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December 14, 2011 Features
Idaho's Epidemic of Fear: Vaccination Liberation Movement Takes a Shot at Public Health
The war over vaccinations heats up in North Idaho

A reprint from the BoiseWeekly...
by George Prentice
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    Pharma now pushing for 20 new vaccines in next decade

    "The mainstream media is extremely one sided with its vaccine reporting. It is a PR outlet for the pharmaceutical industry, especially when it comes to the pharmaceutical industry's sacred cow - vaccines.

    A recent example is a BBC item announcing a UK research project to come up with twenty new "improved" vaccines over the next decade. As usual, the article strongly implies that those who avoid vaccinations are loony. The history of vaccine injuries and the statistics that indicate vaccines do not offer immunization are ignored by this article.

    Commenting on BBC Article Highlights

    The BBC article reports that a group of scientists have responded to a "call to action." They claim AIDS and malaria vaccines as top research items with other tropical diseases being considered for more research.

    Comment: There is statistical evidence that proves almost every infectious disease that medical science claimed was eliminated by vaccines had become almost non-existent by the time the particular vaccine was developed. Bugs come and go as environments change. The declining infectious disease occurrences coincide with improved plumbing, sanitation, waste removal, and general cleanliness. Bold vaccine success claims are bogus.

    The BBC article quotes the scientists as saying, "We must also consider vaccines beyond classic infections, such as insulin-dependent diabetes, cancers and degenerative diseases."

    Comment: That's interesting. They're creating more product demand for diseases that occur mostly from toxic processed food consumption and environmental pollution. Those who understand this are able to prevent and even cure cancers and diabetes through detoxification and nutritious food. But never mind all that lifestyle change hassle. Medical authorities will provide immunity through inoculations and make themselves lots of loot!

    Expensive vaccines sold internationally to individuals and governments have less overhead than most other pharmaceuticals. They are cheaper to produce and are usually allowed fast track approval. The liability of lawsuits and heavy fines don't affect the vaccine industry. They have been exempted from legal financial liability over the last couple of decades as vaccine injury complaints grew exponentially with increased vaccination protocols.

    Even doctors, especially pediatricians who insist on vaccinating every child often from birth, make a buck off vaccinations. They buy wholesale and sell retail, adding more profit to office visits.

    But it's not just sales that have these researchers drooling. Individual researchers share patent royalty fees with vaccine companies for whatever vaccines they develop. The researcher is heavily funded for starters, then the royalty's passive income kicks in.

    The Scientist Who Initiated the "Call to Action"

    Oxford University Professor Richard Moxon, created the series of papers calling for research action into future vaccine research. "We need to find the requisite funds for the research and development of about 20 improved or novel vaccines in the next decade or beyond," Moxon declared.

    There you go. Get the funding to pay for research and your high salary during that period, then come up with a new twist on an existing vaccine "improved" to get new patent rights and royalties. This is a familiar ploy. Slightly tweak an expired patent drug and create a new patent. Of course, any totally new vaccine would become a patent windfall with the potential for further "improvements" and patents.

    Professor Moxon adds, "This call to action comes at a crucial time. In some communities, recent declines in vaccine uptake provide a stark reminder that public confidence and trust in immunization is fragile and requires attention."

    Could vaccine immunization trust fragility have anything to do with that mumps outbreak among children and teens vaccinated with MMR (mumps, measles, rubella) inoculations in the New York/New Jersey area a year and a half ago? This incident managed to get publicized by mainstream media, which is very rare.

    The immediate official response was that the 77% of vaccinated mumps victims hadn't received their required two shots. But when it was discovered that they had received both jabs, some health authorities proclaimed that the MMR schedule should be upped to three shots. So much for vaccination immunization.

    As a matter of fact, true life-long immunity occurs from actual exposure to infectious diseases. Either the disease is resisted initially, or the disease infects and is overcome. Then life-long immunity for that disease is established. The fact that more than one inoculation of any vaccine is required indicates true immunity is not granted by vaccination. But the dollars continue to roll in as more vaccinations are required.

    Maybe, professor Moxon might learn something about immunity from a retired vaccine researcher now whistle blower who said he would never vaccinate his kid.

    The former vaccine researcher, whose identity is concealed, explains that the immune system is a complex arrangement of skin, nasal and throat mucous membranes, organs such as tonsils and adenoids and lymph nodes as well as the intestinal flora. Intestinal flora (friendly bacteria) not only act to destroy invading pathogens, but trigger lymphocytes (killer cells) in the blood as well.

    Vaccines merely initiate that last line of defense by activating killer cells unnecessarily, which can create a cytokine storm, unleashing the immune system to overwhelm the person inoculated! There are thousands of vaccinated men, women, and children who've experienced seizures, paralysis, and even death from cytokine storms after inoculations.

    The whistle blower went on to say there are no safe vaccines, even without those toxic preservatives, adjuvants, thimerasol (mercury), formaldehyde, aluminum, and squalene. He added there is no way to ensure absolute purity in each dose since they contain pathogens from other mammal tissues, and that vaccinations often cause the diseases they're supposed to prevent.

    So Professor Monox, get your arrogant head out of the authority mindset and its money machine. Maybe the demonstrated lack of vaccine efficacy and the thousands and thousands of unpublicized paralyzed and dead vaccine injury victims and so called SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) babies who got jabbed with these dangerous vaccinations from birth have something to do with the emerging public vaccine wariness you think is so foolish.

    Sources included in this article include:

    (1) The Original BBC Article

    (2) Patent fees and Paul Offit http://childhealthsafety.wordpress....

    (3) Follow the Money and the Thimerasol

    (4) Jon Rappoport 2002 interview of a former vaccine developer turned whistle blower http://educate-yourself.or/cn/rappo...

    (5) Stats showing disease mortalities dropping even before the vaccines were introduced http://childhealthsafety.wordpress....

    (6) UK Site with real vaccine news

    (7) S.A.N.E. Vax - USA real vaccine news focusing on Gardasil injuries and deaths

    (8) Vaccines lower immunity

    (9) Hep B shots linked to SIDS

    (10) Mumps outbreak NY/NJ with vaccinated teens

    (11) Another version of the same NY/NJ mumps outbreak


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    Posted by Health Freedom on January 5, 2012 at 4:26 PM
  2. Comment:
    A Rebellion in HealthCare

    "To have any public credibility doctors have to honor their medical oath and be reasonably in tune with medical truth. This is exceedingly hard to do if one has bought the pharmaceutical paradigm.

    Where one gets their information is telling and for doctors crucial. Pharmaceutical muscle is evident not only in medical schools but in medical organizations, local medical boards and in the governmental institutions that oversee medicine and public health. All of these medical organizations are in the business of strong arming doctors, creating fearful and highly conditioned environments that continue outrageous but profitable practices for the industry.

    One in four U.S. parents believes some vaccines cause autism in healthy children according to the Associated Press at the end of February 2010. The federal government disputes heavily this idea, so much so that it denigrates these parents and ignores the medical science that suggests a strong association between the nerve poison Thimerosal and neurological impairment

    It is a closed case as far as the medical officials are concerned as stupid as that might sound. The former Chairman of the National Institute of Health (NIH) Dr. Bernadine Healy does not agree saying, “The question has not been answered.” The Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) 2004 report on thimerosal and autism even stated, “The committee cannot rule out, based on the epidemiological evidence, the possibility that vaccines contribute to autism in some small subset or very unusual circumstances.”

    Some doctors are taking a tough stand, asking vaccine-refusing parents to find other doctors and calling such parents "selfish." A statement from a group practice near Philadelphia outlines its doctors’ adamant support for government recommended vaccines and their belief that "vaccines do not cause autism or other developmental disabilities." Doctors routinely take these stances though the former head of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Dr. Louis Cooper says, “There’s been grossly insufficient investment in research on the safety of immunization.”

    It has taken us a long time to appreciate the fact that we are wasting time arguing with the government; it has not done anyone any good. We might as well argue with a heavily armed robber or psychopath, serial killer or terrorist none of whom even have the capacity or motive to listen. People and institutions with no ‘heart’ can not be reasoned with and should be avoided like the plague. Governments are the real plague and are a pandemic even up to the level of attacking our precious babies with injectable neurological poisons.

    I would like to offer a way for doctors to redeem their credibility in the face of their peers, their professional organizations, humanity and God on at least on one important issue that is cracking the foundations and integrity of contemporary medicine. We are dealing with soul issues here because we are talking about the deliberate injection of newborns, children, and adults with the third most toxic substance known to man and that is mercury. Mercury is the most toxic non-radioactive element on Earth, and The World Health Organization said that there are no levels of mercury that can be considered safe.

    Everyone in the United States over the age of six months should get seasonal influenza vaccines every year, federal vaccine advisers said on February 25, 2010.

    All forms of organic mercury cross the blood-brain barrier easily, probably due to formation of a complex with the amino acid cysteine. It is eliminated from the organism slowly, therefore it has tendency to bioaccumulate. In the form of dimethylmercury a sniff can kill you. Anyone who listens to any justification of the practice of injecting organic mercury into babies should have their head seriously examined just the same as if they were justifying child sexual abuse (which some psychologists most incredulously have).

    Danger! Poison! May be fatal if inhaled, absorbed through skin or swallowed. Contains material which may cause damage to the following organs: kidneys, respiratory tract, skin, eyes, central nervous system. Section 8 – Exposure Controls: Personal Protection: Splash goggles, Full suit, Dust Respirator, Boots, Gloves, a self-contained breathing apparatus. Section 11 – Toxicology Information: Acute Oral Toxicity. Extremely hazardous in case of skin contact. May be fatal if absorbed. Extremely hazardous in case of inhalation. May be fatal if inhaled. Extremely hazardous in case of ingestion. May be fatal if swallowed. Danger of cumulative effects.

    What I am proposing is a clear declaration to the governments and medical boards around the world that we doctors and health care professionals will recommend to all our patients that they immediately reject and refuse all vaccinations until every government and medical body eliminates “all” use of the highly toxic vaccine preservative Thimerosal, which is fifty percent methyl-mercury by weight. We would not recommend to our patients that they drive around in a car with defective breaks or a sticking accelerator one more day nor should we let our patients remain ignorant of the dangers of Thimerosal. We need to collectively back government, health, and medical official’s backs against a hard wall giving them not a millimeter to sleaze away.

    Mercury was taken out of animal vaccines 20 years ago because it was too toxic, so why I ask my peers are we allowing it to continue to be given to babies?

    We have been deaf, dumb and blind to what is happening in the area of childhood vaccination, meaning we are allowing our medical colleagues to get away with murder and we are all guilty by implication. There are certain constraints or lines that must not be crossed and one is the injection of a cross and bones poison. If we support such medically insane and barbarous practices we should sign a form stating we agree with the principles and practices of the Nazi doctors who routinely injected medical subjects with lethal injections for experimental purposes. No one can say that vaccines don’t kill children for they do that all the time in what is officially known as “rare” occurrences.

