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By Walene James

The greatest danger facing our culture and society is not crime, moral decline, poverty or even the much touted factors of pollution and ecological imbalance. Rather it is the insidious but deadly phenomenon of mass mindedness.—Stephen Hoeller, Freedom: Alchemy for a Voluntary Society.

Just why is mass-mindedness such a "deadly phenomenon?" A society afflicted with mass-mindedness excises mind and spirit and brooks no room for serious questioning and discussion. Reason and evidence tend to be dismissed and blind belief encouraged.

During the question period at a conference in Copenhagen, Wayne Dyer was asked, "What do you think is the most dangerous thing in the world?" He replied, "Obedience.  Blind obedience."1

With regard to vaccinations, a couple of examples will illustrate the robotizing effect of mass-mindedness.

On April 23 & 27, 1997, two letters appeared on the editorial pages of an Idaho newspaper (Coeur d'Alene Press/Spokesman Review) protesting the recent media hype promoting vaccinations. The first letter pointed out that compulsory vaccinations were a violation of human rights, in this case, the right to body-mind integrity—the right to determine what we shall put into our bodies, particularly a substance that has potential for long term damage. The letter also referred the reader to two books, which were well documented and challenged the safety and effectiveness of vaccinations. The second letter, using more facts and figures, again made the point that vaccines were damaging and ineffective and suggested they were essentially experiments. [No scientifically controlled studies have been done on them.]

When the replies were published, you would have thought that a skunk had invaded the temple and entered the holy of holies. As for the first letter, one of the respondents suggested that the author had only a minimal I.Q. Another one said that "no amount of education or heavy footnotes will take the place of good common sense and clear thinking." As for the second letter, one of the respondents called it "deceptive and vicious." Nearly every letter spoke of vaccinating as a responsibility to the community, meaning an unvaccinated child could spread disease, even start an epidemic. One medical doctor said that failure to vaccinate "will directly threaten each new baby born here." A common denominator running throughout the letters was the fear of the natural disease, one respondent saying that "vaccines are far kinder than the diseases they're designed to prevent."

The correspondent who sent me the letters told me that a neighbor of hers said that the internet was full of chatter about the letters and was "running 90/10 in favor of mass inoculations." She also told me that another neighbor said that people who don't vaccinate their children should be arrested.

I might mention that the initial letters that elicited the hostile responses were somewhat amateurish leaving the writers 'wide open.' Moral: One must use 'skillful means' when challenging a hallowed fixation of Mass Mind.

"…they were visiting the reservation, the outlying camps of Aborigines in the desert, and if for some reason a mother didn't want her child to be vaccinated they would simply grab the child and forcibly vaccinate it. I saw them chasing them on foot, and chasing them in Landrovers and grabbing the kids and vaccinating them. Now a lot of these kids were terribly sick. They were malnourished and everything else. And if they survived the first vaccine, in a few weeks they would come back with booster shots. And then with more and more, and then they would come around with polio shots and so forth. It is a wonder that any kid survived really, not that the death rate had just doubled. It is a wonder that anyone survived."

This is Archivides Kalokerinos speaking in an interview in the June 1995 International Vaccination Newsletter (Belgium). Dr. Kalokerinos began his career as a "convinced vaccinator," but his experience in the Northern Territory of Australia working with the aborigines caused him to question. He wrote a book, Every Second Child, telling how "every second child" (50 percent) became extremely ill and some died after routine vaccinations—diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio, etc. He found he could reverse some of these reactions by injecting the child with 100 mg. of vitamin C. When he tried to communicate his discoveries to the "authorities," instead of taking an interest in what he had found, their reaction was one of extreme hostility. "This forced me to look into the question of vaccinations further, and the further I looked the more shocked I became." What he discovered and what a few other doctors who have seriously investigated the vaccine issue have discovered is indeed shocking. What Dr. Kalokerinos—and other serious investigators—discovered goes beyond the scope of this article; however, it is explored in my new book manuscript, The Vaccine Religion: Mass Mindedness and the Struggle for Human Freedom.

The above two examples are by no means isolated cases. Forced vaccinations and public support for them are part of the "blind obedience" syndrome Wayne Dyer spoke of earlier. Mass acceptance of mass vaccinations is the product of mass-mindedness, this latter being a greater threat to our birthright as free, sovereign, and whole human beings than any other danger facing our society. Authoritarian governments depend upon creating mass-mindedness.

Did you know that children have been "kidnapped" by the state and placed in foster care for the parent's 'crime' of not vaccinating them? Sometimes other 'irregularities' are involved as well, e.g., home schooling, vegetarianism, and prolonged breast-feeding. .

Did you know that judges can practice medicine without a license? One distraught mother told me that her ex-husband had gone along with her no-vaccination policy except for the polio vaccine, which he insisted upon.

