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Influenza shots? No thank you!

The Flu vaccine is worthless and damaging!
It is impossible to prevent disease by artificial means.

by Vivian Virginia Vetrano, D.C. hM.D., M.D., PH.D.

Does the influenza virus vaccine really protect us from the flu? Hygienic doctors proclaim "DEFINITELY NOT."
Physicians hypothesize: "Yes, Maybe and No! It depends." Yet, they still recommend that persons of selected groups take the newly concocted flu vaccine. Those targeted for the vaccine range from babies six months or older; to persons age 65 or older; special groups, such as those with chronic disorders of the pulmonary or cardiovascular systems, and others too numerous to mention. Actually, the list takes in practically everybody.

The Hygienic theory of the development of influenza is the antithesis of medical orthodoxy. Physicians believe the disease is due to various and numerous bacteria or viruses. Hygienists realize that the development of any disease is dependent on the lifestyle of the individual. Hygienists live in such a clean manner that their bodies retain no excess toxins and their Defense Mechanisms are in perfect condition!

It is impossible to prevent disease by artificial means. You are a living creature and your body will develop disease when the physical, mental and environmental conditions are so unsatisfactory they force the body to initiate an acute elimination crisis, such as influenza--which, if cared for properly, is not the dreaded disease as pictured by the purveyors of vaccinations. Vaccines add to the toxicity of the body and hence, cause disease. You can't make a healthy person a sick one unless you overwhelm him with poisons. And vaccines are poisons!

Former flu virus vaccines, using "live" viruses, produced too many serious, adverse reactions, so a new one had to be concocted. The latest 2002-2003 formula for flu vaccines is called the "subvirion." This is a mutilated virus "blended, spliced and macerated" until nothing but bits and pieces of the virus are left. However, splitting the virus makes it no less harmful. The toxic antigens, usually protein or carbohydrate in nature, are still present and are still poisonous. If they were not poisonous they would not cause the body to produce antibodies in self-defense. Medically speaking, this is why they are thought to produce immunity. Physicians are trying to cause a mild disease based on the ancient idea that if you suffer the disease once you won't get it again. We very well know that flu, colds, pneumonia and other acute diseases can develop in the same individuals multiple times. Although the split virus is purported to be less toxic than former flu vaccines, after scrutinizing and analyzing its components and their chemical attributes, I have serious doubts.

Should We Be Vaccinated?
Is the 2002-2003 influenza virus vaccine helpful or detrimental? Will it protect us or will it cause a great ruckus in the body? Studying the effects of the components of the influenza virus vaccine is not as enjoyable as drinking a delicious mango-banana smoothie, but it will help answer your questions. In fact, learning the contents of this new vaccine may make you want to either retch or shout: "No thank you!"

The flu vaccine contains a variety of other substances besides the molecules of the subvirion that wreck havoc with your health. I am sorry to have to tell you that it is grown in an embryonic chicken or in the allantoic fluids that surround it in the egg. All flu vaccines are manufactured a little differently, and contain slightly different components, but they all contain hemagglutinin antigens that can cause clumping of the red blood cells. If this happens in the bloodstream, it will cause an even greater blockage of circulation than an accident on a busy freeway. The hemagglutinin antigens coupled with the body's antibodies against them can block arteries, killing cells by the thousands. The cells in vital organs will be starved for air, food and water, just as they are in serious cardiovascular diseases. In short, this could easily lead you to premature death and a beautiful but gloomy casket.

It may be difficult to understand how this little 0.5 milliliter dose could be so devastating, but this will become clearer as we explore the disruptive effects of each component of the vaccine on your body. The 2002-2003 influenza vaccine contains 15 ug hemagglutinin antigens of different viruses thought to cause influenza, such as New Caldonia, Panama, Moscow, and Hong Kong. In addition to the "jet-set" hemagglutinins, the vaccine also contains the enzyme neuraminidase. The hemagglutinins are the factors that are supposed to engender antibodies to render you immune to influenza. Both hemagglutinins and neuraminidases are on the surface of the virus and end up as toxic molecules in the split virus, the subvirion.

