6 A - History Prior to Vaccines
6 B - Progression of the Polio Virus
6 C - Polio Vaccine Developments
7 D - Federal Center for Disease Controls and Prevention (CDC) Action
7 E - Sabin Vaccine Risks
8 F - New Salk Super-Vaccine
8 G - Compensation to the Polio Victims
8 H - Polio Vaccination Authorization & Reporting Procedure for Compensation
8 I -Who are the Polio Victims Caused by the Sabin Vaccine


11 A - Workshop June 1995
11 B - Discussion at Workshop & Elsewhere - Statements For Change
12 C - Discussion at Workshop & Elsewhere - Statements Against Change
13 D - Other Discussions found
14 E - Latest Official Statements


15 A - Review of Latest Government Determination
15 B - Who's Minding the Store
15 C - The Splendid Deception
15 D - What's Really Happening - Polio Victims Caused by the Sabin Vaccine
16 E - What's Really Happening - Compensation to Sabin Vaccine Polio Victims
17 F - Projected Costs of Proposed Sequential Polio Program


18 A - Past Experience
18 B - Your Immune System
18 C - Post-Polio Syndrome
19 D - What the Future May Hold
19 E - Future Problems
19 F - Conclusion
20 A Reporters Interview with Phyliss Daenzer, RN

I - Who are the Polio Victims caused by the Sabin Vaccine

The following are cases reported:-

Gordon Pierson

He is now a 3 year old who cannot move most of his body. He cannot swallow or talk. He is fed through a tube that enters his stomach through a hole in his side. Gordon can turn his head a little and he can move a finger on his right hand as though left there as an afterthought, something missed, by the polio virus that infected him through the Sabin oral 'live' vaccine. Behind him at home, medical equipment worth tens of thousands of dollars blinks its lights as it checks his pulse and his oxygen level, and keeps him breathing.

Gordon will be tied to machinery for the rest of his life.

Gordon needs 24 hour care. When he gurgles, he might be choking because he cannot swallow. Someone mom, dad or nurse must constantly suction his tracheotomy tubes and his nose. They do that every 20 minutes without fail.

Gordon received his Sabin oral polio vaccine when he was 14 months. He now has a younger brother who will have his polio vaccination soon but it will not be the Sabin oral live polio vaccine.

The Attorney on the case is now requesting $400,000 per year to maintain Gordon. He stated that there are at least 2-3 cases like Gordon's every year and that the government which accepts liability in these cases has in the past agreed to pay over $320,000 in a recent case. Our Government as yet has not settled this case with Gordon. We have made contact with Gordon's parents and they have requested help. We have received a listing of items Gordan now requires and which it seems will not be forthcoming from our Government.

The present needs for Gordon are Alpha Talker ($2790), Prone/Supine Stander ($2400), Health Effects ($1532), Educational Computer System ($3200). We have sent them funds from our Special Assistance Fund but the amount is considerably below what is required.

The Pierson's have also given us a copy of a letter from the March of Dimes which states 'the March of Dimes no longer provides any direct financial assistance to patients....'. .

Those who wish and can help Gordon refer to the last page of this booklet. Document # 6 & The Jackson Sun Newspaper July 30, 1995 (page 8A)

Kevin Berkovitz

Kevin lives in the Pittsburgh area and was awarded $4.45 Million

Document #

Name withheld (D.M.)

D.M. is a 35 year old man who suffered paralytic polio as a result of an oral polio vaccination given in 1992. D.M. is immune deficient. He suffered paralytic polio of his right leg. he is able to walk, but with difficulty. He suffers post-polio syndrome, and can expect his functioning to get worse over the next years.

Document # Information withheld by attorney

Name withheld (T.W.)

T. W. is a seven year old boy. He suffered paralytic polio as result of his first oral polio vaccination given in January of 1989. T. W. is quadriplegic and ventilator dependent.

Documbent # Information withheld by attorney

Name withheld (R.S.)

R. S. received a second oral polio vaccine on June, 1960 In the latter part of the month he became very ill with polio and was not expected to survive. He did survive but was afflicted with residual effects of the polio for quite some time afterwards.

