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    The Wonderful Century
    Chapter XVIII: Vaccination a Delusion its Penal Enforcement a Crime,
    Appendix and Diagrams
    by Alfred Russel Wallace

    The Wonderful Century Its Successes and its Failures
    The 18th Chapter is made available here because it documents the total failure of vaccination to achieve any improvement in public health. Later editions of this book have a 'modified' chapter 18 and thus if you search the used book market for the original, be sure to get the First Edition! Our copy was published 1898.

    Searches may be made within the following 2 files. Also text may be copy-and-pasted from these files.
    archive2/won/wonderfulcenturyXVIII_tex_pix.pdf TEXT(Adobe Acrobat Reader)
    wonderfulcenturyXVIII_tex_pix.doc TEXT(Microsoft Word file Win97/XP/2000)
    Please click a link above for the desired format. 123 pages have been excerpted from the book, The Wonderful Century. Because the Diagrams in the back of the book originally were on 13 inch fold out pages, some diagrams have been separated from the description accompanying the diagram making a total of 129 pages in our PDF and DOC files. In these cases, the descriptions will immediately proceed the diagram.

    If you wish to debunk the current propaganda about 'cowpus' being a preventative for smallpox, this is excellent source material.

    Each format listed above may be searched, copy-and-pasted or printed. If you suspect an error, refer to the PDF file that contains an image of each page.

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    Philosophers, Statesmen, Philanthropists, Medical Men, Publicists, and others.

    This 32-page booklet contains 28 separate opinions, each printed on a half-size page. All opinions are adverse to COMPULSORY enforcement of vaccination and many are adverse to any vaccination. If you want to quote an able thinker who lived in the period of common smallpox epidemics, here is a delightful assortment of authoritative opinions.

    archive2/opinion/opinions.pdf Text file PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader)
    opinions.doc (Microsoft word)
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    by the Victoria Street Society for the Protection of Animals from Vivisection, United with the International Association for the Total Suppression of Vivisection.

    archive2/hecatomb/hecatomb_image.pdf IMAGE file.(Adobe Acrobat Reader) [8 Megabytes]

    The first page of this PDF file is a clean version. The 5th page is a repeat of page 1, with a written note at the top stating that 186 had died by March '90.
    This scanned JPEG image file shows the fact that early Rabies treatments from Louis Pasteur were more deadly than the disease.

    Date        Time             File Size  File Name.
    07/29/2005  08:25 PM         7,922,855 hecatomb_image.pdf

    Top of page 1 and End of page 4. The rest of the document is the 152 names of the dead.

    by P.A. Taylor

    A magazine called The Nineteenth Century, printed in May of 1882, contained a 20-page article rebutting the practice of vaccination.

    Quote, " Be this as it may, Dr. Carpenter's attack, made as it is by one who is universally recognised as the leading representative of vaccination, affords that opportunity for free and open discussion the lack of which has been, in my opinion, the only cause of the continued national faith in what I believe to be an exploded fallacy and a baseless superstition."

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    anti/anti_vaccination.doc [Microsoft Word]

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    Current Fallacies about Vaccination - 1881
    by P.A. Taylor
    PDF Image format

    CurrentFallaciesaboutVaccination-1881.pdf [NOTE: 6 MB file size.]

    This document is a 40 page pamphlet written a year before the Anti-Vaccination document above. This file has been added since the publication of our original "Archive II" CD.

    The Vagaries of Vaccination Propaganda
    by Arthur Trobridge

    This valuable 33-page booklet, originally published by the National Anti-Vaccination League at a price of only Fourpence could have saved the U.S. government nearly a Billion dollars by avoiding the recent purchase of new stocks of 'cowpus' for smallpox vaccine.

    archive2/vag/Vagaries.pdf [Adobe Acrobat Reader]
    vag/Vagaries.doc [Microsoft Word]

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    The Practice of Autopathy
    by E. R. Moras, M.D.

    Autology and Autopathy: two Latin words meaning self knowledge and self healing or 'He who knows himself can heal himself.'

    Included here are 58 pages plus the Preface and title page of a book that includes a Volunteer-Letter to President Wilson during WWI and information on the Epidemic of "Spanish Influenza" of 1918 that could have saved vast numbers of people had the knowledge been applied.

    [auto/autopath.htm Web Browser]

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    Eight Seven Polio Fliers
    One Smallpox flier
    by Duon H. Miller

    It is half a century since these incredible fliers were written by Duon Miller for Polio Prevention, Inc., in Coral Gables, Florida.

    While some statements might be modified in the light of today's knowledge about the contribution of persistent pesticides to polio, much remains that we can learn from and marvel at about the unscientific effort to prevent polio using vaccines.

    These files are PDF image files with the recognized text 'Under' so that you can copy-and-paste text. Some images do not contain recognized text so that 'copy-and-paste' will not be possible. Example: Some of the diagonal box text in murder.pdf.

    Sanitation has Banished Smallpox - [archive2/polio/smallpox.pdf]

    Polio "Gambling" [polio/gambling.pdf]/

    Double Polio Challenge! [polio/challenge.pdf]

    Herald of Health [polio/herald.pdf]

    Letter to President Dwight Eisenhower [polio/letter.pdf]

    Polio Prevention, Inc. [polio/vaccine.pdf]

    Prevention and Pasteurization [polio/prevent.pdf]

    Murder Inc. [polio/murder.pdf] LARGE FILE 5.4 MB

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    08/17/2005  08:09 PM           219,688 herald.pdf
    08/17/2005  08:19 PM           153,813 letter.pdf
    08/17/2005  08:31 PM           172,230 vaccine.pdf
    08/17/2005  08:56 PM           219,991 prevent.pdf
    08/17/2005  09:24 PM           5.4 MB  murder.pdf

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