When she refused to comply he took her to court and the judge ordered their 18 month old son to be vaccinated with all required vaccines within a week!

Creating Mass Mindedness

First, create blind belief. Blind obedience will follow. This is The Formula:

1. Ideational Underexposure: People must be persistently and consistently exposed to only one point-of-view, one way of thinking about a subject. Other ways of thinking—or interpreting data—must be ignored or denigrated. Thus, the art of questioning, which is central to the development of the critical faculty, is stunted. Why? Because the critical or discriminating faculty is an aspect of the intellect and the intellect learns by comparison.

2. Fear and guilt: People must be programmed to believe in some threatening external agent from which they can be saved only by the intervention of a product, person or collective movement. In the case of vaccinations, transform non-transmissible diseases into transmissible ones. Transform relatively benign—for a healthy child—self-limiting diseases of childhood such as mumps, measles, rubella and even whooping cough, into something "dread," "devastating," or "dangerous," which places a child "at risk." Make parents feel guilty by accusing them of medical or even child neglect for failing to vaccinate their children. Get legislation passed that will enforce this policy. If this succeeds, up the ante and have parents accused of child abuse.

3. From private to public: Transform a private issue into a public health problem. Claim that the old 'scary' diseases of yesteryear like smallpox and diphtheria—and more recently polio—were "conquered" by vaccinations and that enough unvaccinated persons could leave the community open to the old plagues and diseases that nearly decimated earlier populations. Point the finger at the unvaccinated for not doing their civic duty and exposing the community to danger.

Call vaccinations "immunizations" and unvaccinated persons "unimmunized," thus implying that natural immunity is non-existent and that only vaccinations produce immunity.

4. Bandwagons: People love to belong, to march together for some 'righteous' cause. Give awards to those who are most compliant—good soldiers. Becoming creative with statistics and even events is frequently necessary. Exclude skeptics and non-conformists from policy making processes and public forums.

5. Learn the tapes: Tape 1: Trust vaccines: "The benefits outweigh the risks." This means, of course, that vaccines are a lot safer than the natural disease. Tape 2: Creative statistics: Vaccine side effects are extremely rare, while the side effects of natural diseases can be "devastating."  Tape 3: Denial: It would  have happened anyway." This is to be recited when a distraught parent claims her child was neurologically damaged by a vaccine. Tape 4: Good Soldier: "When your child died s/he saved the lives of 10,000 babies." (This tape along with the others have been used.)

Thus programmed, people can believe in absurdities. Some of these are:

*The medicine I take to protect me won't work unless everyone takes the     same medicine.

*If I don't take the medicine I could endanger those who do.

*The fox is the expert who should be in charge of the hen house.

*Ideas and events are context free.

*Assembly line treatments such as mass, compulsory vaccinations are sound policies because our bodies are machines disconnected from mind, spirit, poetry, philosophy and all that makes us human.


Who or what is going to implement The Formula on a large scale? Mass media. This includes standard-brand textbooks and encyclopedias. Did you know the corporate mass media is now in the hands of six corporations? The top three are General Electric, Westinghouse and Disney. These three control 90 percent of all book publishing, films, videos, radio and television.(2) Is this why we don't hear in the mainstream media an intelligent discussion of vaccinations? Intelligent, in this case, means not just staying in the box of accepted opinion that may question the effectiveness of a particular vaccine or expose some of the toxic ingredients in vaccines. It means challenging the premises of the vaccine paradigm itself and, by implication, the standard medical model.

What does media monopoly bode for the health of a democracy? We know that a healthy eco-system supports high levels of diversity. Likewise, a healthy democracy.

Organized medicine considers vaccinations the cornerstone of preventive medicine. Of course, official medicine is inseparable from Big Pharma, which funds medical training, medical journals and 'scientific' meetings. "The pharmaceutical industry is the most powerful political force in Washington." (3) and some have suggested it is the most profitable business in the world.

I am reminded of what historian Howard Zinn said about experts, the ones whom we are trained to respect as authoritative sources of information and insights:

Those who pretend to give us factual information are the ones we should be most suspicious of. "By now we should have learned to be wary of experts. . . They are our jailers. They perpetrate the system." He even went so far as to say that when the world is destroyed, it will be destroyed by experts. (4)

Vaccination 101

Vaccinations are toxins by definition. Some of these toxic ingredients are well known neurotoxins such as mercury (thimerosal which is 50% ethyl mercury) and various aluminum compounds such as aluminum hydroxide and aluminum phosphate. Then there is the well known formaldehyde used to embalm corpses which is a carcinogen as well as a neurotoxin. Other toxic ingredients could include neomycin (antibiotic), phenoxyethanol (antifreeze), glycerol, phenol (carbolic acid), ammonium sulfate. These ingredients are the stabilizers, neutralizers, activators (adjuvants), carrying agents and preservatives.

