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Sunrise Rotary Club in Boise

A few of you know that I was invited to speak at the Sunrise Rotary Club in Boise. I decided to make the trip after Dr. Sherri Tenpenny's excellent talk and ended up speaking on Tuesday, Sept. 24 to a group of 70 Rotarians. The entire experience was quite incredible and historical. In fact, I do not believe any of us anti-vaxers have ever had such an opportunity. It was definitely a first for me! You see, the person who invited me told the group that he was bringing in a speaker to talk on vaccinations. There was no mention that I was an "anti" -- it was just assumed that I would be giving a pro-vaccine talk. So when I gave the following exactly 20-minute presentation (time allotted), I was clearly speaking to a hostile crowd. Although I knew the crowd would be status quo judges, lawyers, doctors, nurses, social workers, govt. workers, etc., I wasn't quite prepared for the response. I prefaced my talk by thanking them for the opportunity to share with them this relatively unknown information on vaccines. I told them that Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, the guest speaker VacLib sponsored this year teaches a full two-day weekend seminar to doctors and health professionals all over the country. She found it the most difficult task of her career to condense two days of vaccine info. into two hours. "Well, I am going to do my best to give you the essence of this information in 20 minutes." As I gave my talk I noticed that over half the room had their heads bowed as I spoke, not able to look me in the eye. When I brought up the Joshua King case (an SBS case in the middle of a jury trial while I was there) a social worker interrupted me to say that I was no expert on this case and, being a social worker she knew enough details that proved he was guilty. I recovered by reminding her that there are many similar cases and there are a multitude of factors here that are not being closely examined. Afterall, the child had a history of health problems and that every vaccine caused encephalitis or swelling of the brain, the severity depending on the child's overall health status. I reminded them again that I have a lot of medical journal articles with me as well as books that corroborate these facts. I continued and noticed that the audience was extremely uncomfortable. When I opened the floor up to questions and answers - there most definitely was no applause -- one man near the front ventured to ask me if I was aware of the Rotary Clubs involvement with polio. I answered "yes" and proceeded to elaborate on the entire polio fiasco but was interrupted by the same man who said, "That was a yes/no question." Following is the essence of the speech I gave, which I interspersed with details and comments:

Introduction to Vaccination Liberation our association endeavors to free the mass mind from the vaccine paradigm through access to relatively unknown information on both vaccines and basic natural healing principles. It is due to our own ignorance of how our bodies work in both health and dis-ease that has given rise to the vaccine industry and the resultant epidemic of neurological anomalies in our children. And, yes, I do have the documentation for this statement. [When I launched into the concept of the perfect business, I mentioned how most of us had started out working for other people before we decided to figure out a business we could call our own. After that, we tend to think of ways in which we can cut expenses and increase profits. The following is the result of me asking the founder of Vaccination Liberation to write up some commentary regarding the vaccine business.]


"The perfect business would have an entire population as a marketplace for its government-mandated products. The perfect business would be free of all liability even if the products it sells causes injury or death. The perfect business would monopolize the release of information to promote its products and counter criticism; competing products would be dismissed as fakes and frauds. The perfect business, however, would have to be ever watchful that some enterprising entrepreneur may try to cut in on the action. To maintain its competitive edge, the perfect business would be wise to seed its marketplace with enough misinformation to create a climate of fear--panic driven people do not question. They will obey and consume the products the perfect business produces, grateful that the perfect business has saved them. Although many will sicken, become disabled or even die from consumption of these products, most will not get the connection because the perfect businessman is an expert and the government is here to help the businessman shift the blame to other causes."

Think about it. We have an industry that the government has released of all liability for injuries and death caused by their products — this is due to the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program — from federal legislation that passed in 1986. Before this Act passed in Congress, the vaccine producers were drowning in vaccine damage lawsuits, with a half dozen attorneys nationwide becoming quite wealthy specializing in vaccine damage cases. It also was not until 1991 that a national, centralized reporting system for vaccine damage was set up. It is called the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). Before 1991 there was no central record keeping agency in the U.S. to which physicians or patients could report vaccine reactions so "no one knows how many thousands have died or suffered adverse reactions from these vaccines."

From VAERS: "Vaccines are made in batches which are called lots. A lot may comprise anywhere from 20,000 to 700,000 doses. Certain lots cause an unusual number of reactions and deaths. These are called hot lots. A hot lot is defined as one which has more than 2 deaths and 10 serious adverse reactions requiring hospitalization."

"The way the VAERS system is set up, a doctor is required to report adverse reactions to the FDA and to record the vaccine and lot number. Manufacturers are also required to keep track of adverse reaction reports and record the lot numbers. But here's the real kicker: guess what follow up the FDA is required to do after compiling this information. Right. None. In this Orwellian system, it is up to the manufacturer to voluntarily pull a hot lot off the market! So guess how often since 1991 that has happened? Right again. None. No hot lot has ever been recalled."

So how are vaccines tested for efficacy? All vaccines are licensed based on their ability to produce antibodies to a particular antigen. However, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (the CDC) antibody production for chickenpox, whooping cough, smallpox and H. flu has never been proven in the field to equate to immunity from the disease.