    There is no sitting on the fence on this issue either you support and favor the injections of poison into babies and people or you do not. It is black and white though those who think in grey shout the loudest and have most of the bullhorns in the public arena. 15% of women in America (Rh Neg) get Rhogam Thimerosal laden shots and have 50% of autistic children. If a woman has 10 or more mercury dental fillings, her chances of having an autistic child go up 27%. Boys get autism 4 to 1 more than girls. When they put mercury in Petri dishes with brain cells they get 40% cell death. Estrogen and mercury in Petri dishes somehow protected cells for only a 3% cell death. Testosterone & mercury yields 100% cell death.

    Thimerosal-preserved vaccines are significant causal factors in the development of regressive neuro-developmental disorders including autism and related disorders/syndromes/diseases. Dr. Paul King

    A review of medical literature indicates that the characteristics of autism and of mercury poisoning (HgP) are strikingly similar. The parallels between the two diseases are so thorough as to suggest, based on total Hg injected into U.S. children, that many cases of autism are a form of mercury poisoning. Professor John Oxford of Queen Mary’s School of Medicine and Dentistry states: From Alzheimer’s disease to a devastating lineup of other neurological disorders including Parkinsons, ALS, MS, autism and AD – mercury is known to be a potent neurotoxin that either is the prime cause of such disorders or certainly is seen to exacerbate them. He says, “If there is "any doubt whatsoever" about the safety of mercury in vaccines then it should be removed.”

    Thimerosal used as a preservative in vaccines given to children is a high crime against our civilization and all that is good in the field of medicine. Recommended and given to children 6 months and older by pediatricians since 2004, and annually to children until they turn 18, (and in 2009 in the A-H1N1 vaccine) one can only wonder where we have gone so utterly wrong injecting our babies and children with the third most toxic element known to mankind. “These injections exceed the EPA RfD mercury amount by a factor of 125 when the Thimerosal doses are 0.25-mL in each vaccine and by 250 times when the doses are set at 0.5-mL per injection. Typically a child getting the 0.25-mL dose weighs less than 18 kg (and at six months much less) and the older children who gets the 0.5-mL dose typically weighs much less than 70 kg,” reports Dr. Paul King.[1]

    It seems like Pediatricians just cannot do the math or are just too lazy to do so. The EPA’s reference dose (RfD) for mercury is 0.1 microgram of mercury per kilogram of weight per day for ingested mercury, which is the legally considered adequate safety level. So how can anyone in their right mind inject a small child with a 25-microgram dose when that passes the legal dose for a humongous adult? To meet the EPA standard a person would have to weigh 551 pounds to receive the 0.5-mL vaccine dose (50 mcg) and the little baby would have to weigh 225 pounds to redeem the attending pediatrician. In some countries they inject newborns on their first day of life with 50 mcg doses and one can only wonder what children today would be like in the third world if they did not receive the Hepatitis B shots at birth.

    Dr. King asks, “How can Thimerosal used as a preservative be safe when the toxicity studies required by law (21 CFR 610.15(a)) since the late 1960s have NOT been conducted (as the FDA and the vaccine makers have repeatedly admitted or failed to refute? How is a dose of mercury that exceeds the putative "safe level" (the putative no observed adverse-effect level [NOAEL]) for injected Thimerosal-related mercury (based on a chronic toxicity study in rats that is cited and recognized by the FDA) of < 0.0042 micrograms of mercury per kilogram of weight per day for developing humans by more than a factor of 2900 for a 0.25-mL dose or more than a factor of 5900 for a 0.5-mL dose be considered either safe or minuscule?”.

    A quote from researcher David Geier, MD, PhD: "We went to Atlanta," he continues, "to the CDC, and looked at the VSD [Vaccine Safety Data] data. There is thimerosal-containing DTaP [diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis vaccine] and thimerosal-free DTaP, so we asked a question: Among children that got a minimum of either three consecutive thimerosal-containing DTaPs or three consecutive thimerosal-free DTaPs, was there a difference in the number of autism cases in the two groups? We found mega differences. More than 20 times higher. The rate of autism in the children that got more than three doses of thimerosal-containing DTaP vaccines was much, much higher. Almost all the children that have autism in that group were the ones that got the thimerosal-containing DTaP vaccine. The more thimerosal the greater the cases of autism."

    A 1991 Merck memo (released 2005) shows that at least one major manufacturer was aware of the vaccine mercury concern much earlier. The 1991 memo stated 6-month-old children who received their shots on schedule would get a mercury dose up to 87 times higher than guidelines (FDA) for the maximum daily consumption of mercury from fish. "When viewed in this way, the mercury load appears rather large," said the memo from Dr. Maurice R. Hilleman, an internationally renowned vaccinologist to the president of Merck’s vaccine division. "It is reasonable to conclude" that it should be eliminated where possible, he said, "especially where use in infants and young children is anticipated."

    A special federal court ruled against parents who claimed childhood vaccines had caused their children to develop autism. The "vaccine court" examined the evidence presented and concluded, "It was abundantly clear that the petitioners’ theories of causation were speculative and unpersuasive." What is abundantly clear is that a court ruling has nothing to do with either science or the reality of one of the most toxic substances known to man and its effect on children. It does not matter what anyone says; nothing and no one will remove the skull and crossbones label from Thimerosal, meaning no one can remove the immanent dangers to child if this substance is injected.

    “There is no convincing evidence that thimerosal is a factor in the onset of autism” is the mantra of medical officials, and no matter how wrong, mean, stupid, and ugly these officials are they remain publically and legally right.

    Not everyone has been convinced nor has anyone approved the government’s effort to cover up the dangers of thimerosal. Rep. Dan Burton, a Republican from Indiana, oversaw a three-year investigation of thimerosal after his grandson was diagnosed with autism. "Thimerosal used as a preservative in vaccines is directly related to the autism epidemic," his House Government Reform Committee concluded in its final report. "This epidemic in all probability may have been prevented or curtailed had the FDA not been asleep at the switch regarding a lack of safety data regarding injected thimerosal, a known neurotoxin." The FDA and other public-health agencies failed to act, the committee added, out of "institutional malfeasance for self protection" and "misplaced protectionism of the pharmaceutical industry."

    Few studies of the toxicity of Thimerosal in humans have been performed and yet the CDC and the FDA consider it safe. What is clear is that these organizations do not protect the public from obvious dangers having sold their souls to pharmaceutical interests. Cases have been reported of severe poisoning by accidental exposure or attempted suicide, with some fatalities to Thimerosal. Animal experiments suggest that Thimerosal rapidly dissociates to release ethyl mercury after injection; that the disposition patterns of mercury are similar to those after exposure to equivalent doses of ethylmercury chloride; and that the central nervous system and the kidneys are targets, with lack of motor coordination being a common sign.

    So display some medical integrity and join with all doctors and healers everywhere and just say no to this madness. Tell your patients to avoid vaccines like the plague because the umbrella organizations like the CDC and the FDA have been compromised and cannot be trusted. One must not lay ones child on the alter of the dirtiest bastards that have ever walked our earth, monsters that would defend the injection of newborn babies with thousands of trillions of molecules of ethyl-mercury.

    Defending the use of mercury in vaccines is a direct vote for this practice anywhere on the planet it is happening and makes one responsible, in part, for it. We have all inadvertently defended its use, for we continue to allow it to happen, but it has not been clear how to stop the medical officials and all those who support them.

    Let’s at least turn our backs on the medical establishment on this one form of medical lunacy that implicates us all in a civilization disruptive practice that targets the young with illegal and humane medical mistreatment. Even if you are afraid to go on public record as taking a medical stand against medical officials and their untrustworthy pronouncements commit oneself to quietly handing out this document to patients telling them that we cannot support any part of the vaccination program because you cannot trust the principle organizations and people involved because of the Thimerosal cover-up. Explain to them that just like you would not support the use of a dangerous car or spoiled and tainted foods you cannot support the outrageous stonewalling of Thimerosal and its use one more day.

    [1] 0BBwSOBgydxCYk_/ThimerosalInVaccinesAnInconvenientReality.pdf

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    Posted by Health Freedom on January 5, 2012 at 4:39 PM
  3. Comment:
    Vaccines Lower Immunity

    "Vaccinations are even worse than what most have thought. Vaccine injuries that can happen to anyone randomly amongst the vaccinated are not the only issues. Some experts claim vaccines lower immunity for everyone who receives them. The increased disease count for any given populace matches its increased vaccination schedule.

    All Vaccines Are Dangerous

    A former vaccine developer, now whistle blower, was interviewed by investigative journalist Jon Rapapport. The whistle blower used an alias to protect his identity. He actually had helped develop more than one vaccine. But eventually he couldn't tolerate the lies, especially after his friend's baby died after a DPT shot.

    He told Rapapport that there is no way to have a totally clean, safe vaccine. And it's not just because of the adjuncts and preservatives. Understanding this should change the informed consent movements to no consent movements if they would realize this one basic point.

    From that interviewed whistle blower: "As far as I'm concerned, all vaccines are dangerous. They involve the human immune system in a process that tends to compromise immunity. They can actually cause the disease they are supposed to prevent. They can cause other diseases than the ones they are supposed to prevent." (Source 1 below)

    There are viruses and retro-viruses from animal and human tissues as well as other contaminants. An outstanding documented example is SV-40 (Simian Virus 40). SV-40 was in most of the vaccines used to vaccinate against polio. For several years this went on until the word got out that SV-40 was a virus that could cause cancer.

    The vaccine manufacturer, Merck, claimed they would no longer use the monkey kidneys that had the SV-40 to manufacture their polio vaccines. But they continued using the already existing SV-40 contaminated vaccines until well into the 1980s.

    The result has been a cancer explosion among those vaccinated against polio during that period, from the 1950s through the mid-1980s. SV-40 viruses were found in cancer tumors among many who received those shots.

    Why Vaccinations Will Never Confer Immunity

    The interviewed mystery whistle blower and Andreas Moritz, holistic healer and author of Vaccine Nation: Poisoning the Population One Shot at a Time, both agree that even the premise of vaccinations is flawed. White killer cells or antibodies are stirred up by vaccinations. But that is the secondary action of an immune system.

    Our whole body, our skin, eye water, mucous linings in our nose, through the nasal passage and tonsils and into the gastrointestinal (GI) system, offers the primary line of defense against disease. Remember, pH balance is part of the immune system as well.

    Intestinal flora are extremely important. These friendly bacteria comprise over half of our immune system. It's been discovered that our friendly flora are the switches for the secondary part of our immune system, those killer white blood cells.

    Andreas provides statistics to show the very dramatic increases in asthma, allergies, ADD and ADHD, and other neurological diseases including autism among those vaccinated. Cancer and other degenerative disease is more likely as vaccinated children grow older also. (Source 2 below)

    Andreas believes a child's future good health is more assured by getting through childhood diseases without vaccinations.


