Bovine TB, Human TB and Badgers
John Wantling
''I see TB not as a so-called 'infectious' disease. The fact is, the mode of transmission remains unknown (Professor David Macdonald). This means there may not be a mode of transmission, which I claim to be the case. TB is an internal metamorphosis that manifests through an environmental toxin such as a poison or contaminated drinking water or nuclear pollution or pesticides. TB is homeostasis, the body in self protection mode. Its the actual cause of TB that is the issue, not TB, which is the body trying to protect itself. Therefore TB is not infectious. The science is a fraud, but few can accept that regardless that it is so.' -- John Wantling, Rochdale

Dairy Cows, Bovine TB and Badgers
Bovine TB cost's the UK taxpayer 100 million yearly (36,000 killed in 2015). The medical industry would rather the taxpayer went bust than admit diseases like TB are due to stress and nutrition---it would bust The Disease Protection Racket, the gravy train that is Allopathy Inc.

Tuberculosis ('Great White Plague'/TB/Consumption/Phthisis).
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Badger Cull - TB not Infectious
May I respectfully remind CLA President Harry Cotterell that farmers and the government are slaughtering healthy animals - these cattle and badgers are not sick animals and so I will now explain why this is so. On a Farmer's Guardian article titled '160 farmers meet to discuss how to keep TB out of Cumbria', a farmer told me that they slaughter their cattle before they get sick, but the fact is they are not sick and the idea that they will get sick is only a theory. If an animal is sick with lung disease, then there will be a reason for that and the reason will in most cases be found in the way that animal is cared for, poor diet and bad farming practice.

Vaccine 'Lymph' quotes
Three quarters of vaccination was arm to arm in 1890. Vaccine "lymph" septic. Description of method used to collect vaccine lymph: Transmission of animal TB ...

Smallpox vaccination & Tuberculosis (TB) quotes
"HUMAN AND Bovine Tuberculosis.—At a meeting of the National Veterinary Association, on May 8, in a paper written by Mr. J. K. Cox, of the Army Veterinary Department, several cases were cited where the milk from "wasting cows " was used for food, and those using the milk were attacked with phthisia and died. Apparently there is no question among veterinarians that tuberculosis is communicable in the milk and flesh of animals to man; and if thus communicable in the process of digestion, how much more must it be communicable when the products of disease from tuberculous animals are inoculated in the blood under the euphemism of "pure lymph from the calf!" . (Vaccination Inquirer 1883 Vol5 p114)

TB Tests
MANTOUX TB SKIN TEST UNSAFE AND UNRELIABLE ... Animal [May 2008] TB blood test has bloody results ...

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