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Cherubs: Barbara Flynn, MBA, Founder
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Health and Human Services Committee--NJ Assembly
    Assemblywoman Loretta Weinberg (D-37)
    545 Cedar Lane, Teaneck, NJ 07666. (201)928-0100
    Assemblyman Herb Conaway, MD (D-7)
    Delran Professional Center, Suite 125,
    8008 Rt. 130 North, Delran NJ 08075 (856)461-3997
    Charlotte Vandervalk (R-39)
    220 Kinderkamack Rd., Suite E, Westwood, NJ 07675. (201)666-0881
    Jerry Green (D-22)
    7-9 Watchung Ave., Suite 204, Plainfield, NJ 07060. (908)561-5757
    Willis Edwards, III (D-34)
    33 Evergreen Place, 3rd. Fl. East Orange, NJ 07018. (973)673-8100
    Samuel Thompson (R-13)
    725 Highway 34, Matawam, NJ 07747. (732)583-5558
    Nellie Pou (D-35)
    100 Hamilton Plaza, Suite 1403-05, Paterson, NJ 07505. (973)247-1555
    Joan M. Quigley (D-32)
    242 Tenth Street, Suite 101, Jersey City, NJ 07302 (201)217-4614
You can help by visiting these websites and educating yourself about MEHPA (Model Emergency Health Powers Acts). The original is at Information about our state laws can be found on the Vaccination Liberation Website: , as well as some excellent articles commenting on it. For information about our legislators, their pictures, birthdays and biographies see or call (800)792-8630--Make a binder full of vaccination and MEHPA Laws info and share it with you friends and legislators. Show them the articles and ask them what they think about this. Invite me to speak at your church or other organizations you belong to about this law.

You can also help by writing to all of the legislators listed above and tell them why they should vote against this bill. If it doesnt get voted out of this committee, it will not pass in NJ! Feel free to copy the attached letter and send if you like. If you would like to attend the MEHPA Hearing in Trenton, call OLS Aide for the Assembly Health Committee, David Price, and ask to be contacted when the committee is going to vote on this bill (A-1773). Phone (609)292-1646.

The New Jersey State Legislature,
State Capitol Building
125 West State Street,
Trenton, NJ 08608

RE: Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (A-1773, A-830)


All 50 governors were sent a copy of the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act in November 2001. This Act was drafted by the Center for Law and Public Health in Georgetown and Johns Hopkins Universities specifically for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This legislation has been developed in collaboration with the National Governors Association in addition to several other state organizations. A draft of this proposal can be found at Http:// Please take the time to read ALL 40 pages of this proposed legislation. Being a state legislator and taking an oath to uphold the state and federal constitutions, we know that you will understand the ramifications of such legislation and vote no when it is presented to you for a vote.

Among its most egregious aspects are provisions to require forced vaccinations and mandatory medical exams in the event of a declared state emergency. Those who refuse either of these state-ordered procedures may be charged with a misdemeanor. Those same people can be quarantined in buildings designated by the non-elected public health authority. Very little legal recourse may be available to those whose lives and health could be shattered by such draconian measures.

Among the may reasons to oppose this proposed model act are the following:

The governments top bioterrorism expert, Dr. D.A. Henderson, the former head of the global smallpox program, does not think vaccination should be forced on people (

Passage of this legislation would give public health officials and states governors the power to arrest, transport, quarantine, drug and vaccinate anyone suspected of carrying a potentially infectious disease. The Acts definition of infectious disease is that it may or may NOT by transmissible from human to human, animal to human or insect to human.

The MSEHPA also gives the state and its officers and agencies almost total immunity from death and injury that may result from state-ordered medical interventions and provides the authority for real and personal property to be commandeered, seized or destroyed without compensation.

There are no alternative health options. Persons will accept medical interventions ordered by the state or be charged with a misdemeanor.

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association (June 9, 1999, Vol. 281 No.22, pg.2132), It has been estimated that if 1 million people were vaccinated, as many as 250 (1in 4,000) could die from an adverse reaction to the vaccine.

Plans are underway to purchase 300 million doses of smallpox vaccine each one with the name of every man, woman and child on it, said HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson. This one-size fits all approach to public health could cause severe reactions and death in 75,000 people.

Other diseases, such as anthrax, are not contagious between humans, and can be treated with antibiotics or other natural medicines of the patients choice. The onset of a non-communicable disease is a personal health issue and not a public health concern. It is illogical to force vaccinations on people to prevent the spread of non-communicable diseases.

