349 Primrose Lane
Priest River, ID 83856
February 13, 2008

John M. Colmers
Maryland Dept of Health and Mental Hygiene
201 W Preston St.
Baltimore, MD 21201

Dear Mr. Colmers:

Thank you for responding to my letter regarding my shock at the police tactics used in your state to force students to comply with the new 2007-8 school year requirement of two additional vaccines - varicella and an additional hepatitis B. Unfortunately, none of the points in your response addressed any of my valid concerns, so I will state them a bit more clearly, hoping that, this time, your response will not be a generic one.  I have attached additional information on both vaccines for your review.

1. Varicella vaccine: chickenpox not a deadly disease, immunity is for life if contracted naturally, most students have probably already had chickenpox, and no precautionary principle was applied in spite of Dr. Gary Goldman's impeccable research showing that widespread use of the varicella vaccine will unleash a shingles epidemic.  For details, go to www.medicalveritas.com and scroll to bottom of the page for articles on this.

2. Hepatitis B vaccine: much information is available on the following website,
http://www.vaclib.org/links/hep.htm, and on the web in general. Current adverse reactions to Hep B shots can be found at www.medalerts.org.  Hepatitis B is not an "infectious disease" for school children, unless sex and IV drug/needle sharing is occurring now at school . . . since it is a blood borne pathogen.  There are many more severe adverse reactions to the vaccine, such as permanent disabilities and death, than people who actually contract the disease. Whether or not a person has received a vaccine against hep B or not does not seem to be a factor in whether they will contract hepatitis B. Even Merck's website states that the vaccine does not work on the high risk individuals to whom it has been given (see attached).  Even if the vaccine did work, the number of cases reported each year do not always lead to death -- less than 5 percent actually die from hepatitis B, or what we would consider inappropriate treatment for hepatitis B.  If hep B were so deadly, just like chickenpox, we'd all be dead.  Better to focus on what creates health, how people recover from "infectious diseases" and why they are often much healthier after a bout of the flu, chickenpox, or the common cold.

3. Please let me know what medical liability you are assuming for this grand medical experiment taking place "at gun point."  - - see Nuremburg Code.