A well-documented case in point is the 1997 pertussis outbreak in North Idaho. I happen to have copies of the Panhandle Health District and CDC reports covering this pertussis outbreak. Of the 253 cases reported in five counties — Shoshone, Benewah, Kootenai, Bonner and Boundary counties — 81.5% had 4 out of 4 of their DTP shots. According to Dr. Alan Banks who was on the board of directors of the Panhandle Health District, in Bonner County alone, 85% had 4 out of 4 of their DTP shots and 15% had 3 out of 4 of their DTP shots. There were no reported cases among those who had 2 out of 4, 1 out of 4 OR zero DTP shots. CDC concluded that --Quote "The myth of vaccine refusal played no role in this outbreak" Regardless, our local media continued to instill fear in the public as to the necessity of getting the pertussis vaccine since there were several deaths that resulted from the 1997 pertussis outbreak. When I asked several pointed questions of the nurse in charge of the immunization program for the Panhandle Health District, Jeanne Bock, regarding these deaths, the truth of the matter was indeed shocking. Apparently there was one death — an infant girl of about 7 weeks. She was hospitalized in Post Falls that winter and died in the hospital. When an autopsy was performed they found some pertussis bacterium present in the infant's lungs. They then decided to put pertussis as the cause of death on the death certificate. Note that the infant died in a hospital and was never even treated for pertussis. When I asked whether the infant was breastfed, malnourished, premature or anything else regarding the health status of the infant in the first place, I received a blank stare since she really didn't know and the thought that there are factors besides the presence of pertussis bacteria that could be a factor in this infant's death never even occurred to her. By the way, after looking into many of these cases of deaths from "vaccine preventable" diseases, I have found that these diseases are not deadly in and of themselves. If they were, there would be a 100% fatality rate. What people die of are the complications from inappropriate treatment or lack of treatment coupled with malnutrition. And regarding claims that smallpox and polio have been eradicated through vaccination, these claims are false and can be explained quite easily--but would require another presentation.

So what are some of the ingredients in these vaccines? Most people would never consider eating any of these ingredients but think nothing of injecting foreign proteins and heavy metals directly into their lymphatic system and bloodstream. Many of these vaccines are cultured in animal tissue — pig blood, horse blood, rabbit brain, dog and monkey kidneys, chick embryo, chicken and duck eggs, calf (bovine) serum, and even aborted fetal tissue originating from 60s. The newer vaccines are cultured from continuous immortal cell lines — both human and animal. This topic is discussed at length in a well-documented article which our website has links to called, "What Is Coming Through That Needle? The Problem of Pathogenic Vaccine Contamination by Benjamin McRearden. I have a copy with me for anyone who cares to peruse it today. other vaccine ingredients are the adjuvants and preservatives. Adjuvants are ingredients that supposedly increase an immune system response such as the production of antibodies. These are usually in the form of heavy metals such as thimerosal, a mercury derivative, and aluminum phosphate. There is a more complete list of the various ingredients in vaccines in the back of the room. In 1998, when the FDA banned the presence of thimerosal in all over the counter medication, thimerosal was not pulled from vaccines. When Congressman Dan Burton of Indiana called for Congressional Hearings on the subject of vaccine safety in 2000, this issue was addressed. In fact the FDA recently acknowledged that in the first 6 months of life, children get more mercury than is considered safe by the EPA. The truth is that sometimes kids go to their doctor's office and get 4 or 5 vaccines at the same time. Dan Burton's grandson received vaccines for 9 different antigens in one day. He may have been exposed to 62.5 micrograms of mercury in one day through these vaccines. According to his weight, the maximum safe level of mercury that he should be exposed to in one day is 1.51 micrograms. This is 41 times the amount at which harm can be caused. Dan Burton claims that his grandson was perfectly healthy before he received those numerous shots on that fateful day. He now suffers from autism.

Vaccination Liberation receives phone calls and emails of similar tragedies all over the country. One I got the other day reminds me of this international tragedy.--

I was wondering if you could assist me with some information about Hepatitis B and death in infants.

My sister gave birth to a healthy boy late last month. There were no complications. On the date his discharge was planned, at about 5:30 am, the nursing staff gave him his first Hep B immunization. In a little over an hour, he was pronounced dead. The pathology is being done now, nothing was found during the autopsy but the coroner did make a reference to something about his brain (my sister does not remember what it was as she was, and still is, completely shattered and deep in mourning).

If you could please provide me with any information and/or websites related to infant death and Hepatitis B immunizations it would be greatly appreciated. Any information regarding incidence and how determinations are made to this immunization being a cause of death would be helpful.

Thank you for your time,
I responded in part this way:

Please understand that it is likely the Hep B vaccine caused your nephew's death. However, the autopsy will likely reveal any other cause but the vaccine. The Hep B vaccine is considered one of the MOST deadly of all the vaccines given to both adults and children. Many adults are permanently disabled as a result of this one vaccine and countless deaths have also been attributed to it. The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) has received hundreds of reports of adverse reactions to this one vaccine --in fact, more reports of adverse reactions to Hep B vaccine than all others.

