playfair in a debate in the Commons
and challenged by Mr. P. A. Taylor. Sir Lyon Playfair, wav-
ing Dr. Colon's book, La Variola, said, "I got it from the
Physician General of the French army," but he did not, for in-
vestigation showed it was not in the book, nor was Colon ever

physician general of the army. In the official report of the
speech Playfair had it put "I give these figures on the author-
ity of Dr. Philenus of the German Reichstag, and of similar fig-
ures of the statistical congress in St. Petersburg." This started
a new line of investigation which revealed the fact, that it first
appeared as a stray newspaper paragraph in an Austrian journal.
So here in brief we have a fanciful tale involved in the imag-
inative brain of an unknown newspaper man, through an Aus-
trian-Russian-German-English source to prove a French sta-
tistic that never did have any foundation in truth.
The matter was not allowed to rest here. Earl Granvillle in
Paris was appealed to by Dr. Carpenter, (who was very active
in disseminating the lie) and Granville reported that the French
authorities stated the deaths from small-pox were unknown,
that the confusion was too great for registry, thus effectually
disposing of the French part of it. The story was publicly re-
tracted in the London News, August, 1883.* And the Ger-
man part fared no better for Herr Lisouke, in a letter to Geo.
S. Gibbs, dated July 20th, 1883, expressed regret that during
the twelve months of the war the deaths from small-pox were
not recorded. So followed the German half of the lie.
Herr Steiger, February, 1883, at Berne, gave the German
loss from small-pox as 3,162, the French as 23,469; by June,
1883, Playfair got it down to 261 and by the time the British
Medical Journal published it the second time in 1898 it had
dropped to 49, and 23,400 respectively. The French army was
perfectly vaccinated, but a part of it was not re-vaccinated be-
fore this campaign. Dr. Bayard says, "Re-vaccination origin-
ated in France, and every soldier is revaccinated on his entrance
into the regiment—our army knows no exceptions."
Dr. Oidtmann, staff surgeon, says: "Shortly before the
war the whole French army was re-vaccinated. This general
re-vaccination tended rather to extend small-pox than to protect
*The first edition of "Vaccination Vindicated, by Dr. McVait contained this falsehood,
but in the second edition (1898) it is dropped. And it is well that it was, for infamy in
sustaining a bad cause could not have well gone further.

MISCELLANEOUS FEATURES.                                319
against it." Dr. Colon, in charge of the small-pox hospital
Bicetre, says: "The mortality was much less in the militia who
were not re-vaccinated than in the regular army which was re-
vaccinated." Dr. Jenner in Etiology of Variola, says: "The
French prisoners were not sick on their arrival, but small-pox
in epidemic form broke out among them after they were placed
in German camps; all measures to repress it, even the daily re-
vaccination in mass were useless. Even the German guards
took sick." The soldiers were finally washed and their clothes
steamed, and from that time the epidemic rapidly declined.
(Phys. Jl., 1873).
It is no new thing to go to Germany for proofs of the value
of vaccination. I have a copy of Hall's Journal of Health, Oc-
tober, 1860, that says, "The Prussian more than any govern-
ment in existence, practices vaccination, every soldier is re-
vaccinated upon entering the army.
Early in 1870, Dr. Seaton, of the English local govern-
ment board, before the Commons, declared that Prussia was
well protected; and that that country was safe, yet inside a year
59,839 persons died from small-pox in Prussia; 2,083 in Berlin
alone. Nor did the well vaccinated army fare any better. Dr.
Creighton, the great epidemiologist, says: "Evidence as to re-
vaccination on a large scale comes from the army. The rate
from small-pox in the German army, was 60 per cent. more
than among the civil population of the same age. The Bava-
rian contingent, re-vaccinated without exception, had five times
the death rate from small-pox that the civil population of the
same age had, though vaccination is not obligatory among the
latter. The statistics of Prof. Vogt, of Berne, prove the same
Severe epidemics are not unknown in Germany in these
days. Nor arc deaths and injuries from vaccination uncom-
mon. So true is this that in 1896 the German Imperial Health

