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RFK. Jr's Response to Criticism from his Family that Politico Would Not Publish: Americans can Handle an Open Discussion
August 16th 2019, Written By: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
CHD NOTE: In early May 2019, Politico Magazine published an article written by three of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.'s relatives, criticizing his advocacy for safe vaccines. After numerous requests, Politico magazine has refused to publish his response.

Three of my Kennedy relatives recently published an article criticizing my advocacy for safe vaccines. Our contentious family dispute highlights the fierce national donnybrook over vaccinations that has divided communities and raised doubts about the Democratic Party's commitment to some of its defining values: abhorrence of censorship, wariness toward excessive corporate power, support for free speech, religious freedom, and personal sovereignty over our bodies, and the rights of citizens (codified in the Nuremberg Code and other treaties to which we are signatories) to decline unwanted government-mandated medical interventions. The debate has also raised questions about the independence of our press and its role as a champion of free speech, and First Amendment rights as a bulwark against overreaching by government and corporations.

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‘1 in 7 Kids In England Skip MMR Vaccine,’ According to New Report
Jim Satney August 20, 2019
Public Health England is issuing warnings following the release of data suggesting that one in seven five-year-olds aren’t MMR vaccinated. With measles cases popping up all around Europe, the PHE believes that lack of vaccines is causing an uptick in the illness.

In England, there have been 230 cases of measles. But many people in England are revolting against vaccines due to concerns over their safety. This has the PHE up in arms advising the public to get their children measles vaccinated. The World Health Organization recently pulled England’s status as a measles-free zone.

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Kansas Attorney Files Vaccine Lawsuit After State Attempts To Vaccinate Son
Jim Satney August 19, 2019
A Kansas City lawyer and his wife have filed a lawsuit in Blue Valley, Kansas that calls out Kansas vaccine requirements as “unconstitutional and archaic.”

For Linus and Terri Baker, this is not the first lawsuit filed over the issue of vaccines. In 2017, the couple sued the Kansas Department of Children and Families for proclaiming that the department would vaccinate their now 4-year-old son against their wishes. The department eventually backed down from the order. But a federal judge dismissed the Baker’s suit. Now that their son is nearly school age, the couple intends to reopen litigation.

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A Humbling Exposé into the Creation of Mortality Rates and its Impact on Our Public Health Beliefs and Choices
Informed Choice Washington, July 12, 2019, Joy M. Fritz - The Untrivial Pursuit·Saturday, September 8, 2018
I work with doctors, county coroners and the vital records registrars every day to create death records. It's what I do for a living and I wanted to share my thoughts on the mortality rates that are thrown around on mainstream and social media every year regarding the influenza epidemic. Please note: The information I am sharing is not limited to infectious disease reporting, but rather, serves as a case study of how the mortality rate recording system (mal)functions at large.

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Truth Will Prevail
1200 Studies that refute vaccine claims
August 2019
Get Your FREE Copy of 1200 Studies [Revised]
718 page interactive eBook containing excerpts from well over 1,200 published PubMed studies, containing thousands of references. The science contradicts what we are being told by many medical doctors, the media, our government officials and the pharmaceutical industry about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines.

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