Neuraminidase is an enzyme that catalyzes chemical reactions of N acetylneuraminic acid and other neuraminic acids, which are members of a group of substances classed as sialic acids. Neuraminic acid is one of the major species of sugars found in humans and it is a component of practically all the glycoproteins. N-acetylneuraminic acid and other neuraminic acids are the predominate sugars in glycoproteins. Glycoproteins consist of a spine of protein with carbon chains of oligosaccharides jutting off its sides like centipede legs. The enzyme neuraminidase, found in the flu vaccine is very damaging. It can cut out neuraminic acid from any or all of the glycoproteins in the cell membrane just like a good cutting horse cuts out the exact calf wanted by his master. Cutting out one calf weakens the herd. Cutting out neuraminic acid from the cell membrane weakens the cell membrane.

Glycoproteins: Our Lives Depend on Them
Glycoproteins are complex carbohydrates that are practically omnipresent and needed everywhere for very crucial functions. All the plasma proteins are glycoproteins, except for albumin. Glycoproteins are in all cell membranes; in bone and cartilage, in the brain, etc. If they are disrupted or destroyed by vaccines containing neuraminidase, untold detrimental effects occur throughout the entire body! Like a Jack Of All Trades, glycoproteins perform many VIP functions. Similar to private limousines that transport VIP people to special places, glycoproteins transport VIP substances such as vitamins, lipids, minerals and trace elements throughout the body. Additionally, glycoproteins are produced by cells when exposed to viruses, bacteria, and experimental chemicals. They actually become antiviral substances themselves, and are called "interferons" because they interfere with viral multiplication.

To damage glycoproteins in any manner can be compared to the demolition of a huge building by pulling out several of the basic parts of its foundation. The whole body falls apart, as does the building. That is what neuramidases can do to you when you allow them to be injected in the form of "immunizations." Actually, rather than immunizing you, they do just the opposite; they give you false hopes of protection and then slash away at you with enzymic knives.

The liver recognizes and destroys all glycoproteins that are missing their sialic acids, inactivating the glycoproteins.

The pharmaceutical companies say that neuraminidase aids the virus to leave the cell, but this is at the expense of cellular life itself. The cell has that lost its glycoproteins is now functionally crippled, because its glycoproteins are damaged. If one pile of a bridge is damaged, this leads to a weakening of the whole bridge, which becomes a hazard to those crossing it; just as our cell membranes are a hazard to us when their glycoproteins are functionally damaged.

Medical Theory of Vaccination is Flawed
Medical theory holds that increased levels of antibodies against specific antigens by vaccination will prevent the development of a particular disease, such as influenza. On the other hand, Hygienists hold that our susceptibility to disease increases with the number of vaccinations. This includes the dreaded demon disease, cancer.

Red blood cells and all cells have antigenic properties because all have both protein and carbohydrates in the cell wall, as we have just learned. Research has demonstrated that N-neuraminidase causes red blood cells to lose their antigenicity. It follows then that the virus hemagglutinins in the vaccine also lose their antigenicity because of N-neuraminidase, and consequently those who are vaccinated cannot form antibodies against the hemagglutinins! If antibodies can't be formed then according to medicine, the vaccine is useless, because it is the antibodies that, in medical thought, create immunity to influenza. If the pharmaceutical companies think they are producing immunity with this vaccine they had better rethink their hypothesis. The small oligosaccharides in glycoproteins of mammalian tissues are formed with just a few monosaccharides and neuraminic acid is the predominate one. Furthermore, neuraminidases also split off other sugars from glycoproteins, producing as much damage as cutting off neuraminic acid. These oligosaccharides are found in the glycoproteins of all cell membranes. So the vaccine is worthless as well as very damaging to all the tissues in the body.

