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Smallpox vaccine virus' curious relationship to syphilis
by Don Harkins
From the January 2003 Idaho Observer:

Smallpox vaccine virus' curious relationship to syphilis

by Don Harkins

The virus in the smallpox vaccine is called the vaccinia virus. Historical references clearly illustrate the origin of the vaccinia virus. However, modern science claims its presence is a "mystery" and poses five theories, none of which have been proven, in an attempt to explain the origin of this virus.

The five theories 21st century science offers are that the vaccinia virus is:
1. derived from variola virus by passage in cows;
2. derived from variola virus by passage in humans (variolation);
3. derived through hybridisation between cowpox and variola viruses;
4. a fossil virus maintained in the laboratory but otherwise extinct;
5. derived from cowpox virus by repeated passage on the skin of animals (Fenner, 1992; Behbehani, 1983).

Not one of the five theories even consider the well-documented contents of 19th century books such as "Cowpox and Vaccinal Syphilis," by Dr. Charles Creighton (1891), a professor of microscopic anatomy at Cambridge University.

It is not difficult to understand why the government-supported public health community prefers to keep the public in the dark about the most likely origins of vaccinia. The truth is disgusting and reminiscent of modern medicine's "eye-of-newt, spleen-of-bat, Dark Ages medicine roots. If the public was told vaccinia was the product of sores that developed on the irritated udders of cows milked by the syphilitic hands of 18th century milk maidens, they may be less inclined to stand in line for a smallpox vaccination.

In 1796, when the father of modern vaccinology Ed Jenner "discovered" the smallpox vaccine, the serum-making process was crude and amazingly nonscientific. With a little background, a layperson can easily understand what happened.

Dr. Creighton, who also wrote "Epidemics of Great Britain (1893)," observed that cowpox (vaccinia) is, "an eruption of a few pimples which are made to bleed by the merciless manipulations of the milkers...The blood forms crusts that are dislodged every six hours, the indurated [hardened], phagendemic [rapidly spreading] ulcers form on the sites of the original pimples...Cowpox undisturbed by the milkers' hands, has no existence in the originating cow. It is the persistent irritation that makes it a pox."

In other words, at the time smallpox vaccine was being observed, it was understood that cow milkers with syphilitic hands caused pox-like sores on the udders of cows. Secretions from this diseased material were then taken from the cow, mixed with various compounds and rendered into a preparation. This material was then administered to persons by applying it to broken skin.

Forced vaccination in England was discontinued in 1898 after a Royal Commission, upon which Dr. Creighton and playwright George Bernard Shaw sat, determined that smallpox vaccine caused epidemics of several diseases -- including smallpox and syphilis. "...[d]eaths from infantile syphilis per million births, under enforced vaccination (1867-1878) were 1,738 as compared to 564 per million under voluntary vaccination (1847-1853)," wrote Dr. William Collins in 1881.

In a 1905 letter to anti-vaccinist Chas Higgins of New York, Parke Davis & Co. described what little it knew about the smallpox vaccine it produced. "No one seems to know the exact nature of this product. It would seem to us, however, that the theory that cowpox is but modified smallpox, is the most tenable one. Particularly does it seem true in view of the facts reported by Dr. Monkton Copeman, Director of the Government Vaccine Work in London, that he had been able to transmit smallpox virus to monkeys, from monkeys to heifers, and from heifers to man, the resulting vaccination on the human subject being identically the same as that produced by vaccine as originally prepared."

By "properly" transferring the smallpox virus from man to animals vaccinia was produced and was determined to provide immunity to smallpox. "On theoretical grounds, it seems to us that this is a very plausible explanation of the origin of vaccinia," Parke Davis concluded in the letter.

It was well-known at the time that mass and mandated vaccination against smallpox, as previously stated, was responsible for epidemics of syphilis. Even the pro-vaccine textbook "Vaccines," by Plotkin & Mortimer (1994) recognized the historic relationship of the smallpox vaccine to the dreaded disease. "As the 19th century progressed, however, the initial wave of enthusiasm for vaccination subsided when difficulties were experienced....when it was found that, on some occasions, syphilis was transmitted in the process."

Plotkin & Mortimer even went on to explain that syphilis appeared in Europe during the 15th century and how, "...writers began to use the prefix small to distinguish variola, the smallpox, from syphilis, the great pox."

The 1979 Encyclopedia Britannica concurs that syphilis first appeared in Europe after Columbus returned from the Americas. However, leprosy was prevalent in Europe prior to the 1500s. Certain similarities between the two diseases indicate, "it is likely that many cases thought to be leprosy were actually syphilis."

