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Subject: Transcript of Gabon, Africa presentation
Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2001 00:36:10 -0700

"Hepatitis B Vaccine and the Origin of HIV/AIDS: Perspectives on a Possible Vaccine Induced Pandemic"

Transcript of Oral Presentation made by

Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H.

May 29, 2001

Les Premieres Recontres Medicales

Libreville, Gabon, Africa

Honorable First Lady, and esteemed program officials, it is indeed an honor for me to be among an American delegation invited by the First Lady to present some recent perspectives from the United States concerning HIV/AIDS. I am the author of the American best selling book, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola - Nature, Accident or Intentional?, that examines AIDS as a possible vaccine induced pandemic. I will be reporting today from my current publication in the May 2001 issue of the peer reviewed scientific journal of Medical Hypotheses published in England, reprints of which are being prepared for distribution tomorrow.

I presented this thesis initially at the XI International Conference on AIDS in Vancouver in 1996, beginning with data that showed that approximately sixty-five percent (65%) of Black Americans believe that HIV/AIDS may be genocide.

Genocide is defined as the mass killing of people for economic, political, and/or ideological reasons.

In the October 2000 issue of the esteemed American Journal of Public Health, Dr. Stephen Kunitz, considered among America's most prominent medical sociologists, concluded, much like Africa's most esteemed medical sociologist and psychiatrist, Dr. Adeoye Lambo (Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria), that where capitalism, colonialism, and "WASP (White Anglo Saxion Protestant) directed globalism" goes, the expected and consistently observed outcome is the mass killing of native populations.

My thesis raises this spectre concerning HIV/AIDS following the administration of experimental hepatitis B (HB) vaccines given to gay men in New York City (NYC) and Blacks in Central Africa in 1974 and early 1975.

Could what I am about to present represent genocide? Might it be standard Machiavellian theory in practice? That is, creating the problem to profit from the solution; in this case from pharmaceutical sales while reducing undesired populations? Might the same instigators be suppressing lower cost, lower risk, and highly effective alternative therapies? This is certainly a most heretical, politically challenging, ethically and morally disconcerting possibility. Yet, based on the evidence I will summarize here, a theory whose time has come for close examination; a theory I conclude should, if not must, be conducted by an independent scientific and ethics committee charged by the United Nations to discern the truth.

To summarize my findings, (first slide) you are now looking at the United States Government contract under which numerous AIDS-like and Ebola-like viruses were bioengineered using crude and tedious laboratory methods, by Litton Bionetics researchers, during the late 1960s and early 1970s. As you can see, Dr. Robert Gallo, "Project Officer" for the National Cancer Institute (NCI), oversaw this contract which, as documented, began on February 12, 1962.

On the next slide, reprinted from the United States Congressional Record, Litton Bionetics is listed as the sixth leading biological weapons contractor for the U.S. Army in 1969.

The next slide is reprinted from the journal Nature, December 5, 1970, wherein you can see Dr. Gallo from the NCI as lead author, with co-investigators from Litton Bionetics, reporting on their studies of RNA-dependent DNA polymerase (more commonly known as "reverse transcriptase") in human acute leukemic cells. As you may recall, Dr. Gallo was the 1984 alleged discover of HIV. It was later determined that he did not discover it alone, but with Luc Montagnier from France. Dr. Gallo was then credited with the co-discovery of the AIDS virus. Yet, the problem is, this unique enzyme that is central to the function of HIV/AIDS, and critical to leukemia virus activity as well, was being investigated before 1970. This is approximately fifteen (15) years prior to Dr. Gallo's alleged discovery of HIV, and almost nine (9) years before he was credited for discovering the first leukemia virus (HTLV-I).