At this time, there are currently no approved vaccinations for most of the some 65 known bio-terror germs/viruses/toxins available to those who would use them against populations of innocent people. This means that vaccines developed for them would be experimental. Forcing people to be injected with an experimental vaccine is a violation of the Nuremberg Code that states it is an international crime to use human subjects for medical experimentation without their consent.

The proposed MSEHPA is built upon the premise that the government should be given the authority to force herd immunity on Americans with dangerous and/or experimental medical procedures. We, as a nation, do not even subject enemy populations to such medically illogical policies.

I implore you to PLEASE become aware of this foreboding legislation and VOTE AGAINST IT, Our most basic human and civil rights are at stake.

Yours in the Spirit of Truth,

Star-Ledger February 1, 2002

U.S. aid to boost states bioterror plan, by Susna K. Livio ( Star-Ledger Staff)

The state will receive a $26.8 million windfall from the Bush administration to fill the gaps in the public health system revealed during the anthrax outbreak nearly four months ago.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson doled out $1.1 billion nationwide, calling it just the start of our efforts to help states and communities build up their core public health capabilities.

We must do everything we can to ensure that Americas ability to deal with bioterrorism is as strong as possible, Thompson said. In return for the cash, every state must submit a plan no later than April 15. The lions share of New Jerseys grant, $23.4 million, is earmarked for detecting, preventing and responding to bioterror and infectious disease outbreaks, said Laura Otterbourg, spokeswoman for the state Department of Health and Senior Services. New Jersey will use $3.45 million of the money to create regional hospital plans to respond in the event of a bioterrorism attack, Otterbourg said. Acting Health Commissioner Clifton R. Lacy called the funding critical as we continue to work toward a comprehensive plan that puts our families and their security first. The money could help implement new public health standards-now pending before Gov. James E. McGreeverys administrationthat would unite the fragmented local public health system, train officers and purchase new equipment. Local health officers have criticized the state for proposing the standards without funding them.

Some counties lack health departments, and public health spending has traditionally been an afterthought in many communities. These deficiencies became apparent after anthrax spread through the mail at the Trenton mail processing facility in Hamilton, affecting several thousand postal workers who were prescribed antibiotics. There were eight confirmed and suspected cases.

WY: Emergency Health Powers Act Killed in Committee
By Bob Rule
Published March 7, 2002 at 12:08 PST

Cheyenne, WY-One of the most controversial bills of the Wyoming State Legislatures 2002 Budget Session died Wednesday Morning when it was defeated by the House Minerals Committee with a vote of 8 to 1 to kill the bill.

The bill was sponsored by State Senator Charlie Scott (R-Natrona County), who stated to the House Minerals committee Wednesday morning that the bill was of his own creation, which . . . came as a result of the events of 9-11. The bill provided for compensation to ranchers if their herd or flock had to be destroyed by the State due to a disease outbreak, but the controversial portion of the bill had to do with an Incident Commander that would be appointed by the Governor to rule over all of Wyoming with essentially dictatorial power in the event of a terrorist attack against Wyoming, and also with mandatory vaccinations if deemed necessary to stop a biological attack from spreading. In this event , all Wyoming citizens in the endangered area would receive mandatory vaccinations, and the normal religious exemptions to mandatory vaccinations would not apply.

Committee member Representative Pete Illoway (R-Laramie County) lashed out at Senator Scott, and stated that this bill was an outrageous abuse of power, and had no business being in the State Legislature, Illoway stated strongly that his vote was going to be a No. Committee member Representative Floyd Esquibel (D-Laramie County) stated that he would not . . .give the Pope the powers that were provided for in this bill.

No members of the public appeared to speak in support of the bill, but several were in attendance to speak against the bill. Bob Rule, resident of Cheyenne, stated that in a time of a terrorist attack, the people of Wyoming would be far more willing to do whatever needed to be done to respond to the attack if they did so voluntarily, and not under the orders of an Incident Commander.

Rule pointed out that in time of war, the President of the United States receives dictatorial powers, but this is called for in the US Constitution, and besides, the president is elected by the people. The people of Wyoming will not have elected the Incident Commander, and furthermore, this type of power is not authorized in the Constitution of the State of Wyoming.

Cheyenne attorney Robert Moxley spoke in opposition to the bill, pointing out similarities in this bill, and in the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act, which came out of the Clinton administration prior to the 9-11 terrorist attacks. This Model Act is being introduced into all 50 State Legislatures.

After additional testimony in opposition to this bill, the Committee voted 8 to 1 to kill the bill. The lone vote in support of the bill was from Representative John Eyre, Republican from Lyman. [c. 2002]

WI: Mandated Vaccinations Bill Passes House
By Pat Owens
Published on March 4, 2002 at 18:14 PST
This Emergency Health BillMandated Vaccination and other demands, is in every state, but under different names. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson said that all Americans should know that they have their name on a vaccine shot in our inventory. Hope you can stop this in your state we couldn't.