Smallpox vaccine has not changed very much from the days when pus was squeezed out of the sores from cows milked by syphilitic milkers. Plotkin & Mortimer described how modern smallpox vaccine is made: "Most [smallpox] vaccine now available for use is grown on the skin of a calf and harvested after sacrifice of the animal."

Are we to make the assumption that the calf is then butchered and sold as veal?

The point of the exercise

The point of this article is to show that those who have been masterminding pandemic preparedness plans have ignored history to come up with five ridiculous "theories" for the origin of vaccinia virus.

Why? Because the truth is so simple to understand and so disgusting people would be less likely to fall in line with their sleeves rolled up if they knew.

For whatever reason, fooling millions of Americans into being vaccinated with a virus associated with syphilis, leprosy (and numerous other diseases [see Smallpox Alert! ordering info page 3]) is more important than a different outcome that would prevail under the truth.

History is the greatest teacher. We have already learned that smallpox vaccine causes more public health problems than it solves. We have also learned that it leaves pain, misery and death in its wake.

If public health officials are intentionally obscuring smallpox vaccine's sordid past to help achieve the mass and mandated objective, then we must assume that pain, misery and death -- not public health -- are the intended outcomes.

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More on this subject of smallpox vaccine contamination can be found in 1924...
Extract taken from an anti-vaccination booklet published in 1924 entitled:
`Small-Pox - A Healing Crisis & The Truth About Vaccination.' By H Valentine Knaggs

"For over a century Small-pox has had more free advertising than any other disease. But the same authorities say little about measles, scarletina or diphtheria, all of which are infinitely less desirable than Small-pox. The only explanation of the official enthusiasm for Small-pox, as compared with the more dangerous diseases, is that the great and profitable Vaccination industry has always flourished on Small-pox."

Those medical men who have conducted independent research on Small-pox and who prefer to form their own conclusions are, of course, unaffected by the organised and officially inspired scares so adroitly arranged at convenient intervals. One of the very first doctors to realise the truth about Small-pox was the far sighted Dr Sydenham, who wrote:
"As it is palpable to all the world how fatal Small-pox proves to many of all ages, so it is clear to me from all the observations that I can possibly make, that if no mischief be done, either by physician or nurse, it is the most safe and slight of all diseases."(From: The Works of Sydenham) [Please note: Dr Sydenham lived in the 1600's!]

The Electronic Test
Dr. Abram's instrument, which detects and identifies disease taints in a few drops of blood or of saliva is increasingly used by doctors in diagnosing cases. As the test tube is to the analytical chemist, so is this new electrical machine to the up-to-date doctor. It shows that the taints found in vaccine are identical with those in the virus extracted from Small-pox pustules. A recent report states that:
"lymph, when submitted to the test, show the reactions of congenital syphilis (bovine type) and some of them show streptococcus (pus type) and tuberculosis (bovine type)."
Dr Lindlahr further states that:
"The pus-like mass exuding from the Small-pox pustule contains the virus not only of Small-pox but also of scrofula, psora, tuberculosis, syphilis, gonorrhoea, anthrax, lumpy jaw and poisons in the animal or human being from which the virus was secured." The infallible analysis of this new scientific aid to diagnosis shows that all the taints contained in the lymph enter the body of the vaccinated person and remain there, a source of danger until they are all brought to the surface and forcibly ejected by the healing crisis.

The patient who has had the benefit of Small-pox-Nature' greatest cleansing process-rapidly improves in health, enjoys renewed vitality and a freedom from all chronic disease taints. Inherited or contracted taints of syphilis, gonorrhoea and other septic diseases are all cleared away in the virus which is eliminated.

[More details on treatment can be found at: 1924 text...

More historical data on Smallpox and vaccine caused diseases
from: Smallpox History from 2 older books and periodicals
Dr. Peebles, "... The most that any physician of good standing now contends is that vaccination modifies the disease. This is stoutly denied. On the contrary it aggravates the disease as there are two poisons now in the system instead of one for nature to contend against. It is sanitation, diet, pure air, calmness of mind, confidence and cleanliness that modify the smallpox. All of these modifiers are infinitely cheaper, safer and in every way preferable to cowpox poison which, if it does not kill, often marks, maims and sows the seeds of future eczema, tumors, ulcers, carbuncles, cancer and leprosy."

good article on smallpox vax and Aids: - The real origin of AIDS & US Tuskegee ...
... the statistics show that this is exactly what is happening ... about the reactions which can be caused by Vaccinia. ... On the study of the effects of syphilis in Macon ... - 19k -

[Smallpox with notes on syphilis near bottom.]

