Renata's Testimony
Anne's Testimony

Renata's Testimony

Dear Vaclib staff, 

   Thanks for all you do to get the word out on vaccines! 

   When I had my first child, eight years ago, I didn't know anyone who hadn't vaccinated, and I knew I wasn't going to, but it was still a little scary after all the propaganda.  My father was the one who got me researching sites like yours.  After telling a few of our family and friends who were willing to listen, some of them did their own research, and now I know ten children who are vibrantly healthy who have not been vaccinated.  I know ten other children acquainted to our family who are unvaccinated and all in terrific health as well.  

   So, little by little, you are making a difference.  I am more eager to share my story after being overseas for three years, and my children each catching both mumps and whooping cough.  Those family members who thought we were nuts now thought, oh, THIS will show them why they should have vaccinated.  Perhaps they thought our children would get very sick, I don't know.  To my husband and I, it gave us more confidence that we had made the right choice. 

   We learned that both whooping cough and mumps were straightforward childhood diseases.  With mumps, one child got a fever and sore throat, the glands under the chin near the neck swelled  one side, then a few days later the other side did also.  She wasn't very hungry due to the soreness upon swallowing, so we gave her plenty of fluids with lots of Vitamin C for three days, and after five days she was fine.  She still looked like a chipmunk for another week, but she played normally.  Two weeks after, the same scenario followed in our younger child, except she didn't swell as much so she didn't look as silly. Three months later, they caught whooping cough, not from the local children, but from our adult co-worker working as a nurse in Asia.  She was in her fifties, and her childhood vaccines had long worn off, if she ever had the pertussis vaccine.  With whooping cough, there was never a fever, just a cough that after two weeks of light coughing turned into two weeks of terrible sounding coughing with a lot of phlegm and ended with four more weeks of light coughing.  This does initially SOUND frightening, but it was more annoying than anything.  The strange thing is that my children played as usual during the entire eight weeks, the only interference being to spit in a bowl now and then.  They never appeared to be sick, ate well, just sounded bad. 

   We told the neighborhood kids to stay away from our courtyard, but they still came by now and then, and half of the kids under 12 on our street got whooping cough that spring and summer.  No complications whatsoever.  I think our western societies have traded acute illnesses for the chronic illnesses such as allergies, autism spectrum disorders, bowel problems, etc.  

I have experience with whooping cough and mumps in eight years of parenting but have never experienced an ear infection, strep throat, constipation, asthma, bronchitis, or any of the "normal" childhood problem.  I am wondering if they are really normal?  I am thankful for God's awesome immune system.  I don't think it can be improved upon.    Renata

Anne's Testimony

I believe one of the reasons Jackson died was to inform the rest of the world of the dangers of pharmaceutical vaccines.
Vaccines are loaded with chemicals that are dangerous for adults.
What happens when you inject these dangerous chemicals, like aluminum and formaldyhide, into the bloodstream of a tiny baby?

I had not done a lot of reading about vaccines. My mom gave me the book, DPT: A Shot in the Dark, when I was pregnant with my first child, and that was enough to convince me that I did not want to take a chance on what happened to those babies happening to mine. Neither of my children had any baby vaccines. They were always healthy little girls. They got chicken pox - that's about it, and they did not get very sick - in fact my oldest, Marla, was mad she couldn't go to school. We used homeopathics to combat any colds they got. Marla did not miss any grade school, and my youngest, Julia, missed a minimum of school.

When Julia got pregnant, I started talking to her about vaccines, telling her they are dangerous. I had heard on the news that some hospitals were injecting microchips into newborn babies with their newborn Hepatitis B shot, and I told her about that.

She did not believe me, and pointed out the video being showed at the WIC office that was pro-vaccine. Unfortunately, these videos are paid for by the very pharmaceutical companies that make huge amounts of money off of mandatory vaccines and the sicknesses children develop as a result of them. Julia was 19. Her husband had gone to get something to eat. The nurse told her that she needed to sign the form to permit them to give the vaccine to their 12 hour old baby. I told her she did not have to give the baby the vaccine. The nurse said the vaccine was mandatory. I said, it may be "mandatory," but he does not have to get it. The nurse told her he either had to get it now or a month from now. Julia wanted to know what was the likelihood of him being exposed to Hepatitis b. The nurse lied, and told her they had hepatitis cases in that hospital. The truth is that newborn babies NEVER are exposed to hepatitis b unless their mother has it. It is contracted by contact with the bodily fluids of someone who has it, and according to the physicians references on the manufacturer's (Merck) website, should ONLY be administered to people who are IV drug users, sexually promiscuous, or handle blood for a living, since anyone under age 17 is 100 times more likely to have an adverse side effect to the vaccine than contract the disease. I did not know that at the time.

I also did not know that live varicella virus, the virus behind chicken pox, shingles, and herpes, is used in the Hepatitis B vaccine, nor did I know that herpes is deadly to newborn babies. Julia gave the baby the Hepatitis b vaccine. 5 days later, he developed a herpes sore on his eye. A week after that it showed up on his genitals and the hospital decided to test the sore, then put in for treatment. While in the hospital he contracted a strep infection, probably from inadequate cleansing of a needle incision, one of the nurses said. The strep attacked his bowel and two days later he was dead. He was 23 days old, born a healthy baby, breastfed and much loved by his parents. Date, Sunday, Dec 4, 2005. Devastated, I called my friends at church who told me to please pray for another baby.

Then one of our friends had twins. They got their 2 month DPT shot on Friday, and headed out on the road. It was Christmas time and snowing in Montana when they stopped at a rest stop Sunday afternoon. Everyone was awake and aware. One of the little girls stopped breathing. This is a common side effect to the DPT shot. Apparently there is something in there that interrupts normal breathing, and there have been many tests showing that immediately after being given this shot, the immune systems slows down and there is a detrimental effect on breathing which does not go away for almost a month. The family immediately gave the baby CPR, but could not get her to start breathing again. They finally airlifted her to the same hospital where Jackson had just died, but she was pronounced brain-dead upon arrival. She was able to donate organs. My pastor had to perform two funerals for tiny babies on the same day. I hope this helps you.

Tell your husband to go to the vaccine manufacturers' websites and hunt until he finds the information for physicians, and then read it. It usually will tell you the ingredients in the vaccine and the side-effects. It also will tell you that getting the vaccine does not guarentee immunity from the disease. What it won't tell you is that the incidence of autism, which was virtually nonexistant in this country prior to 1960 when mandatory vaccination began, is now 1 in 67 children, in some areas of the country. Do you want your child to take a chance of being one of those in order to receive a vaccine which may not even work for a disease that is not even common?

God bless you.

Anne *:)