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Gardasil did it/Fue el Gardasil
Published on May 25, 2017
[Spanish with English subtitles.]
Gardasil is shattering and ending young lives around the world. These interviews show the testimonies of victims of the HPV vaccine and the damage caused by it, accompanied by a song especially composed for this documentary.

El Gardasil está destruyendo y acabando con la vida de jóvenes por todo el mundo. Estas entrevistas muestran los testimonios de las víctimas de la vacuna contra el VPH y el daño causado por la misma, acompañadas de música, especialmente compuesta para este documental.

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Mandatory vaccinations will become law for schoolchildren in Italy
May 24, 2017
(Natural News) The plague of forced vaccination has spread: After striking Australia, the call to mandate immunizations has made its way to Italy. Beatrice Lorenzin, Italy’s Health Minister has declared that any children that do not have “appropriate” vaccinations will no longer be allowed to attend state-funded schools.

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Measles outbreaks caused by suppressed immune systems, not “anti-vaxxers,” finds intriguing air pollution study
May 22, 2017 by: Amy Goodrich
The new study published in the journal Environmental Research found that exposure to air pollution is significantly associated with measles outbreaks in China. This confirmed the previous thought that exposure to a germ is not the only cause of infection. Whether we get sick or not also depends on the health of our immune system, which in turn depends on various nutritional and environmental factors, such as the suppression of our immune system through air pollution.

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Zinc lozenges proven to greatly speed recovery from colds and flu by 300%
May 22, 2017 by: Earl Garcia
(Natural News) Zinc acetate lozenges were found to effectively accelerate recovery from common colds, according to a recent analysis published in Open Forum Infectious Diseases.

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