320                                     VACCINATION A CURSE.
Board, alarmed at the increasing anti-vaccinationists, and their
growing influence, issued a pamphlet of 192 pages confessedly
for the purpose of meeting their ever increasing attacks. As
the annual income of the doctors from vaccination is over 40,-
000,000 marks this zeal is easily understood. Even forcible vac-
cination of all children is advocated, of course, at State rates.
The pamphlet was at once attacked by the anti-vaccination-
ists, and charges made that the German mortality list contained
no column for deaths from vaccination; and that all such deaths
are covered up under secondary causes, such as erysipelas,
pyemia, etc., that it is a written rule in the army that even in
severe cases of small-pox, such illness is entered as skin erup-
tion, and Col. Spohr, 48 years in service, testified to hearing
army surgeons censured for entering recruits as suffering from
small-pox, and that small-pox cases were always entered under
some "appropriate illness."
Dr. J. A. Hensel, late surgeon in the German army, in an
address delivered in Salt Lake City, Feb. 2nd, 1900, said in
brief: "In June, 1888, I was on duty in Strasburg, and over
2,000 small-pox cases were in the pest house; every one suc-
cessfully vaccinated but three months before, for the third
time. I myself, was laid up for five weeks, although I had been
vaccinated for the seventh time, successfully. In 1898 I wit-
nessed the amputation of three arms and the discharge of four
men from the army for general disability, all from vaccination.
After this experience I am convinced that vaccination is no
protection against small-pox. Dirty barracks started the epi-
December, 1899, R. Gerding was held before the Berlin
Criminal Court for making these charges in his book on small-
pox and found guilty, but the supreme court promptly re-
versed the case and ordered the State treasury to pay all the
cost. A German corespondent in December, 1897, wrote:

MISCELLANEOUS FEATURES.                                321
"We must not lose sight of the fact that the German doctors
are experts at making statistics. Fine sounding new names,
as 'variolides,' etc., are invented for diseases from which people
die, but by no recording deaths, small-pox is made to appear
as stamped out." So after all the abscence of German army
small-pox is simply a case of logic, for vaccination prevents
small-pox; these men are vaccinated and can not take small-
pox; therefore, there is, and can be, no small-pox in the Ger-
man army.
It is a too common habit of the vaccinators to pick up
figures anywhere and vouch for them as authentic, just be-
cause they happen to lie in favor of vaccination.
In June, 1898, the British Medical Journal again started the
same old lie, and it began the round of the American press.
From Maine to California has it circulated, appearing in all state
health bulletins, including the Government bulletins and quoted
as gospel by Surgeon General Sternberg in defense of his fre-
quent poisoning of the poor soldier boys in the far East, who
continue to die of small-pox, despite the assertions of Surgeon
Lippincott, that our army is the best vaccinated army ever put
in the field.
There is some excuse for the laity not knowing these facts,
but there is, at this late day, no good excuse for all physicians
not knowing the truth, and with them it is either a case of woe-
ful ignorance or wilful lying."—F. D. Blue.
All medical journalists, or doctors, who have published or
mouthed this falsehood—malicious falsehood—should, if pro-
fesed Christians, read upon their knees Revelations xxi. VIII.:
"But the fearful, the abominable, the murderers, the whore-
mongers (the abortionists) and all liars"—mark these last words
—"and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth
with fire and brimstone: which is the second death."
And why this terrible doom? Possible because, as the
Scripture saith, they have put the "mark of the beast"—(cow-

322                                    VACCINATION A CURSE.
pox lymph)—upon our children's arms and limbs; and further,
before God and men they have repeatedly lied for the glory of
vaccine virus—the curse of the century!
In the foregoing pages I have endeavored to bring into
prominence the following features of the Vaccination question:
(1.) That Vaccination was neither a scientific discovery,
nor is its claim as a prophylactic against small-pox valid or
philosophical. Vaccination with sphilitic virus to prevent the
"bad" disease would be just as rational; but that has been tried
and abandoned. Dr. Koch's much vaunted tuberculin has been
tried in almost every country on the globe, and proved to be
worse than useless. Indeed, if the principle on which vaccina-
tion is predicted was founded in physiological laws, then every
zymotic disease might be similarly prevented.
(2.) That the vaccine virus is invariably a form of putrefy-
ing animal tissue which, while its substance and quality may in
part be determined by the microscope and chemical analysis, it
nevertheless declares by its effects that it contains subtle poten-
cies which present day analysis is utterly unable to detect; and
therefore that its inoculation in the blood of a human being is
always attended with grave danger and often plants in the body
the most loathsome and incurable diseases known to men.
Vaccination is always a form of blood-poisoning, while the vaccine
virus is often the vehicle of specific occult qualities and seeds
of disease which defies all present powers of detection. More-

