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Pertussis/Whooping Cough
    Some quick facts about Pertussis also called Whooping Cough.

  • Pertussis related deaths declined before pertussis vaccine was introduced.

  • The disease is not vaccine preventable.

  • The pertussis bacteria that are blamed for pertussis are always present in the air and so frequent exposure is inevitable.

  • Thus it takes more than mere exposure to bacteria to cause the disease.

  • The disease is treatable by vitamin C and a child can be made relatively comfortable with such treatment although the duration of the cough may not be shortened.

  • The pertussis vaccine is almost certainly one of the causes of the increase in pertussis cases.

  • Other vaccines may also contribute to recent increases in pertussis incidence.
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Vitamin C for Whooping Cough. Updated Edition. Suzanne Humphries, MD September 7, 2012
Quite impressive, right? Table 1 at the end of Dr Witt’s document shows the percent of cases in the vaccinated, and it as follows: 86% age 2-7, 86% age 8-12, 62% age 13-18, 81% age 2-18. So now you know who gets more pertussis. It is not the unvaccinated. He even says, in the introduction:
“Our unvaccinated and under-vaccinated population did not appear to contribute significantly to the increased rate of clinical pertussis. Surprisingly, the highest incidence of disease was among previously vaccinated children in the eight to twelve year age group.”

Special Report: The Vitamin C Treatment of Whooping Cough

The Vitamin C Treatment of Whooping Cough by index.htm Suzanne Humphries, MD

False Alarm Over Pertussis "Outbreak"
A Letter from Lawrence B. Palevsky
December 2011

A Not-So-Perfect Vaccine: The Diphtheria, Tetanus And Acellular Pertussis Vaccine: An Investigation<br> By: Dr. F. Edward Yazbak
Mentions antibiotics for treatment.

Whooping Cough and Pesticide Programs
California Counties 2010 [draft]
by Jim West

June, 2010, pertussis spiked in California. June-Aug is the season for pertussis epidemics, which is also the season for pesticide spray programs, quarantines, and peak outdoor air pollution.

Whooping Cough epidemic / Petrochemical causation by Jim West

The essential reason why the downward trend of pertussis incidence reversed about 1980.
Increased vaccination rates due to universal school mandates.

The True Story of Pertussis Vaccination: A Sordid Legacy?
Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences 57.3 (2002) 249-284 August 2002
Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences 57.3 (2002) 249-284 During the last half of the twentieth century, pertussis vaccine has been at the center of controversies over the evaluation and marketing of vaccines for children. This controversy has transcended the simple confines of scientific research to redefine relationships among industry, government, law, and consumer advocacy. The dangerous side effects of whole-cell pertussis vaccine have been known for at least the last five decades, and for the last four a safer alternative has been available.

Read rest of original story here:
File# 8348sci.php

Q. If public health is not at stake, then why do we have vaccine mandates?
A. Money provides the overwhelming impetus for vaccine mandates. State governments receive money from federal funds for vaccine purchase and vaccination tracking.
Secretary Joseph Califano, Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), wrote to the governor of every state in April, 1977, urging them to enact and enforce compulsory vaccination laws. The CDC, a branch of HHS, advocated the establishment and universal enforcement for immunization before school entry. All states were asked to review their immunization laws and enforcement policies and were reminded of the annual receipt of federal funds to purchase vaccines and support vaccine infrastructure. The effect of this “green encouragement” was that by 1980, all 50 states had laws that linked vaccination with school entrance.

State officials want to be in a position to say that vaccinations are “voluntary” in order to avoid the enormous legal liabilities that otherwise arise if a child is harmed or killed by mandatory vaccinations. Exemptions provide both legal and scientific benefits to the state. The perception that vaccination is mandated benefits financial programs that reward based on high rates of vaccination.

Image from showing the reversal of pertussis incidence about the same time as univeral mandates for DTP vaccine as well as other vaccines.

Decline in death rates. Most of the death rate decline occurred before pertussis vaccination was introduced.

CDC graph showing decline in Pertussis cases in the USA prior to the introduction of DTwP.

The 112-Year Odyssey of Pertussis and Pertussis Vaccines-Mistakes Made and Implications for the Future.
"The type of cellular response a predominantly, T2 response results in less efficacy and shorter duration of protection. Because of the small number of antigens (3-5 in DTaP vaccines vs >3000 in DTwP vaccines), linked-epitope suppression occurs. Because of linked-epitope suppression, all children who were primed by DTaP vaccines will be more susceptible to pertussis throughout their lifetimes, and there is no easy way to decrease this increased lifetime susceptibility."

Quote taken from (US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health)
© The Author(s) 2019. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of The Journal of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society. All rights reserved.