The Growing and Preparation of Influenza Virus Vaccine
The allantoic fluids in which the flu vaccine is grown, contain a white crystalline substance called allantoin. As an animal waste product, it is not usable and hence it is toxic. Allantoin has a high nitrogen content, which is why it is used as fertilizer. Allantoin is broken down to dirueidoacetic acid. Diureidoacetic acid can be further broken down to another product that is partly responsible for the development of kidney and bladder stones.

Five hundred micrograms of gentamicin, a broad spectrum antibiotic, is added to each embryonated chicken egg to inhibit the growth of bacteria. Formaldehyde, which is often used as a preservative, and thought to be carcinogenic in humans, is used to inactivate the virus.

Two chemicals, tri butylphosphate and Polysorbate 80, USP are added to the subvirion to inactivate and disrupt a significant proportion of the virus. Then, resin is added to eliminate "substantial portions" of these two chemicals, tri butylphosphate and Polysorbate 80. You can be certain that some of these chemicals are still components of the vaccine when injected. Still, more purification is required because of the presence of undisclosed other "undesirable materials" in the vaccine.

So, at this point, we see that the vaccine contains: Allantoin and its breakdown products; various egg proteins; gentamicin, an antibiotic; formaldehyde; resin, and tri butylphosphate, as well as polysorbate 80, which is used as an excipient in formulating tablets. In other words, polysorbate 80 is the vehicle or carrier for most drugs, and it is also found in ice creams and other fabricated fake foods. To preserve this witches' brew, thimerosal, a mercury derivative, is used. Therefore, each 0.5 milliliter dose influenza vaccine contains 25 micrograms of mercury. Do you want all that in your body?

Some companies use polyethylene glycol and Isooctylphenyl for various reasons when producing the subvirion. Such chemicals cannot produce health. Polyethylene Glycol is a relative of ethylene glycol (antifreeze) which is often used to poison dogs and other predators of sheep. The body has a very difficult time expelling it because it is resistant to biodegradation. Isocctylphenyl ether is a compound of ether and has anesthetic properties. Isooctylphenyl ether is a teratogen, causing abnormal prenatal development. It also induces testicular atrophy in animals, and possibly in people.

I wish to caution you that animal reproductive studies have not been conducted with influenza virus vaccine. It is also not known whether influenza virus vaccine can cause fetal harm when administered to a pregnant woman or if it might affect reproductive capacity.

Vaccines Guarantee Nothing
Please be aware that the vaccinating profession does not proclaim complete immunity for you, but states that it merely "reduces the likelihood of infection; or if you do develop the disease it will be a milder case." Listen to another confession: "It is known definitely that influenza virus vaccine, as now constituted, is not effective against all possible strains of influenza virus. Any protection afforded is only against those strains of virus from which the vaccine is prepared or against closely related strains." Our body's defense mechanisms do better than that! It has natural killer cells that attack all strains of viruses and bacteria.

The 2002-2003 vaccine is not "effective" against any other strain of influenza virus or some that are closely related. You are not protected even if you are vaccinated! So many different viruses and bacteria supposedly cause influenza that it is a wonder people don't see that there is something wrong here! How can one be artificially immune to any disease when hundreds of different viruses and bacteria "cause" the same disease? How can we even believe that they cause disease in any case, since they are always present in health and disease? Most of the time they are our benefactors—they actually help us rid the body of toxins.

Vaccines Build Disease!
Perhaps you have been assured by your physician that Influenza virus vaccine contains only dead viruses and that it cannot cause influenza. This is nonsense. Influenza vaccine contains the proteins found in the RNA of the virus. These proteins, like egg or chicken protein, are alien to our bodies. Our bodies can only use the proteins and carbohydrates we make ourselves. All others are toxic and must be degraded and tossed out. Therefore, when you take vaccines, the foreign proteins and carbohydrates increase the toxicity of your body sufficiently to warrant an elimination crisis. Not only could you get influenza but you could get any other disease to which you have a physical tendency. This is why physicians state that "...coincidental respiratory disease unrelated to influenza vaccination can occur after vaccination." Excuses, excuses...

