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Rotavirus Vaccine

Source: June 6, 2007

Rotavirus Vaccine

An Overview by Mary Tocco

  • Director of Vaccine Research and Education on the board of Michigan Opposing Mandatory Vaccines, since 1994
  • Spent 23 years managing and promoting a chiropractic clinic and studying natural health care.
  • I am an independent investigator of vaccines for last 26 years.

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Mary Tocco



Rotavirus Vaccine - RotaTeq

The Rotavirus vaccine was designed specifically to avoid a common childhood condition, diarrhea, which can lead to dehydration in young babies and children. It is recommended for babies six weeks or older.

I find that this vaccine, like many others, has not been thoroughly studied before being released. When the first rotavirus vaccine, Rota Shield was released in 1998, there were also concerns about the inadequate safety studies prior to licensing. I attended a conference in Washington sponsored by the National Vaccine Information Center where this concern was discussed in great length before it was recommended in the childhood schedule. Despite concerns, the Rota Shield was quickly licensed and on the vaccine schedule. As history documented, it was released and recalled within six months due to the number of babies who suffered with intussusception, which is when the colon becomes inflamed, swells and folds in on itself often requiring surgery, air enemas or other intrusive measures to correct. Babies collapse in severe pain and need emergency care. How can this happen? I often wonder how the babies who went through that terrible experience are doing today. Were their families compensated for all the suffering and pain?

Dr. Paul Offit, a very outspoken proponent of vaccines and a member of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Advisory Committee disclosed in Congressional Record that he received $350,000.00 in grant money to develop the RotaTeq vaccine from Merck and also co-owns the patient! My personal opinion is that this is why the vaccine was approved prematurely without adequate safety studies.

I admit I am skeptical and very concerned with the licensing and mandating of the new RotaTeq for many reasons: The following quotes were obtained off of the FDA web site from Merck & Co.Inc. RotaTeq #9714301 Pages 1, 4, 5 & 6, my comments and concerns follow:

1. "No safety or efficacy data are available for administration of RotaTeq to infants with a history of gastrointestinal disorders including infants with active acute gastrointestinal illness, infants with chronic diarrhea and failure to thrive, congenital abdominal disorders, abdominal surgery and intussusception. There fore caution is advised when considering administration of RotaTeq to these infants." (Pg.4 Indications and Usage)

The studies have not been done! Considering the rate of immunocompromised people/children in this country, the question every parent must ask is, "How would I know if my 6 week old baby is immune compromised? Many children born at this time are predisposed or hyper sensitive to the toxins in vaccines because their birth mother was exposed through her vaccines. It is my opinion that we have "increased the toxic load" and have caused genetic predisposition to sensitivity to the toxins in vaccines by requiring so many vaccines for very underdeveloped immune systems. If any family member suffers with a chronic immune illness, parents need to understand the risk involved. These weaknesses may be passed down genetically to your baby. Unfortunately Mom and Dad, if your child is one of the unlucky ones, you won't find out until it is too late and they suffer a severe reaction.

2. Because this vaccine was administered with other vaccines, it is really difficult to see the real outcomes. In the clinical studies, 52 deaths were reported! I cried when I read this because that means that 52 families have been the victims of science, their children used as guinea pigs for a condition that is usually part of childhood and rarely results in death. The cause of death was reported as SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). This is the cover all reason for infant death whenever the doctors do not understand the cause. I believe the death certificates should read, "Vaccine Induced Death" and the parents should be compensated, if there is such a way to compensate for a child who dies.

Intussusception was also noted in both 8 recipients of RotaTeq and the 9 who received placebo. That brings up another question: Could other vaccines cause intussusception? Why are we not using the unvaccinated children as our placebo control group? I personally know hundreds who are completely vaccine free and are willing to be part of a test. How many unvaccinated children suffer with intussusception? Is this really truthful, ethical science supporting these studies when all the children are administered multiple vaccines in conjunction with the new vaccine being studied? Sorry, I do not trust this kind of study.

3. Under Patient Information- (pg.2) "The most common side effects reported after taking the RotaTeq were diarrhea, vomiting, fever, runny nose and sore throat, wheezing or coughing and ear infections. These are NOT all the possible side effects of RotaTeq" Sounds like what the vaccine is supposed to alleviate!

According to Dr. Incao, a well respected doctor who supports natural immunity says that these normal childhood illnesses can help to develop strong immunity for life. He encourages parents to allow their children to experience the illness. By overcoming the illness they strengthen and develop the immune system. This is how I raised my five children and I know many hundreds of families who are doing the same thing. Immunologist and Chiropractor, Dr. Marini, shows how the immune system reacts completely different when the child is allowed to experience the illness compared to when a child is vaccinated. I reference this on my DVD which is available from my web site, "Are Vaccines Safe?"

The ingredients in the RotaTeq are as follows:
Active ingredients: 5 live rotavirus strains.
Inactive ingredients: sucrose, sodium citrate, sodium phosphate, monobasic monohydrate, sodium hydroxide, polysorbate 80 and also fetal bovine (cow) serum.

How do we know how an infant will react to any of these products?
As with all vaccines, I believe that the vaccine immunity theory is terribly flawed and the parents and children of this country are victims of shrewd marketing. The whole industry is riddled with greed, conflict of interest, and miss-information from the governmental agencies down to the doctors" offices that push them on un-informed parents who are following instructions. We all must get involved by thoroughly investigating every shot they say is required and make informed decisions. Most importantly, you must understand that as a parent you have the final say...there are exemptions available in every state if you want to avoid vaccines. Call your local health department and ask what the legal exemptions for vaccines are in your state. Get it in writing so you understand how to utilize them. For those who want to use the religious exemption, I have a list of "Biblical Reasons to Avoid Vaccination." You may email me from and request a copy.

I do not like politics but I must say that Senator Ron Paul, physician and republican candidate for president, supports the parent's right to make medical decisions. He has been an honorary member of Michigan Opposing Mandatory Vaccines since the group's inception in 1994. I am the Director of Vaccine Research for that group and have respected Ron Paul because he is not afraid to take a stand for what is right. He does not agree with mandating vaccines and completely understands the risks to the American family. He is opposed to big government, the IRS and he wants to eliminate the Department of Education as they are failing miserably. He is about freedom, constitutional rights and the sanctity of human life. As our rights erode and big government intrudes in our life, I believe it is time for Ron Paul to lead this country back to its roots...The American Constitution. If we do not make critical changes soon, we will all lose our right to make the vaccine decision for our children and ourselves!

As for me and my family, we will continue to avoid all vaccines. I will continue to promote a vitalistic approach to health where the body is nurtured and encouraged to develop naturally. I am not anti-medical; I believe drugs belong in crisis care and the emergency room! I believe that healthy children do not need drugs to grow and develop. As a parent, I encourage you to proceed with caution and do your own investigation. Unfortunately, medical healthcare decisions are very complicated and the facts are not always obvious. When it comes to vaccines,it is extremely hard to sift through all the mis-information. I make it easy for you! My DVD is packed with congressional records, scientific medical research and fully documented.

I welcome your comments.
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