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Superb Letter to Docs on Flu Vax

Subject: Superb Ltr to Docs on Flu Vax by Thomas Stone
Date: Thu, 02 May 2002 11:28:54 -0700


Flu vaccine is now on the American Academy of Pediatrics Recommended Vaccine list for infants (US)

Let us examine then the CAUTION displayed by the CDC in the Great Swine Flu Vaccination Disaster. When swine flu, or what was thought to be swine flu, broke out in a small epidemic at Fort Dix, New Jersey, public-health officials panicked and jumped to a lot of unwarranted conclusions. This panic set in motion the greatest public-health fiasco in the history of the United States thus far.

The Fort Dix epidemic comprised 12 cases of the "swine flu." And, although no new cases were discovered at Fort Dix after the initial outbreak, or anywhere else in the world for that matter, the Centers for Disease Control began a headlong rush into disaster.

MOST EXPERTS SAID that since immunization attempts against the flu epidemics of 1957 and 1968 had been completely unsuccessful, this would be a very expensive and DANGEROUS FOOL'S ERRAND by the CDC. Dr. E. Russell Alexander, Professor of Public health, University of Washington, said: "Our general view is that you should BE CONSERVATIVE about PUTTING FOREIGN MATERIAL into the human body." That's always true---especially when you are talking about TWO HUNDRED MILLION BODIES. The need should be estimated conservatively. "IF YOU DON'T NEED TO GIVE IT, DON'T."[Emphasis added].

But CDC officials were assuring everyone that the vaccine was PERFECTLY SAFE--"just like water"--in the words of Dr. Walter Dowdle. IS THIS WHAT YOU CALL CAUTION? HAS ANYTHING CHANGED?

The CDC set up a staff of "experts," including those darlings of the medical-political complex, Salk and Sabin. You will probably not be surprised to learn that Dr. E. Russell Alexander, who urged caution, was not included on this August body of experts.


What happened recently to Dr. Andrew Wakefield at the Royal Free Hospital in London when he discovered that the vaccine caused changes in the gut which, in turn, could trigger autism? How many scientists are going to sacrifice their entire career and any future research grants by reporting the truth about these increasingly dangerous vaccines?

Even the head of the CDC admitted later that the panel of experts was merely a rubber stamp, a bunch of medical stooges.

IS IT ANY DIFFERENT NOW? - YOU ARE OUR BABIES AND CHILDREN'S LAST AND ONLY DEFENSE! This vaccine is against a disease that even the CDC admits is less than one in a million chance. AND YOU ARE CONTINUING TO RELY ON PANELS OF "EXPERTS," in the CDC, the PHS, the FDA and your AAP who are RUBBER STAMPS, a bunch of MEDICAL STOOGES! Can any of you honestly say that these panels are any different today? And, like the little trusting children that you all want to serve in the best possible manner, you trust these "experts" just as the children trust their parents.

In one of the topics, a pediatrician mentioned that he often thought like the children that he treated. Perhaps that is one of the qualities that it takes to be a good pediatrician, to relate well with children, to be able to see and feel like a child, and to trust parental figures without question. BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE, for the sake of your little patients, THINK CAREFULLY and CRITICALLY evaluate this SAME propaganda, from the SAME agencies, who are serving the SAME masters!

So President Gerald Ford, accepting what he assumed was the best advice available, and flanked by Salk and Sabin, signed the go-ahead bill in the White House press room with cameras rolling.

This vaccine was made from the yokes of eggs, and a certain number of people could be expected to have violent allergic reactions to the egg protein. But this would turn out to be the least of the problems. The American Medical Association, always in the forefront of any type of immunization drive, strongly supported the program but would soon, like the public health establishment, have egg on its face.

Although everyone was assured by the CDC that the vaccine was 90 percent effective and had little or no side effects, their own study in 1968-69 proved that "optimally constituted influenza vaccines at standard dosage levels have little, if any, effectiveness..." The Office of Management and Budget suggested that the CDC rethink its program: "The main reason for a possible change in approach is that there have not been any further cases of swine flu ANYWHERE in the world since the 12 Fort Dix cases..." The emphasis on "ANYWHERE" is in the original report, unusual in a government report. But the political juggernaut was on its way.

READ THAT LAST PARAGRAPH AGAIN, about how CAUTIOUS the CDC WAS AND IS. Matters got rapidly worse. Incredibly, the planners forgot to allow in the trials for a two half-dose regimen for children, those considered most vulnerable and those most likely to spread the infection. "We just didn't think of it," one field worker later admitted.

Adding to the chaos, the Park-Davis Pharmaceutical Company had somehow managed to use the wrong virus. Millions of doses (and dollars) were discarded and the program was set back another six weeks. No one seemed to notice that the virus yield from the chicken eggs was only one vaccine dose per egg, which indicated that their Fort Dix swine flu, or whatever it was, grew slowly and was therefore non-virulent. It was unlikely to cause an epidemic. Or did they notice, and were afraid to say anything. There are powerful forces promoting these vaccines. Because, of course, they are so concerned about our babies and children!