The most frequent "side effect" of vaccination is soreness at the site of the vaccination site for up to two days. Does that sound like something that is good for you? Your body tissues become red, swollen and inflamed because of the toxic vaccine. Other injection site reactions are: pain or tenderness, erythema, inflammation, skin discoloration, induration, a mass or lump; and hypersensitivity reactions including puritus and urticaria. In addition, the following types of systemic problems have occurred after vaccination: Fever, malaise, myalgia, and other systemic symptoms such as arthralgia, asthenia, chills, dizziness, headache, lymphadenopathy, rash, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, pharyngitis, angiopathy and vasculiltis, as well as anaphylactic shock. Many asthmatics have severe reactions from taking flu virus vaccines and anaphylaxis is one of them, sometimes ending in death within one hour.

The human body learns to tolerate poisons if given to them often enough and long enough. But the price is dear, because changes in tissues are taking place that are detrimental to your health, ending up in one or more degenerative diseases. The only way out is to live healthfully so you do not tolerate toxins!

Getting vaccinated builds disease—not immunity! All vaccines are poisons and every new vaccine is a new poison!

Why We Get the Flu
Sickness already exists before the virus or bacteria can propagate in large numbers. The body's toxic tissues are the basic cause of the disease; not the bacteria. When your body finds itself overflowing with excess waste, like a stopped up toilet, it flows over too, with mucus exuding from one or many body parts. You may find yourself leaking from the nose, or throat, or lungs, or eyes and ears, and sometimes all of these at once; or the inflammation may march along like a band going from one block to the next, until the toxic level has come down to the toleration point of the individual. You are apparently well, and you are indeed free of symptoms because the body ceases its eliminations upon reaching your particular toleration point. However, you are not really healthy until your body tolerates only the normal amount of wastes, as in a genuinely healthy individual. It takes time and right living to get to that point. Fasting hastens this process.

An acute disease, such as influenza, is a necessary pathophysiological process instituted by the body itself, designed to eliminate the excess body wastes by way of the mucous membranes. The bodily intelligence decides which area is the most appropriate and best avenue to rid itself of certain waste products, and when these are so overwhelming that the ordinary avenues of elimination such as the kidneys can't handle them all, they are then pushed out through other channels such as the skin and mucous membranes. When cared for Hygienically, influenza never becomes a deadly disease.

The point is that the body is self-protecting and self-healing. If we all gave up the idea of "cures" and lived correctly, there would be no need for medications to suppress our symptoms or vaccines to give us a false idea that we are "protected."

Keeping Well
Neither healthy nor sick persons need to be vaccinated. The healthy person should continue on with a healthful lifestyle, and the sick individual should find out what in his or her lifestyle is causing the sickness, eliminate it; and then work towards a more healthful lifestyle. If you desire to keep well it certainly helps to know what can make you sick and avoid it.

Medical treatments of all kinds can predispose you to influenza. In short, anything that enervates, or saps energy, can exacerbate any tendencies we may have toward disease. All "enervators," i.e., those things which rob you of nerve energy and weaken you physically and mentally, will predispose you to an acute disease. Some of the greatest enervators are all drugs, medications, and poison habits such as indulging in coffee, tea, alcohol, and smoking. All bad health habits are enervating, but the greatest enervators of all are pharmaceuticals, including vaccines.

It is difficult for individuals to see all this clearly, because for 24 hours a day they are under the barrage of medical propaganda and coercion. They fear for their lives and know nothing about the healing powers of the living organism. The ill-fated individual does not know what to think or do, being lost in the hazy woods of the mysticism of medicine. What we need in this world is truth and enlightenment! To quote Dr. Herbert M. Shelton's favorite slogan: "Let us have the truth though the heavens may fall."

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