Secretary John M Colmers
MD Department of Health & Mental Hygiene
201 W. Preston Street
Baltimore, MD 21201

February 2, 2008

Dear Secretary Colmers:

Thank you very much for taking the time to reply to my letter of concern about forced vaccination of
Maryland children. I genuinely appreciate your response.
Your letter brings up several points: bulleted below. I shall address them one by one.
    ● diseases such as measles, mumps, chicken pox lead to extended absence from school
Most complications from childhood illnesses are the result of medical intervention, disrupting the
body's efforts to restore itself. Reyes syndrome, occurs in children treated w/ aspirin or other attempts
to interfere with the body's generation of fever. The heat of fever is from increased metabolic activity.
It can be kept at reasonable levels by sponge baths. When the metabolic activity is interrupted, the
foreign agents that elevated metabolic activity in the first place are not removed. The body is thus
forced to take alternate routes to deal with them, and is encumbered in its efforts by the medications
that obstruct physiological processes.
Even though it doesn't fit into the factory paradigm of our modern life, where efficiency and
productivity rule, there is benefit to taking time to be sick. Our family MD ages ago counseled that if
(you) don't take time to be sick with the relatively small ailments in our early years, you get get much
sicker, longer as you get older. The prolonged deaths from cancer and heart disease so common now
illustrate that.

     ●   also put children at risk of potentially fatal complications
Many fatal complications occur as a result of vaccination. Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS) is one such
complication. Is it less of a problem if the adverse effects of vaccination only lead to a lifetime of
debility, instead of death? As a family member now caring for a vaccine damaged brother in his sixties,
I would say no.
     ●    JAMA claims that “Vaccines ==> elimination of vaccine-preventable diseases, significantly  
         reduced incidence of others

This is patently false. Many of the outbreaks of so called vaccine-preventable diseases have occurred
in children already vaccinated. Other diseases (i.e., polio, diphtheria) have simply been relabeled.
There was never a vaccine for Scarlet Fever, but it is no longer a current concern. Diseases that
presumably have been eliminated have been eliminated through sanitation measures (just like childbirth
fever, another incidence of medical resistance to the facts and basic hygiene), or replaced by
degenerative diseases. In the case of degenerative diseases, the imbalance has been driven deeper into
the body. It emerges later as asthma, neuromuscular degeneration, cancer, rather than infection). It is
difficult to measure & assess preventive action. According to many, finger snapping keeps elephants

Further, citing the party line from JAMA is to no avail. JAMA lost its credibility long ago. Any
publication or interest group dependent on funding from a pharmaceutical manufacturer is in no
position to claim objectivity. Whoever wrote that squib in JAMA should check his facts and not simply
be a parrot for the pharmaceutical industry, regardless of who's paying.

    ●     Vaccinations are safe -
Presumably “safe” would mean “without negative side effects”. In addition to GBS mentioned above,
I know for sure that parents whose children have become autistic following vaccination, now about 1 in
74 children, would not agree that vaccinations are safe. Igor Sikorsky (of helicopter fame) is said to
have told his engineering students: “Gentlemen, you will come upon situations where the facts and the
theory don't coincide. My advice is that you respect the facts.”

In addition, documentation exists linking the aluminum-hydroxide in vaccines with the following
diseases: Chronic fatigue, Multiple sclerosis , Lou Gehrig’s disease, Demyelinating central
nervous system disorders, Polymyalgia rheumatica and rheumatoid arthritis, Motor delay,
Hypotonia or diminished muscle tone, Failure to thrive, Apoptic neurons, which are self-
destructing neurons in the lumbar spinal cord, Neuron loss in the lumbar spinal cord. FYI, a
mechanism by which aluminum exacerbates the toxicity of vaccines is that it makes the Blood Brain
Barrier more permeable to other substances, including mercury. This is from a medical doctor
currently doing research on aluminum toxicity.

