"shoot'em up the documentary"
If you're a parent and plan to have your child vaccinated you must see this DVD.

Judy Apicella and her toddler Nico go on a quest that is shared in their delightful video.  Judy's quest takes her and Nico to interview several doctors who have stepped out of their comfort zone to explore the real world of vaccine damage, vaccine failure to immunize or protect and the lack of science behind vaccination.  The review below was found at:  http://www.inmag.com/health/shoot-em-up.html

Documentary Exposes the Truth About Vaccines

No sooner did Judy Apicella catch wind of how children were turning up oddly and significantly affected by what are now standard vaccinations, did she then pick up a camera and a microphone and head out across the country to get more than a few much-needed questions answered.

Shoot 'Em Up

"I needed to make this film," says Judy. "I first heard of this when I was pregnant. My husband came home and I was just in tears about it." As a first time mom Apicella was horrified to discover the long-term side effects and potential disorders caused by vaccines. The immunization of our children according to Apicella is a money making business that is not just profitable for the healthcare industry, but for the government.

Shoot 'Em Up marks Judy's second film, and the first of what will be a series of feature length documentaries. Shoot 'Em Up aims to shed light on the dangers of vaccinations and their long-term affects on children today.

Unless there is religious exemption given, the law states that children must be vaccinated to attend school, whether it be grade school or university. With Shoot 'Em Up, Judy is exposing the potential dangers in immunization, offering parents a chance to realize exactly what we are injecting our children with. The film also explains that there are alternatives that can be considered, such as homeopathic Nosodes and Chinese medications.

"We're replacing acute disease, with chronic disease," Judy says of this on-going dilemma. "We're overloading our children with these vaccinations. They are babies. They don't have the brain barrier to vie with these toxins."

Judy's awareness has brought others to the frontline. People like Congressmen Dan Burton, who believes this to be a giant cover-up by the CDC (Center for Disease Control). Through extensive research they've compiled that the level of Autism, ADD and S.I.D.S has hit an all-time high after children are exposed to these vaccinations.

In "Shoot 'Em Up, Judy interviews a wide range of experts, including, Dr. Stephanie Cave, author of What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children's Vaccinations and David Kirby, author of Evidence of Harm. Together they discuss the inherent dangers and pitfalls involved in mass vaccination. The documentary also sheds light on the specific crippling effects that halting vaccinations could possibly have on the drug companies.

"My purpose in life right now is to make parents aware," attests Judy. "We need to be given a choice."

The mounting data has even spread to animals nowadays. We are beginning to see diseases on animals that have never been there. Healthcare is becoming more and more a business that is surprisingly not living up to its name.
- Sean Parkinson

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Source of this review: http://www.inmag.com/health/shoot-em-up.html