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Editorial: Are you truly informed about immunization issues?

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Attention: This document is 'historical' [2000] thus the addresses, both PO and Email have changed.
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To: The Bonner Daily Bee
Attn: Kary Miller, Editor
Fax: 263-9091
From: Ingri Cassel
Fax: .........
Subject: Letter to the Editor
Number of Pages: Two

I just found out that you printed a letter from 15 local physicians entitled "Be informed about
immunization issues". I hope that in light of the Community Vaccination Forum these physicians are sponsoring on Friday, April 21st at the Sandpoint Community Hall, you will consider printing the following letter this week.

Vaccination Liberation - North Idaho Chapter
Ingri Cassel, President
P.O. Box1444
Coeur d'Alene, ID 83816
April 17,2000

SUBJECT: Are you truly informed about immunization issues?

Your March 28th editorial "Be informed about immunization issues" raises more questions about "immunizations" than it addresses. Why didn't any of the 15 MDs and CNMs who signed the editorial address the issues raised in my February 16th editorial piece "Vaccinations - Do they even work and at what price?" They refer the wary consumer to what they call reputable organizations such as the AAP and CDC. But what you will never find on these web sites are the following facts:

1) The rotavirus vaccine was approved by the FDA and recommended by the ACIP, AAP and CDC despite an increased rate of intussusception, a rare bowel disease, occurring in initial vaccine trials. According to the CDC's own previously published studies, intussusception occurred 30 times more in recently vaccinated infants than in those who were unvaccinated. Despite the clinical proof of this vaccine being unsafe, the CDC and FDA sanctioned its widespread use in 1998. It was finally pulled off the market this past fall but not until dozens of infants who received the rotavirus vaccine had to undergo surgery to correct this rare bowel disorder.

2) Thimerosal (ethyl mercury) is a preservative used primarily in triple antigen vaccines and only in vaccines containing inactivated viruses. Thimerosal was banned by the FDA in all over the counter medications in 1997. It has never been banned as a preservative in vaccines. Due to consumer concern over the cumulative effects of this heavy metal and known neurotoxin, the CDC now recommends that thimerosal-free Hep B be given to newborns (and ONLY to newborns) since there is not enough thimerosal-free vaccine to meet "consumer" demand.

3) Hepatitis B is a disease of the liver that is prevalent in the homosexual community and among drug users who share needles. It is a blood-borne pathogen that is practically nonexistent among those who are heterosexual and drug-free. The number of cases of Hep B vaccine-induced disabilities and death are over ten times the number of people who have contracted this disease naturally.

4) A common ingredient in many vaccines (Hep A, MMR and varicella) is human diploid cells. These human diploid cells are derived from the cultures of viruses grown in aborted fetal tissue.

Before receiving any vaccine. read the packet insert. Many doctors are reluctant to give these to you even though it is imperative if you are to have informed consent. The information sheets they pass onto you will not contain the ingredients or side-effect information you need.

A Community Vaccination Forum is being held at the Sandpoint Community Hall on Friday. April 21 st. 2:30 - 4 PM. The flyer advertising this event has only been seen at the Panhandle Health District. The Bonner General Hospital and local physicians' offices. Rather than have a town, hall meeting in which Vaccination Liberation members and concerned chiropractors and naturopaths are invited. the flyer tells us that our questions and concerns can be discussed with Dr. Joyce Gilbert and Dr. Sherilyn Smith, a pediatric infectious disease "expert".

It is our hope that as many concerned citizens as possible will attend this event.

Ingri Cassel, President
Vaccination Liberation - North Idaho Chapter
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