I wonder how many of us would knowingly feed our children or ourselves a food which contained any of the above ingredients. True, there are only trace amounts of these substances in vaccines, but remember vaccines go directly into the bloodstream without censoring by the liver or buffering by the digestive process. Oral vaccines would seem to offer a bit more protection; however they are designed for rapid penetration from the intestines, again by-passing the liver and the digestive organs. The effect of these toxins, however, is cumulative.

What about the cultured bacteria or viruses—killed or attenuated (diluted)—and their excretions or byproducts and the medium in which they are cultured and attenuated? Some of these are rabbit brain tissue, dog kidney tissue, monkey kidney tissue, chick embryo, calf serum, pig or horse blood and cow pox pus. These are proteins—foreign proteins—that because they are injected directly into the bloodstream, are toxic to the body. Why? Because proteins must be broken down into amino acids by the digestive process in order to be taken into the bloodstream and utilized by the body. When protein enters the bloodstream by any other route than the digestive tract it becomes toxic.

But that isn't the worst of it. These proteins are foreign to the body and are in a state of decomposition necessitating the use of preservatives discussed earlier. They are also composed of animal cells, which contain animal genetic material. The genes in these cells can be picked up by the live attenuated viruses used in vaccines. These viruses can then implant foreign genetic material from these animal tissue cultures into the human genetic system.

Further contamination with incidental viruses and bacteria from animal cells and their genetic material can occur when the cultivated viruses are attenuated by serial passage through animal tissues to reduce their virulence.

All living matter, including viruses and bacteria, contains genetic material—DNA and RNA, which it sheds and which can be picked up by the cells of different organisms. This process of shedding genetic material by the cells of one species and its subsequent absorption by another species is known as transcession. Cells in which viral RNA has integrated into the DNA of the animal cell are known as proviruses or molecular intermediates. These infected cells can lie dormant in tissues throughout the body and be activated at a later stage, triggering autoimmune phenomena such as cancer, leukemia, M.S., lupus erythematosus, allergies asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, and more recently, diabetes. Transcession thus explains autoimmune phenomena, i.e., why the immune system cannot distinguish between foreign invaders and its own tissues and begins to destroy itself.

A number of researchers, including London physician, Leon Chaitow, have suggested that this injection into the bloodstream of various viruses and bacteria has resulted in a massive experiment in genetic engineering, the repercussions of which will be felt for generations! (5)

The meteoric rise of learning disabilities, autism and sociopathic personality disorders, e.g. emotional blunting, such as inability to feel and empathize with others, naked aggression, and fascination with violence and cruelty has been connected with early vaccinations.

"We now have the most vaccinated group of children ever. More importantly, the mothers of these children are also the most vaccinated mothers ever and have the most immune diseases ever in the history of the world."—F. Edward Yazbak. (6)

What about vaccinating two month old babies whose immune systems are undeveloped and are dependent upon their mothers for the transfer of immune factors? These babies are given seven vaccines—DPT, Hib, Polio, pneumococcal and hepatitis B? New born babies are now vaccinated with hepatitis B!

"For us to bombard a new born baby with a whole battery of vaccines as, in effect, their very first immunological experience I think is reckless beyond measure. I would say it borders on the criminal," Richard Moskowitz, tells us. (7)

A number of doctors became vaccination skeptics and outright opponents of vaccination just from what they observed in their own practice. For instance, board certified family practitioner Alan Cohen said in his interview on the Gary Null show, "I have never seen a child in my office who had autism, hyperactivity, or ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) who was not vaccinated. Children, who I did see in my office, who were not vaccinated never had any of these problems." Dr. Cohen also pointed out that vaccinations can cause inflammation of the brain which can manifest as severe brain damage resulting in mental retardation, psychopathology, paralysis dyslexia, allergies and repetitive infections. (8)

Philip Incao also observed that the children in his practice, who were not vaccinated were "healthier, hardier and more robust than their vaccinated peers," and that allergies, asthma, and behavioral and attentional disorders were "clearly more common in my young patients who were vaccinated."(9)

In the latter part of August 2005, I saw on public television the program Now which featured a beautiful suburb where people moved to escape the noise, pollution and congestion of the city. They discovered soon enough that behind the chain link fence separating most of suburbia were rows of vegetables, which became the repository of periodic pesticide spraying. The residents began to experience various health challenges particularly bronchial problems, including asthma. As I watched this spraying, I thought, "What will future generations say about us? Will they read in their history books: They poisoned their food and ate it? They poisoned their water and drank it. They poisoned their air and breathed it. And wonder of wonders, they poisoned their bodies to prevent disease."


