Preliminary Survey Results - October 1992

Thank you to those members who very kindly took the time to complete and return the questionnaire. Connie has processed the first 120 surveys that were returned to her. This covered 254 children, 133 of whom were vaccinated and 121 were unvaccinated. This means that 52.3% were vaccinated and 47.6% were not vaccinated. It is interesting to see that while the numbers of vaccinated and unvaccinated are almost even, there is a preponderance of health problems in the vaccinated group.

IAS does not claim that the figures represent the results of a properly controlled scientific study. Most of the respondents are members of IAS, which means the survey did not cover a random sample from the general population. However, many of the vaccinated children surveyed also had unvaccinated brothers and sisters also surveyed and as they were from the same family many other factors such as lifestyle and nutrition can be eliminated.

Briefly, the results were as follows:

Condition Vaccinated Unvaccinated Total
Asthma 20 (83%)* 4 (17%) 24
Eczema or allergic rashes 43 (73%) 16 (27%) 59
Recurring ear infections or glue ear 26 (76%) 8 (24%) 34
Grommets 8 (100%) 0 8
Recurring tonsilitis 11 (79%) 3 (21%) 14
Apnoea or ‘near miss cot death’ 9 (82%) 2 (18%) 11
Hyperactivity 10 (91%) 1 (9%) 11
Petit mal epilepsy 1 (100%) 0 1

* Percentage of those with the condition, not percentage of the total surveyed.

So, while 52.3% of the total were vaccinated, out of those with health problems, the percentage of vaccinated children is always above 70%.

Another figure extracted from the initial data is that 64% of the vaccinated children suffer chronic illnesses, while 20% of the unvaccinated children suffer chronic illnesses.

We look forward to a full statistical analysis of all the questionnaires and will update this when that is complete.