The Flu Shot

How much does the flu vaccine reduce death from flu?
From 1959 to 2000, the flu vaccine made ZERO change in the combined death rate from pneumonia and flu even though vaccine coverage had increased to two-thirds of our over 65 population.

What are the ingredients?
“Mercury-free” Fluarix® contains fragments from three different influenza viruses. Other added ingredients are thimerosal (mercury 1.2 mcg.), octoxynol-10 (spermicide), Tween 80 (.41 mg.) and a-tocopheryl hydrogen succinate (100 mcg.) Residual ingredients from the manufacturing process include ovalbumin, formaldehyde, gentamicin sulfate (antibiotic), sodium deoxycholate and hydrocortisone.

Are these ingredients safe to inject into one’s body?
Each year many serious side effects are reported to the national Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System database (VAERS). Many of the above ingredients have been shown to be both cancer causing and harmful to the brain and nervous system in studies conducted on laboratory mice.

Is Fluarix effective in preventing the flu?
There are no “field” studies conducted on any annual flu vaccine that has proven the vaccine to be effective. There are over 300 different influenza viruses circulating during any given “flu season”. If you get a flu vaccine and still get the flu, you will be told that you must have contracted one of the 297 or so other influenza strains that was not in the flu vaccine.

What is the major way to prevent death from the flu?
From 1900 to 1959, improvements in sanitation, nutrition and hygiene made a 90% reduction in the combined death rate of pneumonia and influenza. This was prior to mass flu vaccinations. Most deaths attributed to either influenza or pneumonia today occur in hospitals as a result of excessive drugging and inappropriate treatments.

What is the safest way to protect one from getting the flu?
Basically,the flu is caused by the toxic byproducts of incomplete digestion combined with poor elimination. The best protection against the flu is an alkaline body (Body Ph 7.0 or higher.) Ideal body Ph is achieved only through natural living habits; not pharmaceutical drugs or vaccines. Taking a minimum of 1,000 mg. of powdered vitamin C and taking therapeutic doses of oil of oregano DAILY will protect most people from getting the flu. You need to exercise, eliminate overeating and greatly reduce the intake of sugar, refined carbohydrates, processed foods, meats and artificial sweeteners (nutrasweet and splenda) in your diet. In the event you get the flu, drinking lots of raspberry leaf tea, plenty of vitamin C, and taking oil of oregano internally while fasting will ensure that you will live through this flu season.

NOTE: This flyer is intended for educational use ONLY and NOT meant to replace medical advice. The information sources include the vaccine package insert, extensive research and countless people’s experiences.

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