By no stretch of the imagination can injecting a small child with an amount of mercury (or
formaldehyde, or aluminum, or foreign protein, or other noxious substance) well in excess of the
amount established by the EPA as “tolerable” be considered safe.

     ●    Changes (apparently increasing) number of vaccinations to improve level of protection.
If the children in school are vaccinated, and presumably thus “protected” from the diseases, why
would it matter if someone else had the disease. The afflicted child can stay out of school while
contagiously ill, while those vaccinated are presumably protected. Is this recognition of the reality that
vaccination is not completely effective? (My own medical records show 3 vaccinations for whooping
cough, and an active case of it by age five.)

As a society we've come to treat vaccination like a rite of passage, also a magic shield, the modern
equivalent of the silver crucifix. Vaccination is not the same as immunization. It can only work if the
injected person has the metabolic and nutritional resources to generate an immune response. That
ability is dependent on numerous factors, including nutritional reserves and adrenal and stress status.
Indeed, the reason that three vaccinations are typically recommended is that statistically after three
injections, most people generate a reaction. One and two injections do not elicit immune responses in
most of the populace.

Further, if the body doesn't have the resources it needs to generate a proper immune response, it
probably carries an additional load of environmental toxins. The likelihood of it becoming more
severely damaged by injection of indisputably toxic substances (formaldehyde, aluminum, mercury,
foreign proteins) is much higher.

You euphemistically describe the forcible action taken against those parents who exercised their right
to determine how to care for their children's wellbeing as “additional legal action”. This is behavior
characteristic of Nazi Germany or communist dictatorships. Forcing parents with threats and at
gunpoint to do something, for which there is a legal alternative1 is not legal, not constitutional, nor is
it democratic. It certainly makes a mockery of everything the United States has presumed to stand for.

I find the premise that current allopathic medical practice, including vaccination, is the sole and true
way to health (salvation?) very disturbing. The US, one of the wealthiest nations in this world, is
around 29h or 45th 2 in life expectancy, 28th in infant mortality3, well below many less developed
countries. How can adding to a body's toxic burden promote its health? Is this an applications of
Nietzsche's “what doesn't kill me makes me stronger?”

The predominant tenor of your recent action is Fear. You – as DHMH Secretary, the governor of
Maryland, the Health Department, and all those agents you enlisted – acted out of fear, ostensibly out
of need for the wellbeing of the children, but quite likely with needs for your own sense of meaning
and (job, friendship) security heavily involved as well. That fear was extended to the parents,
threatening their safety in many dimensions. No one's health can function, let alone thrive, in an
atmosphere of fear. How is this anything other than terrorism?

Your fear based action has led to further loss of credibility and respect not only for your own agency,
but for government agencies in general. The parents' fear has made it less likely that any beneficial
immune response can occur: bodies simply don't function well when their processes are encumbered
by fear. All in all, it doesn't sound like anybody derived durable benefit from your coercive action.
The public is no longer willing to accept the word of “experts”. It sees the bias and deceit behind
“expert” proclamations. The public is trusting its own observations and experiences, and is acting in a
truly democratic way by voting with its feet. It's time for those in public office to restore government
as an agency to meet common needs, rather than the avaricious appetites of a few.

If you are genuinely interested in the health and well being of Maryland's children, I strongly
recommend that you inform yourself about the real risks and (few, mostly questionable) benefits of
vaccination, as well as about the severe impact exposure to multiple environmental toxins is having on
all of us, and enlist the power of your office to address them in a serious manner. The CDC website
is one place to start. The same information has been collected into fewer fragments, more cohesive
segments, at several websites. Just search for vaccination. I strongly encourage you to inform
yourself about the farther reaching, long term consequences of vaccination. Your own children and
grandchildren could be the next victims of this home grown terrorist action. May no family have to
live with such consequences.

Very truly yours,

1 Medical and religious exemptions
2 Wikipedia from CIA World Factbook 2008, depends on UN member or entity
3 From the CDC website, in 1999