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Subject: Measles Vaccine : The Facts !

Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2001 08:27:16 -0800
Thanks to Dr. Sherri Tenpenny for the following:

Measles Vaccine : The Facts !

Pre-Vaccinations - What happened before vaccinations

  • FACT : In 1900 there were 13.3 measles deaths per 100,000 population. By 1955, the death rate was 0.03 deaths per 100,000, a decline of 97.7%, eight years before the first measles shot. 5  The death rate from measles in the mid-1970’s (post-vaccine) remained exactly the same as in the early 1960’s (pre-vaccine). 6 

  • FACT : In the United States and England, between 1915 and 1958, there was a 95% decline in the measles death rate. 7 

  • FACT : Before the vaccine was introduced, it was extremely rare for an infant to contract measles. However, by 1993 more than 25% of all measles cases were occurring in babies under one year old. CDC (Centre for Disease Control) officials attribute it to the growing number of mothers who were vaccinated during the 1960’s, ‘70’s, and ‘80’s. (When natural immunity is denied, measles protection cannot be passed onto their babies.) 8 

With Vaccinations - The non-efficacy of vaccinations

  • FACT : In the U.S.A. the measles vaccine has been available since 1957 and the triple vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) has been available since 1975. In spite of all this, from 1983 to 1990 there has been a 423% increase in the number of measles cases. 9 

  • FACT : (Removed)10  In 1986 there was a measles epidemic at Corpus Christi, Texas, in which 99% of the children affected had been vaccinated against measles, and over 95% were supposedly immune. 11 

  • FACT : According to Dr. Atkinson of the CDC, "measles transmissions has been clearly documented among vaccinated persons. In some large outbreaks...over 95% of cases have a history of vaccination..." 12 

  • FACT : According to a study by the World Health Organisation (W.H.O.), those vaccinated against measles are 14 times more likely to contract the disease than those left unvaccinated. 13 

Effects of Vaccinations

  • FACT : Serious nervous system and other reactions to measles vaccine have been repeatedly reported in medical literature. The measles vaccine may cause ataxia (inability to co-ordinate muscle movements), learning disability, retardation, encephalitis, retinopathy, blindness, aseptic meningitis, seizure disorders, paralysis and death. Other researchers have investigated it as a possible cause of or co-factor for multiple sclerosis, Reye’s Syndrome, Guillain-Barre syndrome, blood clotting disorders, and juvenile-onset diabetes. 14 

  • FACT : During measles, the body literally ‘burns’ up the cells containing the invading virus. This incineration takes place at the site of the spots or rash, which measles is known for. If this is stopped, as by a vaccination, then the virus survives and lives on in the body, only to cause havoc later on. A high proportion of individuals who had the vaccination were found in adult life to have developed cervical cancer, skin cancers and multiple sclerosis. 15 

Bad Medicine - The power of drug companies

  • FACT : GP’s have financial incentives to vaccinate the children within their practice.


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Additional facts about measles:

Note: 5 to 15% = 200,000 to 600,000 per year, about the same or a little higher than the estimated number of children who did not yet have natural immunity to measles in 1962. (estimate, before the first vaccine for measles) In other words, natural measles with a rash has been substituted for vaccine measles with at least 1/3 (5%= 1/3rd of 15%) having a rash.

See para 2 & 5 below.

(U of Maryland Med center)
Side Effects of Live Measles Mumps-Rubella (MMR) Vaccines

Common side effects from the MMR vaccination include fever, rash, and joint pain. Children are more likely to experience such side effects from the second dose (at 10 to 12 years) than from the first (at four to six years).

Fever. About 5% to 15% of people who are vaccinated with any live measles virus vaccine develop a fever of 103 degrees or greater, usually between five and 15 days after the vaccination. It usually lasts one or two days but can persist up to five days. In very young children, seizures can occur from high fever eight to 14 days after vaccination, but they are rare and almost never have any long-term effects.

Swollen Glands. The live-mumps vaccine can cause mild swelling in the glands that are situated near the ears.

Joint Pain. Up to 25% of women have joint pain one to three weeks after a vaccination with a live-rubella virus; it lasts for one day to three weeks. Such pain does not usually interrupt daily activities. Rarely, it recurs or becomes persistent.

Allergic Reaction. People who have known anaphylactic allergies (very severe reactions) to eggs or to neomycin are at high risk for a severe allergic response to the MMR vaccine. People with allergies that do not cause anaphylactic shock to these substances are not at higher risk for a serious allergic reaction to the vaccine. Mild allergic reactions may occur in some people, including rash and itching. A rash occurs in about 5% of people who are vaccinated with a live-measles vaccine. A live-mumps vaccination has caused rash and itching, but these symptoms are usually mild.

Interaction with Tuberculosis Test. The live-measles vaccine may interfere with a tuberculosis test, so the two should be administered at least four to six weeks apart. No evidence exists that the vaccine has an adverse effect on tuberculosis itself.

Mild Infection. One study suggests that a mild form of measles that has no symptoms may develop in previously immunized people who are exposed to the virus, although this mild infection may not be significant.

Severe Side Effects. Much controversy has arisen over severe side effects of the MMR. This is of great concern since the evidence of any serious problems is very weak and studies refuting them tend to be stronger. It should be noted that in 2000, measles caused about a million deaths in children in countries where the vaccine is not used. [Note: we at VacLib would consider this above paragraph to be nonsense. MMR has been proven to have links to Autism. Children die of malnutrition, not measles.]

Researchers have confirmed that MMR can cause a rare bleeding disorder called idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP). This can cause a purple bruise-like discolorations that can spread across the body, nosebleeds, or tiny red spots. It is nearly always mild and temporary. The risk for this is about one in 22,300 doses. (The risk is much higher with the actual infections, particularly rubella.)

There have been a few reports of encephalitis (inflammation in the brain) associated with the live-measles vaccine, although the incidence of these events is no higher in immunized children than in nonimmunized children. (Encephalitis is extremely rare in either case).

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