Articles Contributed by Gary Krasner
Director, Coalition For Informed Choice

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Advice to Parents About Health     File

Another Bipartisan Multi-Billion Dollar Medical Boondoggle: How Biomedical Research Takes Congress and Our Money     File

Another Phantom Virus     File

Big Brother is Watching: The New Mandates, Part 1     File

Chicken Pox: Why Do Children Die?     File

Deliberation by Consensus     File

NYC Employees Against Public Health Fanaticism and Medical Tyranny      File

Facts vs. Beliefs:     Lessons for Vaccination Awareness Advocates     File

Germs Are Our Friends     File

Peter Duesberg     File

Polio Awareness Day: Medical Myths Die Hard     File

Refusing Vaccination: An Introductory Guide To An Informed Choice     File

Single-Payer Fantasies of Sicko, Michael Moore     File

The Folly of Fluoridating Our Water     File