Although children were to be the main target of the program, they were excluded because it was discovered that it didn't work in children. To avoid the American people seeing their total incompetence, this information was withheld from the public. Did you read that in your AAP journal?

Pediatricians were saved by this then. This time there is little hope since the vaccines (20, 25 or 50?) involve children.

When it became clear there would be no epidemic, Sabin abandoned ship and urged the abandonment of the entire program. By mid-summer, CDC officials were admitting there was no need for the program. But then a strange thing happened, which illustrates how dangerous your congressman can be when mass emotion, rather than good scientific judgment and common sense, rules events. The Congress passed the swine flu vaccination bill because of the outbreak of Legionnaire's disease. Jerry Ford, not known for his intelligence or grasp of logical concepts, told Congress that, although Legionnaire's Disease caused the deaths in Philadelphia and not swine flu, they could have been caused by swine flu! Following this peculiar logic, the bill passed overwhelmingly. Is this kind of peculiar logic limited to Congress?

Things got worse. It was discovered that a surface protein, the one that was supposed to make the vaccine effective, had been left out. This meant that the vaccine, even to those who believe in vaccines, was about as useful as chicken sweat. But the program went relentlessly forward--to disaster. The CDC lied on the "registration from" saying that the vaccine was safe in pregnancy, even though it had not been tested on pregnant women. Very CAUTIOUS, aren't they?

The form was actually a disguised "informed consent" which protected the CDC from lawsuits.

Yes, you could honestly say they were CAUTIOUS.
The CDC was not told the vaccine was probably useless because of the omission of the surface protein and they struck out the warnings from the manufacturers that neurological damage was a possible side effect. Very CAUTIOUS, maybe they didn't want anyone to worry.

When three people dropped dead shortly after receiving the swine-flu vaccine in Pittsburgh, the program was temporarily closed down and nine states quickly followed suit. The panic subsided when President Ford and his family got their flu shots (or was it really saline?) on national television, and the fiasco continued. As people were dropping dead or becoming permanently paralyzed from the shots, it was decided to drop the tag line on the promotion: "Swine flu shot. Get It Before It Gets You." It sounded like a bad joke.

You know the disaster that followed: After a thousand cases of paralysis had been reported, the CDC reluctantly admitted that they were caused by the vaccine. The program was suspended "temporarily--in the interest of good medicine"--and was never heard of again. The American people, being smarter than these public-health bureaucrats, stayed away from the shots by the millions. If they hadn't, the tragedy could have been much worse. But our babies and children are NOT going to have that choice, are they? Their ONLY hope is to have a RARE pediatrician that uses his own capacity to critically evaluate and think thoughts like, "If I'm very busy and inoculate one and a half million infants, I might prevent one infant from contracting and dying of Hepatitis-B. On the other hand if this vaccine is the straw that breaks the camel's back, I might cause a permanent injury or death of 900,000 infants!"

Why have I taken so much space to relate this incredible story? These new vaccines have been RAMRODDED through these SAME kind of "EXPERT" panels, with the SAME "RUBBER STAMP" mentality, with the SAME total disregard for the safety, health and well-being of those innocents who were and are subjected to these SAME fraudulent assurances of effectiveness and safety. ONLY THIS TIME IT WILL BE INFANTS AND CHILDREN who, unlike those adults who chose to trust the CDC and their "experts," they WILL NOT have a CHOICE, or as it seems, even a CHANCE.

These are the SAME people who will manage the forced/coerced vaccination of our babies and children with 20 or more injections most of which are for mild or non-fatal illnesses, and NONE of which are to be studied for safety or effectiveness. With their tiny IMMUNOLOGIC functions OVERWHELMED and/or OVER-COMMITTED to these useless vaccines, their synthetic immune system will be unable to counter an organism of even low virulence.

And these are the SAME people who have gone into the medical business to solve the "health-care crisis"--which they created.

Are you going to use this SAME degree of CAUTION with your tiny patients? "Failing to do anything is also an experiment."

Yes, and, MAYBE you may be able to save that far less than one in a million infants (by the CDC's own account) from contracting and dying from Hepatitis-B, but what if your "experiment" becomes a disaster with the other millions of infants and children? What is the risk benefit ratio of your "experiment."

I would like to mention that Oath that we all took, "first do no ..." but apparently that has become irrelevant since most physicians are paid by the Federal government, the state, the HMO, the insurance company, etc. or no longer feel a responsibility to their patient, since their mission is now for the "good of the community" ....

But don't worry - I can see the headlines: "Babies dying from a horrible virus/bacteria that has suddenly become virulent. The CDC says we need a VACCINE to stop this lethal organism. The AAP says pediatricians want MORE vaccines to fight this drug resistant infection!"

No one will know. The entire newsmedia will dutifully report that the babies died from this "virulent" infection and that we need MORE vaccines.
Tom Stone

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