US House of Representatives         

Washington, DC 20515                    




At a recent meeting given by the Idaho Panhandle Health District, to prepare local residents for a so-called Avian Flu pandemic, some interesting facts were divulged.  The speaker, Doug Welch, compared the fabled Avian flu to the flu epidemic of 1918.  While he admitted that hygiene was a key reason for the wild spread of the 1918 epidemic, he failed to disclose its relationship to WWI, mustard gas, the stressed health and restricted diets of returning soldiers, and crude vaccines which were actually a primary cause of the epidemic.


He did tell us that there have been only 254 human cases of Avian flu in the entire continent of Asia, and none in the US, and that, should such a virus break out in the US, it would take 10 months to create an antidote (vaccine) for it, because the virus is changeable and presently does not exist.  In spite of this, and in spite of the fact vaccines only keep for 2 years, he told us, the US government is setting aside a whopping $7.2 billion this year for creation of a vaccine for this virus.


In light of the fact that there is no scientific proof that flu vaccines have actually reduced incidence of flu in vaccinees, and there are many studies to the contrary, I am asking you to please vote AGAINST giving $7.2 billion of the taxpayers money to already overpaid (greedy) pharmaceutical companies, for a vaccine which will not work to fight a virus which does not exist, and instead apply that money to cleaning up our food and water supplies and supporting organic farmers and others who provide truly healthy alternatives to our unhealthy country.


Thank you.