Leading Edge Master Analysis of the Vaccination Paradigm

The WHO "Special Programme" in Human Reproduction

The WHO began its "special programme" in human reproduction in 1972, and by 1993 had spent more than $356 million on "reproductive health" research.. Over $90 million of the funds were contributed by Sweden, Great Britain (hotbed of Social Darwinism) donated more than $52 million. Norway, Denmark and Germany kicked in over $80 million. In the United States, the Reagan-Bush administrations contributed a meager $5.7 million. In 1993, the Clinton administration donated $2.5 million of taxpayer funds to support the genocidal program. The World Bank contributed $15.5 million, the Rockefeller Foundation contributed $2.5 million, the Ford Foundation contributed over $1 million, and the International Research and Development Centre of Canada contributed $716,500. The program uses vaccines procured by UNICEF.

After the vaccine controversy appeared, it became evident that none of the three different brands of tetanus vaccine being used had ever been licensed for sale and distribution, or registered with the Philippine Bureau of Food and Drugs (BAFD). The head of the BAFD lamely explained that the companies distributing the vaccine "did not apply for registration." The companies are Connaught Laboratories Ltd and Intervex, both from Canada, and CSL Laboratories from Australia. When the Secretary of Health in the Phillipines heard that the head of the BAFD had been questioned, he quickly stepped in and announced that "since the vaccine had been certified by the WHO, there was assurance enough that 'the vaccines come from reputable manufacturers." However, no one questioned the fact that Connaught Labs was found in the mid-1980's to be distributing vials of contaminated blood products.

According to the WHO, the vaccine is used in over 140 countries. The WHO has made the statement "tetanus toxoid does not have a contraceptive effect or contain any hormones. The vaccine contains no abortifacients." Of course, it is now known that they lied. In principle, if a "World Health Organization" is caught lying, then the whole collective is guilty of criminal activity and needs to be disbanded as a subversive and suppressive organization. According to the WHO, the truth about the program, despite the admissions that the vaccine contains hCG, is considered "misinformation" and "an absurd claim". How can the WHO expect anyone to take that statement seriously after 25 years of medical advertising about the development of a population control vaccine? Stupid is as stupid does.

Acting Phillippine Health Secretary Jaime Galvez Tan estimated that "from 1986 to 1990, immunization has averted 15,300 cases of neonatal tetanus." Quite a record after you shoot up millions of people, isn't it? WHO "warns" that "because up to 5 million women were not 'immunized', 300 to 400 more babies will contract tetanus and die." Wait a minute, isn't something out of whack with the ratios here? Only 1 out of 12,500 babies is at risk? You mean a risk for .00008 percent of the population justifies injecting millions of people? There is obviously another agenda here.

Actually, the first discovery that tetanus toxoid vaccines contained the hCG hormone was made in Mexico in the autumn of 1994, when members of the Comite Pro Vida de Mexico became suspicious of the protocols for the Mexican campaign: all males were excluded from the program and only women of reproductive age (15-45) were to be vaccinated. A member of the Comite happened to be a member of Human Life International's World Council for Life and Family, who alerted HLI about the vaccine.

Now, another issue is the fact that women, especially teenage women, were not informed about the hCG in the vaccine or about the risks from tetanus vaccine itself. In the Physicians Desk Reference, it describes the tetanus toxoids as being "for adult use" and that "prior to the administration of this vaccine, health care personnel should inform the parent, guardian, or adult patient of the benefits and risks of vaccination against tetanus." In fact, people that are injected with vaccines, when they are given data at all, are given that data after they are given the vaccine. This does not constitute informed consent. It constitutes negligence and fraud, since vaccine benefits are largely anecdotal to begin with.

In fact, there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that the WHO vaccine programs adhered to any of the precautions detailed in medical advisories relative to vaccine administration. Secondly, all the programs involve ethnic minorities who, if they were provided the cooperative assistance to upgrade their living conditions, would not need to be concerned about tetanus in the first place. Rather than upgrade the living conditions, world organizations preserve the status quo and then treat the symptoms of poor living conditions. Typical allopathic response to life, isn't it? Criminal negligence and Malthusian neglect.