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Subject: Shaken Baby Syndrome - Alan Yurko's Appeal and Offer

Update of May 2001 at end

Date: Sun, 15 Oct 2000 16:38:50 -0700

Dear Members and Friends -
VacLib received a letter from Alan Yurko dated Sept. 1 and I haven't had much space to respond. I was extremely grateful for Sheri Nakken putting this story into email form. Edda West who founded the Vaccine Risk Awareness Network in Canada and puts out the BEST quarterly newsletter (available through our library) had a lengthy write up about this case written by Harold Buttram, MD and Edward Yazbak, MD. Alan is serving a life sentence for a crime he did not commit and his integrity is such that he refuses to plea bargain, always maintaining his innocence. He would LOVE to hear from you and is counting on this movement growing. Afterall, through publicity of his case and others, we can put a stop to this madness but we need more of us to take a stand and share what we know with others. Thank you for sharing this info. with others!

Alan Yurko sent me this and asked me to type this up and send it out all over the PLANET. Please share it wherever. I'm just sorry it took me while.

If you don't know the Yurko family's story, please read it first BEFORE you read this letter

Please read this carefully and take it to heart and become involved ANY WAY you can - it could be you or your family or your baby. We are all one family after all!
Sheri Nakken, RN, MA
(sorry if there are typos as I was trying to type fast to get this out) Please write to Alan!

Alan R. Yurko X13917   (the numbers should follow the name)
Century Correctional Institution
400 Tedder Road
Century, Florida 32535

home (407) 578-1841
toll free voicemail: 1-800-388-8035 ext 8470

July 13, 2000
Sister Sheri
I just received your email today, as they say here in the big house "Good Lookin Out". Thank you for adding my wife and I to the e-lists. That helps! I hope to establish a solid and steady contact with you . It seems that your name is very active in the battle. It seems also that I see some of the same names over and over. (Alan lists 10 names)

Yes, it makes me wonder if these names and maybe 10 other names are the entire population of vaccine awareness activists? I know there are thousands of people out there who should be actively putting their foot up the arse of the vaccine juggernaut. How do I know? Because sitting next to me are enough VAERS reports to build a Macy's Thanksgiving float! Every parent and every member of every family whose children have been murdered or maimed by compulsory poisons should be at arms. Over 900 million dollars awarded from the NVICP! How much of that money is given back to help our groups? And what about the families who are denied any financial recompense because the reaction happened past 72 hours. We all kow the latent period is a joke! Anyone who wants to debate this, I'll gladly shove about 85 orthodox published studies from 1924 till presnt up their nose, and they better bring more evidence than Cherry, Baraff & Menkes because these studies don't hold water. Dr. Mark Geier won't even challenge it! (Dr. Mark Geier, a proponent of the 3-day latent period (DPT) is unable to defend his position with mine. He has bowed out of our discourse on the subject).

Do I sound angry? You bet your sweet bippie I am!

Our children are being devoluted and malformed. The medical community, pharmanazis and our govenment are playing the lottery with our offspring. I know people have to live and bills are high, but c'mon people! There's more than just (Alan lists names, that I won't list here) out there! Maybe I'm not seeing something? However....

Your challenges. I accept challenge number 1. Shaken Baby Judgements and sentences may be vaccine damages. As I pondered your email, I thought, "What the hell can these people do for them anyway?" The answer is, unfortunately, 'not much'. Then bells rang in my head! ME! I know the laws vividly. I have 100+ references, scores of case law, I've reserached the juxtapositions. I know things that most lawyers don't as far as defensive strategies. I've lived it every day for three years. I have an armada of legal contacts. I know the medical literature better than I know my own name. I have 100's of references, studies, rebuttals. I know the researchers. I correspond with scores of experts worldwide. I know the neuroscience, clinical presentations, QER ratings, current trends, prosecutorial guidelines, fatal mechanisms, microbiologies, immunologies, neuropathologies, forensics, chemical profiles. I know the many differential diagnoses NOT given in the literature. I'm a walking SBS defense, medico-legal database! Who better to help out?

Here's what I can do: As people notify you of possible SBS cases that seem to fit a possible scenario of innocence, forward my name and contact info. If lawyers, or families want some help from the voice of experience which has been forced upon me, I will do this. I cannot offer advice but I can let them know what I would do, and give possible resources. I can direct them to studies and case laws that may apply. I can help them find the right experts and share my experience with them. I'm not interested in helping actual abusers, but I can open some eyes and point to some invaluable resources.

