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To:  First responders, medical professionals, public officials and community leaders

It is of vital importance for you to take the time to view and carefully consider the information in the DVD presentation by Dr. A. True Ott on pandemic influenza preparedness. Dr. Ott's research provides balance to information you have been receiving on pandemic preparedness. When you determine that the evidence presented is provable, you will realize the following:

*That all influenza pandemics (1918, 1956, 1968 and 1977) were provably vaccine-induced.  (Read documentation from historical records.)

*Pandemic-creating influenza vaccines have been developed by people in league with those actively bioengineering influenza variants. The next “planned for” influenza pandemic will also be vaccine-induced and is planned for this flu season.

*Since at least 1998, you have been told that the next influenza pandemic is not a matter of “if” but “when.” In the wake of 9/11/01, we had the anthrax scare, the SARS scare and the “weaponized” smallpox scare.

By 2002, legislatures from the several states began passing versions of the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act. You have been receiving pandemic preparedness training ever since. In fall, 2002, the Bush administration, without the consent of Congress, “bought” 300 million doses of smallpox vaccine and began a mass vaccination program beginning with 500,000 healthcare workers. The program was halted for the following reasons:

*The first wave of vaccine recipients was first responders, many of whom became ill and a few died after being vaccinated. There was no insurance coverage or compensation program in place for vaccine recipients to be compensated for disability or death due to the smallpox vaccination.

*The adverse affects became widely known, as did knowledge that the vaccinated first responders and emergency medical personnel were infectious for up to 21 days and could spread the disease to anyone with whom they had contact.

*It became common knowledge that there were at least 62 biological agents available to “terrorists” that would be more effective than smallpox.

By March 7, 2003, only 12,690 of our nation's 500,000 healthcare workers and first responders had received the experimental smallpox vaccine -- a 97 percent refusal rate.

There is an extreme likelihood that the pandemic you have been told is inevitable and, indeed, have been preparing for, could begin any day now. You will then be asked to play the role you have been trained to play. The question you must ask yourself is, “Will I be serving the interests of my family and community or serving some other purpose?”

Your only duty, as first responders, medical professionals, public officials and community leaders, is to protect the health of the public you serve.

When the time comes—and it will, soon—do the right thing: Refuse to participate in unleashing an influenza pandemic through forced vaccination. It is important to remember that to inject anyone with an experimental vaccine that can cause permanent injury or death, without any legal recourse or liability on the part of our federal government implementing this program, is not only inhumane but a gross violation of basic human rights.

Yours in Truth,

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