    Being politically correct to avoid the label of anti-vaccination is a waste of time and effort. Vaccination advocates talk of protecting the herd with some collateral damage. Vaccinations, cheap to produce and exempt from direct liability, are for profit while sickening or maybe even culling the herd rather than protecting it.

    Instead of informed consent, there should be NO consent."


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    Posted by Health Freedom on January 5, 2012 at 4:49 PM
  4. Comment:
    The Truth Behind the Virus Mania of Big Pharma, Part I (Opinion)

    "There are several medical practitioners and scientists who openly question invading viruses as disease causing agents. Instead, they advocate a healthy internal terrain for good health and resistance to microbes. The only reason hardly anyone knows about them and what they have to say is that they are not on board with Big Pharma and the Medical Monopoly, which includes the mainstream media.

    Questionable virus killing drugs and vaccines appeal to a frightened public more than boosting their immune systems naturally or using natural cures. So the medical monopolists have easy cash cows with their drugs and vaccines.

    Show Me The Virus

    Viruses are smaller than bacteria and usually are only detected with electron microscopes. They are not living cells that multiply by division and invade cells. Instead, they exist within cells and depend on the cell's metabolism to multiply. They are protein packages with varying DNA or RNA sequencing.

    The genius Royal Raymond Rife created the Universal Microscope, which could amplify real light and magnify sufficiently to observe "live" viruses. Then he created a system of radio wave frequencies to destroy viruses. He cured incurable cancers at a high rate in the late 1930's and early 1940's.

    His Universal Microscope was better than electron microscopes. His work was destroyed by the Medical Monopolists, and his legacy survives only in an international medical science subculture.

    Terrain Theory Trumps Germ Theories

    Even though Rife was brilliant enough to see and zap viruses and other microbes, he supported the inner terrain theory that many holistic practitioners embrace today. He had observed cancer viruses morphing shapes into more pathogenic forms as the host's pH dropped.

    Dr. Mark Circus gives the analogy of food in a refrigerator. Unplug the fridge and leave the food there for several days. All kinds of things begin occurring to create spoilage. The bugs didn't crawl in. The door remained closed. They were already there to some extent and then the terrain changed with cold air changing to warm, like pH becoming more acid in humans. Then the bugs take over.

    So the immune system with that easy to read indicator, pH, determines whether viruses already existing to some extent can prosper. Dr. Circus administers bicarbonate of soda orally or intravenously to increase pH numbers above 7 and into the alkaline range. And he gets cures.

    Dr. Michael Tierra has cured several Hepatitis C cases by restoring liver health without using antiviral drugs. He cites Chiron's Hep-C testing procedure as a big money maker because it was used for testing blood supplies world wide. But he points out the viral load measurements are taken by an antibody count, not a virus count. No virus has actually been isolated for Hepatitis C. High viral loads test positive with those who don't show Hep-C symptoms and exhibit good health.

    Ironically, the scientist celebrated for isolating certain cancer retroviruses (remember, Rife's work vanished) is outspokenly enough against HIV as a virus to have written the book Inventing the Aids Virus. His name is Peter Duesberg. He maintains that a virus cannot cause immune deficiency. His epidemiological research shows a lack of infectious contagion.

    Could it be there is some disinformation coming from somewhere?

    More to come in Part II.

    Sources for this article include:

    Dr. Sircus commentary

    Dr. Tierre commentary

    Peter Duesberg


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    Posted by Health Freedom on January 5, 2012 at 4:53 PM
  5. Comment:
    The Truth Behind the Virus Mania of Big Pharma Part II (Opinion)

    "A lot of virology and biotechnology is involved with genetic technology, genes and their proteins, and retroviruses. These scientists meddle in those areas to produce vaccines. It is apparent that this approach to health is similar to biotechnology's approach with GMO's for food production. Meddling with the basic building blocks of organic life has led to more problems created than solved.

    Animal Tissue Retroviruses In Vaccines

    From the online Encyclopedia Britannica, "Retroviruses make up an unusual group of viruses. (. . .) Retroviruses also contain an essential enzyme known as reverse transcriptase. . . . and contain RNA strands instead of DNA."

    Essentially, the trancriptase enables the RNA to manufacture proteins, which is the reverse of DNA protein creation. Thus the term retro. Those proteins are then incorporated by the host genome . Then that host cell manufactures the viral protein. A retro virus could be considered a parasite virus that uses the DNA from host cells to create its proteins.

    Dawn Crim of VacTruth asks, "Is it possible that retroviruses are alive and well in vaccines?" She continues, "In 1996 the Swiss National Center for Retroviruses questioned the safety of live-virus vaccines. This organization found certain live chicken-cell derived vaccines (such as the MMR vaccine) contaminated with avian (bird) retroviral particles."

    They concluded that they did not know whether or not these retroviral particles would cause disease in humans. They could not determine safety or non safety.

    However, Dr. Russell Blaylock is certain that in addition to the autoimmune dangers from the preservatives and adjuncts in vaccines, there is a strong chance of disease down the road from the "stealth or retroviruses" that live attenuated virus vaccines may contain as by-products from using infected tissues.

    See Natural News article "What To Do If You Cannot Avoid the Flu Shot"

    A former vaccine scientist turned whistle blower under cover of anonymity told investigative report Jon Rappoport that there was no way to eliminate potentially harmful viral contaminates from the the viruses intentionally used to manufacture vaccines.

    Pasteur's Germ Theory Started It All

    Canadian Dr. Andrew Moulden asserts, ". . . vaccines are not addressing the common cause of disease and disorder in human physiology. It is not the germs causing disease and death and chronic illness, . . . all pathogens are inducing disease and death and disability via a singular common set of mechanism."

    "Louis Pasteur's germ theory was just that, a theory. . . . this means that much of what we are doing in western medicine is wrong, we have been practicing medicine in a state of confusing cause and effect and causing more harm, globally, than good - for over 200 years!"


    So why does western medicine continue to expand with virus hunts and vaccine creations? The hubris of vaccination disease intervention doesn't stand up to the epidemiology of diseases waning before vaccinations appeared. Factually, chronic diseases are on the rise as vaccinations have increased, especially among the heavily vaccinated.

    Vaccination is the irreproachable sacred cow of western medicine. It is also a major cash cow. Billions of dollars annually are at stake for our trusted creators of health solutions, who actually manufacture agents of disease to treat people more and again as they get sicker and older, but not wiser.

    Sources for this article include:




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  6. Comment:
    Vaccines and Pregnancy Do Not Mix

    "From an internet forum: "I got both vaccines [seasonal and swine flu] on Thursday. I was 9 weeks pregnant. I miscarried on Sunday. I was told by several doctors to get these vaccines. Now I wish I followed my gut feeling and not get them at ALL!" This is not an isolated case.

    Here's another report: "I feel like I had a healthy baby and I caused this by getting the H1N1 vaccine. My doctors pushed it. I researched online and there have been many miscarriages after the H1N1 vaccine but they haven't been reported since it is hard to say what caused the miscarriages."

    She researched online, the only source reporting vaccination tragedies throughout the world.

    Lies Under the Light of Truth

    First of all, the Swine Flu is less harmful than a normal seasonal flu. Research with ferrets, real statistics released by independent researchers, as well as reports from uncorrupted medical authorities have confirmed this. The CDC and mainstream media bury that information. Instead, they circulate alarming false swine flu statistics.

    But one mainstream media outlet, CBS Washington Unplugged, did inadvertently reveal true swine flu statistics. They had tried to get information from the CDC about swine flu episodes actually confirmed. The CDC skirted the issue and stonewalled them.

    So they surveyed all 50 USA state medical laboratories themselves. The results were that most states had confirmed five percent or less of reported cases as swine flu. Most labs reported half or more cases were not any kind of flu! So much for hysteria.

    Dr. Michael Bronze of the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, stated on WebMD that the actual risk of pregnant women getting hospitalized for swine flu infections is one in 300 thousand.

    The Australian/New Zealand's flu season was surveyed by American epidemiological statisticians. The data from around the middle of that flu season indicated that pregnant women are 99.97 percent sure of avoiding hospital care for any flu.

    Of those few admitted and held in ICU 7.7 percent died. Not a high figure. And even those few had other health complications prior to being infected with the swine flu. Vaccinations Are The Real Danger.

    According to Dr. Russel Blaylock, retired neurosurgeon and author of Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills, various studies have proven that artificially stimulating the immune system causes a cytokine immune reaction that damages the forming brain of a fetus.

    Throw in thimerosal mercury additives as well as formaldehyde and other toxic materials delivered in the vaccines. These circulate through the fetus if a pregnant woman is vaccinated. The child can become prone to seizures, autism, schizophrenia, and a host of other neurological problems.

    There is the case of Desiree Jennings, the young Washington Redskins cheerleader who was diagnosed with dystonia by doctors at John Hopkins and Fairfax Inova. They determined her dystonia, which caused chronic severe spasms and partial paralysis, was a reaction to her seasonal flu shot.

    Right, she wasn't pregnant. She was also active and healthy. But her story links the miscarriage stories to Dr. Blaylock's conclusion, "The bottom line is vaccinating a pregnant women is vary hazardous to the mother's health as well as the baby."

    As for miscarriages, there has been a history of sterilization agents planted surreptitiously in vaccines intended for women in developing countries. Some vaccines were examined and recovered before further damage could be done. More at -

    And now special flu jab centers are being set up for pregnant women here?

    Sources for this article include:

    Organic Health: Shocking H1N1 Vaccination Miscarriage Stories

    Swine Flu -- One of the Most Massive Cover-ups in American History

    Dr. Blaylock: Vaccine Dangers to Pregnant Women and Small Children


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    Posted by Health Freedom on January 5, 2012 at 5:01 PM
  7. Comment:
    Nations requiring the most vaccines tend to have the worst infant mortality rates

    "A new study, published in Human and Experimental Toxicology (, a peer-reviewed journal indexed by the National Library of Medicine, found that nations with higher (worse) infant mortality rates tend to give their infants more vaccine doses. For example, the United States requires infants to receive 26 vaccines -- the most in the world -- yet more than six U.S. infants die per every 1000 live births. In contrast, Sweden and Japan administer 12 vaccines to infants, the least amount, and report less than three deaths per 1000 live births.

    The authors of the study, Neil Z. Miller and Dr. Gary Goldman, conducted a literature review to determine the immunization schedules for the United States and all 33 nations with better infant mortality rates than the United States. The total number of vaccine doses specified for infants aged less than one year was then determined for each country. The 34 nations were then organized into data pairs consisting of total number of vaccine doses specified for their infants and infant mortality rates. A scatter plot of the data pairs provided evidence of a positive correlation: infant mortality rates and vaccine doses tend to increase together.

    Nations were also grouped into five different vaccine dose ranges. The mean infant mortality rates of all nations within each group were then calculated. Analysis showed "a high statistically significant correlation between increasing number of vaccine doses and increasing infant mortality rates."

