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March 4, 2004

    The list of Public Health and Safety Statutes can be found at , where you can click on each individual title and read the statute.

    Title 35, Chapter 4, Article 1: Communicable Diseases shows some of Wyoming's laws concerning forced medical treatment, vaccination, and quarantine. Please see Those laws reflect the bill SF 11 that is discussed below.

    Wyoming passed SF 11 one year ago, in the winter of 2003. If, after reading the article below, you would like to see information about that legislation, and Wyoming Vaccine Information Network's mostly unsuccessful efforts to amend it, please contact Susan Pearce at

    The following article appeared in the Winter/Spring 2003 issue of The VacLib Letter.

Wyoming legislature passes Senate File 11 (SF 11) that gives health authorities and governor more powers
by Susan Pearce

Despite their appreciation of Wyoming Vaccine Information Network's (WVIN's) contributions and factual presentations, the majority of Wyoming's lawmakers chose to reject the suggested changes that would have ensured Wyoming citizens' freedom of choice in the areas of unquestionably hazardous vaccination, medical treatment, and quarantine.

Representative Bob Brechtel, of Casper, is to be commended for his untiring efforts to work WVIN's and other amendments into the bill. He was successful in having one amendment inserted, which was NOT one of the ones submitted by WVIN. The amendment he proposed, that was accepted, was one in which parents would be allowed to remain with quarantined children.

Other undesirable sections of SF 11, however, allow the state health officer to quarantine unvaccinated people in a government designated facility. For many, this sounds too much like a concentration camp.

In the event of an "emergency", Wyoming citizens will not be able to rely upon the right to obtain religious exemptions for their children that they do have under normal conditions. Because of SF 11 and previously passed laws, people may not be allowed to prevent unquestionably hazardous materials (that have VERY questionable positive attributes) from being injected into or forced upon their children. This also applies to any incompetent person for whom a person is responsible. The people in authority can decide that the child or incompetent person needs the vaccine and that the parent or guardian has no say.

Wyoming already has State Statute "35-4-106 -- Vaccination for smallpox; penalty for refusal". This law has probably been "on the books" for about 100 years. It says, "The state department of health may adopt such measures for the general vaccination of the inhabitants of any city, town or county in the state, as they shall deem proper and necessary to prevent the introduction or arrest the progress of smallpox; and every person who shall refuse to be vaccinated, or prevent any person under his care and control from being vaccinated, or who shall fail to present himself or herself to the county health officer or a practicing physician acting under the direction of the department or county health officer, for the purpose of being vaccinated, if such physician believes vaccination necessary, shall upon conviction be fined not more than one hundred dollars ($100.00) or less than ten dollars ($10.00) or imprisoned in the county jail not more than thirty (30) days."

It should be remembered that this archaic statute was written before it was well-known and documented by many in the medical community that smallpox vaccinations had little or nothing to do with the prevention of the disease.

Medical treatment that is provided by mainstream medicine is not acceptable to many who prefer alternative treatments. It could be very difficult for people to protect their dependents from the kind of treatment that they feel is harmful.

Given the new SF11 anti-terrorism bill that has passed in Wyoming's legislature, and the above statute that has existed for many decades, as well as the stacks of medically documented information that have been withheld from the public (in lieu of information that would only benefit the pharmaceutical companies and their associates), all of us in Wyoming need to contact our local health departments to ask that their policy reflect the rights to freedom of choice in vaccination, medical treatment, and quarantine location. You also need to discuss this issue with those at the Wyoming Department of Health at 307-777-6340. Several of the state health officials have indicated that they are very reasonable, but we absolutely must let them know how we feel about this. Prayer for wisdom, divine intervention, and our personal conscientious involvement is our only hope in our efforts to influence public health policy.

It is up to each one of us to alert our communities and get involved in order to avert the loss of countless lives through this impending public health disaster.

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