MISCELLANEOUS FEATURES.                               323
over, such poisons are a hundredfold more dangerous when in-
troduced through a skin puncture than if taken into the stom-
(3.) That the much vaunted rite of Vaccination fails to
"protect." I have adduced ample evidence that the vaccinated
are just as liable to an attack of small-pox as the unvaccinated
—especially during a small-pox epidemic; that epidemic out-
breaks of the disease have nothing to do with the question of
vaccination, but everything to do with habits and modes of liv-
ing. The quarter in a great city where the people are clean,
healthy and vigorous, never suffers severely from small-pox,
even in epidemic years. On the other hand, small-pox has its
home and breeding ground in filth, poverty, wretchedness, in-
temperance, and over-crowding—a fact about which vaccinators
are uniformly silent. All that is needed to avert an attack of
small-pox is uniform obedience to hygienic and sanitary laws;
and should small-pox symptoms appear when one is thus forti-
fied, it need not be feared more than a mild attack of measles.
Then a rational procedure is not to resort to a drug spcific
but suggests a wise use of the natural accessories of air, water
a cool temperature and a spare diet. Then the disease need
never pass even into the confluent form. Generally, if people had
small-pox under the same circumstances that induce cow-pox,
it would rarely assume the malignant form, except where it has
its own natural breeding ground—filth. Epidemic small-pox
is the cyclonic culmination of causes that have become ripe for
expression; and those causes might be scientifically anticipated
and effectually removed before they reach the typhus or the
small-pox stage of epidemic intensity.
(4.) I have pointed out that vaccination—destructive and
desolating as it has proved to be—has become the curse par-ex-
cellence of civilization through its alliance with the politico-
state. No man has a right to disease another against his will

324                                    VACCINATION A CURSE.
It is indeed a most intolerable tyranny to compel vaccination
by law. It is un-American. It is unconstitutional. It is dan-
gerous, often causing death. No privileged class ever before
formed so unholy a compact with the state as has the medical
profession in respect to vaccination. Compulsory vaccination
is the most flagrant—the most dastard crime ever perpetrated
against the liberty of the citizen, and its permission of tolera-
tion on the statute books of the states in these United States,
raises a serious query whether democratic populations are in-
telligent enough to govern themselves. The permission given
by American voters to their servants —the Legislators—to
frame and enact into law such an infamous statute, is a pretty
sure prophecy that the people's liberties will at last fall some-
thing as Rome's fell, before the miserly schemes of the priv-
ileged classes.
(5.) I have pointed out how the populace is becoming
aroused in various towns and municipalities where Boards of
Health have closed the public schools to unvaccinated children;
but these local contents, being fractional and scattered, will
bear but little fruit toward securing the repeal of the compul-
sory law. There is no general uprising of the whole people,
no aroused public seniment to thunder at the doors of the
State Legislatures, no well-informed populace regarding the
real status and respect of this vital question. Therefore, the re-
peal of compulsory vaccination laws in this country belongs to
the indefinite future.
6.) That vaccination has been convicted as the vile par-
ent and direct cause of a long list of incurable diseases, such as
scrofula, syphilis, erysipelas, eczema, cancer, consumption, lep-
rosy, boils, tumors, and other diseases for which science has not
as yet found a name. From a very large recorded list of vac-
cinal injuries, fatalities and deaths, I have cited a few cases,
enough, however, to indicate the menacing danger which con-
stantly threatens, and which ought to be sufficient to deter fath-