    It is instructive to note that many developing nations require their infants to receive multiple vaccine doses and have national vaccine coverage rates (a percentage of the target population that has been vaccinated) of 90% or better, yet their infant mortality rates are poor. Infant mortality rates will remain high in nations that cannot provide clean water, proper nutrition, improved sanitation, and better access to health care.

    Nations with higher (worse) infant mortality rates give their infants, on average, more vaccine doses. This positive correlation, derived from the data, elicits an important inquiry: Are some infant deaths associated with over-vaccination? Is it possible that some nations are requiring too many vaccines for their infants and the additional vaccines are a toxic burden on their health?

    Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS):

    There is some evidence that a subset of infants may be more susceptible to SIDS shortly after being vaccinated. For example, Torch found that unvaccinated babies who died of SIDS did so most often in the fall or winter while vaccinated babies died most often at 2 and 4 months -- the same ages when initial doses of DPT were given to infants. He concluded that DPT "may be a generally unrecognized major cause of sudden infant and early childhood death, and that the risks of immunization may outweigh its potential benefits." It appears as though some infant deaths attributed to SIDS may be vaccine related, perhaps associated with biochemical or synergistic toxicity due to over-vaccination.

    All nations have an obligation to determine whether their immunization schedules are achieving their desired goals.

    You may download the complete study at:

    Funding Acknowledgment: This research received no specific grant from any funding agency in the public, commercial, or not-for-profit sectors. Open Access: The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) donated $2500 and Michael Belkin donated $500 (in memory of his daughter, Lyla) for open access to the journal article (making it freely available to all researchers). NVIC is dedicated to preventing vaccine injuries and deaths through public education.

    About the author: Neil Z. Miller is a medical research journalist and the Director of the Thinktwice Global Vaccine Institute. He has devoted the last 25 years to educating parents and health practitioners about vaccines, encouraging informed consent and non-mandatory laws. He is the author of several books on vaccines, including Vaccine Safety Manual for Concerned Families and Health Practitioners; Make an Informed Vaccine Decision for the Health of Your Child (with Dr. Mayer Eisenstein); and Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective? Past organizations that he has lectured for include the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, the International College of Integrative Medicine, Autism One/Generation Rescue, the Hahnemann Academy of North America, and Dr. Gabriel Cousens' Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center. Mr. Miller is a frequent guest on radio and TV talk shows, has a degree in psychology, and is a member of Mensa.


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    Posted by Health Freedom on January 5, 2012 at 5:07 PM
  8. Comment:
    Sixth study in recent months links mercury in flu shots to brain damage, autism

    "The toxic effects of the mercury, also known in vaccines as Thimerosal, have once again been confirmed, this time by researchers from the University of Brazil. Marking the sixth major study in recent months to condemn the use of mercury in medicine, the new study reveals that mercury causes serious brain damage, and is linked to autism and other developmental diseases in children and Alzheimer's disease in adults.

    Dr. Jose Dorea and his colleagues conducted an extensive, peer-reviewed analysis of various studies and available information in major databases that address the effects of low-dose Thimerosal, or ethylmercury, on neural tissue and behavior. They found conclusively that Thimerosal accumulates in brain tissue, negatively affects brain development, and harms brain cells.

    "Mercury is known to cause serious harm, especially to fetuses and children because of their smaller size," said Lisa Sykes, president of the Coalition for Mercury-free Drugs (CoMeD), a non-profit group dedicated to removing mercury from medicine. "Why remove Thimerosal from pediatric vaccines only to inject it into pregnant women and children with recommended flu shots? They removed Thimerosal from other vaccines, so it should also be removed from flu shots."

    Several other recent studies confirm the numerous dangers posed by mercury, including one recently published in the Folia Neuropathologica that links the toxin directly to autism ( Mercury is also known to disrupt proper immune function, damage DNA, inhibit healthy embryonic development, and cause cancer.

    The vast majority of the flu shots administered in the US still contain Thimerosal, as they come from multi-dose vials that require a preservative in order to prevent contamination. However, CoMeD says there is no reason to continue using Thimerosal since safer alternative preservatives already exist and are currently in use in many pediatric vaccines that used to contain Thimerosal.

    Sources for this story include:

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    Posted by Health Freedom on January 5, 2012 at 5:12 PM
  9. Comment:
    Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated Children: Some Data are In and They are Disturbing

    By Maria D. Majewska

    "While in western countries government officials and their corporate sponsors aggressively resist conducting the studies comparing health of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children , such studies have been, in fact, conducted in Africa. Below is the abstract of one such study from Guinea-Bissau, which shows doubling of mortality rate among infants vaccinated with a single dose of DTP vaccine, and more than quadrupling after the second and third dose. VAERS data also show high infant mortality in the US after DTP vaccination (much higher than from pertussis, diphteria and tetanus together, hence it is clear that DTP vaccine is harming more children than saving. In the EU, there is a relatively high incidence of pertussis (more than 20 000 per year), but total mortality due to this disease was 4 in 2009. At the same time, infant mortality index in western EU countries is 2 or 3 times lower than in the US. These data speak for themselves.

    Int J Epidemiol. 2004 Apr;33(2):374-80.

    The introduction of diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine and child mortality in rural Guinea-Bissau: an observational study.

    Aaby P, Jensen H, Gomes J, Fernandes M, Lisse IM.

    Bandim Health Project, Apartado 861, Bissau, Guinea-Bissau.

    Comment in:

    Int J Epidemiol. 2004 Apr;33(2):381.


    BACKGROUND: and objective Previous studies from areas with high mortality in West Africa have not found diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTP) vaccine to be associated with the expected reduction in mortality, a few studies suggesting increased mortality. We therefore examined mortality when DTP was first introduced in rural areas of Guinea-Bissau in 1984-1987. Setting Twenty villages in four regions have been followed with bi-annual examinations since 1979.

    SUBJECTS: In all, 1657 children aged 2-8 months. Design Children were weighed when attending the bi-annual examinations and they were vaccinated whenever vaccines were available. DTP was introduced in the beginning of 1984, oral polio vaccine later that year. We examined mortality for children aged 2-8 months who had received DTP and compared them with children who had not been vaccinated because they were absent, vaccines were not available, or they were sick.

    MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE: Mortality over the next 6 months from the day of examination for vaccinated and unvaccinated children.

    RESULTS: Prior to the introduction of vaccines, children who were absent at a village examination had the same mortality as children who were present. During 1984-1987, children receiving DTP at 2-8 months of age had higher mortality over the next 6 months, the mortality rate ratio (MR) being 1.92 (95% CI: 1.04, 3.52) compared with DTP-unvaccinated children, adjusting for age, sex, season, period, BCG, and region. The MR was 1.81 (95% CI: 0.95, 3.45) for the first dose of DTP and 4.36 (95% CI: 1.28, 14.9) for the second and third dose. BCG was associated with slightly lower mortality (MR = 0.63, 95% CI: 0.30, 1.33), the MR for DTP and BCG being significantly inversed. Following subsequent visits and further vaccinations with DTP and measles vaccine, there was no difference in vaccination coverage and subsequent mortality between the DTP-vaccinated group and the initially DTP-unvaccinated group (MR = 1.06, 95% CI: 0.78, 1.44).

    CONCLUSIONS: In low-income countries with high mortality, DTP as the last vaccine received may be associated with slightly increased mortality. Since the pattern was inversed for BCG, the effect is unlikely to be due to higher-risk children having received vaccination. The role of DTP in high mortality areas needs to be clarified."

    PMID: 15082643 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]Free Article


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    Posted by Health Freedom on January 5, 2012 at 5:22 PM
  10. Comment:
    Vaccines generated revenue of $27 billion in 2009 alone, despite difficult economic times for the pharmaceutical industry. By 2012, vaccines are expected to bring in more than $35 billion in revenue.”

    Gee - do ya think they can afford any propaganda?

    No incentive to manipulate clinical studies here

    No incentive for corruption here

    The love of money is the root of the vaccine paradigm!

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    Posted by Robert on January 5, 2012 at 5:44 PM
  11. Comment:
    Health Freedom,

    Thanks for taking the time here to share the truth! I have emailed this website to everyone on my mailing list (310+) and have encouraged them to read your postings here.

    Keep up the great work!
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    Posted by Robert on January 5, 2012 at 5:49 PM
  12. Comment:

    Thank you for your comment and for helping to spread the truth about the insanity of the vaccine paradigm!
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    Posted by Health Freedom on January 5, 2012 at 6:06 PM
  13. Comment:
    It is more than curious and very telling that none of the postings by the jabbers here contain a single article or testimony extolling the efficacy of vaccines and yet articles written about the dangers and insanity of vaccines are ubiquitous as the majority of comments here reveal.

    I also find it telling that most all the jabbers subscribe to the same bizarre conspiracy theory that there are these tiny invisible organisms that are invading our bodies and making people sick and unless we shell out money for some snake-oil elixir that we will become victims of these shape-shifting invisible aliens.

    Conspiracy theories, shape-shifting, invisible aliens, snake oil elixirs - does any rational thinking person actually take these people seriously? It sounds more like a scam that would be worthy of someone like Bernie Madoff!
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    Posted by Robert on January 5, 2012 at 6:46 PM
  14. Comment:
    If you want the more gullible among your e-mail followers to read the things "Health Freedom" is posting here, you may as well simply e-mail them the links to naturalnews and age of autism - HF is not "posting" as much has he is copy-and-pasting whole articles, despite how debunked they are.
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    Posted by Mike Schmitt on January 5, 2012 at 6:49 PM
  15. Comment:
    "I also find it telling that most all the jabbers subscribe to the same bizarre conspiracy theory that there are these tiny invisible organisms that are invading our bodies and making people sick"

    LOL ok now this is getting to be too much for me. I call troll. I hope you are a troll, because anyone posting that non-sarcastically is so stupid I can't think of a sufficient word to describe it. I'd get better medical advice from a handful of gravel, and that's a new level of stupid. Please tell me you're trolling - otherwise you may have just instantaneously caused me to lose all faith I may have once had in our educational system.
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    Posted by Mike Schmitt on January 5, 2012 at 6:54 PM
  16. Comment:

    My email list consists of employees at CDC and the FDA. I agree - they are all gullible but i thought it was worth a try. So you do believe in conspiracy theories, shape-shifters, and invisible aliens! I'm beginning to think that the vaccines have gone to your head. Do you also hear voices in your head? Not to worry - there soon will be a vaccine to help people like you. Hang in there!
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    Posted by Robert on January 5, 2012 at 7:24 PM
  17. Comment:
    "So you do believe in conspiracy theories, shape-shifters, and invisible aliens!"