Here are some questions:
Why all of a sudden in the last 25-30 years are parents shaking their babies? Caffey didn't report on the whiplash shaken syndrome until 1974. Through the decades upon decades of human history, why all of a sudden in the last 30 years, has SBS been even hinted at?

Yes, parents shake and abuse their children. Why are certain children more prone to damage from shaking than others? Could increased friability and fragility of the vaxscular system play a part? Yes, this is pure speculation, but for those of you who undertand the effects of endotoxins on the vascular & microvascular sytems, you know exactly what I'm saying. Why do some people get probation or a few years in prison for SBS and others get life without parole? How can a syndrome be sufficient, by definition, to support a criminal conviction?

Of course these questions are completely rhetorical. I only state them for stimulation. I guess I'm writing this in hopes you will put it thru the elists. Being a paralegal with a pre-med background has, as you've said Sheri, puts me in a prime position to do battle. It doesn't make me any better or any more informed than other credentialed experts, but it does give me one helluvan edge. I cannot give medical or legal advice, but I can give my opinion. I don't claim to know everything. There are areas I'm still green in. Such as, the efefcts of mineral corticoids on neovascularization and the antioxidant/free radical exchange effects in traumatic brain injury. But every day I learn a little more. I find out who the enemies and allies and neutrals are. I am not an expert, nor claim to be, but what can really be done by our vax groups to help people? Most of us know about vax dangers, but do you know how they relate and correlate to SBS? The subject is obscure. The science is in its infancy and there is only a handful of neonatologists or pediatric pathologists in the country and world who have much experience with it. I've been forced to research it, and that I do, 12-16 hrs a day, 24-7-365. Frankly, if my tragedy never happened, or I was acquitted, I'd probably be blissfully ignorant and shaking our pediatrician's hand as he vaccinated my children, and ecouraging my wife to get a flu shot with firm belief in the medical mafia and lies of Louis Pasteur.

Ive thought about including a list of lawyers and doctrs to start an SBS defense database. I have some reservations about putting my contacts and doctors on this list. Not out of selfishness, but because, you must understand, each case has different issues and some issues are supported by some and not supported by others. For example, Dr. Mark Geier doesn't support the post 72 hour period. A case where its an 11-13 day reaction would be shot down by him, and possibly be adverse in itself. Many doctors have ties to the parmanazis and to prosecutors. One has to know which expert to consult for each issue. I've contacted 1,000's of hospitals, medical schools and private experts. My trial and error has had some of these things work against me. Here, my knowledge is invaluable. There are dangers in people randomly contacting lawyers and experts. Also, most, if not all of these people charge substantial sums. Some more than others. However, there are many whom will do things pro bono. Putting these people on a list would desensitze their good nature if they were contacted by repeated persons. Not everyone is innocent. I venture to say 15-20%.

What I'm finding out as I correspond with lawyers and doctors from America to New Zealand is that there is one linear facet that is essential in winning an SBS case. Every single time I hear about a lost case, its blamed on one common thing. Lack of records. One must get the entire maternal, prenatal, pediatric, terminal admission, antemortem and postmortem records. Exclusion of any one of these is fatal to the case. Prenatal, perinatal and terminal blood and chemical profiles as well as clinical presentations must be painstakingly compared by a methodical expert. Arguments on diffuse-axonal injuray, retinal hermorrhages, long-bone fractures, ICH (intracranial hemorrhage) dating, differential diagnosis, CT/MRI interpretations & EXTENSIVE histories must be given by all caretakers no matter how partial their role in the child's life was. Case laws for each state must be considered since they vary (ie. only 14 states consider the record preserved outside of contemporaneous objection in lieu of a motion/order in limine). One expert is NOT enough. Its a numbers case. The state will have the ME (medical examiner), a neuropathologist, radiologist, pediatrician and child abuse expert as well as possibly an opthalmologist, perinatologist or neonatologist. Don't be naive to think that since your one expert who has 220 published articles, dual professorships at a major universtiy, a fellow in the Royal Society of Medicine, several certifications and awards as well as being revered by the medical community, among other things, is gonna be able to win against 4 or 5 local physicians (See State of Florida vs. Alan Yurko).
   Don't think because you're innocent that justice will reign, or that the truth will set you free. Don't think doctors won't lie. It's a game to them. A very profitable game. $400-600 an hour is not uncommon. The doctors make way more than the lawyres. Don't trust your lawyer. You should breathe down his neck. He's not the boss, you are. Commit to memory the rules governing your State Bar's conduct for lawyers and let your lawyer know you will file a complaint at the slightest infraction. Once you read those rules you will see that you really are the boss. I could go on for days about The dating issue is integral. Prosecutors fear this. Dating the ICH (intracranial hemorrhage) is the difference between acquittal and conviction in many cases. You must know what the literature says about ante- & post-mortem dating of SH (subdural hematoma), SAH (?subarachnoid hematoma), and all ICH (intracranial hemorrhage). Most times the ME (medical examiner) will lie - you must be able to catch him on this. As a defense, you must take the offensive. You must destroy the states credibility. That's what they're gonna do to you. Another fact is that the state has UNLIMITED funds. They can hire whoever they want and you can bet your marbles they'll say whatever the state wants at $500 per hour. It's a buddy system. "You help me win this case and I got this other one that I can guarantee 15 or 20 hours billable....". Its money, honey. Capitalism! American, the best justice money can buy!