In a paper read before the Auckland (New Zealand) Institute, 20th July, 1891, and printed in vol. xxix. of the "Transactions of the New Zealand Institute," Dr. R. Hall Bakewell, formerly Vaccinator-General and Medical Officer of Health for the Colony of Trinidad; author of the "Pathology and Treatment of Smallpox;" Fellow of the Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society of London, etc., says :-" The permanent change in the blood is quite another matter. I commenced, but have never completed, some microscopical investigations into the conditions of the infant's blood before, during, and after vaccination. It is evident that a fertile field for inquiry is open here; and without a series of well-conducted examinations, extending over children of different races, and in different climates, no positive conclusions could be arrived at. But of one thing we are quite certain, as it does not need the aid of a microscope; there is a large destruction of the red corpuscles during the febrile stage of vaccinia, followed by an anaemic condition. How long this anaemic condition lasts we have no trustworthy observations to tell us; and how far it extends - that is, what is the actual loss of red corpuscles - is, as far as I know, in the same state of uncertainty. Of course, we often find parents complaining that children who were perfectly healthy before vaccination have lost colour, strength, and flesh after it, and have never recovered their previous good health. But these complaints, tinctured as they evidently are by a strong prejudice against compulsory vaccination, must be received with caution. Still, there is such a mass of evidence of this kind that it ought to be allowed some weight.

So much for the inevitable results of vaccination. The accidents of vaccination may be roughly classified under the following heads:--

1. Inflammatory: including erysipelas and other septicaemic diseases; glandular swellings; phagedaena, sloughing, or mortification at the points vaccinated.

2.Eruptive diseases, mostly of a pustular character, occurring with or immediately after the vaccine eruption; eczema, herpetic eruptions, ecthyma, and impetigo.

3. The inoculation of constitutional diseases - syphilis, leprosy, tubercle.

Now, as regards the inflammatory diseases, there are some vaccinators of large experience who assert that they have never seen any ill-results of this kind arising from vaccination. Well, some people are very lucky, but they have no right to argue from their limited experience that such accidents never occur. I have been very fortunate in my midwifery cases; I have never lost a case in my own practice for thirty-five years; but for all that I do not deny that women die in childbirth. I have seen erysipelas more than once or twice, or a dozen times. In the West Indies it used to be common. The inflammation that followed the vaccination of coloured children was very intense, and the number of insects attacking the unfortunate children no doubt contributed to carry the germs of erysipelas to them. Glandular swellings, particularly in scrofulous children, are not rare. I had myself a case in which each vaccine vesicle was followed by mortification of the skin beneath it, and a phagedaenic ulceration which required very vigorous measures to stop it. This was in a young woman during the epidemic period in Trinidad. I am not sure whether it was a primary vaccination or a re-vaccination. The latter, as is well known, causes very severe inflammation, pain, glandular irritation, and erysipelas in the majority of adults, besides severe and most oppressive febrile disturbance; at least, this is the case at the time of epidemics, when re-vaccination is most practised.

Post vaccinal eruptions are so very common amongst the children of the poorer classes in England that they form one of the stock arguments against vaccination.

The inoculation of constitutional diseases used to be laughed to scorn in my younger days. It was said in my hearing by Sir John Simon, K.C.B., then Mr. Simon, the Medical Officer of the Privy Council, that no such inoculation could take place without gross carelessness or unskilfulness on the part of the vaccinator. I used to be of the same opinion ; but a case I saw some sixteen or seventeen years ago convinced me that an infant might look perfectly healthy, and yet be the subject of unmistakable hereditary syphilis. The evidence that syphilis has been communicated by vaccination is simply overwhelming. I may refer to the report of the Committee of the House of Commons on compulsory vaccination; the third report of the Royal Commission on vaccination now sitting in London; the work of Mr. Jonathan Hutchinson, F.R.S., late President of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, on syphilis, in which he devotes a chapter to the description of vaccinal syphilis; and my own experience in this colony and elsewhere. I have seen three cases in this colony alone.

"On my return to Trinidad I had to encounter an epidemic of small-pox which spurred us on to vaccinate right and left, and to revaccinate all who would submit to the operation. But so firmly fixed was the belief of the people that vaccination from a child of a leprous family would be a possible cause of the vaccinated persons becoming leprous, that not even the fear of such a terrible epidemic of small-pox as was then going on would induce them to allow themselves or their children to be vaccinated from any vaccinifer in whose family any member was a leper. And then, to my astonishment and dismay, I found that there was hardly a Creole family in the island - white, coloured, or black - free from the taint of leprosy."

Origin of Smallpox virus & how vaccine is 'made'