    I believe in conspiracy theories which, it seems to me, would make your head spin. Evolution, gravity, and germ theory, three "theories" which are basically undisputed among scientists (and generally educated people) worldwide. I see you are a germ theory denialist, so it's pretty brave of you to accuse anyone else (with a straight face) of "believing in conspiracy theories", LOL. I gotta admit, though, I'm not really sure how to have any sort of meaningful debate with someone with no grasp on reality, but this is damn amusing, since I wasn't sure germ theory denialists actually existed. I suppose you believe the theory of gravity is a grand "conspiracy theory" too, just the gubbermint trying to "keep you down"?
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    Posted by Mike Schmitt on January 5, 2012 at 7:38 PM
  18. Comment:

    You said "I believe in conspiracy theories"

    Let me see if i got this straight - YOU DO believe in conspiracy theories but you make fun of people that do - That makes you either a hypocrite or schizophrenic. Which is it?
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    Posted by Robert on January 5, 2012 at 7:53 PM
  19. Comment:
    "You said "I believe in conspiracy theories" Let me see if i got this straight - YOU DO believe in conspiracy theories but you make fun of people that do - That makes you either a hypocrite or schizophrenic. Which is it?"

    Is this the best you can do, really? I guess I need to explain my latest post a bit more clearly for you to understand... If you believe germ theory is a "conspiracy theory", then by your standards (as was my point previously), the answer is yes. Some other "conspiracy theories" you might like, as I pointed out, include evolution and the theory of gravity. The latter, it seems to me, would be hard for anyone to be in denial of, but you have astounded me thus far by seemingly being completely ignorant of germ theory, so I'd not be terribly surprised if you've found a way to rationalize your way out from the theory of gravity as well.
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    Posted by Mike Schmitt on January 5, 2012 at 8:07 PM
  20. Comment:

    Oh now I understand! Why did you not just say that your world is one of mere speculation and abstract thought. Why then do you misrepresent what you say here as fact if you're that entrenched in mere theories? I am more into that which is concrete and factual myself.
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    Posted by Robert on January 5, 2012 at 8:22 PM
  21. Comment:
    "I am more into that which is concrete and factual myself."

    Clearly not, if you don't believe in modern scientific teaching with respect to microbial infection/disease. Just out of curiosity, do you also not believe that viruses and bacteria exist?
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    Posted by Mike Schmitt on January 5, 2012 at 8:27 PM
  22. Comment:

    Just curious to know whether or not you believe in any of these once widely accepted theories?

    1) Flat Earth.
    (2) Geocentrism.
    (3) Spontanous generation of life.
    (4) Lamarckian evolution.
    (5) Phlogiston
    (6) Aether
    (7) Greek optics (the rays go from the eyes to the object LOL)
    (8) Aristotelian physics
    (9) Astral influences on societies and people.
    (10) Immunizations

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    Posted by Robert on January 5, 2012 at 8:33 PM
  23. Comment:
    "Just curious to know whether or not you believe in any of these once widely accepted theories?"

    You are confusing me. You're saying you don't believe in germ theory because it's a big "conspiracy theory", but you accept the theory that the earth is round, and you also accept the non-geocentric theory? These both require belief in the same science you reject when you reject germ theory. Also I find it ironic you included the "spontaneous generation of life" on your list, as it was disproven by the very scientist(s) who ended up formalizing germ theory in the first place (namely, Pasteur). I will point out, just for the record, that just because you have included "immunization" in the list does not mean it is in any way discredited among any credible members of the scientific community. This kind of ad-hominem attack is kinda flimsy.

    So I ask again: do you believe viruses and bacteria do not exist?
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    Posted by Mike Schmitt on January 5, 2012 at 8:51 PM
  24. Comment:

    Sure I believe in viruses and bacteria! Viruses are what theorists inject into the bloodstreams of innocent children to keep them from getting a virus and bacteria is what breeds in hospitals where they understand all about the germ theory of disease.
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    Posted by Robert on January 5, 2012 at 9:04 PM
  25. Comment:

    And Children's Tylenol is what doctors recommend parents give to their children after having a reaction to the injection of multiple bugs, germs, viruses, aluminum, thimerosal, formaldehyde, polysorbate 80, phenol, etc. But there is no conspiracy to harm our children unless an 'official' source let's us know???

    Johnson & Johnson Inc. 136 million "bottles" recalled in April 2010:…

    "Unexpired products " were recalled :) If you use Tylenol past the expiration date, they apparently assume you are liable for their defective drugs.…

    Secret Recall, text copied below:…

    Secret Recall of Children's Tylenol Sparks Lawsuit

    By Joe Harris, Courthouse News Service
    05 January 12

    In a scorching complaint that cites internal company memos, parents say their child died because Johnson & Johnson issued a "phantom or stealth recall" of tainted Children's Tylenol, buying up the drugs from stores on the sly without issuing a recall, "so the general public, ignorant of the dangers, would continue buying and administering these brand name drugs to their children."

    Daniel and Katy Moore say their 2-year-old son River died of liver failure in July 2010, the day after he took Children's Tylenol.

    They sued Johnson & Johnson, McNeil Consumer Healthcare, Costco and a long list of others in the chain of supply and distribution, and third-party contractors who allegedly bought up the over-the-counter drugs in the "phantom recall."

    "Defendant Johnson & Johnson, a Fortune 50 Company with $60 billion in annual sales, knew of defects, impurities and contamination in the children's drugs and, yet, embarked on a 'phantom' or 'stealth' recall of these drugs to hide these problems so the general public, ignorant of the dangers, would continue buying and administering these brand name drugs to their children," the complaint states.

    Katy Moore says she gave Tylenol to her son River on July 22, 2010. Within 30 minutes, River was splitting up blood and he died the next day due to liver failure. River's parents claim the Tylenol destroyed his liver.

    They claim the defendants ignored deplorable manufacturing conditions and had numerous recalls of its products, including its infants and children's Tylenol.

    River's parents claim Johnson & Johnson and its McNeil subsidiary hired contractors to secretly go into stores that stocked the tainted products, buy up all the products and not mention the recall to anyone.

    "This clandestine phantom/stealth recall was done without notification to the customers or the retailers to avoid the public shame, the financial impact and regulatory ramifications of a formal recall," the complaint states.

    It continues: "the purpose of the phantom/stealth recall is evidenced in an internal email in which a McNeil executive said, 'We are just trying to prevent a recall and a lot of expended dollars.'

    "In another email, a McNeil executive described the success of the phantom/stealth recall by saying, 'This was a major win for us as it limits the press that will be seen.'

    "On May 27, 2009, defendant Peter Luther sent an email approving the unethical phantom/stealth recall and instructed, 'Let's make this happen ASAP.'

    "Defendant Luther, who defendant Weldon praised as being a loyal J&J employee, was not fired for his intimate roll [sic] in the phantom/stealth recall."

    Weldon is chairman and CEO of Johnson & Johnson, Luther the president of its McNeil subsidiary, according to the complaint.

    The complaint continues: "At the direction of J&J and McNeil's third-party contractors, including [defendants] Inmar Inc., WIS International, and CSCS [Carolina Supply Chain Services], visited various retail outlets and purchased all of the Motrin IB in the store, acting like regular customers.

    "J&J and McNeil directed their third-party contractors, including Inmar Inc., WIS International, and CSCS, not to discuss their purchases as being a recall of the product.

    "Indeed, J&J's specific instructions to the contractors hired to perform the phantom recall indicated that they were to 'quickly enter each store, find ALL of the Motrin product described, make the purchase transaction, secure the receipt, and leave ... THERE MUST BE NO MENTION OF THIS BEING A RECALL OF THE PRODUCT!' [Ellipsis in complaint.]

    "J&J and McNeil subsequently misrepresented to the FDA that their third-party contractors were merely performing an audit of retailers to determine whether McNeil should initiate a formal recall.

    "The FDA eventually became aware of the phantom/stealth recall when it received a copy of an internal memo containing the above instructions and confronted McNeil regarding those activities.

    "On July 9, 2009, as a result of the above, McNeil publicly recalled the Motrin IB, at a delay of approximately 8 months.

    "This phantom/stealth recall, in part, spurred the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform to conduct a congressional investigation and hold two separate congressional hearings in 2010."

    But River's parents say it was too little, too late for their son.

    "Johnson & Johnson and its highly compensated executive knew of the problems with their products, and instead intentionally decided to gamble with River Moore's life because they were more concerned with company profits and meeting the Wall Street analysts' earnings projections, than the health and safety of American children," the complaint states.

    "As a result, the contaminated Children's Tylenol, which never should have been on the market in the first place, caused River Moore's liver failure and death."

    River's parents seek punitive damages for product liability, recklessness, breach of warranty, negligent infliction of emotional distress, violation of consumer protection law, civil conspiracy and wrongful death. They are represented by Thomas Sweeney with Messa & Associates.

    Defendants include Johnson & Johnson, McNeil-PPC Inc., McNeil Consumer Healthcare, McNeil Consumer & Specialty Pharmaceuticals - a division of McNeil PPC Inc., Costco Wholesale Corporation, Inmar Inc., Carolina Supply Chain Services, Carolina Logistics Services, WIS International and eight Johnson & Johnson officials.
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    Posted by ImmunizeWizely on January 5, 2012 at 9:38 PM
  26. Comment:
    "Sure I believe in viruses and bacteria! Viruses are what theorists inject into the bloodstreams of innocent children to keep them from getting a virus and bacteria is what breeds in hospitals where they understand all about the germ theory of disease."

    I can't really argue against someone who's obviously either joking or mentally ill, so I guess this is where I wish you a good night, and possibly I'll be back if anyone decides to make any further posts based in any way on reality.
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    Posted by Mike Schmitt on January 5, 2012 at 9:47 PM
  27. Comment:
    Why, Mike Schmitt, are we cross? What an ugly thing to say. - I abhor ugliness. Does this mean we're not friends anymore? You know, Mike, if I thought you weren't my friend, I just don't think I could bear it.

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    Posted by Robert on January 5, 2012 at 10:15 PM
  28. Comment:
    Think whatever you like, I bear you no ill will ;-)
       report 3 of 3 [Not updated]people like this.
    Posted by Mike Schmitt on January 5, 2012 at 10:32 PM
  29. Comment:

    It's "*bare* you no ill will" :-)
       report 1 of 1 [Not updated]people like this.
    Posted by Robert on January 5, 2012 at 10:41 PM
  30. Comment:
    Ummm... Robert, I don't mean to interrupt, but I do believe it's (bear) in the sense Mike is using the word.

    Maybe we should look for some scientific evidence on that though!

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    Posted by ChristyAnn on January 5, 2012 at 11:27 PM
  31. Comment:
    ChristyAnn & Mike,

    I sit corrected. After much scientific study I discovered that "bear" is the proper usage. Thank you ChristyAnne!
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    Posted by Robert on January 5, 2012 at 11:40 PM
  32. Comment:

    You were just testing us, weren't you? You had me going there for a minute though!
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    Posted by ChristyAnn on January 5, 2012 at 11:44 PM
  33. Comment:
    Health Freedom:

    The idea that autism is, in fact, mercury poisoning has been addressed in some detail here:…

    From the summary:

    "Mercury poisoning and autism both affect the central nervous system but the specific sites of involvement in brain and the brain cell types affected are different in the two disorders as evidenced clinically and by neuropathology. Mercury also injures the peripheral nervous system and other organs that are not affected in autism. Nonspecific symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and irrational fears may occur both in mercury poisoning and in children with autism, but overall the clinical picture of mercurism—from any known form, dose, duration, or age of exposure—does not mimic that of autism. No case history has been encountered in which the differential diagnosis of these 2 disorders was a problem. Most important, no evidence yet brought forward indicates that children exposed to vaccines containing mercurials, or mercurials via any other route of exposure, have more autism than children with less or no such exposure."

