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Solid Research on Autism in Dogs Lacking
June 11, 2018 by Marco Cáceres
On Apr. 23, 2018, the British television show Good Morning Britain tweeted the following message on Twitter: “We’re looking to speak to pet owners who haven’t given their pets vaccinations because they’re concerned about side effects—as well as people who have done so and now believe their pet has canine autism as a result.”

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Earn $3,500 As Human Vaccine Test Subject At St. Louis Hotel
Posted By: Vaxxter Staff 06/11/2018
The ultimate vacation dream has finally come true. You can earn $3,500 dollars and stay at a hotel in St. Louis, as well, you get subjected to the flu and flu shots.

That’s right, a St. Louis University research team is so desperate to test out new flu vaccines that they are willing to pay people to stay in a flu infested hotel and eventually get a flu shot. The flu virus will be shot as a nasal spray inside of your nose. Following that, you will either get a real flu shot or a placebo.

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Are Cochrane Reviews Truly "Independent and Transparent"?
June 5th 2018 by GreenMedInfo LLC
Policy-makers often attach considerable importance to systematic reviews when they make decisions about health care strategies and future policy directions. A systematic review is a “study of studies” that reviews the available body of evidence for a given disease or health topic in a “standardized and systematic way.”

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China Ramps Up Experimental Vaccine Arms Race Against Merck In Congo
Posted By: Vaxxter Staff 06/09/2018
The is being said to be potential breeding ground for an Ebola outbreak. Of course, this has health officials and political figures alike, seeking out measures that would hopefully prevent the spread of the dangerous illness.

Vaccine manufacturers, as fate would have it, are now outright competing for the business of supplying the region with a vaccine. If this sounds like something out of The Onion, be warned, this is real life.

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Legislating Vaccine “Re-Education Sessions”
Posted By: Sherri Tenpenny, DO 06/08/2018
Across the country, state legislatures are trying to pass bills that would require parents to have an office visit with a pro-vaccine, mainstream physician before they can exercise their right to refuse. This new tactic has been investigated over the last several years by the American Academy of Pediatrics. For example, in this 2006 article, “Vaccine Delays, Refusals, and Patient Dismissals: A Survey of Pediatricians,” reported this information:

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