How My Son Jesse Got Well On All Raw, Organic Vegan Living Food Diet

Plunge, plunge into the vast ocean of consciousness, let the drop of water that is you become a hundred mighty seas. But do not think that the drop alone becomes the ocean. The ocean, too, becomes the drop. “ Jalal- ud- Din Rumi

By Ruza Bogdanovich, N.D., Ph.D.

The author of groundbreaking books

The Cure Is In The Cause and Love Your Pet, Let Nature Be The Vet.

Michael, my husband and I patiently waited nine years to have Jesse. I was very healthy and conscious of nutrition and wanted to have a healthy child. Being European meant very protective and down to earth. When I came to America I was slim and healthy. Everyone wanted me to change to SAD diet (Standard American Diet) which causes the most grief and is the major cause of degenerative diseases and cancer today. They also wanted me to vaccinate Jesse as doctors told me that in America it is the best way to “protect” our children.

How little did I know the mistakes that we made were life threatening and changed our world? How little did I know that doctors and pharmaceutical companies did not take the responsibility of the side effects of vaccines for our children? How little did I know that this mistake would echo in my heart forever? My mission is to bring this information out into the open so we can make better choices so our children do not need to suffer needlessly. Can we change the way we look at things?

Jesse was born perfectly healthy and was only nursed. He was very alert and curious. He was sleeping all night long and was at peace. It was the best time of our lives. When he was several months old, we reluctantly allowed him to be vaccinated with a polio and few other vaccines all in one. At that time we did not know that it was a live poliovirus, or that it was dangerous, mandated or mandatory. He reacted with high fever, convulsions and paralysis. His condition degenerated under assault from medical interventions even more. A few years later, doctors recommended a ligament surgery to loosen up tightness in his legs, and later on a removal of his toes and many other procedures. What did we do… why… please…? Is there any hope in all this suffering?

Shocked, beyond words, we literally ran from the hospital. No way were we going to allow our child to go under the knife or in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Instead, we set out on a journey in search of the truth. Everyone told us that Jesse's situation was serious and that it would only worsen with age. From one opinion to the next, from America to Europe, from radical to illogical, rational to irrational, natural to supernatural, we could not stop. We felt morally obligated to do everything we possibly could to improve his well being. We were guilty, anxious, hoping some new rediscoveries would appear, yet patient in a sense that we did not want any more drastic moves that would jeopardize his fragile state even more.

Jesse grew thinner and more fragile as years went by. New symptoms surfaced, like juvenile diabetes and stomach problems from medications, the mucous in the milk and cheese that doctors forced on him. His feet turned purple. Doctors told us he might need surgery to remove his toes and that there was no cure. Again we said no, and searched farther out and deeper inward. Jesse's biggest problem besides not being able to walk was being unable to absorb nutrients because of the accumulation of mucous that were clogging him up from SAD diet. We were constantly criticized by doctors, parents, neighbors and well-meaning friends for not putting Jesse on steroids. How dare we not feed him fast foods or milkshakes so he could gain weight! We were told many times,

“ If you do not trust your doctor, whom can you trust”? How little did we know that doctors could be the last person to put your trust in because they treat symptoms, prescribe drugs and operate, but hardly ever look to the cause? They are individuals like all other people that went to school, college and got dumbed down, just like me. Many are smart, some are even intelligent, and few are even conscious and know the truth. Others continue to harm unconsciously and have to drink themselves to sleep so they can live in pain, not knowing of karmic law. Thank God we tuned in for Mother Natures advice and did not go to doctors any longer.

I read books after books, listened to medical experts, received every health newsletter on the planet and grew more confused. It seemed that everyone was talking about treating the symptoms with drugs, surgery etc. Years passed before the epiphany came. I knew that we had to take matters into our own hands. I finally listened to the inner voice of Mother, Nature that was telling me those unnatural foods; pills, drugs, vitamins and many doctor interventions were making Jesse sicker and weaker. We had to go back to Nature all the way as the little voice was whispering to me constantly. Now it was shouting louder and louder, screaming as the time went by, until it clicked and all the pieces of the puzzle finally fit together.

