VAERS Awareness Project (stickers)
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FAQ for the VAERS Project
VAERS-Project-FAQ.pdf [43 KB]

Thumb sized Blue VAERS Awareness project illustration
4 x 6 inch Post-It-Notes
50 sheets per pad.
Adhesive is on the left 4" side.
Blue background pads and Red background pads may be be mixed for volume discount.
Prices: 1=$10, 2=$18, 3=$27, 4=$36. Five or more @ $8 each

Thumb sized Blue VAERS Awareness project illustration

View, Download and/or print your own VAERS Awareness stickers:

VAERS-Awarenes-Blue.jpg 1280px x 768px [442 KB]

VAERS-Awareness-Red.jpg 1500px x 900px [531 KB]

VAERS-blue-4x6.pdf [2.7 MB]

VAERS-RED-Stickers-3x5_4x6.pdf [1.7 MB]

Want to advertise about the VAERS Awareness project?
We have two brochures that you can download and print.

1) A half page handout that is printed twice on one landscaped sheet.
Dual Column, PDF, only 46KB to download.

2) A tri-fold handout that has more information, including graphics of the VAERS Awareness stickers.
VAERSproject-trifold.pdf, PDF, 204 KB

Graph - Just a reminder of VAERS reports.
2010 thru 2018 reported deaths in VAERS database