    Further studies are linked here:…
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    Posted by James Gavin on January 6, 2012 at 1:10 AM
  34. Comment:
    Merck Paid 3,468 Death Claims to Resolve Vioxx Suits

    "Merck & Co. paid claims to the families of 3,468 users of its Vioxx painkiller who died of heart attacks or strokes, a court-appointed administrator told a judge today.

    A $4.85 billion settlement fund made payments to the families of 2,878 Vioxx users who died of heart attacks and 590 who died of strokes, according to Lynn Greer of BrownGreer LLP, a law firm in Richmond, Virginia, that analyzed 59,365 claims.

    Merck pulled Vioxx from the market in 2004 after a study showed it doubled the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Merck set up the fund, which covers claims of death and lesser injuries, in 2007 after reserving $1.9 billion to fight 26,600 Vioxx suits. U.S. District Judge Eldon Fallon in New Orleans has overseen Vioxx lawsuits since February 2005 through a process known as multidistrict litigation.

    “It’s a remarkable achievement,” Fallon said at a hearing, describing the MDL as the biggest in U.S. history. “We have really finished the large portion of this litigation.”

    Merck won 11 of 16 Vioxx suits at trial before agreeing in 2007 to settle all claims. Merck didn’t admit that Vioxx caused injuries under an accord that set out how BrownGreer was to analyze each claim, weighing such factors as a user’s age, their length of use, and their health risks such as obesity or hypertension.

    Of the 59,365 original claims, 1,343 were deemed ineligible, leaving 58,022 potentially eligible claims, said Orran Brown, chairman of BrownGreer. Almost 25,000 claims resulted in no payment, he said. He said today that 99.9 percent of claims were resolved under the settlement program. ‘Went So Smoothly’

    “We are pleased that the program went so smoothly and we were able to conclude it on schedule and properly,” said Merck attorney Ted Mayer of Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP in New York after the hearing.

    Merck, based in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, settled after battling plaintiffs who claimed in state and federal courts that it didn’t adequately disclose Vioxx safety data to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, didn’t properly warn doctors and patients of the drug’s risks and misrepresented the potential harm in marketing materials.

    Under the program, BrownGreer determined that 20,591 heart attack claims merited payment, including the 2,878 death cases. The average payment for all heart attack cases was $186,825. The payments for fatal heart attacks ranged from $18,743 to $1.79 million, with the average at $374,112.

    The law firm concluded that 12,447 stroke claims merited payment, including the 590 death cases. Average payments for all stroke cases was $61,165. Payments for fatal strokes ranged from $5,015 to $818,119, with the average at $119,618.

    A total of 1,061 different law firms handled Vioxx claims, Brown told the judge.

    “Some of these firms had one client,” Brown told the judge. “Some firms had thousands and thousands of clients.”"


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    Posted by Health Freedom on January 6, 2012 at 1:33 AM
  35. Comment:
    International Medical Council on Vaccination refutes vaccine propaganda with myth-busting report

    "To hear it from proponents of the vaccine industry, vaccines are based on rock-solid science that proves them to be completely safe and widely effective. These beliefs, however, are not factually based on real science but rather a persistent vaccine mythology that has been propagandized by the vaccine industry, medical practitioners and even governments which underwrite vaccine risks.

    The International Medical Council on Vaccination ( has released, exclusively through, a groundbreaking document containing the signatures of over 80 family physicians, brain surgeons and professors of pathology, chemistry and immunity, all of which have signed on to a document stating, on the record, that vaccines pose a significant risk of harm to the health of children and that there is no real science backing the "vaccine mythology" which claims that vaccines are somehow good for children.

    This groundbreaking document, called Vaccines: Get the Full Story, is available as a free download from Click the report cover image on the right to go directly to the download page, where you'll find downloads available in 9 languages, including Spanish, French, Hebrew and Russian.

    You have permission to share this report. Please also share the download page with others so that moms and parents can get educated about the risks associated with vaccines and thereby protect their children from the risk of harm caused by vaccines.

    The vaccine industry's message is like a broken record: Vaccines are "safe and effective," they say. But repeating a lie over and over again does not magically make it true. Any such declaration of vaccine safety or effectiveness must be based on actual scientific inquiry, and the real science is utterly lacking on vaccines. Did you know, for example, that MMR and seasonal flu vaccines have never been clinically tested against non-vaccinated individuals?

    Did you also know that even though vaccines can cause long-term damage in children, with symptoms appearing months or even years later, they are typically only assessed for side effects for two or three weeks?

    What you'll find in this free downloadable report Here's some of what you'll find in this eye-opening report from the International Medical Council on Vaccination (

    • A list of the many MDs, PhDs, NDs and other medical professionals who are signing onto this document and taking a stand to critically question the myth that vaccines are proven to be both safe and effective.

    • Why vaccines have NEVER been proven safe or effective.

    • A list of some of the serious health side effects caused by vaccines.

    • Why autism is associated with vaccines.

    • The profit motivation behind the pharmaceutical industry's persistent vaccine push.

    • A list of which institutions and organizations profit from your sickness.

    • The shocking truth about what's used to make vaccines (aborted fetal tissue, 59 different chemicals, DNA from diseased animals and more).

    • An overview of some of the most dangerous vaccine ingredients, including aluminum and formaldehyde.

    • The truth about conflicts of interest in the vaccine community and why doctors profit from vaccination policies.

    • Why vaccinated children have far worse health outcomes than unvaccinated children (and why the vaccine industry refuses to test vaccines against the long-term health outcomes of unvaccinated children).

    • How to opt out of "mandatory" vaccines.

    • Important advice for parents about how to protect the health of your children while saying NO to vaccines.

    • Online resources for learning more about the dangers of vaccines.

    • A list of recommended reading materials for further education.

    Why this is a must-read report

    This report by the International Medical Council on Vaccination ( is an absolute must-read for parents everywhere. It describes little-known facts about vaccines, children and immune health that the vaccine manufacturers and government health authorities don't want circulated. Whether or not you choose to vaccinate yourself or your children, you owe it to yourself to hear both side of the story before making a decision, and this report tells you the side of the story that your doctor probably doesn't know and your government absolutely does not want you to hear.

    That's because governments underwrite vaccine risk through their government compensation programs. Thus, it is in the interests of governments that vaccines never be shown to cause harm.

    Why the vaccine industry is so desperate to silence dissent Today, I believe the vaccine industry is crumbling. As the truth is finally getting out about the link between MMR vaccines and autism, about the deaths associated with Gardasil, and about the horrifying ingredients used in vaccines, more and more parents are becoming well-informed and choosing to avoid vaccinating their children.

    This is causing the vaccine industry to react with a sense of desperation. That's why the British Medical Journal (BMJ) has resorted to using articles written by a blogger named Brian Deer to spread factually false accusations about some of the top medical specialists in the world who are legitimately questioning the safety of vaccines (such as Dr Andrew Wakefield). Unquestioning obedience to conventional vaccine mythology is so central to the ongoing profitability of the pharmaceutical industry that vaccine manufacturers will resort to practically anything to protect their turf and try to silence anyone who questions what can only be called a dogmatic delusion of vaccine safety and effectiveness.

    Vaccine advocates refuse to debate actual facts about vaccines. That's because the facts, if revealed, would reveal the vaccine industry to be based almost entirely on fraudulent science and profit motives. Those facts include:

    • Vaccines are almost never scientifically tested in randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies using proper placebos such as saline solution. Instead, the industry uses other vaccines as "placebo" in order to try to hide the harm caused by those vaccines.

    • The viral ingredients that go into vaccines are absolutely horrifying, and they include stealth viruses that are not listed on the label, as well as DNA taken from diseased animals such as cows and monkeys.

    • The chemicals used in vaccines are known neurotoxins, and they include mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde. The use of these chemical toxins is not even denied by the vaccine industry. Even worse, these chemicals are injected into the body, bypassing the digestive / liver systems that normally help neutralize toxic substances that might be swallowed. This is why statements from vaccine pitchmen like Dr Oz who claim "there's more mercury in fish than vaccines" are intellectually dishonest and misleading. People don't inject their children with fish.

    • The mainstream media has huge conflicts of interest in reporting on vaccines because virtually all media outlets depend on pharmaceutical advertising money to stay financially afloat. This is why popular news personalities like Anderson Cooper and George Stephanopoulos wildly discredit themselves when they play the roles of on-air attack dogs targeting people like Dr Andrew Wakefield. Notice how they never disclose their own networks' financial ties to Big Pharma?

    • Even governments have huge motivations to make sure MMR vaccines (and other types of vaccines) are never shown to be harmful because they have underwritten vaccine risk through the creation of special funds that pay damages to vaccine victims. If the true risks of vaccines were widely known and acknowledged, the resulting claims from parents of children harmed by vaccines would total in the trillions of dollars.

    • Speaking of vaccine victims, the United States government routinely admits that vaccines cause autism and other harmful effects in children through its Vaccine Injury Compensation Trust Fund, which has paid out tens of millions of dollars in awards to parents whose children were proven to have been harmed by vaccines.

    ... this story gets much, much deeper. The more you look at the facts, the more you realize the vaccine industry is steeped in conflicts of interest, quack science, profit motivations, corrupt individuals and the complete disregard for the safety of children. The vaccine industry is, effectively, one of the most dangerous examples of modern organized crime. Its actions are profiteering and monopolistic, and it maintains its power through a persisted campaign of intimidation, censorship, financial influence and quack science.

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    Posted by Health Freedom on January 6, 2012 at 1:55 AM
  36. Comment:
    Callous Disregard (Book)

    The subject is autism; the suspect is childhood vaccines. This is the account of how a doctor confronted first a disease, and then the medical system that sought and still seeks to deny that disease, leaving millions of children to suffer and a world at risk.

    In 1995 Wakefield came to a fork in the road. As an academic gastroenterologist at the Royal Free School of Medicine and the University of London, Wakefield was presented with a professional challenge and confronted by a moral choice. Previously normal children were, according to their parents, regressing into autism and developing intestinal problems - many parents blamed the MMR vaccine. Trusting in his medical training, parental narrative, and above all, the instinct of mothers for their children’s wellbeing, he chose the hard road.

    Walk that road now, here; some already have - the parents of affected children. Many will, either as parents or grandparents, as the worldwide tsunami of childhood developmental disorders break hearts and bankrupts educational and healthcare infrastructures.

