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How Much Do You Really Know About Vaccine Safety?
December 16, 2017 (Dr Mercola)
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* Recent research examined health outcomes following the introduction of diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTP) and oral polio vaccine in Guinea-Bissau, which took place in the early 1980s

* DTP vaccine was associated with five-fold higher mortality than being unvaccinated. According to the authors, “All currently available evidence suggests that DTP vaccine may kill more children from other causes than it saves from diphtheria, tetanus or pertussis”

* Both the U.S. Congress and the Supreme Court have concluded that government licensed vaccines are "unavoidably unsafe.” Vaccines also have the highest number of recalls of any drug

* 1 in 6 American children has a developmental disability, which includes ADD, ADHD, autism, learning disabilities, mental disabilities, seizures and stammering. Many of these are also listed or known side effects of vaccines

* 54 percent of children have a diagnosed chronic illness, including asthma, chronic ear infections, diabetes, food and/or environmental allergies and epilepsy. This list also mirrors many of the acknowledged side effects of vaccines, and the rise in prevalence of these diseases parallel the rise in required vaccines

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Increase in Vaccine-Related Shoulder Injuries
December 12, 2017
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* Shoulder injury related to vaccine administration, or SIRVA, causes chronic pain and loss of range of motion in the shoulder

* Cases are on the rise, and 202 people were awarded compensation for SIRVA from the federally operated vaccine injury compensation program in 2016

* If a vaccine is given too high on the shoulder, the vaccine may provoke the immune system to attack the bursa, a fluid-filled sac that protects shoulder tendons, leading to debilitating symptoms

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Government Issues First Report in 2017 on Vaccine Injuries and Deaths: 275 Injured 4 Dead from Flu Shot
December 8, 2017 by Brian Shilhavy, Editor, Health Impact News
The federal government Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines (ACCV) under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services just concluded their first meeting of 2017 on September 8th.

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Vaccines: 15 Children Dead After Measles Vaccination Program
10th June 2017
A botched measles vaccines program killed 15 children
A measles vaccination campaign has left 15 children dead, some as young as 2 years old, as a direct result of their vaccine administration.

A government inquiry has found that unsafe vaccines were the cause of death for fifteen children, all under the age of 5 years old, with dozens more left sickened in the rural town of Kapoeta in South Sudan early last month.

The vaccinations were carried out by the country’s Ministry of Health, who also vaccinated 300 other children.

Aside from the fatalities, another 32 children were left ill with fever, diarrhea, and vomiting following the vaccination.

The vaccines were provided by UNICEF, with funding and technical advice from the World Health Organization (WHO).

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Vaccine Deficient Employees Fired to Gain Health Care Funding
December 05, 2017
Just before Thanksgiving, Duluth-based Essentia Health, a company which owns and operates 15 hospitals and 75 medical clinics in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota and Idaho, fired 69 employees who refused to get an annual flu shot

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