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DPT Vaccine Roulette 1982 - engleza (YouTube)

(Transcript of DPT Vaccine Roulette) 1982 Phil Donahue Show re DPT featuring Drs. Mendelson & Morris
Also: Dr. Edward Mortimer (AAP), Dr. Gordon Stewart, Dr. John Robbins (FDA), Marge and Jim Grant (parents), and 13 others.
82-Vaccine-Roulette-OPT.pdf [PDF 1.4 MB]

Transcript of Phil Donahue show 1982 interviewing
Dr. Louis Z. Cooper, Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, Dr. J. Anthony Morris, Mrs. Marge Grant, Mrs. Wilma Gundy and Mrs. Emily Yankovich. donahue82OPT.pdf [PDF 1.7 MB]