The Pied Piper of Vaccinations

    You don't get harmony when everyone is singing the same note.
       —Doug Floyd

In the U.S. ninety eight to 99 percent of children are vaccinated to meet school entry requirement.(10)

In the 19 states with a philosophical exemption, only two to five percent of the population on average take this exemption. (11)

In 1988 in the state of Virginia where I live, there are only religious and medical exemptions. Only 1 percent of the population take these exemptions This was still true in 2005. (12)

"The devastation that vaccines have caused in many cases is tragic beyond belief. To add insult to injury we are forced to pay for them through our taxes and thus further subsidize the drug companies. It is bad enough that Medicare surrenders $100 billion a year to the drug companies. Soon we will be adding another $10 billion through the vaccine program," Joseph Mercola, pointed out.  (13)

How can we break the vaccine trance?

Einstein said that a problem cannot be solved on the same level of thinking that created the problem in the first place. First, we must get past the level of thinking that sees disease as an implacable enemy caused by microscopic entities that must be vanquished with every available weapon—drugs and vaccines.

What about seeing certain microorganisms which are often---but not always— associated with a particular disease, not as causal agents per se but as reflecting their nutrient medium? This is called the Terrain Theory of disease as contrasted with the Germ Theory. Certain high powered microscopes have shown that microorganisms are pleomorphic (form changing) not monomorphic (form-fixed) as the germ theory would have it. My earlier book on vaccinations, Immunization: The Reality Behind the Myth (1988,1995) discusses this at length. My new book also discusses some of the newer findings showing that the antibody theory of immunity upon which vaccinations are based is also incorrect. What this boils down to is lifestyle and 'thinkstyle' choices and taking responsibility for them.

Still afraid of germs? Still sure they are causal, pathologenic agents? A number of germ theory dissenting scientists have swallowed millions of pathogenic bacteria which are considered the causal agents of cholera and typhoid. The worst that occurred was a mild diarrhea, although the active bacilli could be found in their stools.(14)  I'm betting the supposed causal agents of other diseases have likewise been swallowed by other experimenters with little or no adverse effects. What is this telling us? First, the artifactual nature and procedures of the laboratory, which can isolate pathogens, are unlike natural encounters with these microorganisms, which in nature are inseparable from their nutrient media. Secondly, and most important, injection directly into the bloodstream by-passes the natural portals of entry which modify ingested substances.

"We must learn to question everything," Betty Williams, Irish peace activist and 1996 Nobel peace laureate, said in a 1997 interview on "New Dimensions" (NPR). She also said that we need to get acquainted with our soul. "We can use our intellect after we use our soul."

There is a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem, popular psychologist, Wayne Dyer titled his 2001 book. The central problem with the whole vaccination issue is that it is mandated by law and can be enforced by the police powers of the state. Solving the vaccination problem from a spiritual perspective seems to me to be two pronged:

First, (a) We need to move into a more holistic understanding of health and disease processes by recognizing that we are whole beings —spirit, mind, body. The new science of psychoneuroimmunology—literally meaning from psyche or soul to mind to immune system—suggests the linkage between states of mind to states of immunity. Any treatment to be successful must be in accord with this understanding. (b) The immune system is now being seen more holistically as a general functioning of the entire body, reflecting all the body's biochemistry, physiology and all the body's workings. I would add that it also reflects attitudes and emotions. (c) To force someone to do something that s/he thinks is harmful will not work, because it can create stress and resentment which impair immune function.

The famous clairvoyant, Edgar Cayce, said many times, "Never force an issue." In a talk given in Virginia Beach in 1931, he said in reference to the information in his 'readings,' The greatest sins in the world today are selfishness and the domination of one individual will by another will." Earlier in that same talk he said, "…anyone who would force another to submit to his will is a tyrant."

Second, (a) Spirituality has a discernment and wisdom component. Jesus counseled his disciples to be "wise as serpents, but harmless as doves"(Matthew 10:16 KJV). (b) To develop discernment we need to recognize propaganda, which in essence means spreading ideas to promote a cause. It presents only one point of view. Other ways of understanding or interpreting data are ignored or denigrated. In the case of vaccinations, fear is a common tactic using factoids and figures to 'prove' the inestimable value of the vaccine rite. (c) Recognizing propaganda will help us to be aware of and share with others the specious reasoning spoken of earlier that supports forced vaccinations. Here is one of my favorites: The unvaccinated are carriers of disease who can threaten the health of the entire community, including the vaccinated!

In sum: Health is wholeness. Disease is not an enemy but a teacher, an opportunity to rest, cleanse, reflect rebalance and renew. In a larger sense, it means realigning the body-mind with its spiritual Source. Health, not vaccinations, is immunization.

(Note: Most of the insights and information in this article are taken from my book manuscript on vaccination, The Vaccine Religion: Mass Mindedness and the Struggle for Human Freedom. Some of the information is also taken from my earlier book, Immunization: The Reality Behind the Myth(1988, 1995).

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