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Letters to EMTs
Dear "First Responders",

Please take a few moments and read this letter.
There is a lot of information on the history of smallpox, the smallpox vaccine, and the current smallpox vaccine purchased by our government that the media and health departments have not made available to the public. In fact, Florida's Post-Event Smallpox Response Plan that is our state's guidelines for mass vaccination of the populace against smallpox is not available to the public. The smallpox vaccine is considered so dangerous that 80 hospitals across the country have refused to subject their staff to it.

We need your help in educating your friends, co- workers, parents, grandparents, children, teachers, mailmen, emergency healthcare workers, fire fighters, and police. It is essential for you to have this information since you won't be hearing the full story through the media. We are about to start spreading smallpox disease via the vaccine in this country. There is no guarantee the vaccinia virus in the vaccine will protect us against a bio-warfare attack with an aerosolized form of smallpox (variola virus).

If you have an adverse reaction to this injection, you are on your own since your insurance company and the federal government will not accept liability for injuries the vaccine is known to cause.

If you take the shot you will be contagious to anyone you come into contact with for the first 21 days after the injection. Your family and loved ones can get a form of smallpox from touching the injection site of a smallpox vaccinated person. If you decide to take the vaccine you will not be able to be around family members, babies under 18 months of age, pregnant women, nursing moms, elderly people, or anyone with a weakened immune system (a vast majority of the current population).

And regarding smallpox from the variola virus, Dr. Joel Kuritsky admitted during a public forum on smallpox that in order to catch smallpox you would have to spend 6-7 days in constant close contact with an infected person. This "secret" mass vaccination program and the current line-up of first responders for the smallpox shot is a health disaster waiting to happen. I urge you to please read the literature enclosed in this envelope and help stop the spread of smallpox in this country.

Wendy Ramos

January 2003 An open letter:
Dear Medical Officials, Law Enforcement and EMTs,

Your life, health and performance is important to our community. Soon many emergency workers across the county will be challenged with the smallpox vaccine. You may be called upon to decide if you will accept this treatment.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the smallpox vaccine program for the US National Institutes of Health, has stated that the smallpox vaccine will be offered to adults on a voluntary basis. It will not be available for children except in the event of a "smallpox" attack, an unlikely event because smallpox makes a very poor weapon of destruction. Currently it is considered unethical to test this vaccine in children.

The highest health official in the land, Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson does not plan to be inoculated with the smallpox vaccine and recommends that Cabinet members also not request the inoculation.

According to USA Today, 1/21/2003, "More than 80 hospitals in 22 states have decided to forgo the Bush administration's voluntary smallpox plan." The American Nurses Association has advised its 2.7 million members to wait until various issues are clarified. These issues include insuring vaccinations are voluntary without fear of reprisal, cost of side effects including lost work days and legal liability. Anticipated problems include vaccine side effects in recipients of the inoculations as well as the possibility of transmitting a serious smallpox-like contagious disease to patients and even family members.

In Montana's Post-Event Smallpox plan, unvaccinated emergency personal who respond to a 'confirmed smallpox case', will supposedly be protected if vaccinated within 3 days.

So what happens to those inoculated with this vaccine? Healthy college aged adults who received old stocks of this vaccine in recent trials had somewhat mixed results. Approximately 70% walked away from the inoculation with little more than sore arms. Another 10% missed one day of work or school with a flu-like illness. Another 15% missed two or more days of work or school with high temperatures and flu-like illness. Perhaps 5% suffered somewhat more serious reactions. So what does this level of reaction in healthy college aged people tell us? First, the number of serious reactions warns against vaccinating the general population. Secondly, the live virus in smallpox vaccine is a 'near relative' of smallpox, yet most individuals under age 30 do not experience a smallpox like illness following vaccination. Does this prove the population of the USA already has an existing high degree of immunity to smallpox? If so, this would be fortunate for there is NO historical proof that vaccination immunized but rather reforms in sanitation, nutrition and hygiene were the primary causes of better community health including the decline in smallpox incidence.

Recent news articles state that the responsibility for compensation for missed work, medical treatment and accidental transmission of vaccinia disease to those in contact with vaccinated individuals will not be paid by a government compensation fund nor by the administrator of the vaccine but rather out of the recipient's insurance (if any). But will private insurance companies pay for vaccine damage? The U.S. Government insures vaccine damage from childhood vaccines because private insurance has refused to cover vaccine products since the 1970's.

I urge all emergency personal to feel free to refuse this dangerous, ineffective and unneeded vaccine. Both you and our community will be healthier. Find out more at:

Dewey Ross Duffel
841 1480 Blue Slide Rd.
Thompson Falls, MT 59873-9410,