    Wakefield provides the facts, an explanation of the problem that confronted him and his colleagues 15 years ago. He does this in a detailed forensic analysis of the lies, obfuscation, cover ups, and the dystopian science and medicine that panders to commercial interest at the expense of your children.

    (You can purchase the book at the website below)

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    Posted by Health Freedom on January 6, 2012 at 2:08 AM
  37. Comment:
    Health Freedom:

    Popular vaccine misconceptions:…


    Vaccines and SIDS:…

    "This study provides further support that immunisations may reduce the risk of SIDS."…

    This meta-analysis concludes:

    "Immunisations are associated with a halving of the risk of SIDS. There are biological reasons why this association may be causal, but other factors, such as the healthy vaccinee effect, may be important. Immunisations should be part of the SIDS prevention campaigns."


    The EPA reference limits (for methylmercury) are discussed here:…

    Thimerosal is metabolised to ethylmercury:

    Burbacher T.M., Shen D.D., Liberato, N., Grant, K.S., Cernichiari, E. and Clarkson, T. Comparison of blood and brain mercury levels in infant monkeys exposed to methylmercury or vaccines containing thimerosal. Environmental Health Perspectives. 2005; doi:10.1289/ehp.7712

    The myth that mercury from the thiomersal in vaccines is a cause of autism is discussed in detail here:…

    tl:dr version:

    The evidence does not support a causal association between exposure to mercury from thiomersal containing vaccines and autism (or indeed, any deficit in neuropsychological functioning).
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    Posted by James Gavin on January 6, 2012 at 2:30 AM
  38. Comment:
    Health Freedom:

    The article cited by Natural News, from the journal; "Human and Experimental Toxicology":…

    Is discussed here:…

    To quote Bernadine Healy:

    "First, it's shaky ground to compare U.S. infant mortality with reports from other countries. The United States counts all births as live if they show any sign of life, regardless of prematurity or size. This includes what many other countries report as stillbirths. In Austria and Germany, fetal weight must be at least 500 grams (1 pound) to count as a live birth; in other parts of Europe, such as Switzerland, the fetus must be at least 30 centimeters (12 inches) long. In Belgium and France, births at less than 26 weeks of pregnancy are registered as lifeless. And some countries don't reliably register babies who die within the first 24 hours of birth. Thus, the United States is sure to report higher infant mortality rates. For this very reason, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, which collects the European numbers, warns of head-to-head comparisons by country.

    Infant mortality in developed countries is not about healthy babies dying of treatable conditions as in the past. Most of the infants we lose today are born critically ill, and 40 percent die within the first day of life. The major causes are low birth weight and prematurity, and congenital malformations. As Nicholas Eberstadt, a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, points out, Norway, which has one of the lowest infant mortality rates, shows no better infant survival than the United States when you factor in weight at birth."


    tl:dr version:

    The authors claim to have found a linear relationship between infant mortality rates (looking at a single year and a small number of countries - excluding 4 countries whose infant mortality rates did not fit this hypothesis).

    Even if the authors had used a larger data set (looking at multiple years and including nations with higher IMR than the US), controlled the major confounding factors and made some effort to determine if there was actually any sort of correlation between vaccine dose number or whether the infants who died actually died at an age where they would be expected to have received most of the vaccines required within the first year, they would still only have show a rather weak correlation and, as has been pointed out several times already, correlation does not equal causation.
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    Posted by James Gavin on January 6, 2012 at 3:11 AM
  39. Comment:
    Andrew Wakefield sues Brian Deer, the BMJ, and Fiona Godlee Dr Wakefield has lodged a court case against Deer and BMJ.

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    Posted by JustTheFacts on January 6, 2012 at 8:27 AM
  40. Comment:
    Health Freedom:

    I have to admit, I was incredulous when I spoke to my first germ theory denier. After all, we're in the 21st Century and here was someone proposing we ignore more than 200 years of scientific development.


    And so to your copy pasta from Natural News:

    Trying to change a person's blood pH beyond the fairly narrow range: 7.35 - 7.45 would cause them to become either alkalotic or acidotic (neither of which is a good thing). Fortunately the acid environment of the stomach will stop oral bicarb from having any real impact, but the suggestion of using IV bicarb as a treatment for serious illness is dangerous.

    Pleomorphism is a 19th Century idea that was discarded after being proved wrong. Micro-organisms do not arise from diseased tissue.

    The time frame between infection and the onset of symptoms is well known for many illnesses (you may have heard it called the "incubation period").


    Steve Novella on germ theory denial:…

    Then these paired posts (with an embedded video):……

    [At some point, when discussing germ-theory denial, someone always states that Pasteur recanted germ theory on his deathbed:…

    tl:dr version "No he didn't and, even if he had the science would still support Pasteur's conclusions rather than B�champ's"]
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    Posted by James Gavin on January 6, 2012 at 9:25 AM
  41. Comment:
    Health Freedom:

    Regarding your puff piece advertising 'Callous Disregard':

    It's odd that Wakefield didn't offer his 'evidence' during the GMC fitness to practice proceedings or the first time he unsuccessfully attempted to sue Brian Deer...

    But let's look at the book itself:

    He cites CBS news (a favourite on this thread) to support the assertion that the US vaccine court has been compensating for cases of vaccine-caused autism and secretly settling cases out of court.

    [The reality is instead that the vaccine court has evaluated the best test cases lawyers could come up with and has determined that there is no evidence for vaccines causing autism.]…


    He reminds us that the retracted Lancet paper didn't claim that the MMR causes autism.

    [He provides no explanation for filing a patent for his own single measles vaccine and cannot justify his recommendation of single vaccines rather than the MMR at the press conference.]


    He says that he didn't need to highlight his conflicts of interest (as the laws were different at the time).


    He apparently doesn’t understand what was wrong about paying children to let him draw blood samples at his son’s birthday party (or joking about how they had cried, fainted or vomited).


    He claims that lumbar punctures and colonoscopies are part of the normal 'work up' an autistic child would expect in hospital (and that they were offered due to their clinical benefit).


    He repeats the lie that his work has been replicated independently in other countries.


    He states that autism couldn't have existed in the 19th Century because Charcot didn't describe it and that there is a temporal relationship between the introduction of MMR and the rise in autism.

    [However, this study (…) shows that the prevalence rates of autism in adult is the same as that in children (even those adults who were too old to have received any modern childhood vaccines)]


    He attempts to demolish the GMC's case against him.

    [Short version - he doesn't]


    He picks apart an article by Brian Deer.

    [There are many questions left unanswered and it will be interesting to see what happens when/if Wakefield's current libel action goes ahead].

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    Posted by James Gavin on January 6, 2012 at 9:51 AM
  42. Comment:
    Health Freedom:

    [Apologies if I'm missing any of your copy pasta, but the wall-of-text approach isn't conducive to easy reading]

    I did notice you'd referenced the "International Medical Council on Vaccination" or "Medical Voices" as they used call themselves.

    Orac had this to say about their 'position statement'…

    As he points out: "[The IMCV] relies on known anti-vaccine activists and discredited sources of information designed to flog anti-vaccine fears in order to spread the twin lies that vaccines don't work and are dangerous."

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    Posted by James Gavin on January 6, 2012 at 10:02 AM
  43. Comment:
    Health Freedom:

    The paper regarding DTP in Guinea-Bissau:…

    Was investigated by the World Health Organisation, who reported in 2002:…

    "Analysis of the WHO-sponsored studies is now complete. All the studies show reduced mortality rates in the children vaccinated with all of the vaccines. In particular, the studies showed no negative effect of DTP vaccination and no difference was found between males and females."
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    Posted by James Gavin on January 6, 2012 at 10:23 AM
  44. Comment:
    Mr Gavin,

    All your pseudoscience and so-called evidence has been debunked over and over and over and over again in this forum. Evidently, either because you can't read, comprehend or just plain don't want to get it, you desire to persists in your folly. Believe me, I know that there is plenty of well-funded propaganda out there for you to grab onto to support your untenable position and I see that you have found some of the largest pharmaceutical trash troves of lies and misinformation. I've met only a handful of people like yourself that make a living at spreading the lies that are a cover-up for the murdering of innocent, defenseless children. I can even understand the danger for your mental health in accepting the truth - that vaccines have killed and maimed millions around the globe. But the truth needs no defense and will win out and indeed there is every year more and more people waking up to the truth about the dangers and deadliness of the sorcerer's concoctions . History will announce and proclaim your ignorance for generations to come and your point, copy and paste dissemination of junk science will be apparent to all but the mentally challenged.

    You have made no converts here or probably anywhere else for that matter and you have only encouraged those of us that are enlightened and awake to keep spreading the truth. I am content in knowing that I and others have consumed your time here where indeed your efforts have been totally fruitless and wasted. I really do hope you will continue to stick around so I can continue in my contentment - knowing that you can't be in two places at one time and thus won't be able to infect the minds of some who, through lack of education or research, might be impressed by your ability to locate the deposits of junk science and cover-up propaganda that was paid for with blood money.

    I suspect that your mindset is the product of some intense brainwashing by one of the lamestream medical mafia's indoctrination centers and that you are absolutely incapable of thinking outside their paradigm or of having any original thoughts of your own on the issue at hand.

    As for me it was a real pleasure, as it always is, to meet more like-minded people who have broken free from the medical matrix and are awake and alive to the truth. Most all of us, like yourself, were also once slaves to deception until someone or something entered our lives that shook us loose from the old medical paradigm that is your prison. Flat earthers like yourself will tenaciously hold to their beliefs till the end but reason, logic and commonsense will win out in the end and your brand of pseudoscience will end up on the trash heap of discarded theories along with all the others.

    I invite you to stick around this forum and copy and paste to your heart's content. Who knows - someone, perchance, might stumble in here and actually mistake your brand of cognitive dissonance for the truth.
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    Posted by Health Freedom on January 6, 2012 at 12:05 PM
  45. Comment:
    Wow. Mr. Gavin has nothing else to do but post comments on here. Well, it's at least entertaining to see someone go at it so fiercely, unable to see that it is a complete waste of their time because their efforts aren't convincing anyone.

    Does he really think anyone here gives 2 @#$#'s about what Orac has to say? How about Bowditch or what's his name being sued right now from QuackWatch, QuackBusters, whatever? I was a "victim" of their's once at a workshop I did. They harassed me during my presentation (but I kicked their rear ends and made them look like the idiot jerks they are) and then they stalked me in the parking lot, wrote down my license plate number, looked in the windows of my car to see what I had in there (wonder if they saw my gun!) and then proceeded to follow me when I got in my car for miles to see where I was spending the night. The same folks harassed a friend of mine who was fighting a fluoride battle. Followed her all the way to Chicago. They also threatened the life of someone who shall remain nameless (they know who I'm talking about) at one of her seminars. Great bunch they are.

    If vaccines work and they are so great and so safe, then Mr. Gavin and those like you, please, go get them. What ever do you have to fear from the rest of us who choose not to? I'm sorry if you are jealous of the superior health that we enjoy or if my not allowing my child to be completely jacked up with neurotoxins so he can be labeled and fall somewhere on the spectrum doesn't fit into the agenda that the powers that be have for us, but I'm not vaccinating myself or my child and I'll gladly die over the issue.