B - Who's Minding the Store

Back in in the 1940's FDR and others watched over the Polio Foundation (March of Dimes) until the Polio vaccine was successfully produced. Shortly thereafter ,the official name was changed to the March of Dimes, they then changed direction and abandoned their original commitment to Polio and Polio Survivors. The March of Dimes went into the new business of 'birth defects'.

The March of Dimes it seems left little funding for Polio. It seems little if anything was given to review what was happening regarding the polio vaccine or to Polio Survivors. Therefore, the Government did whatever it wanted. There was no real review of the problem of the defective Sabin 'live' oral vaccine or follow-up of the condition of Polio Survivors. Today, Polio Survivors have all kinds of problems and it is also our belief that similar problems in the not to distant future will be coming to those who have received the Sabin 'live' vaccine or been subject to its secondary effect.

It is therefore in your interests that you should familiarize yourself in regard to the following information and know what is going on. Only you can protect yourself, we can only try to help.

C - The Splendid Deception

Hugh G. Gallagher author of FDR's 'The Splendid Deception is based on the ability of Franklin Delano Roosevelt to deceive the American Public. Everyone knew that FDR had Polio, but the world was lead to believe that it was only of minor concern. However, in truth FDR had major problems with his polio disability and near the end of his life the President was in all probability suffering greatly from Post-Polio Syndrome. Those secrets were well guarded, never reached the public and so a splendid deception.

D - What's Really Happening - Polio Victims Caused by the Sabin Vaccine

Throughout general media and official policy reports we observe the impression that the only problem with the Sabin oral 'live' vaccine is that a few paralytic cases of Polio occur every year, nothing else. A simple enclosure from the Dept. HHS, Public Health Service, Center for Disease Controls and Prevention used probably for many letters states, However, OPV rarely can cause paralytic disease; there are 8 - 10 cases of vaccine - associated poliomyelitis (VAPP) each year in the United States. It seems to say nothing else happened, only that eight unlucky individuals in the whole U.S each year had an adverse reaction. Basically nothing to worry about. Right!.

Document # 14

Nothing we knew could be further from the truth. Families living through the epidemics knew plenty of things happened to those infected. Some infected individuals had very mild cases and quickly returned to 'normal' and to their activities. Others had major problems and did not go home for months and then with minor or major health problems. Many others even died. Everyone was afraid of Polio.

Our curiosity thus was aroused and the net result is that we began our own investigation. We commissioned an OPV Vaccine Report and started making all kinds of other inquires. The OPV Vaccine report that we received was a shocking report. It covered a recent period a little less than 5 years and the following is the summary for that period: The number of Vaccine Associated events that occurred: 13,641
The number of events requiring emergency room visits 6,364
The number of life threatening events 236
The number of events requiring hospitalization 1726
The number of events with unknown recovery status 1695
The number of events resulting in permanent disability 133
The number of events resulting in death 540
Document # 15

It now seems we have discovered a Second Polio Deception and it is not Splendid! It seems we have exposed this nonsense of 8-10 cases of vaccine associated Poliomyelitis (VAP) each year' for what it is and as the saying goes we seem to have opened Pandora's Box. We also wonder how a figure of 8-10 VAP per year can be arrived at when there are in a full 5 years over 1,695 events (330 events per year) with unknown recovery status. How can any figure be valid with so many unknowns?

Also, the report covering somewhat less than 5 years and since the Sabin Vaccine has been utilized starting in 1961 a period of almost 35 years has passed. Therefore, one can now multiply each of the above noted figures by about 7 to find out what the Sabin 'live' vaccine has cost us. We are now talking about a considerable amount of individuals who have had problems. Real people! We wonder why none of this was not presented at the workshop?

Finally it should be noted, that in the introduction of the OPV Vaccine report, a reference is made to a review of a different vaccine report covering the period July 1990 to October 1993. That report was included to bring to our attention that 'the majority of doctors did not want to report the event' and therefore that there is a problem of underreporting of vaccine reactions. This implies a similar situation for our report.

E - What's Really Happening - Compensation to Sabin Vaccine Polio Victims

Amazed by the prior report on the number of Sabin Vaccine Polio Victims we shifted our attention to try to find out how much this was costing the taxpayer in compensation. Considering deaths alone we now had an estimate of over 3000 individuals from 1961. Deaths by law are capped at $250,000 per individual. A projection therefore would be 750 million dollars. This is just for deaths and does not include all the other injuries.