I like what a friend of mine serving a prison sentence of life plus 10 for Shaken Baby Syndrome had to say about this:

One might argue that the quantities of these toxins in the vaccines are minute, yet this is simply not so. In the case of mercury, during a well-child visit where DTP, Hib, hepatitis B and OPV vaccines are given, a child can receive 62.5 micrograms of mercury. The EPA guideline for safe mercury levels are .1 micrograms per kilogram of bodyweight a day. ( Yes, that is .1 micrograms.) This equates to an average 5 kilogram baby receiving 30 to 50 times the "safe" amount of mercury injected in a bolus dose in approximately 10 minutes time. If anyone were to inject a syringe with 62.5 micrograms of mercury into a tiny baby, they would go to prison for many years. However, add numerous other toxic chemicals, bacteria, or viruses to that syringe and allow your pediatrician to do it, and that person is hailed as a saver of children's lives.

I often feel like I come from another planet when I see how the people on earth believe that the injection of diseases in the form of heavy metals and viruses cultured on animal tissue somehow create a healthy immune system. And then witnessing the children being told that this ritual is in their best interests and watching Moms ignore their God-given intuition that something is not quite right here, even when they view the terror in their children's eyes as they try to escape the coming hypodermic assault.

I would like to inform you that I have been receiving documentation of a Shaken Baby Syndrome or SBS epidemic in your area that clearly shows evidence of malnourished and sickly children coupled with vaccines as the culprit. The Joshua King case comes to mind since the jury trial finalized yesterday — [ result? --- He was found guilty of murder 1 despite expert testimony saying that Joshua King's version of events fits the forensic evidence much better than the prosecutor's version. The mother's family is also in shock that a jury would find him guilty of murder 1... .]

There a many more cases similar to Joshua King's case but since I am running out of time, let me encourage you to get involved by simply doing a bit of research to corroborate what I am sharing with you. After a lifetime of knowing about the dangers of vaccines and my mother protecting me from them as much as she was able, I have concluded that we are currently experiencing a witch-hunt in this country that pales in significance to the Salem witch trials. And the victims are not just our children, but their parents. We appear to be living in a police state in which parents are enticed to feed their children toxic laden foods and feed their babies formula, and then coerced and brainwashed into giving them vaccines. When the baby or child shows pronounced encephalitis (swelling of the brain), the diagnosis is SBS - the culprit must be either an abuser who shook the baby or genetics. We ALWAYS must divert attention away from the pharmaceutical industry and the medical community that does their bidding. In the end, it is still medical experimentation at its finest - the masses of ignorant people the unwitting victims.

And there you have the perfect business: a business where all the world is a marketplace protected by legislative mandates, and prosecutors who imprison innocent people as a cover for damage; a business that has fooled most of the people of the world into believing that the injection of foreign proteins, heavy metals, toxic chemicals, live and dead viruses, somehow boosts our immunity to disease.

--The END --

It must be noted that the Rotarians have a song book that they use at each meeting. Before my talk, the song they chose to sing was, "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands. If you're happy and you know it .... " The last stanza was modified to say "If you're happy and you know it say Rotary". Don Harkins was so amused by the entire experience he couldn't seem to get this jingle out of his head the rest of the day. The irony being that they were not happy at all with hearing the truth about vaccines.
Following is what I sent to David, hoping he would forward it to a couple of the more disgruntled Rotarians:

David -
Thank you so much for inviting me to speak to the Sunrise Rotary Club on vaccines. It appeared that the members of your club have never been exposed to the information I presented so I was thankful for the opportunity to expand their world view in this area. With regard to the social worker that appeared upset when I brought up the Joshua King case that was being tried while I was in Boise, I wasn't clear just how involved in the case she actually was. What I do know is that the newspapers never reported on such testimony from expert witnesses that claimed Joshua King's version of events leading to the child's head injury was in keeping with the forensic evidence and the prosecuting attorney's version did not match this same evidence. Regarding the King case and others which show multiple factors such as both poverty and lack of parenting skills, I highly recommend the book, Vaccination, Social Violence and Criminality: The Medical Assault on the American Brain by Harris L. Coulter, PhD -- this book is incredibly well-footnoted and will help the reader understand how a fatal injury can occur when a child falls from as small a distance as 32 inches.

Another case in your area reminds me of Alan Yurko's case.
This is an SBS case in Kuna and the accused parent is Dennis Hicks. This case is different from the others simply for the fact that they are from an upstanding Mormon family, his wife adamantly proclaims his innocence, the baby was premature and clearly malnourished, and the entire community is in shock and disbelief that this man could possibly have the psychological make-up of a child abuser.

There is so much more I could have brought up regarding vaccines but due to the time constraints, I gave the speech I did. Hopefully, the members of your club will be inspired to explore this topic further through our website The link to the hardcopy of the article I gave you, What is Coming Through That Needle? The Problem With Pathogenic Vaccine Contamination by Benjamin McRearden is: Archive on [69K HTML file]

Thank you again, David. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of assistance to you in the future.

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