    I saw in an earlier post something about how vaccines aren't mentioned as a cause of brain inflammation in some stupid IOM report. Good God have mercy if that isn't the EASIEST thing to find in the medical literature. It's all over the place and it's called chronic hypoxia, encephalopathy, encephalitis, etc. They have actually purposely caused brain inflammation in mice using guess what, pertussis antigen. All vaccines cause it to some degree. Anyone who doensn't get that has some major problems. It's clear as day. After 15 years of research there's really nothing quite as clear as that. I'm done here, have fun hashing this all out. I'm going to go pick up my beautiful, super healthy, awesome unvaccinated 15 year old from school and enjoy a nutritous lunch with him. He got student of the month, which wasn't really that hard given that everyone else is vaccine damaged and brain injured.

    FYI, I have a very medically oriented family including a surgeon, nurse, CFO and CEO of a hospital, NONE of them are getting any vaccinations at this point now that they've read much of the information I've provided over the years. I have a PhD immunologist friend who agrees with me. Vaccinations are ineffective and dangerous, the end, period, end of discussion. Biggest scam of all time. I also know 3 people who have been compensated by the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program for either the death or the permanent damage caused to their child by vaccines. My own daughter died from vaccines but not in the window for which you can qualify for the program. I don't know 4 million people so that throws the "1 in a million" statistic for severe injury or death out the window.
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    Posted by noshots4me on January 6, 2012 at 12:50 PM
  46. Comment:
    Health Freedom:

    Once again you assert that all the medical studies I have referenced have been debunked - once again you offer ad hominem instead of evidence to support this position.

    I would much rather we discussed the facts, so if you change your mind please let me know.

    In the meantime I'll continue to offer more scientific counterpoint to the misinformation you are copy and pasting.
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    Posted by James Gavin on January 6, 2012 at 12:50 PM
  47. Comment:

    I'm uncertain whether you are using a reductio ad absurdum in your post, so forgive me if I've misunderstood.

    Obviously someone doesn't need to personally know 4 million people in order to know four who are afflicted by a outcome that has a 1 in a million chance of occuring. These are probabilities.

    By the same token, I don't personally know anyone who has been compensated by the NVIC program. But that doesn't have any bearing on whether the risk of adverse vaccine events has been correctly estimated.


    The IOM report here:…

    Does mention inflammation of the brain:

    When discussing Varicella Vaccine they include:

    "Vaccine strain viral reactivation with subsequent infection resulting in meningitis or encephalitis (inflammation of the brain)"

    As one of four adverse events where the evidence supports a causal relationship.

    Under MMR they note:

    "The MMR vaccine is linked to a disease called measles inclusion body encephalitis, which in very rare cases can affect people whose immune systems are compromised and usually occurs within a year of acute measles infection or vaccination."

    Contrary to what may occur in mice deliberately afflicted with Pertussis, they did not find enough evidence to either support or reject a causal relationship between other vaccines and encephalitis.


    I note your accusations against various skeptical bloggers, but would suggest that is a police matter.

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    Posted by James Gavin on January 6, 2012 at 1:28 PM
  48. Comment:
    Mr. Gavin,

    The truth is apparent to those with an open mind. Please spend as much time as you can right here. I'm sure that your one or possibly two followers would miss you greatly if you went elsewhere.

    Do you take requests? I would like to see here as much as you can obtain, copy and paste from those wonderful, altruistic, selfless people at the WHO. I think that their genocidal schemes provide fascinating insight into the area of abnormal psychology.

    Why don't you tell us a little about yourself as it is important to know the messenger as well as their message because for all we know you might just be a shill for the pharmaceutical (comes from the Greek word for sorcery and witchcraft) companies and I personally would like to know whether or not I can rule that out in concluding what your motives might be in spending so much time here, beating a dead dog so to speak. Did you graduate from high school?

    I imagine that you must be the epitome of health having embraced so much of what is working in the area of mainstream medicine. Do you believe that the reason that we are one of the sickest countries in the world is because we are just not able to consume enough of the wonder drugs that the brilliant scientists have provided? I know some people that ingest over 10-15 pharmaceutical drugs a day and are extremely sick. Do you think if they took another 10-15 drugs that they would be cured by the miracle that is modern medicine.? I also know several individuals that are no longer alive today after receiving chemotherapy and radiation treatments. How does one decide whether it was the cancer that killed them or the treatments? Do you believe that the flushing of tons of chemically-based pharmaceutical drugs into our drinking water supply will eventually provide health and wellness to all if they will simply drink more water? Are you hopeful that modern science will eventually have a vaccine for depression, obesity, smoking, and even for people that don't agree with you? Do you think that it is necessary for surgeons to wash their hands prior to cutting and dicing? - because as you might know there was a time that the entire medical society used to laugh at the idea that performing surgery with unwashed hands was killing patients - oops! Did you know that just one drug prescribed by your heroes killed over 45,000 people in this country and over 185,000 people were adversely effected? - heart attacks, strokes, etc? - oops Do you think if I did that, I would stand trial for mass murder? Do you believe that mass murder is OK if it's done in the name of science? What do you think about human experimentation where the patients have no idea what's being perpetrated on them? Do you think that drug addiction is OK as long as they are approved drugs? Do you think that pharmaceutical company's markup on certain drugs at 2,000% is reasonable? Do you think that the deaths caused by statin drugs is just collateral damage in the war on heart disease? Do you think that we would all be better off living in Adlous Huxley's "Brave New World"? Are you an advocate of scientific dictatorships?

    What's your position on the creation of chimeras? Are you an advocate of forced inoculations? Do you favor forced treatment such as chemotherapy on people that just don't understand how injecting chemical toxins into their bodies is good for them? Do you believe in the sanctity of life? Do you think if we gave another trillion dollars to cancer research that they might finally have a cure? Do you think that the cancer industry will be OK with a cure for cancer, seeing how the money spout will dry up? Do you really believe that the CEOs and shareholders of major pharmaceutical companies will welcome a cure for anything? It's my understanding that these same CEOs have a fiduciary obligation to increase the value of their company's stock? How will that happen once they find a cure? Please explain to me how anyone in the medical industry could possibly have a vested interest in seeing people get well. That would put them out of a job! Thank God we don't see that happening anytime soon during this millennium! Is it true that most doctors get the majority of their drug education from pharmaceutical representatives? Do you believe there might be a conflict of interest there? Did you know that going to see a doctor is the third leading cause of death in the US? What say you on the subject of iatrogenics? What's up with that? Do you recommend someone going to the hospital even though over 100,00+ people acquire some sort of infection by doing so? What do you think about the fact that more people in this country die from legally prescribed medications then they do from illegal drugs?

    Come on answer man - help me out here because it just seems like so much insanity to me.
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    Posted by Health Freedom on January 6, 2012 at 2:20 PM
  49. Comment:
    Mr. Gavin,

    I know it must be difficult for you to find answers to my previous questions as they do not make themselves speedily answerable via the mainstream medical websites that you have readily available and are so fond of copying from. There hasn't been much attention paid to the mass murderers who push untested drugs on an unsuspecting populace such as Vioxx. Have you ever figured out that most of the drug testing is done AFTER the drugs are approved by the FastDrugApproval criminals? It's the same with the vaccines. Not very scientific in my opinion but who am I to argue with success - I mean the profits speak for themselves.

    You know - if you only had a l'il insight into human nature, you would understand that my position on the issues here is not only highly plausible but highly probable as well. I realize that all your reading, copying and pasting from medical mainstream websites has not left you a great deal of time for exploring and understanding human nature - I understand. Tell me - do you think greed, corruption and evil ever enter the equation relative to the medical industry? To what extent? I mean how would we ever know if these companies are being run by psychopaths as most psychopaths can interact and blend in with society, never revealing their true nature. Have you ever studied the history of pharmaceutical companies? Remember I.G. Farben? Where did all those nice people go after World War II? I think you will be surprised. Yes, Virginia there really have been psychopaths who worked for the large pharmaceutical companies. But hey - it was either come to work for U.S. or be tried for war crimes. I guess I would have decided the same if I was a Nazi war criminal. Conspiracy theories - there's just no end to them - I know. You might just gain a world of insight in researching the case of I.G. Farben via the Nuremburg Trials. I can recommend a few well researched books on the matter if you are interested. What do you think about the renown Doctor Joseph Mengele? - You'd probably got along great with the man as he was big jabber and vaccine advocate.

    Did you ever get a chance to read some of the books proffered here, written by Morris Beale or did you just dismiss my suggestion based upon a single website written by one of his detractors. I mean if you really want facts - ""The Drug Story" is a factalogical history of America's $10 billion drug cartel (in 1949), its methods, operations, hidden ownership, profits and terrific impact on the health of the American people." I'd like to see you refute it myself. But hey, I understand that you're a busy man and that you may not be much of a reader outside of medical propaganda websites as i have seen no indication here from the plethora of your posts that would suggest to me that you are. All one-sided research does not tend towards developing fully orbed individuals - I undestand.

    Now you can assert your ad-hominem argument all you want but I really would like some answers from the answerman.

    FYI - The Greek word "pharmakia" literally means "drugs", and appears five times in the New Testament: in Gal 5:20, Rev 9:21, 18:23, 21:8, and 22:15. "Pharmakia" is translated into our English Bible as either "witchcraft" or "sorceries". We also get our English words "pharmacy" and "pharmaceutical" from the Greek word "pharmakia".

    Therapeia (Tarabya in Turkish) lies on the European shore of the Upper Bosporus. In ancient times the place was called Pharmakea, a name pointing to the poison (pharmakon in Ancient Greek means poison) allegedly dropped by Medea onto the Thracian coast. According to tradition, the area was later named Therapeia by Patriarch Attikos as a euphemism or thanks to its climate.1 The Dictionary of History and Geography (Lexikon Istorias kai Geografias) by Voutyras and Karidis includes the following comments about the name of Therapeia: “the gulf of Therapeia, formed after Kalender and previously called Pharmakeus, was named so by patriarch of Constantinople Attikos, who did not want to defame the place where he held his meetings and, according to Socrates Scholastikos, gave it its current name Therapeia”
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    Posted by Health Freedom on January 6, 2012 at 4:27 PM
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    I love and appreciate the passion with which you write, Thank you for taking the time to share here. You appear to have the same distaste for pompous, bloviating, ignorant, arrogant, windbags as myself. You know it's been my observation that people that follow the medical mainstream road to HELLth just seem to have all the life and passion sucked out of them - even their words bring death and not life. I consider them to be toxic individuals and not just on the physical plane either. They want to argue and debate whereas our motives are to love and to educate. Your sharing from your heart is refreshing and it's been a pleasure meeting you here.
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    Posted by Health Freedom on January 6, 2012 at 5:26 PM

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