I know this is lengthy, but I hope you consider printing this and sending it out on the elists. It can then be passed along to failies or lawyres, or whoever. Feel free to edit this how you deem fit. I believe my opinion and experience can be shared, and benefitted from. I cannot give legal or medical advice. I can only state my opinions, my experiences, my accomplishments, etc. I can recommend certain experts, cite studies and case laws and let you know who is who in the medico-legal field. I have contact info for well over 2,000 doctors, lawyers and researchers in the vaccine, SBS, TBI, Child Abuse and legal arenas. Please consider me part of your task-force. Please post my prison addres also (see at top of email).

For credibility purposes, let me say that at present, I have nine experts who voice my innocence. My own appeals are still underway. I plan on using the next 12 - 18 months to solidify my case and await the review completion of 34 additional researchers/experts. Yes, 34 and growing. The wheels turn slow. I cannot afford a lawyer. Who the hell can? I advise those of you who are stting in jail cells, trusting your public pretenders, to get your butts in the law library. Learn how to work the reports and journals. Start with these cases: Sheppardize the US v: Gaskell case with your local law reporters; learn how to use the digests and annotated tomes. Become a law clerk.

Case Law
US v. Gaskell 985F.2d 1056 (11th cir. 1993)
Dixon vs State 691 So. 2d 515
Smith v. State 700 So.2d 446
New Jersey v. P.Z. 703A.2d 901
Lastly, let me say that each case is different. A good lawyer who is experienced and aggressive as well as well versed in the medical sciences is optimal. There are those who believe the term "good-lawyer" is oxymoronic. I agree, for the most part, yet there are such people. For a long time I associated these people with unicorns, gryphons and other fabled creatures of lore. You must search for them as if they were the holy grail. If you can afford, one, you may come out of it okay. If not, God hlep you. Be very afraid...and then channel that fear into productivity. as a charged or convicted "baby-killer", you will be harassed by guards and inmates. I've had feces, urine, spit and even sour milk thrown on me and all my property. If you can, avoid all physical confrontations and fights at all costs. It will be used against you to show what a violent monster you are.

To any families of those accused...if your family member is innocent, you must do everything to help.
Without you, all hope is lost.
If you are guilty....God help you.

No matter what,
Allan R. Yurko & family

Sheri Nakken, R.N., MA
Vaccination Information & Choice Network, Nevada City CA
     "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil   is that good men do
nothing"...Edmund Burke

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Yurko Update May 31, 2001

Hello everyone, there is much to tell. Those of you not familiar with our case, you may want to visit our Website before reading further. Things are progressing well. Last year, we turned down CBS/48 hours, ABC News and others, however, we have lifted are self-imposed media-veil and believe it is time to "let it all hang out". We ask those of you with media contacts or ideas to help us network. Our position is strong and years of efforts by over 120 doctors, physicians, practitioners, authors, scientists, healers, parents, professors and professionals as well as nearly 60 organizations on four continents have put us in a stronger light. We are grateful. Here are some mentionables goings on:

  • We are currently gaining access to even more VAERS data. Per our last update, we have now 11 cases of similarity to ours that have hot-lots of considerable note. Those of you whom would like us to check your lot numbers, we will do so. Remember that VAERS data at first blush may not reveal the true status. There are several twists and turns set forth by pharmaceutical companies which could make tracking rather elusive. I have found several lots that were hot for people, when they had checked on their own and had come up with nothing. Contact asked for more details.

  • We ask that everyone visit our website and sign our online guest book. Also, you may want to periodically check the site for new postings. Alan's article on the story of Raggedy Anne and New pictures to include Francine wearing our Free Yurko T-shirt to one of our visits will be added about on the scene footage!

