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The Disease and the Vaccine

  • The Centers for Disease Control and prevention (CDC) --through the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices-- recommends that two doses of the MMR triple antigen vaccine be given to our children. The first MMR vaccine is given to infants between 12-18 months, the second at 4-6 years or at 11-12 years of age. State supported information tells parents the vaccine is safe and effective. Following are facts regarding these three diseases and the MMR vaccine that indicate the vaccine is neither safe nor effective.

  • Measles, mumps and/or rubella (three day measles) are rarely serious childhood diseases. All three confer lifelong immunity to healthy, well-nourished children. Several medical studies have shown that these diseases prime and mature the immune system, thereby lowering the risk of serious diseases such asthma and ovarian cancer later in life.1

  • Many children contract the measles despite vaccination as confirmed by numerous medical reports worldwide. 2 A 12-year Finnish study showed that 7 of 9 previously vaccinated children contracted measles if they shared a bedroom with an infected sibling. The study concluded that genuine protection against measles may not be achievable with vaccination. 3

  • Another worrisome phenomenon is atypical measles, a problem that arose soon after the measles vaccine was first introduced. This form of measles only occurs in children who have been previously vaccinated against measles. Atypical measles not only resists treatment, but often degenerates into pneumonia or meningitis. 4

  • MMR-II is a live virus vaccine produced using cells originating from aborted human fetal tissue. It is manufactured by Merck and Co., Inc. MMR-II contains the neuro-toxin aluminum that has been linked to brain dysfunction. In 2001 the FDA shut down Merck's Pennsylvania plant for more than a month due to violations of sterility, testing and documentation. 5

  • Numerous medical reports published in prestigious medical journals have cited major complications resulting from the MMR vaccine, including retardation, chronic seizures, inflammatory bowel disease, hearing loss, chronic arthritis, encephalitis and aseptic meningitis. 6

  • MMR is closely linked to America's raging epidemic of autism spectrum disorders. One in every 300-500 U.S. children now develops autism. In 1978, only one child in 10,000 developed autism. Late onset autism causes previously normal babies to develop severe abdominal cramping, hyperactivity, learning and social disabilities, along with abnormally aggressive behavior. 7

  • Studies conducted by British scientist Dr. Andrew Wakefield show a significant correlation between autism and the MMR vaccine. Wakefield found that the MMR vaccine increases the permeability of the bowel, causing "leaky gut syndrome." Toxin-laden fecal matter is then allowed to escape the digestive tract and enter the bloodstream. Once in the blood, the toxins travel to the brain where they damage sensitive brain tissues leading to the development of autism. Dr. Wakefield also found that autistic children develop inflamed bowel nodules causing indigestion and liver damage from toxic overload. 8 His findings have been corroborated by Irish molecular biologist John O'Leary , who found measles virus in the gut of 96% of vaccinated autistic children and in 75% of children with Crohn's Disease. 9

  • In 1999, New Jersey Medical School researchers found abnormally high titers of anti-measles antibodies in autistic children. They concluded that the MMR vaccine may cause chronic over-activation of the immune system, leading to brain and nervous system damage. 10

  • Vijendra K. Singh, a scientist at the Utah State University, published a conclusive study in 2001 confirming that MMR-vaccinated children have abnormally high levels of measles virus antibodies, indicating that autism may be a neuro-immune response to the vaccine. Singh found auto-antibodies in 80% of autistic children while normal children had none. These auto-antibodies apparently attack the myelin proteins surrounding the sheath of nerve fibers, resulting in brain dysfunction. Singh found that 55% of autistic children developed this condition after receiving the MMR vaccine and 33% after receiving the diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (DTP) vaccine. 11

  • Studies by pediatrician Dr. Edward Yazbak found that some mothers vaccinated with measles vaccine around the time of pregnancy can transmit the virus through breast milk, pre-sensitizing susceptible babies who then develop autism immediately after receiving the MMR vaccine. The mothers themselves developed serious side effects from the vaccines, including arthritis, thyroid and auto-immune problems. This subset of mothers also experienced a higher rate of still-births and miscarriages. 12

  • In 2001, Congressman Dan Burton (R-Indiana) held congressional hearings on the connection between childhood vaccines and America's raging autism epidemic. After hearing the testimony of many experts, Rep. Burton accused U.S health agencies of suppressing evidence linking the MMR vaccine to autism. Burton's committee found that the majority of officials who set vaccine policy for the Institute of Medicine have financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry—a situation that presents a serious conflict of interest. 13

  • This conflict of interest is confirmed by the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS). AAPS President Dr. Jane Orient has stated that the federal government's secret process of establishing vaccine policy is corrupted by an incestuous relationship between federal agents and the vaccine producers who nominate members to the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. 14

  • Congressman Burton concluded his hearing by chastising U.S. health agencies for not withdrawing the MMR vaccine from the market. 15

  • Meantime a class action suit against vaccine manufacturers has been filed on behalf of over 1000 British families with children who are suffering from serious mental and physical disabilities as a result of the MMR vaccine. 16
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