Sponsored by Rep. Greg Underheim and Rep. Frank Urban-Wisconsin.

The Assembly Bill #849, 850 without a name or title, (Mandated Vaccinations/Emergency Health Powers Act) was passed under Rep. Greg Underheims directions. Underheim deserves all the credit for the passage hence we should call it the Underheim Black Helicopter Bill. In his words, We dont care what you think, the bill will be attached to the budget bill.

For those in states in which this bill has not been passed, this is how they did it in Wisconsin. Underheim sent out a fax approximately 3 weeks ago, calling it then a Bio-Terrorism Bill relating to the Emergency Health Bill. However, the bill did not come out of the Legislative Bureau until Monday night 2/25. It was posted on the Internet on Tuesday, 2/26. On Wednesday morning 2/27 it passed.

The hearing started Wednesday morning with Underheim waving people into two groups, one group, the Professionals, made up of public health officials, funeral directors and attorney with a sardonic, arrogant tone and temper hired by Underheim. The mood was set: For those who believe in Black Helicpoters sit over there. Underheim kept dashing in and out of the hearings, and at the end of the short hearing again he cited, It doesnt matter what you think, its going to be attached to the budget bill. This is how the bill was passed in Wisconsin. No further hearings, its cut and done, not any of the other elected representatives and Senators will vote on it.

One of the requirements of this bill is: The Wisconsin Department of Health Services may order any vaccination series and may isolate anyone who does not take them. It calls for a $10,000 fine and /or nine months in prison for those who do not get vaccinations.

For those of us who wonder who some of these elected representatives are and what they represent, well they answered this question. Perhaps Rep. Underheim should appear on statewide television and tell the people that they will receive vaccines or face mandatory prison and/or $10,000 fines if they refuse. But like pre-war Germany, there will be no announcements, only dictates. Underheim alluded to the fact that he was being called a Nazi. Well whoever called him that, they are close to the mark.

Being caught up in political correctness, one has to be attuned to the fact, that emergencies to one group may mean the complete loss of freedom to another. There are many questionable programs initiated by the Federal Government, and when our government uses terrorism to remove our Constitutional ways of life, and our legislators accede to their demands, well then the terrorists have won.

Children Having Everybody Really Upset Bout Shots: A Vaccination Alternatives Network.
Barbara Flynn, MBA, Founder
10 Irving Place
Summit, New Jersey 07901 (908) 273-2792 CHERUBS

Smallpox vaccine at Gunpoint?
By Barbara Flynn

Reprinted from The Idaho Observer , April 15, 2002:

On February 27, 2002, the Wisconsin Legislature passed a Mandated Vaccination/ Emergency Health Powers Act which calls for a $10,000 fine and /or nine months in prison for those who refuse vaccinations. The former Governor of Wisconsin, U.S. Health Secretary Tommy Thompson is now calling for Model Emergency Health Powers Acts (MEHPA) in all states.

In an article in New Jersey's Daily Record on January 20, 2002, District 21 Assemblyman Dr. Eric Munoz promised to spearhead a Rapid Mass Smallpox Immunization Plan for New Jersey. And in the February 1, 2002 edition of the Star-Ledger we find that the CDC has offered New Jersey $26.8 million to "come up with a plan" by April 15, 2002.

In 1902, Cambridge Massachusetts Board of Health passed an ordinance that required everyone to get smallpox vaccinations every 5 years or pay a $5 fine. Henning Jacobsen and his son who had both suffered severe and prolonged reactions to the vaccine refused both the vaccine and the fine. Both were found guilty by the Massachusetts Supreme Court and Jacobsen vs. Massachusetts became the first and only vaccination case to reach the highest court. The Supreme Court ignored compelling evidence that the vaccines did not work and were dangerous. "While we do not decide and cannot decide that vaccination is a preventative of smallpox, we take judicial notice of the fact that this is the COMMON BELIEF of the people of the State, and with this fact as a foundation we hold that the statute in question is a health law, enacted as a reasonable and proper exercise of POLICE POWER." [What Every Parent Should Know About Childhood Immunizations, Jamie Murphy, 1990, p.124] In other words, an opinion poll was preferable to hard epidemiological and scientific data regarding vaccination.

