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One Shot of Hep B shortly after birth
results in long term adverse effects
Ann and Eric's Story

I had seen a few shows on TV questioning vaccine safety prior to becoming pregnant with my son. I made a mental note to check into it when I began my family. When it took 5 years to become pregnant, the mental note was a bit faded, but still, I planned to look into it.

The pregnancy became complicated at around 5 months, and again I put the vaccine issue on the back burner. When my son was delivered by c-section 3 weeks prior to his due date, I only had 12 hours from the decision until his birth. I thought I had until his 2 month check up to look into the vaccines. I was wrong.

He aspirated amniotic fluid during the birth, developing pneumonia as a consequence. He was on oxygen for 3 days, antibiotics for 8 days. On the 8th day, he was to be released from the hospital. The pediatrician came in to ask about circumcision. I chose that procedure. He then asked if I wanted Eric to have a hepatitis shot. Knowing there is more than one type of hepatitis, but unclear as to how many there were, I asked him if he was referring to the type that is commonly contracted to nurses while working. ( I have a cousin who got it on the job.) He said "yes". Unfortunately, I assumed he was considering a prophylactic antibiotic shot. I stated that I didn't think his already taxed immune system could handle the blow of another illness, and so I agreed. It never occurred to me that he shouldn't need any more antibiotics after an 8 day regimen. It also didn't occur to me to question why he would offer this on the day of his release. I had no idea that they actually recommended vaccines for newborns! About half an hour later, a nurse entered with paperwork for me to sign. One was a permission to treat for the circumcision. A second was the Hepatitis B vaccine information handout. The third was a brand new shot record.

Angry that I had been duped into a vaccine I would have certainly refused had it been clearly presented, I took my son home with every intention of looking at the vaccine info immediately.

Imagine my surprise when I found out what Hep B actually is! An STD! As I did further research, I began to worry, but I held out hope that only one vaccine couldn't possible do the damage I was learning about.

Eric was almost impossible to please from the time I brought him home. He developed severe congestion and allergies at 5 weeks. Alarmed when he had difficulty breathing while lying down, I took him to the doctor. I commented that both my husband and I have severe seasonal allergies, and I thought Eric might have the same problem. The doctor assured me that Eric's immune system was too immature to have allergies, told me Eric had a cold, to give him a decongestant, and sent me home. Over the next 3 weeks, I had to hold Eric upright almost constantly so he could breathe. I called and visited the doctor repeatedly, because Eric was still so sick. They assured me it was only a cold, not allergies. At his 8 week visit, they came in, vaccines in hand. By this time I was getting smart. Angry, but smart. I calmly refused the vaccines. I even questioned the safety of giving them to a child with a "cold". The Dr. told me that there's a lot of garbage about vaccines on the internet, and he would give me "reliable" sites to visit. Of course, they were the CDC and FDA sites. Between the 2 month and 4 month visits, I took Eric to a doctor of naturopath for his "cold". He was diagnosed with pneumonia. He was finally treated, and recovered. When I took him to the pediatrician for his 4 month visit, they again came in with vaccinations in hand. Again, I refused. He asked if I had visited the sites he recommended. I told him I had, but I had also learned of the CDC's involvement with the laced tetanus shots, and I already didn't trust the FDA's judgment because of the numerous drug recalls. The Dr. became visibly angry, and told me I could only bring Eric back when he developed one of the deadly childhood diseases I was exposing him to by not vaccinating him. We never went back.

Fast forward to 12 months of age. Eric isn't walking or talking. He started babbling at 8 months, then stopped. I questioned the doctor ( NOT a pediatrician, but a family physician). He'll do it when he's ready. Eric began screaming to communicate. At 18 months, and in a new state, I again took him to yet another Dr. This one agreed he should be walking and talking. Eric is now 21 months old, in Early Intervention for developmental delays. He scores between 7 & 10 months developmentally. While he is improving, I firmly believe, and so does his naturopathic doctor, that one Hep B vaccine, given on the sly by an overzealous doctor to an already sick child, was all it took.

Please warn people that some doctors, brainwashed by pharmaceutical companies intent on making money to the detriment of our children, WILL mislead (LIE) to score that hit.