I was desperate by now and decided to go on a sabbatical. After 21 days of water fasting, it cleared my mind like never before. The true answers appeared from all directions. A career change was one of my first steps so I could be of help with the natural discoveries to others in the same situation. As I grew more aware of Natures ways, knowing that it would not harm Jesse or anyone else, I grew surer that it was the best thing for all of us. However, even after obtaining a doctorate degree in Naturopathy and Nutrition all my questions were not yet answered. I had to look deeper into the law of cause and effect and the hygienic lifestyle, because nothing else worked. In fact anything else only postponed the healing.

The simple fact is that in order to heal and stay well, we must oblige ourselves to Nature's immutable laws. In other words, we must get out of Natures way with our human interventions and totally follow Her path, so the body can heal itself. For several reasons people do not want to believe this truth especially the doctors. Even my license and certificates were in threat but I did not care. “Give me the truth and you can have the rest”, my Papas words were ringing in my ears. I knew it then and there that Nature is the way.

Jesse instinctively understood what we were re-discovering. Though the path itself was the truth, it was not always smooth. Just when he started to feel better on his raw organic diet, healing crises appeared. Overcoming initial shock from detoxifying, he fasted many times and each time he felt a bit better. He became more aware of Nature, more conscious of his body and his connection with the Universe. Jesses heart became pure love and he was listening to it more then ever. His mission was clear, he knew that the body can heal itself and that he can show everyone how. A few years later, when he was feeling finally awesome, he told me that he could never ever go back to the old way or stray away from Natures path, no matter what! He meant it and is still on it today.

On a 100% Raw Vegan diet and lifestyle, Jesse’s condition improved rapidly. He gained 40 pounds in a few years. He detoxified his body completely. This is what happens when the body can be freed of mucous, able to absorb the essential nutrients and on enzyme raw vegan diet, and when you get out of the way. I saw him more peaceful, smiling, playing and aware of his surroundings. When I saw his healing progress, taking more steps, walking, even running on the beach, I could not help but cry the tears of Joy. He saw me and asked me why was I crying? I told him that I was glad that all the problems were over now, and that I was so sorry to put him through all the suffering, and that as a parent it was my fault and responsibility for allowing, trusting the doctors and not being aware of the consequences. Will I ever be able to forgive myself, I mumbled to him? He took my hand and pleaded with me not to cry, that all is well now and that he has forgiven everyone, even the doctor that gave him the shot and he said: “Mama, I am so glad that this happened to me, and if it wasn’t for all this what we learned, how would of we know the truth of how to help others? Please Mama, listen to me now, if we can tell the parents not to vaccinate their kids, and if we do not charge them when we help them, NO ONE WILL EVER, be able to stop us again. That is what I want, more then anything in this whole world, Mama.”

The words he spoke, the look in his eyes and the humbleness he portrayed was more than imaginable. My whole body trembled and turned into a huge goose bump, tears turned in to river of relief that ran into my core being, surrendering finally to peace. The message was clear and the heart spilled the rainbow of possibilities. The truth is out now. Yes, I have forgiven everyone too, myself especially. I promised Jesse that I will never charge kids and do my very best to get the truth out at every moment. It gives me strength to know that Nature can heal us all and that this truth will reach other children and their parents. More than anything how simple it is. Everyone can do it and not wait to be a doctor or go to school for 20 years and have to UN - learn afterwards all the brainwashing that starts in kindergarten all the way through college. You can become hygienic lifestyle coach now, by only obliging to Natures laws.

People do not realize how much we had strayed away from Nature and the simple truth of Her Laws. True nutrition will also bring clarity, awareness and peace, to us all.

Not only did Jesse help himself by obeying to Nature’s laws, but thousands of others by being the example. He wanted to get the word out about vaccines. It was his idea to focus on children and not charge any money for them. He felt it was not only our duty to help the innocent ones, but our destiny to educate them by showing them the true way. My book The Cure Is In The Cause and Love Your Pet Let Nature Be The Vet is out there because of Jesse and Sean. They are my greatest teachers, my mentors, my angels and the angels of many others.

