FROM: Cathy

My horror story started in December 2003:

I requested my first and last flu vaccine while at my new job.

The next day I awoke with my left shoulder on fire, left ribs hurt, left buttock hurt and left foot hurt. The reaction has progressed to being totally crippled in my left leg for the next 2 years. I have been frozen with massive, asymmetric swelling in my neck, jaw, etc..

I have had to go on disability, in which I am very thankful for. I filed an Adverse Event with the CDC. There was no help there; either in speaking with someone or medical help. I received their brochure with vague diagnoses that can occur with vaccines.

I have been to many doctors and have been prescribed many medications. The medications are only Band-Aid's; the culprit never goes away. I was diagnosed finally with "reactive arthritis due to the flu vaccine." I was told I will recover, but very slowly. I hard a hard time getting anyone to share a story with me about flu vaccine reactions.

I finally found a doctor who could talk to me because his son went through the same thing for 5 years. His son had a flu vaccine and measle vaccine. Due to this being his family member the doctor could share his story with me. This encouraged me to know that I will someday come out of this. I am very slowly getting better, but this has ruined my life over the past 3 years. I have been almost a house-bound vegetable for the last 2 years. So, I would say that I am a victim of what can go wrong with a vaccine. I wanted to share my story. Thank you.