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Miami: Reversing Autism - May 22, 2004

SATURDAY MAY 22, 2004 - 8 am to 5 pm


This all-day conference is directed towards parents of children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) together with clinicians and health care professionals seeking to advance their awareness of therapeutic options for reversing the symptoms of Autism.


Andy Wakefield, MD - Gastroenterologist & Research Director, ICDRC

Dr Wakefield’s current research is an investigation of the immunological and pathological changes occurring in association with autistic enterocolitis, and the relationship of this condition to possible environmental causes such as childhood vaccines. His research, dedication to ASD children & IOM testimony has brought him international acclaim.

Timothy Buie, MD— Harvard University
Pediatric Gastroenterologist at MassGeneral

Dr. Buie is an instructor of Pediatrics at Harvard and a clinician & consultant with the LADDERS program. He is known for his expertise in diagnosing children with GI complications and dynamic approach to treating gut issues in children on the spectrum. His current research work regards carbohydrate enzyme deficiencies in ASD.

Andrew Levinson, MD Founder & Director - Vitality Health & Wellness

Dr. Levinson is an orthomolecular psychiatrist, with expertise in treating children on the spectrum. His work in heavy metal detoxification, nutritional therapies and dietary intervention offers effective options to parents looking for treatment alternatives to pharmacologic sedation and institutionalization.

David Berger, MD Director of Pediatrics Vitality Health & Wellness

Dr. Berger is an expert in treating children with ASD. His comprehensive appreciation of the potential risks of vaccine injury and the biochemistry of the pathways that are affected in Autism give him insight that few other doctors have.

Sign Up Now!
Call (305) 466-1100
or Register Online by Clicking Here

 Early Registration $115 /
$140 after May 14
Parking and Lunch Included

Sign Up Now!
Call (305) 466-1100
or Register Online by Clicking Here


FIU Biscayne Bay Campus
3000 NE 151 Street
North Miami, FL. 33181

Doreen Granpeesheh, Ph.D
Director & Founder C.A.R.D.

Dr. Granpeesheh has been providing diagnosis, assessment and behavioral treatment for children with Autism and related disorders for over 25 years.  She founded CARD in 1990 and has provided ABA services for over 5000 children through CARD's 14 offices worldwide.

Jeff Bradstreet, MD FAAFP
Founder & Director, ICDRC

Dr. Bradstreet's current research in the area of genetics, environmental toxins and biochemistry redifines the diagnosis of Autism. He is an adjunct professor at two universities and is the founder of the International Child Develop-ment Resource Center (ICDRC).

Join Us the evening of May 22 for a Fund-raiser in Honor of Dr. Wakefield at
 225 Altara Avenue in Coral Gables.

This event is Sponsored by Oleomed. All monies raised will go toward Autism research (Medical Interventions for Autism—MIA 501(C)3. Cocktails, Live Art Auction & Dinner with the Speakers.
Call (305)466-1100 for an Invitation.


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