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News Index: Mostly from year 2001.

FDA Closes Merck Vaccine Plant for Violation - Dr. Mercola's site.
23 page report of FDA re Merck Inspection,
Children: Inoculate, or Confiscate? Your Choice. May 1999

BBC News: Gates' vaccination drive attacked
What happens to doctors who don't play ... 9Nov01
MMR vaccine goes Quadruple
India: Children made sick by Oral Polio Vaccine or Vitamin A? & WHO denies.
Open Letter to President Bush Re Smallpox Order (10Nov01)
Dr Mercola's site: Evidence of a Science Bending Group Within the CDC?

Health officials supply suspect baby vaccine
Medical Editor Rips Into FDA 29Jun01
Mandatory Vaccinations, including AIDS vaccine
Dr. Len Horowitz, Transcript of Gabon, Africa presentation
Letter to the Editor (1May01) Sandpoint ID Vaccination

Congressman Wants Recall of MMR Vaccine, Citing Autism Risk
Subject: MMR and Mercury??? (30Apr01)
Comments on IOM Report and 4/25-26 Congressional Hearings
Ias.Org.NZ site: Hepatitis B vaccine -patient research-
BBC News Why not vaccinate? (foot&mouth 26Apr 01)
Autism A Recent Rise in Finland.htm (25Apr01)

Genocide of Natives via Vaccination
Survey..Vaccines Cause Chronic Diseases
PRI Weekly Briefing - anti-pregnancy vaccine
Putting Toddlers at Risk with Mandated Vaccines
New Autism MMR Report - NVIC statement

Ltr to the Ed - Idaho Immunization Rates
Hep B Vac For Newborns -- Down -- Hooray!!! (23Apr01)
Idaho Governor Kempthorne needs your help!!!! (22Apr01 Idaho Law)
Idaho ranks last in child immunizations (18Apr01)
Foot and Mouth fiasco latest!!! (20Mar01 note and Link)

foot in mouth disease --politics again (6Mar01)
SunToads Health News---Health Freedom Bill in Florida passed into law
Mercury in Vaccines -- Cumulative Problems.....(March2001)
Misc.: Healthy News You Can Use March 14, 2001 site: GREAT SCOTT by ALEITA HOPPING SCOTT (Insulin)

Facts About Fluoridation: Most of Eurpoe has removed: Dr. Mercola's site.
More Vaccine Propaganda (16Jan01)

Lyme Disease Vaccine Questioned (15Apr01)
How Vaccines Are Made (25Nov2000)

Merck - Vaccine Packet Insert (Hep B) (28Nov00)
Experts Decry Vaccination Misuse (giving to unhealthy) (10Sep00)
MMR combined with Varicella Vax (12Apr01)

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