The next graphic depicts the viral recombinations that were routinely carried out under Dr. Gallo's direction at that time. As the examples show here, monkey viruses (especially SV40 in the presence of SIVs, simian foamy retroviruses [SFR], and others) were recombined with feline leukemia virus RNA and chicken leukemia virus RNA which caused wasting, immuno-suppression, and death. It is well known that feline leukemia in cats reflects similar pathogenicity and symptomatology as HIV in humans. Additionally, as shown, cross species leaps, contrary to popular belief, were not easily or spontaneously induced. To get these new man-made viruses (called "mutant hybrids") to jump species into man, the viruses were cultured in human white blood cells in some studies and human fetal tissue cells in other studies.

The next slide presents another U.S. Government document: a NCI monograph of 1974 showing a map of the world. Over New York you see a square, with a similar one appearing over Central Africa, apparently Uganda. Also, stars appear over northwest Uganda, southeast Uganda, and Bethesda, Maryland. According to the legend, the stars represent "Herpes Virus Research." Included here is the Epstein-Barr virus and cytomegalovirus from monkeys linked today to certain cancers and chronic fatigue. The square, the legend tells, depicts liver cancer virus and vaccine research, that is, HB virus and vaccine studies ongoing by 1974 in the two regions initially struck by HIV/AIDS.

To briefly summarize, and you may wish to more critically review this in the Medical Hypotheses publication, between 1974 and early 1975, 200,000 human doses of HB vaccine, representing four sub-types or strains of that virus, were administered to gay men in NYC, Blacks in Central Africa, and mentally retarded children from the Willowbrook State School on Staten Island in New York. That vaccine was prepared by initially growing the HB virus in contaminated chimpanzees and Rhesus monkeys shipped from Africa to New York by Litton Bionetics.

Dr. Maurice Hilleman, considered the world's leading vaccine developer, admitted during a 1986 interview (that never aired, the tape of which I recovered from the audio archives of the National Library of Medicine), that he imported the AIDS-virus into North America in contaminated monkeys destined for vaccine research and development at the Merck Pharmaceutical Company. He described how he brought the non-human primates into New York from Africa and got them off the planes. Recovered contracts show that Litton Bionetic's monkey colonies, as the NCI monograph depicts, were in southeast Uganda, and in northwest Uganda. Litton was affiliated there, at that time, with the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) that conducted numerous cancer virus and vaccine studies on native populations.

The early HB vaccines were prepared in these contaminated chimpanzees. The viruses were grown in the chimps, and then extracted along with a variety of simian virus contaminants (including SV40, SIVs, and SFRs) during the vaccine manufacturing process. The viruses were then injected into the Willowbrook children, gay men, and Black Africans. Of course, many of these people died during this part of the investigation. The survivors, who had developed (HB) antibodies, then contributed their blood. The final vaccine was prepared from this blood by separating the whole cells from the serum. It was from this (pooled) serum that four different sub-types of the 1974-75 HB vaccine were prepared and administered. The 200,000 doses were reportedly tested on these same populations.

This according to all the scientific evidence, best explains the triggering of the AIDS pandemic on two far-removed continents, in two demographically distinct populations, during the late 1970s.

You may have heard that AIDS viruses predating this period have been discovered. This is not the truth. Although HIV gene fragments, representing portions of perhaps ancient viruses, have reportedly been discovered, HIVs demonstrating the complete viral genome only reflect this period of AIDS pandemic origin.

I will close by quoting directly from my article in Medical Hypotheses:

"Not easily embraced by individuals, organizations, institutions, and/or government agencies biased by special interests, the dire implications of neglecting this hypothesis, and its further investigation, are unfathomable. Such actions strain the ethical fabric of science, our moral obligations as world citizens, and may be contributing to an irreversible attack against humanity.

On the other hand, the AIDS crisis may serve an ideologically justified function concerning burgeoning ethnic populations in a period of globalistic transition. In effect, it provides a revenue generating control mechanism for 'national security' interests and the organizations, institutions, and industries aligned with what amounts to utilitarian global genocide."

Thank you.

Dr. Len Horowitz