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TB-testing Scam Exposed
TB-testing Scam Exposed

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"Yes! I'd love to make a $50.00 donation to help expose and stop the TB skin testing scam."

Healthy World Distributing, LLC, in support of numerous organizations committed to defending against attacks on health freedoms, civil rights, and religious persons is pleased to help distribute this educational program:
TB-testing Scam Exposed: A Cable Television Production Available Nationally for Free Local Broadcasting

 This cable television production called "Tuberculosis Control Program Exposed" by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz is being circulated free of charge in an effort to educate people about the risks of TB skin testing school children, and other low risk populations, contrary to accepted standards. The show exposes medical negligence as a community service administered by people who commit to scheduling the broadcast through their local cable stations.

 Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, an internationally renowned expert in public health whose daughter was forced to leave school for failing to get a TB-skin test, produced the 58-minute broadcast-quality DVD. He asserts the "TB testing scam" advanced nationally violates numerous state and federal laws, civil rights, religious freedoms, medical standards, bioethics, risk-benefit science, and rational reasoning.
The program was filmed shot in Hawaii where students, regardless of state laws providing religious exemptions, are forced to accept the blood intoxications for school admission.

 Published by Tetrahedron, LLC ( in an effort to bring urgently needed attention and public education about the risks of TB skin testing and violations of citizen's health freedoms and civil rights occurring across the United States under the guise of "TB Control," the production is being mailed freely to people who pledge to schedule broadcasts through their local cable television stations.

 During the program Dr. Horowitz relays the story of his daughter's expulsion from high school. Alena Horowitz, a straight "A" student and member of the school’s varsity cross country team, sought her religious exemption from the TB test as was her right under state and federal laws. Health agents denied her exemption and illegally forced her quarantine.  
The violated laws state that during a declared epidemic, or imminent danger of outbreak, a religious child may be forced to leave school as a quarantine measure, but only when a vaccine is recommended for the exempted condition. Even then, public health officials must prove the danger of the epidemic within 72-hours of the forced quarantine, publish a public statement, or retract the action none of which they did.

 The risk of TB infection in Hawaii , considered among the highest in U.S. states, is still far below what experts and State officials need to declare an epidemic. Yet, health officials are taking emergency measures anyway, setting a dangerous national precedent, illegally exercising "fascist control" over the lives of people, Dr. Horowitz says.

 "Worst of all," he explains, "thousands of children and many more adults are being falsely diagnosed as TB positive and then persuaded and coerced into poisoning themselves for 9 months with toxic drugs known to cause serious psychotic reactions, nerve impairments, blood diseases, and chronic liver damage within 2 months. Approximately 25% of people taking the required TB drugs for merely 2 months sustain serious injuries."

 Through a reasonable statistical analysis filmed for cablevision, Dr. Horowitz says this injury rate evidences "gross negligence, and widespread medical malpractice." He concludes the "TB Control Program" fulfills the "Webster's definition of genocide . . . the mass killing or enslaving of people for profit using drugs that cause side effects highly profitable for Big Pharma."

 Dr. Horowitz says this story is much like the feature film, "The Constant Gardener," available in video stores, depicting a similar "TB skin testing scam" in Africa enriching German drug industrialists allied with British government officials.

  "TB Control Program Exposed" by Dr. Horowitz for community access cablevision is being distributed as a public service through the national Vaccination Liberation organization ( and Healthy World Distributing, LLC ( Call toll free 1-888-508-4787, or go online for more details. Activists are asked to pay for mailing costs and make an affordable donation to help the not-for-profit effort.
 Price: $50.00
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