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First Mercury Poisoning/Vaccine Law Suit Filed March 23, 2001 4/7/01
First Mercury Poisoning/Vaccine Lawsuit Filed

The law firm of Waters & Kraus, LLP, based in Dallas, Texas, announced that it has filed the first known civil case alleging that the mercury-based preservative thimerosal, used recently in more than 30 childhood vaccines, has caused mercury poisoning in many children. Counter, et al v. Abbott Laboratories, et al, (Cause No. GN 100866, 200th District Court - Travis County, Texas).

The symptoms of mercury poisoning are, in many cases, identical to the symptoms of autism, although the suit does not allege that all persons suffering from the symptoms of autism do so as a result of mercury poisoning. However, many children suffering from mercury poisoning have been previously diagnosed with autism due to the similarity of symptoms. Children have been exposed to cumulative levels of mercury from the vaccines that exceed threshold safety levels that have been established by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

In many instances, children carry unmistakable evidence of mercury poisoning and the symptoms of mercury poisoning were first manifested after receiving vaccines tainted by thimerosal. In many cases, children exhibited normal neurological and other developmental patterns until such time as the cumulative dose of mercury caused irreparable damage to both the neurological and the general developmental process. For example, many children had developed language and other skills that were later lost as the result of the cumulative exposure to mercury.

Thimerosal is a mercury-based additive.
Mercury has been known to be hazardous for literally hundreds of years, and its dangers have been well known and documented during all times when the defendants manufactured and/or sold mercury-containing pediatric vaccine products.

Waters & Kraus anticipates that a significant number of individual cases against the vaccine industry will be filed in the near future. The firm anticipates investigating and prosecuting individual claims throughout the United States, in conjunction with the following firms and others: Evert & Weathersby, LLP - Atlanta, Georgia Dogan & Wilkinson, PLLC - Pascagoula, Mississippi Doran & Murphy, LLP - Buffalo, New York Leach, Schwarz & Strassberg - Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania Jones, Martin, Parris & Tessener Law Offices, PLLC - Raleigh, North Carolina

Additional inquiries should be addressed to Melissa Miles at Waters & Kraus (Dallas), (214) 357-6244 or

Potential claimants should call Claire Bothwell at Waters & Kraus (California), (562) 436-8833 or