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Vaccine Testing

Testing Mercury Free Vaccines
Due to the ongoing debate over the role of mercury containing vaccines and autism, HAPI decided to have some current vaccinations tested for mercury content. Our goal in doing so was to simply find out for ourselves whether or not mercury has actually been removed from vaccines intended for pediatric use. We also wanted to generate interest and fund a larger test sample.

To see what the manufacturers claim the mercury content of each vaccine is, visit the FDA’s thimerosal content page at:
HAPI obtained the vials from a healthcare practitioner who wishes to remain anonymous. The vials were sealed and HAPI took every precaution to be ensure there was no tampering or possible contamination prior to sending the vials to the lab. Many doctors wish to know if they are administering truly mercury free vaccines. Many parents wish to know if their children are receiving truly mercury free vaccines. It is important to note that nothing can be truly mercury free, mercury contaminates almost everything with a few molecules. However, it is the position of HAPI that if mercury can be detected and measured in a product using standard instrumentation, the amount should be disclosed in the product insert. HAPI’s reasons for this position follow:

* Mercury is a neurotoxin. Parents have the right to know exactly how much mercury their child is being exposed to on a given day. Though the levels detected in the vaccines we had tested were very low, children often receive multiple vaccinations in one day. The parent and doctor should have the ability to add up the total mercury that would be received and determine if that is acceptable for that particular child. If you have received a personal injury as a result of something like this, please get in contact with a lawyer. Here is the Facebook page of an attorney that might be able to help you. This is an advertisement.

* To date no “safe” limit of injected ethylmercury (this is the form of mercury Thimerosal breaks down into) has been established by the EPA or FDA.

* It is unknown on any given day how much prior mercury exposure an individual may have encountered, possible sources include amalgams in the mother’s teeth, Rho-Gham shots during pregnancy, food, and environment. Because mercury is cumulative, the parent deserves know whether or not any given vaccine contains mercury.

* If Thimerosal is used during the manufacturing process at all, this should be disclosed in the product insert even if it is not being used as a preservative. HAPI takes this position because Thimerosal breaks down into ethylmercury which then binds to the antigenic protein in the vaccine therefore making it impossible to “filter out” 100% of the mercury.

More Testing Needed

Testing four vials was just a start. Obviously more testing is needed in order to further resolve this issue. The public deserves to know the truth and if they wish, demand mercury free vaccines that are not produced using Thimerosal in any way.

HAPI completed more in depth testing following the four vial test which only raised more questions. The increase in aluminum as well as excess (amounts not matching product inserts) is of great concern, especially because of its synergistic toxicity with mercury. HAPI is currently raising funds for a much needed third round of testing. If you would like to help with this project,or if you would like information regarding our second round of testing, please contact us. We are seeking donations of both money and vaccines.

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