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Chapters: Home page information and suggestions.

Thinking of starting a chapter?
Just Started a chapter?
Wondering what to put on your 'Home Page'?

Here are links to some chapter 'home pages' on
* VIAL N. California
*V.I.A.L. Maine Chapter
*V.I.A.L. - Mississippi chapter
*Nevada V.I.A.L. Home Page
*New Jersery: Cherubs

  • At a minimum, we encourage you to share your state exemption information, your contact information and your web site URL on a page on our site. A link to these 'home pages' are placed on our State Resource contact page under each state heading.
    Sometimes we have the exemption information and/or links to exemption forms on our Exemption page.

  • If you checked out the above links, you probably noticed some home pages have personal information and others do not.

  • Some home pages contain links:
  • ... to favorite sites other than
  • ... to other pages on's site which have been contributed by someone in the chapter organization.
  • ... to the URL of the chapter's regular web site home page.

  • If you viewed Wyoming Home page, you probably noticed the optional graphic of mountains at the top of the page.

    We have more nature photos which may be used on request. Or a photo of your choice can be forwarded to us via internet (or regular mail), with the proviso that we usually do not put up large files in order to keep our pages loading rapidly even for regular telephone line users.

  • Usually it is good to have an email contact. *

  • It is nice to have phone number.

  • Typical chapter names are something like 'YourState Vaccine Information and Liberation.' (V.I.A.L.) Usually the best information to post is the information that you might otherwise have to frequently send in an email to people. Like the exemption links, other commonly asked Q and A, your favorite links, etc.

    You might want to get a seperate email address for your vaccine activism work as posting an email address on a web site opens one to more spam than you might now get.

    If necessary, we can set up a relay address such as which is automatically forwarded to your regular email address. If that address gets too much spam it can be changed to xxx1@ or state@, etc. At this time. we are NOT anxious to set up a large number of relay emails due to the fact that we have only a very limited number available, plus the maintenance time involved.

    * If you are concerned with spam, the current way to avoid the automatic detection of posted email addresses is to post the email address as a Graphic such as this:

    This method requires the party who emails you to manually type your email addresses into their email address box.

    Best Regards, Your Web Servant, Dewey

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