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Wyoming Vaccine Information Network
Have you ever wondered whether or not you were being told everything you need to know about vaccination? In 1978, I didn't question my family physician or the nurses about it when I was told that my precious newborn needed the DPT and the oral polio vaccines at the age of two months. For nearly twenty years, all four of our sons were vaccinated with nearly every vaccine that was recommended. My E.M.T. instructor had told me in the early 1990s that he didn't think the hepatitis B vaccine was worth the risk of side effects for me since I wouldn't be working on the ambulance. When the three doses of the hepatitis B vaccine were mandated for our third son before he would be allowed into seventh grade, I asked the CDC, hepatitis branch, if that particular vaccine had been improved. The CDC official said that it had not been improved significantly, since the recombinant version was produced in the mid-80s. When I learned this, I began studying this subject myself. I found that there are many parents waking up, as I did, deciding it is up to them to find the facts before submitting to vaccination for themselves and for their children.

In April, 2001, Jacque Jones, of Buffalo, and I, formed a statewide information/support group called Wyoming Vaccine Information Network. In Sheridan and Buffalo, we hold meetings that are open to the public, about eight months a year. At each meeting, we show a DVD about vaccination. During the months of January and February, we have been very active in working with state legislators in order to ensure that our rights are maintained in the area of vaccination mandates and exemptions.Religious and medical exemptions are available in Wyoming.

Our lending library consists of books, magazines, articles, audio-cassettes, videos, CDs, and DVDs. Please contact us for further information. See this web page: for information about vaccines and exemptions.

~~Susan Pearce

OR Jacque Jones
P.O. Box 615, Buffalo, WY 82834

Any information contained herein is for educational purposes only. It is not to be construed as legal or medical advice. Wyoming Vaccine Information Network does not necessarily agree with all of the statements made in the material it shares. The decision to vaccinate is one that must be made by you in consultation with a trusted health care provider of your choice.

Please be aware that all information needs to be investigated carefully, keeping in mind that some of it may not be backed by facts. It is necessary to check on the sources to be certain that a statement is true.

This applies to both sides of the vaccination debate.

Susan Pearce and Jacque Jones
Wyoming Vaccine Information Network