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Beware of Medicine Marching in Lockstep With Government, Personal Reflections
Vera Sharav, President of the Alliance for Human research Protection, September 3, 2019
The following are my personal reflections about the profound threat posed by government-dictated mandatory childhood vaccination schedules.
As a child survivor of the Holocaust I learned indelible lessons about the nature of evil. I was 3-1/2 years old when my family was uprooted & chased out of our home in Romania. We were herded into a concentration camp, where my father died. My experience as a child has sensitized me to the threat posed by government dictates that sever parents’ right to protect their children. Not only is protecting one’s child a parental human right; it is a primal instinct.

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Three New Reasons to Question Vaccine Effectiveness Amid “Anti-Vaxxer” Censorship
Melissa Dykes Apr 05, 2019
There are a lot of reasons people question vaccines in a country with the most aggressive vaccine schedule in the world where citizens are not allowed to directly sue vaccine manufacturers for vaccine-induced injuries.

While the censorship rages against the so-called “anti-vax” community to shut down online content that even questions the safety and effectiveness of vaccines on various platforms including YouTube, Facebook, and even Amazon, it’s quietly coming out all over the place that our vaccines just really aren’t as effective as the CDC, Big Pharma, it’s lackeys (again, this), and the pro-vaccine crowd would have everyone believe.

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What the CDC Won’t Tell You About SV40, Polio Vaccines and Cancer

CDC Admits Polio Vaccine May Have Given Millions Cancer

What Event are YOU planning for the 10th Anniversary of OCTOBER Vaccine Injury Awareness Month?
October 2019
Events are being planned all over the world.
NYC's Event will be held on 10/12/19, Saturday starting at 2pm.

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2019 Vaccine Awareness Week Update

NEW VAX VS. UNVAX DATA: Autism Rates Show Unvaccinated At 1 in 715, Partially Vaccinated 1 in 440
It was in late February when Oregon officials heard testimony on House Bill 3063 (HB 3063), a new bill seeking to eliminate all non-medical exemptions to vaccination in the state. At the time, much of Oregon was still reeling from a historic winter storm that caused an airport closure, brought cities to a standstill due to massive snowfall, and caused the Oregon Department of Transportation to shut down several highways. Despite the weather conditions, the bill’s hearing was moved up a full week and residents were given only two days notice to attend. Nevertheless, the hearing drew hundreds of parents as wrote, “Normally sedate hallways were packed with giggling kids…Two overflow rooms quickly filled with people — many wearing stickers opposing House Bill…”

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How You’re Being Lied to about the Risks of Getting a Flu Vaccine Annually
by Jeremy R. Hammond | Jan 11, 2019
The government and media systematically deceive the public about what science tells us about the risks of getting an influenza vaccine every year.

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