MISCELLANEOUS FEATURES.                                325
ers and mothers of children from subjecting them to be poisoned
with the vaccinator's lance, whatever the legal penalties might
be. Defy the compulsory law, stamp it in the dust, pay fines,
be imprisoned if needs be, die the martyr's death—do anything
rather than have your children's blood poisoned and their
health wrecked for life.
(7.) That the root and inciting cause of all this vaccination
tyranny centers in the inordinary "love of money"—the mad
lust for gold. Money is the universal solvent. It is the sym-
bol of everything which the earthly natural man desires, and will
procure everything which he desires, power, privilege, office,
emoluments, ease, luxury, flattery, worldly honor, the favors
of women, unholy gratifications, etc. The love of money im-
pulses every class, whether in law, theology, politics, trade, or
especially the medical vaccinator—to plot against the liberty of
the citizen, i. e., to reduce the citizen to a condition of depend-
ence where tribute may be exacted of him.
It was along these lines the medical profession lobbied
governments and legislatures and secured a compulsory vac-
cination law, for which they promised the most and fulfilled the
least, of any corrupt ring that ever formed a league with the
state, or cursed a country—and all to "protect" the dear peo-
ple from an attack of small-pox (?) Reader, friend and fellow-
citizen, your protection never occupied the smallest corner in the
vaccinator's heart. He sows calf-lymph virus to reap a har-
vest today, and larger, richer harvest in the future. Let us
think, study, pray, write, vote and remove this compulsory
curse from our statute books; then the vaccination delusion
will speedily disappear, and Americans enjoy the freedom for
which their foremothers prayed and their forefathers fought and
died. Henceforth—toil on—vote for men, not politicians
Your homes are your castles, defend them against the aggres-
sions of the deadly vaccinator. Fight with pen and tongue and

ballot for the right, and though the evening be gray, and the
night dark, morning will come.
"Look up, look up, desponding soul,
The clouds are only seeming,
The light behind the darkening scroll,
Eternally is beaming.
The warm glad glow of deathless youth.
Shall crown the true endeavor;
The tide of God's immortal truth,
Climbs up and on forever."

"How to live a Century and Grow Old Gracefully," is a treatise not merely
from theoretical speculation, but the teachings of this book are thoroughly at-
tested and substantiated by the splendid living example in the author, Dr. Peebles,
now marching joyfully past the ninetieth milestone, yet still active and vigorous,
healthy and strong, in full vitality of his young manhood and declaring that sick-
ness is a bad habit; and that disease, not inherited, is sinful.
The object of this volume is to give every one the knowledge of how to live
a life free from pains, aches and disease, to retain their buoyancy of youth in
advanced age.
It goes to the foundation of things—Heredity, Laws of Health, Foods to
Eat, How to Sleep, What to Drink, Clothing, the Subject of Marriage, Who
Should and Who Should not Marry, Are Divorces Justifiable? The proper time
for Conception, Marital relation during gestation, Determining of Sex, Animal
Flesh Eating. What Herodotus, Pythagoras, Shelley, Graham, Hesiod, Homer
and others ate, the foods that prolong life. How to conserve vital magnetism and
live to a ripe old age cheerfully.
Why should man die? How to strengthen and spiritualize the body. Death
top fashionable. Annihilations unthinkable. Ethics of flesh eating. Cannibalism.
Diseased cattle and slaughter houses. The foods of the world's great men.
Their habits, travels and teachings.
Herodotus. Pythagoras. Gautama Buddha. Hesiod. Plato. Socrates.
Ovid. Plutarch. Chrysostum. Cornaro. Cheyne. Voltaire. Rousseau. Buffon.
Paley. St. Pierre. Brahmins of India. Hufeland. Dr. Lamb on diet. Graham
famous for bread.
Man not naturally carnivorous. Animal flesh and athletic feats. Vegetarian
diet superior. Qualities of various foods.
Fasting in relation to health. Long lived persons. Consumptives. Breath-
ing. The corset. Low bedsteads. Snoring. How to sleep and why. Best
Causes of dyspepsia and how to cure it. Foods that clog the system.
Causes of nervousness, insomnia, exhaustion, headaches and various diseases.
Hygiene. Baths. Old Roman and Pompeiian baths. The sun as a battery.
How to bathe properly. Colored sun rays and curative effects. Sitz baths.
Object of clothing. Naked races. Why the Chinese, Yucantanese and
Central Americans are strong.
Mental weaknesses. What pauses coughing. Electric battery. Disease
defined. Drastic drugs not medicines. Thoughts produce diseases. Psychic
Children's rights. Purposed abortion is murder. Best foods for babies.
How to discipline children. Tonsils. Improper homes. Sports.
Gestation. Legitimate use of sexual organs. Secret vices. False modesty.
Ideal man and woman. Unholy marriages. Whom not to marry. Who are fit to
marry. The proper age to marry. Heredity. Auras and emanations. Proper
time for conception. Mother's marks. Incarnation. Importance of right gen-
eration. How to beget healthy children. Are divorces justifiable?
Dreams and visions. Suicide never justifiable. The true marriage. The
new cycle.
Five steps to immortality on earth. Why I feel so youthful. How to keep
young. Death defeated. Fifteen health commandments.
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