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Please see for more information on reversing autism and other vaccine injuries.

Letter: What remedies exist for vaccine Damage?

From Donna
To a woman whose daughter received her 3rd dose of Hep B Vaccine and became extremely ill. --

There are several things you can do to help your daughter. Please keep in
mind that these will take time. First of all, there is no law that requires anyone
to vaccinate their child or themselves. All states allow for medical exemption
from vaccines. All states but West Virginia & Mississippi allow for a religious
exemption. Please note that no one has to vaccinate their child.
Our website is Vaccination Liberation

Could you be a little more specific about what kind of reaction she had?
Hepatitis B vaccine reactions are numerous. Vaccines of all kinds affect
people differently. Not all people will have the same reaction and some will
not react at all. Regardless, no vaccines are safe.
The various ingredients in vaccines are available at this link.

Also, here is the link to take you to the sites where you can download the
recent 2002 package inserts to the various vaccines.
I can go ahead and send you the Hep B package inserts that came straight off
the pharmaceutical manufacturer's websites. If you have any trouble
accessing any of these, please let me know and I can send them to you. I am
attaching a .doc file of Facts about Hep B and the vaccine.

To avoid future vaccinations, go to the following link for exemption forms
Even though your daughter had the shots, you can still share this information
with other parents.

Now.... on remedies...
There are many things you can do to detox your daughter. Again, it will take
time, but she will recover if you do these dillegently .
The main thing is that parents are often hard on themselves because they
didn't know that vaccines are harmful. So don't feel bad or be hard on
yourself. This is easier said than done, because I was so upset when I found
out and I had already vaccinated my daughter. Forgiving myself was utmost on
my list.
Detoxing can be done by several things. Some children may require more
detoxing than others. Some things may work for some while they may not work
for others.

The first product is called Vaccine Recovery Formula. It is the strongest
transfer factor that helps vaccine damaged children. It also helps adults.
It is to be taken for 6 months. Go to the following link to order: is now known as:

Heavy Metal & Toxin Removal: The next remedy is magnetic clay baths by
Lauana Lei. All vaccines have heavy metals and environmental toxins in them.
The recommended baths are Mercury Detox Clay Baths, Aluminum Detox Clay
Baths & Environmental Detox Clay Baths. The last two baths are also chemtrail
remedies as well.
They are very inexpensive. Chelation would cost a whole lot more, and
not many doctors will do chelation on children. I personally used the
Mercury & Radiation/Acid Rain baths myself.

Nutrition: Chlorophyll will clean the blood and help alkalize it. Also be
sure to start buying organic produce and fish and meat products. Dairy
products are a no-no as they contain genetically engineered growth hormone.
I use soy milk or soy based products for myself. Children will do well on
almond milk. It is very good with organic cocoa mixed in it with a little
Also a good green drink formula mixed with a little organic apple juice is
very good. Barley Green by the AIM company is good too. Here is a Google
Search on Barley Green. + Green
  Dr. Len Horowitz produces another excellent product called Green
Harvest which is also premium for immunity.
You can access this product by going to the link on the bottom of
the homepage.
Just be sure when you order products through the mail, have them to ship via UPS
because the Post Office is using irradiation on all mail that goes through. This
will kill the effectiveness of any nutritional product and it also lowers the frequency of
a product.

Personal Products: Also, some children after vaccination, become more
sensitive to what they use to bathe in and shampoo their hair in. Most
commercial products are full of cancer causing carcinogens. The best by far
is... Miracle II Products.  Now, I sell these products, so if you want to
get them wholesale, let me know. Contact Page for: Donna Services4Health

Also, here is a good one for you.
I know your daughter isn't old enough to wear makeup, but it would be a good
idea for you to stay healthy and detox as well. Also, Aubrey Organics can be
found in most health food stores. They sell makeup too.

Liver Care: Hepatitis B vaccine is a major assault on the liver. The liver
needs extra special care. She will need two herbal extracts to help build
her liver back up.
Olive Leaf Extract & Milk Thistle Extract. I don't know how old your
daughter is, but if you can possibly get her to do a liver flush, it would
help her.
I've done this flush 20 times in the last four years.

Bioelectric Medicine: The most effective way to kill unwanted virues and
bacteria, fungi and parasites is by electricity or a frequency. A zapper can
be easily bought and used to kill viruses.  Following are several links about
zapping in general for you to read and get the general idea about them.

The links below take you to the Don Croft Model that I carry. It is the best
zapper I have experienced and they are only $125. Let me know if
you want one of those later on.

Also, Beck devices can also be used. They also have colloidial silver
generators to make your own colloidial silver.
SOTA Instruments Inc. - Zappers, Magnetic Pulsers, Silver Pulsers, Ionic
Colloidal Silver Generators, Bio-Tuners, Water Ozon, Oxygen & H202:
Also food grade hydrogen peroxide can be used to help
oxygenate the body. It helps with chemical detox. For more info on H202
please email

Homeopathy: There are a lot of different homeopathic detox remedies. If you
can find a homeopath in your area, it would be good. Also Herbal Healer
Academy has a homeopathic remedy for vaccine damage. Here is their home
page. You can sign up for a free catalog. At this stage in the game, it
would be a good idea for you to take the ND course, just to become educated
about herbal & homeopathic remedies. Not to necessarily become a Natural
Doctor, but to know what to give to yourself and your family.  Herbal Healer Academy - natural
medicine, herbs, vitamins, correspondence courses
They have an aluminum and also a vaccinosis homeopathic detox remedy.

Most Important, Pure Water: Pure water is a must. You need to get a good
water filter for your kitchen sink, and for the shower as well. Chlorine &
Fluoride are cancer causing and do no good for anyone.   - Water Filters, Air Purifiers, Ozone Plates, etc.
The Doulton is a fantastic water filter. Get the one that removes the fluoride.
Tell them that Robert & Donna Carrillo from Florida sent you.   ~~ shower filter.

I know this is long, but I wanted to make sure that you got all the
remedies that I know are available. I have more attachments to send you about
the Hep B vaccine and will be getting those to you. Those will be the
package insert and will be in pdf format. You will need Acrobat Reader on
your computer to read them.


Donna Carrillo
Vaccination Information And Liberation
Contact Page for: Donna Services4Health

Please see for more information on reversing autism and other vaccine injuries.

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