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Why Does Government Risk the Health of our Children?
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From an anti-vaccine activist:
Because they are in bed with each other! Bush Sr. worked for Eli Lilly. It goes on and on.

From a well-educated parent:
I don't believe that the government *wants* to harm our children. I think there are many interests groups that are looking out for their piece of the pie. You have the pharmaceutical companies that have a vested interested in producing more vaccines and having them become part of the "mandated" vaccine list is very profitable. You have doctors, who get money from pharmaceuticals and business from vaccines, a large chunk of business. You have politicians who are getting contributions from pharmaceutical companies and that have constituents that are employed by pharmaceuticals. So the actual issues of safety and efficacy take a back seat to the potential profit and business side. There is just too much money at stake. (there are figures and percents of pharma business, doctor's practices and contributions that could be used).

We are also a cultural that likes the quick fix and the magic pill. The idea appeals to us. We like to think we can create this, buy it and sell it. We don't want to hear about healthier diets, hygiene and environmental concerns. There is no profit involved, there is no industry needed. Our government supports big industry because they believe it is "for the greater good". It's business and some loss is "acceptable", damage can be "fixed" by more intervention/industry. No one is looking at the fact that these "losses" are children, no one wants to hear that the damage isn't necessary. Until it touches them personally, it's just a figure on a graph.

From an anti- vaccine activist:
My husband would introduce the term conspiracy. The root word which is to "conspire". When two or more people come together to hatch a plan for whatever reason, they are "conspiring". There may be many motives behind such a plan. Whatever this plan is, say public health, and there is a positive motive such as "enhancing the health and welfare of the residents of this state and country", how this plan is hatched and what belief systems come with it may be inherited for generations to come. When profit motives and a system that advocates paying a doctor to make one well is the foundation of healthcare, the overall incentive is to keep people less than well -- this is simple business economics for healthcare. The overall conspiracy we are experiencing now is that there are many players. From the top they initiate policy. But moving on down we get the pharmaceutical reps, the National Institutes of Health, the CDC, FDA, public health, medical schools, doctors, hospitals, nurses, etc.... (we like to call these the Mandarins - in this case, people who make their living off the "germ theory" of disease.) Governments have long been associated with business which is why our Founding Fathers created a Constitution, to protect us from this form of tyranny from the "powers that be".

Then you could go into REAL smallpox history where, despite the fact that 90% of the general population was opposed to the Vaccination Acts, it was the "Law" and when it was proven to be based on faulty science by the Royal Commission, the Acts themselves were never repealed. Instead, the conscientious belief exemption clause was strengthened. So the precedent for the mandatory nature of vaccines for public health was started in England and continues through this day as a result of "intellectual control" - all school systems, the media, libraries, govt. info., etc.

When you begin to take a deeper look at suppressed history, another picture will emerge. Yes, it is challenging to have a foundational belief system shattered. We are all taught in school that this is the greatest country in the world, and the most free due to our history. But is this reality? Are you truly experiencing the vision our Founders had for this country?

So why would the powers behind our current government be pushing the vaccine agenda, as well as the World Health Organization? Is it all about money? Consider what vaccines do to the brain and nervous system. Consider what vaccines do to our DNA. Consider what vaccines do to our immune function. Now consider how this impaired body can commune with its Creator - God, through his Spirit. Without this important connection, we become easily manipulated because we are "impaired" - producing a docile, servile, passive, dependent population. This sort of population is "Government's" dream.

The supporting characters (needle bearing psychopaths) get a paycheck and the incentive to hold onto the belief system in order to preserve their conscience. And there are numerous people who will sell their soul for a paycheck.

From an anti- vaccine activist:
The straight faced answer is a simple, but deeply ingrained, faith combined with ignorance. I will ignore for a moment why the ignorant position is taught in universities. If a person has not been in someway impelled to study the "other" side of vaccines then it is natural to believe that vaccines have saved millions or even billions of lives, and also natural to also believe that this proposition has been proven beyond doubt and that vaccines are relatively safe.

When such a person finds out that vaccines are causing one kind of serious disease, the individual above will still consider vaccines to be too important to public health to "risk" taking them off the market or even letting people know the truth.

Remember that the individuals hired in government departments to deal with vaccines are automatically picked only from believers and not from individuals who question either their value or the inadequate methodology used to test vaccines.

Once the subconscious mind is indoctrinated with the belief system of vaccination, changing the mind is harder than making a religious conversion. Especially if one's job, family, self image and friends all depend upon toeing the party line. Believing that vaccines are "bad" is as difficult for the average person as resisting a post hypnotic suggestion. Think for an example, that the lie of vaccination is reminded to an average person, once per day, five days a week, thus 260 times per year or 2600 times in 10 years. A DOH employee may have a poster in their office reminding them of the lie of vaccination 10 times per day, thus 50 times per week, or 25,000 times in only 10 years on the job. Overcoming this hypnotic like suggestion is extremely difficult.

Without a frame work of understanding, facts mean little, and if the facts lie outside an established framework of "understanding", whether the understanding is correct or not, then contradictory facts mean nothing because there is no place to put the facts.

And as S.A.F.E. advertised in the USA Today,
"If you caused a 6,000 percent increase in autism, wouldn't you try to cover it up too?"

So why is the ignorant position taught in universities? Pressure to conform coming from pharmaceutical companies, ones peers and the school's authorities and resulting in no funding for the dissident, the free thinker or the one unfortunate enough to discover a portion of the forbidden truth.

From an anti- vaccine activist:
The root of ALL evil $$$$$ is the main reason,

From a chiropractor:
They don't believe they are putting out kid's health at risk! I would suggest that they have bought into the vaccine "theory" over the years and that they truly do think they are doing something very important for society. They have been misinformed (as has most of society for a very long time) and some enjoy the financial support of the pharmaceutical industry so they don't question what they are told by the drug reps. I know this sounds cynical but, if you think of it any other way then it becomes a big conspiracy! We also have to remember that just because someone is in government does not mean that they are very well educated. Not all of them have degrees and those who do usually don't have them in medicine. Some of our delegates, I have found, are really quite ignorant and, to some degree, uneducated, well-meaning people. I have long thought that it is much like the MDs who still buy into the vaccine theory (and really that is all it is!). For them to think any differently would mean that they have to admit that what they have been doing to our children for decades may have caused more harm then good.

From an anonymous vaccine developer & researcher:
Many people’s livelihoods depend on the business of vaccines. When something negative turns up the answer is something along the lines of "this can’t be helped." Most drs would not go public with the negative things they encounter about vaccines. The peer pressure is too strong & too threatening. Also, vaccines are assumed safe so when something negative pops up they rush to exonerate the vaccines. When some drs try to discuss their negative findings they are told to keep quiet and forget their misgivings. Why are dangerous vaccs given? At different layers of the system people have different motives: money, fear of losing a job, the desire to win brownie points, prestige, awards, promotion, misguided idealism, unthinking habit, etc. In the Natn’l Institutes of Health people are competing for research money. They last thing they want to do is challenge the status quo. They also have to maintain that modern medicine is very successful. To admit problems would cast doubt on the whole enterprise.

From an anti- vaccine activist:
Most of the government people are doing it out of ignorance, not malice. I do believe there are people in high places who do know what they're doing and just want to control the population, in other words, decrease it. They also want to make people sick with the vaccines and they want to sell drugs to treat the sickness they are causing. But almost all of the allopathich health experts don't know that. It is mostly the controllers in high positions who know what they are really doing. That's my opinion.