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Are Vaccines Safe?
This new, June 2006, DVD is produced by Mary Tocco, Michigan Vaccine Researcher and Lecturer and Director of Michigan Opposing Mandatory Vaccines.

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Vaccination: What CDC Documents and Science Reveal Dr. Sherri Tenpenny's 2 hour in-studio professionally recorded DVD.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny's Sept. 14, 2002 presentation in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho was so successful, 90 percent of those in attendance requested a video so they could share the truth about vaccines as revealed in scientific documents. The fact that no long-term studies have ever been conducted on any vaccine is just the beginning. What they admit about laboratory efficacy not equating to clinical efficacy pretty much says it all. In other words, there are no vaccines that have been proven to be effective in the prevention of disease since antibody production does not equate to immunity to a particular disease pathogen. Also includes "rare" smallpox info. from the CDC public forums and Atlanta June 20, 2002 A.C.I.P. meetings.

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Vaccines: The Benefits, The Risks, The Choices - revised and updated 3-hour DVD by Dr. Sherry Tenpenny

This highly informative presentation offers the most comprehensive overview to date of each vaccine available, guiding parents step-by-step through each shot the CDC recommends. Tenpenny also offers irrefutable facts regarding the real risks of contracting an infectious disease as opposed to the known risks from the vaccines themselves. With incisive reasoning and over 6,000 hours of meticulous research, Tenpenny substantiates her presentation with citations directly from CDC documents and respected peer-reviewed medical journals. Here is the documented proof that vaccines DO compromise the immune system as well as compelling information regarding the "real" risks of choosing not to vaccinate. buy DVD

What Really Happened at the IOM?
- interactive DVD - must be viewed on a computer
by Christy Diemond

Uninformed Consent's documentation of the February 9, 2004 Institute of Medicine's Vaccine Safety Review Committee's meeting on Mercury in Vaccines and its relationship to the current autism epidemic. This video documenting every scientist's presentation at this meeting needs to be in the hands of every parent who believes they have a right to informed consent regarding vaccines. The CDC and big Pharma do not want you to know what was revealed at this meeting.

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Uniformed Consent - Episode I, Mercury, A Slow Death - 90 minute DVD
Produced and narrated by Christy Diemond of Incredible documentation on the slow poisoning of people through both mercury amalgams and thimerosal containing vaccines. This is definitely the most comprehensive, absorbing and powerful presentation put together on mercury. Includes University of Calgary research done on the toxic effects of mercury on the brain and nervous system, a debate at the King county Board of Health, and environmental degradation due to mercury.

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