  • Long Island Vaccination Information Networking Group (L.I.V.I.N.G.) Anne Attivissimo, President (, Jonathan Geffner ( w/ Geffner Productions Inc. web site: and Janice Buckner ( web site: all out of New York are organizing a fund-raiser event for our defense fund and vaccine awareness. The general date has been set for October 20&21 2001 mark your calendars. It was felt that September might not draw as many people due to school starting and lots of other activities. We'll let you know all the details as soon as we do. It was decided that this will be advertised only among like-minded people, i.e. through anti-vax mailing lists and email lists, alternative medicine resources, chiropractic newsletters, and flyers distributed in chiropractic offices and health food stores. L.I.V.I.N.G. had concerns that if it is advertised to the general public, we will all be attacked by the local medical establishments, which are very powerful, and it may scare even sympathetic people away from coming. The goal for this fundraiser to be effective is to have positive attention and widespread attendance. Anyone in New York or surrounding states willing to help out or interested please contact us. We are exploring possible venues and will need help with spreading the word.

  • Dr. Buttram's article "Shaken Baby Syndrome or Vaccine Induced Encephalitis" has passed peer review and is due for publication this fall in The Journal of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons (Medical Sentinel). The article is a blockbuster piece of science, which has over 100 references and describes "Yurko Syndrome" in detail. Dr. Buttram has spent thousands of hours of research, consultation of experts and review in the making of this article.

  • Medical journalist Michael Culbert, DSc., Ph.D., editor of the National Health Federations Health Freedom News and founder of the International Council for Health Freedom is doing and expose in both HFN and ICHF publications on the case, due out this summer.

  • Professor C. Alan B. Clemetson, M.D., emeritus Tulane University has drafted his report and review on our case. He has put it in article form as well and is submitting it to journals. Professor Clemetson is so moved by our plight, that he has offered to testify on our behalf, free of charge and even pay his own travel expenses. He is one of many.

  • Francine and our daughter will be in the United Kingdom from Aug. 7th until the 22nd, 2001. For our UK friends, if you'd like to spend a weekend in an old Scottish mansion, our host Catherine O'Driscoll, president of the Canine Health Concern whose 1500 member group also sponsors our European Defense Fund, has opened her estate to all who would come. The weekend of the August 11th is the projected date but not limited to. An informal quasi-retreat for those in the UK, with impromptu presentations and activities planned, will allow our friends and others to converge and "hang out together". Catherine's estate, I believe, will accommodate 30 people, but she has stated that she'll hold a marquis on the lawns if she has to. The cost is free. Please contact Catherine at if interested.

  • Francine was recently interviewed this past Sunday, May 20th 2001 (2:30-3:30p.m. EST) by WGNU-AM's (920 on the a.m. dial) radio host Regina Ruiz out of St. Louis MO. Regina's show is called "Talk to Me" and is also broadcast on the Internet at The topic was in reference our story and the vaccine issue.

  • Groundwork has been laid with Armac Films LTD. for film documentary of the case. We will receive no monies from this venture and neither will our defense funds. It is proposed as an awareness raiser.

  • Several have inquired about purchasing "Free Alan Yurko / Vaccination: Don't Be A Victim", T-shirts from countries outside of the United States. We believe that any bank will convert your currency to USD. Pave (People Advocating Vaccine Education) whom developed and sell the shirts for $12 USD and $15 USD for countries outside the U.S. can be queried at The shirts are more of an awareness raiser than a fund-raiser. When all shirts are sold, only a minimal amount of dollars will have been made and donated to the ICA Hero Fund. The shirts have proven to be an effective awareness raiser as reports of small impromptu immunization conversations have erupted in grocery stores, restaurants, doctors offices and even the checkout line at Wal-Mart. Way cool!

    Momentum is gaining and we pray that everyone helps us keep the pace. Francine is exploring a legislative push in the exemption of privacy issues in Florida at the prompting of leaders in other US states. Anyone interested in such an endeavor, again, please contact us. Our family was totally destroyed a few years ago. Thanks to the love and support of all of you, we now stand tall and plan to make a difference. To say we are grateful and indebted is an understatement. May God give you all the help and happiness that nature intended. Please circulate to others.

No Matter What,
Alan R. Yurko, CPCC, Sc.

Alan R. Yurko X13917
Century Correctional Institution
400 Tedder Road
Century, Florida 32535

Francine Yurko
Po Box 585965
Orlando, FL. 32858-5965
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