Today, Jesse and Sean travel the world with us every chance they get and talk to all the kids and parents about unnecessary vaccinations, how they can heal naturally and without drugs or surgery. It is because of Jesse and what happened to him that we teach Natures Laws and help children all over the world to heal themselves, and of course with no charge. Jesse is happy, healthy, and remains totally on vegan hygienic raw diet. Jesse and his brother Sean created a new lifestyle program to show people how they can do the right thing, be close to nature and heal themselves and others by bringing more truth and light to people. Look up their website

It is because of Jesse and thousands of parents like us that they have to report the side effects of vaccines today, changing the vitamin D which is a steroid to a lesser evil vitamin D and many new rediscoveries that have caused pain and suffering, to a new way of looking to the truth of cause and affect. The poisons they use in vaccines will also change for the better and hopefully with truth being exposed we are able to show that vaccines are not needed, are totally wrong, and that they are not immunity helper but rather immunity depressive and depressors. We are against any man made interventions and believe and know that children have many problems because of vaccinations. The poisons they use in them have a cumulative affect, cause many degenerative diseases and are totally against Natures Law. The crime that has been committed will have tremendous consequences and many children will not be able to have or reach their birth right potential. I send hundreds of letters every year to parents excusing their children from vaccinations. We need to know that vaccinations are mandated but not mandatory. We have nothing to fear, when we bring the truth to light. It is or birth right. No government or drug company will ever be able to convince people that we need pharmaceuticals in order to endure life.

Jesse’s inspirational wisdom gave me the power and energy to correct the mistakes I have done to him and invite you to learn the truth of Natures laws so you too can be free, happy, healthy and help innocent children and animals from unnecessary suffering caused by man made laws and shams. Man made laws fill pockets of pharmaceutical industries and all who oblige to them, and it has become an epidemic. Turning things around will be difficult but worth the effort in every sense. Please join us in our destiny by bringing this truth to public.

My book, THE CURE IS IN THE CAUSE, changed not only Jesse’s and my destiny but also many parents and kids now, and in the future. It culminates with a simple conclusion: Nature is our ultimate teacher. Get out of Natures way but stay on Her path so you can truly heal, so you can help heal others. Also, we must remember that the word doctor means teacher. Not treating symptoms, surgery, radiation, etc., rather looking to the cause and eliminating it. There is no better doctor than Mother Nature.

Knowledge is power, knowledge can be taught but wisdom cannot. There are no rewards or punishments with Her, only consequences. Nature is wise, She is not negotiable but rather essential, so become aware of her immutable laws and you will be wiser and at peace. When you eat her fruit, her awesome abundance, you too will be one with it and in tune. Remember that we are here to heal ourselves and then to help heal others. There is love then, the ultimate truth, freedom, peace and joy.

Several years ago I met Dr Tim O’Shea and with Sandi Rizzo we put a two-hour public television show called “Why Are We Vaccinating Our Children” that changed many lives and stopped many parents from vaccinating their kids. Please read his book The Sanctity Of Human Blood/ Vaccination is not immunization and see this TV show at This is what Dr Tim O’Shea wants us to know:


“Infectious diseases were over 90% resolved by the time vaccines came onto the market”?

“There are now 32 + vaccines that are mandated by the time your child is 18 months old? And 58 by 18 years old?”

“Before 1991, there was no system for reporting adverse side effects or vaccine reactions whatsoever”?

“Only one country in Europe still has mandated DPT shots, whereas the U. S. A. requires 5 separate shot doses”?

“43% of Gulf War vets suffered side effects from vaccines?

“80,000 Gulf War vets have permanent medical conditions as a result of vaccinations?”

“Vaccination is not immunization?”

“Hepatitis B vaccine was outlawed in France after 15,000 citizens filed a class action suit against the government.”

“Vaccines do not have to be proven safe or effective in order to be added to the list of shots mandated for American children.”

“Did you know that hundreds of doctors don’t vaccinate their own children but can’t talk about it?” It goes for the veterinarians with their pets.

“The mercury in most vaccines is many of time in excess of EPA safe levels?”

“The vaccine business is the foundation of one of the three biggest cartels in America. They can certainly afford fancy websites, magazines, books and medical journals.”

The most amazing thing for me was when Dr. Tim told me this:

“Now, it is not so bad that most people don’t know the information we just learned above. What is unacceptable is that so many people DON’T WANT to know it.”

If you want to learn more about this important truth, go to

Remember that we are here to heal ourselves and then to help heal others. There is love then, the ultimate truth, freedom, joy and peace.

All this suffering of children, people and innocent animals prompted a new book for me called: Love Your Pet, Let Nature Be The Vet and is available now at:

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