What data might Jacobsen hypothetically have presented? Dr. Charles Creighton, professor of Microscopic Anatomy at Cambridge and author of Epidemics of Great Britain said, "The real affinity of cowpox is not to smallpox, but to the great pox (syphilis). The vaccinal ulcer of everyday practice is to all intents and purposes, a chancre (syphilitic ulcer)." Commissioned by Encyclopedia Britannica to assemble information on syphilis (9th Edition, Vol. 24, p23) he reported that "in the first year of compulsory vaccination (1854), deaths from syphilis among infants under one year of age suddenly increased by one-half and the increase has gone on steadily since."

Edward Jenner who is credited with perpetrating smallpox vaccine on the public in 1796 believed that the syphilitic scar was an indication that the vaccine took or would provide immunity for life. According Dr. Hadwens editorial in "Truth" (1/10/23)

    Edward Jenner was a country apothecary who purchased his Medical Degree from St. Andrew s College for the modest sum of £15 ($75). Based on a single experiment with eight-year-old, James Phipps with no clinical trials or follow-up studies, Jenner received £30,000 ($150,000) from the British Government for his great discovery.

    The superstitious belief in "scar" production had tragic consequences for Marcella Gruelle, 13, daughter of "Raggedy Ann" book and doll creator, Johnny Gruelle. In 1915, she lost her life at the hands of the New York Public School System because she could not produce the scar. Her parents reluctantly gave permission for one school administrated smallpox shot. A few weeks later, without parental permission, she was inoculated again as it was deemed that the prior did not "take." Paralysis and death followed quickly. [Johnny Gruelle, Creator of Raggedy Ann and Andy, Patricia Hall, 1993, p. 87-92] Raggedy Ann, as American as apple pie, is really a pervasive symbol of smallpox vaccine injury and death.

If cowpox (vaccinia) more closely resembles syphilis than it does smallpox (variola), how did the vaccination wipe out smallpox? Apparently, it didn't. On June 5, 1937, Dr. William Howard Hay testified before Congress about the effectiveness of the smallpox vaccine in the Philippines. Dr. Hay describes a vaccination program spanning a six-year period in which 10,000,000 people (95% of the population) were repeatedly vaccinated. In spite of vaccinations a terrible smallpox epidemic ensued. It was four times as fatal as any that had occurred before vaccinationa death rate of 60% as opposed to the usual 10% to 15%. Additionally, Anne Riley Hales 1935 book, The Medical Voodoo recounts the history of Englands smallpox vaccination and resulting epidemics.

Lastly, in 1900, Dr. Charles Campbell of Texas published findings that smallpox was a filth disease, carried by a blood sucking insect, Cimex lectularius (bedbug), that it was neither infectious nor contagious, and that vaccinations do not prevent it. So convinced was he of this that he would move in with and sleep in the same bedroom with those who had contracted smallpox once their homes were fumigated and bedbug free. His reports were ignored. [Bacteria Inc. Cash Asher, 1948,p. 36-37]

The Nuremberg Code (Doctors Trial, 1947) which specified that human beings could not be used as medical experiments without their consent, supercedes Jacobsen vs. Massachusetts (1905). However, Lawrence O. Gostin, the Georgetown University Law Professor who wrote the original 40 page MEHPA invoked the outdated Jacobsen vs. Massachusetts on the second page of his document to justify forcing untested vaccinations on the public at gun point. According to Editorial Assistant Michael L. Betsch (12/16/01) Professor Gostin was awarded $300,000 per year for a period of up to three years by the CDC to develop his model legislation, among other projects. He also states that the Illinois Legislature has already rejected a proposed MEHPA Bill. On March 6, 2002 the Wyoming House Minerals Committee voted 8-1 to "kill" their MEHPA bill. [Sierra]

Historically, vaccination policy has been a conflict between the "thought police" who profit financially from this medical fraud and humanitarians who subscribe to the precautionary principle: "First do no harm."

In the wake of September 11, tyrannous violations of human rights may be expected, but are they really in the interests of the public they are supposed to protect? "I am convinced that if we are to get on the right side of the world revolution, we as a nation must undergo a radical revolution of values. We must rapidly begin the shift from a thing-oriented society. When machines and computers are considered more important than people, the giant triplets of racism, extreme materialism and militarism are incapable of being conquered."[Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: 1967 Riverside Church Sermon] To Dr. King's "triplet" we can add the surrender of bodily integrity to the government. Our challenge is to advance the revolution of values that Dr. King advocated, not to reverse it.

Barbara Flynn, MBA, of Summit, NJ, is the founder of CHERUBS (Children Having Everybody Really Upset Bout Shots) A Vaccination Alternatives Network. CHERUBS provides upport for those wishing vaccination exemptions. Barbara Flynn can be contacted by email at: