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Adverse Reactions to Flu and Hep B Shots
Sat, 3 Feb 2001 21:13:09 -0800

The following testimonials are from people having adverse reactions to the flu shot, first, and reactions to the Hep B shot, second.

Date: Jan 29, 02:40
From: Don Johnson

I have had flu shots for years with no ill effects other than a sore arm and occasionally an out of sorts evening. After this year I will never take another one. Last Wednesday,Jan.24,2001, I went to the Health Dept here in Birmingham, Al. and got a flu shot. I was feeling perfectly normal. I had to pay in advance so as soon as I got the shot I walked straight out of the building. I did not even feel the shot, but in the two minutes it took me to get to and walk out the front door, I knew something was wrong. I began immediately to ache from my neck to my leg on the side where I was injected. I'm talking like major cramping. I then began to get sicker and sicker. By Friday night I could not even take off my clothes I was having chills so bad and "every" joint in my body was stiff and aching and the walls of my chest and and the area where my kidneys are felt like I had been severely beaten. I became so congested that I had to use my asthma inhaler continually, that night, to breathe. I was afraid to go to sleep. I had a fever of 103.2. I have had the flu twice before in my life, but it was never as bad as the reaction I had to this shot. My fever has finally gone down, but I am still very sick after 5 days, just like you are during a major bout with the flu. I look like a racoon my eyes are so dark and sunken. I actually wonder if I was somehow injected with "live" flu virus, instead of "killed" virus. Although I know this is theoretically not possible, I pity those who actually get this strain of "live" flu. So if you had a shot, I hope you were lucky, if you haven't had a shot I would advise you not to get one, unless you are quite elderly. If you do get one, you may wind up with a bad case of flu syptoms that you may have, otherwise, not gotten.

 Flu Shot Reaction
Forum: Vaccine Reactions
Re:  flu vaccine
Date: Nov 25, 23:26

Ref: Flu Shot Reaction:
My Mother had a flu shot last Tuesday on 11/21/00 at 2 PM. Next morning she had rash and very itches all over his right arm not her left arm. The nurse said it was not reaction to flu shot. She went to Doctor on Friday 11/24/00 Doctor said it was serious reaction to flu shot and put her on two medicals and cream. She had memory lost for three days. She have rash and itches which travel all over her body for past several days.


GBS resulting from flu shot
Forum: Vaccine Reactions
Re:  flu vaccine
Date: Jan 04, 12:57

In late November my 46 year old brother had his flu shot. By mid December he had severe back pain and was hospitalized by Dec 23 due to severe pain, sleep deprivation, numbness and control and focus problems with one eye. Due to severe Medicare cutbacks, hospital staff shortage over the Christmas break period and lack of forewarning of possible flu shot side affects, his diagnosis of GBS was delayed by several days! It is well known that GBS damage can be minimized by a timely diagnosis. This was not the case here. He is now on a slow recovery path and we can only hope and pray for the best.
Since he was not aware of a potential GBS side affect from the flu shot, it is obvious that he did not sign a waiver. His ability to maintain or advance is his career may now be hampered at a critical time for support of his immediate and extended family. I am shocked by the following events:
a) Failure to forewarn flu shot recipients of potential risks.
b) A failure by the hospital medical staff to initially ask if the patient recently had a flu shot.
c) delays in diagnosis of GBS.
d) Failure to suspect the flu shot as the probable cause following GBS diagnosis.
I was actually the first and only one to advise my brother that the flu shot was the probable cause upon first hearing of the GBS diagnosis. Even the neurologist seemed unaware! While the risk of GBS from flu shots is rumoured to be about 1 in 10,000, the probability that the above case was caused by the flu shot is around 98% or higher.
Sorry to say it, but I and many others are rapidly losing faith in our medical system which seems to be in a state of chaos! I will stop taking flu shots and will advise others to reconsider. Perhaps alternative medicine is worthy of closer examination.

longterm flu-like symptoms from flu shot

Forum: Vaccine Reactions
Date: Jan 27, 07:51

Near the end of October I received the flu shot and I have not been the same since. I have had chest congestion, coughing, nasal congestion,headaches and fatigue. I have been searching online but have not be able to find someone else with the same reaction. I have talked to local people who have had similar reactions and was wondering if anyone can forward some websites with some supporting evidence.

Forum: Vaccine Reactions
Re:  flu vaccine
Date: 2000, Aug 04

In October of 1999 I suffered a life threatening condition that resembled GBS. For the presentation of the condition was not classic, but the results were the same. Progressive, ascending paralysis, demyelinating polyneuropathy. I was told that the cause of my problem was the flu shot that I received in October of 1999. My recovery has been very slow and agonizing to say the least. I am unable to work and have not been able to work since October of 1999. Still weak and with know stamina, I continue with my physical therapy. In the last month I have developed a disabling tremor in my right forearm and hand, and a severe trembling in the muscles of my right leg. A visit to Mayo, Rochester, revealed that the flu shot was not the only culprit in my affliction. The fact that I did not have the diagnostic protein in my spinal fluid negates the diagnosis of GBS, according to Mayo, the fact that when I received the flu shot, I was being evaluated for a posible reaction to the drug Zocor was significant to the doctor at Mayo. One of the best, if not the best periferal neurologists in the country diagnosed me as a recipient of a multiple drug reaction from the flu shot and the drug Zocor. As it was explained to me, the Zocor altered the lipo-protein of the myelin sheath on my nerves causing the symptoms of a polyneuropathy, the flu shot activated my autoimmune system, which in turn could not reconize the altered tissue as my own and destroyed the altered myelin where it found it, thus causing the demyelinating syptoms similar to GBS. Does this mean anything to anybody? Has anyboby heard of such a reaction before? Am I the only one in the world who has had this kind of reaction? Please respond.

AARDS reaction to the flu vaccine?
Forum: Vaccine Reactions
Re:  flu vaccine
Date: Sep 19, 21:48
From: Wendy Bentz 

In November of 1999 I took the flu vaccine for the first time in 30+ years..7-10 days later I was diagnosed with pneumonia which progressed to AARDS. I was on the respirator for 6 days and then proceeded to a full recovery. Consequently I am afraid to take the flu vaccine this season. Should I be concerned that my illness was a result of the vaccine? Wendy Please Help.

Forum: Vaccine Reactions
Re:  flu vaccine
Date: Oct 23, 22:41

A week ago, my 43 year old perfectly healthy husband received a flu shot. Two days later, he began getting numb from his chest down and in his hands. It got worse over the next few days. It has been a little over a week now with little improvement. The doctors say it will probably go away, but if it doesn't he will be referred to a specialist. His reflexes respond fine,he can feel touch and has no breathing problems. He has never had a serious health problem before, so we know it is related to that flu shot. He has no allergy to eggs, and we are just at a loss. We are both so worried. He is still numb. His leggs feel heavy and it is very tireing to walk. Because he still has a reflex reaction, the doctor had no explination. My question is this, does anyone know if they syndrome can present itself in a patient even though the patient retains reflex abilities? And, does anyone know of any danger in the wait and see plan of action offer by our doctor? Your thoughts are appreciated. God Bless and thank you.

To Please Help
Forum: Vaccine Reactions
Re:  flu vaccine
Re:  Please Help.
Date: Oct 24, 00:04

When I got GBS my symptoms were similar to your husband. I retained my reflexes. I too had a flu shot before my problems began. After my legs got that heavy feeling; the next thing was that I could barely walk at all. That is when my Dr. finally took a Spinal Tap and found out it was GBS. A high Protein count in the Spinal Tap is what signifies GBS. I still feel that if the Spinal Tap was done sooner; my treatments with Plasma-Pheresis (blood exchange) would have begun sooner. All Neurologist agree on one thing and that is the sooner the treatment whatever it be; the better. My Doctor admitted that he had no idea of what I had; other than that it was the after effects of a flu shot. On my first visit to a Neurologist; he suggested the Spinal Tap to at least rule out GBS. But it was ruled in. Doing fine now. Hope you get some answers soon. In my opinion it is trouble to wait too long. Good Luck and I sure hope it isn't GBS.

adverse reaction to Hepatitis B vaccination

I am just beginning to gather information regarding Hepatitis B vaccinations I received several yrs ago. I am a health care worker & rec'd the first two shots with no problems. The 3rd shot I rec'd I immediately had a pain in my upper left arm, swelling & redness in the upper portion of my left back/neck region. I have since since many drs. for my pain, been misdiagnosed, had surgery, developed a winged scapula, been on about 40 different meds, have had problem after problem & now am in PT. I am not sure if caused by this Hep.B shot, but that is the beginning of all my problems. I initially discussed this with my internist who sent me to a neurologist. He stated he had heard of this but it was rare, & never followed up on it. I have been sent to Mayo, Barnes Hospital in St.Louis & have had so many tests I have lost track of how many. Needless to say, have spent so many $$'s on this & still have no relief. Things I am now reading in articles suggest this could very well be the beginning of all my problems. Does ANYONE have any of these same conditions/problems that they would be willing to compare/discuss? Same problem!!! Please contact by e-mail loren

Forum: Vaccine Reactions
Re:  adverse reaction to Hepatitis B vaccination
Date: 2000, Jun 03

Just diagnosed with CIDP with probable reaction to HepB vaccine. Like you I am seeking information about the typical adverse reactoion I am/was also a health care worker. Symtoms started insidiously after 3rd shot with tingling, numbness of the extremities and incoordination. I have also experienced severe autonomic dysfuction. There is also hypogammaglobulinemia. Fear and concern about what and how to manage this thing is the focus of my life right now!!! Hope you feel better and please contact so we can compare notes.loren

Forum: Vaccine Reactions
Re:  adverse reaction to Hepatitis B vaccination
Re:  Same problem!!! Please contact by e-mail loren
Date: Sep 25, 22:18
From: Dawn 

My daughter has had an adverse reaction to hepatitus B that is required before entering junior high. She has been sick for one year so far. We think she started having symptoms after getting the 2nd shot and the 3rd just intensified her problems. She had vasculitus, arthritis in her hands, joint pain, no energy, high ANA and liver functions. She has been diagnosed b;y three specialists so far that say they are 99% sure that she has autoimmune hepatitus. But they do not beleive that this is only an coincidence after getting the vaccines. My daughter use to be healthy. I have gotten alot of info from the NVIC. This stands for the National Vaccine Information Center located in Vienna, Virginia.

Reaction to Hepatitis Vaccine--itching and limb numbness
Forum: Vaccine Reactions
Re:  adverse reaction to Hepatitis B vaccination
Re:  Same problem!!! Please contact by e-mail loren
Date: Oct 06, 13:20

My daughter, age 22, has been experiencing numbness in her legs and vision problems that occur about every 4 months. She

Forum: Vaccine Reactions
Re:  adverse reaction to Hepatitis B vaccination
Date: Oct 11, 15:34

I am an Air Force employee and I travel overseas to Europe. It was recommended that I take a series of immunizations prior to my first trip. Included was Hepatitis B, tetanus, flu & yellow fever. Within a week after the shots my feet started tingling and I started getting weak and paralysis in my left arm. I was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with GBS. While the doctors could not directly link the shots to GBS I had never received the flu shot prior to this. I can only speculate that one (or a combination of all) of the shots was responsible for the GBS inflicted on me. Hep B, Thyphoid, Yellow Fever, MGC combo from Army

Forum: Vaccine Reactions
Re:  adverse reaction to Hepatitis B vaccination
Re:  Combination of shots including Hepatitis B
Date: Dec 03, 17:15

I am an Army Officer who was stationed in Germany. I was given Kosovo shots which were Yellow Fever and MGC in addition to already having been vaccinated for Typhoid and Hepatits B 4 months earlier. A month after the shots for Kosovo my CIDP symptoms began. One of my initial doctors diagnosed my as most most likely having had a reaction to the immunizations since no other illnesses had occurred during that time.

hepatis related to Guillan-Barre Syndrome??
Forum: Vaccine Reactions
Re:  adverse reaction to Hepatitis B vaccination
Date: Dec 14, 21:36
From: Shirley

Hi, my 16 year old niece had her last hepatitis vaccine a month ago. She is now paralyzed and diagnosed with Guillan-Barre Syndrome. Has anyone heard of cases like this? We are looking for young people to share their stories with her. Thanks

Adverse reaction to hep B?
Forum: Vaccine Reactions
Re:  adverse reaction to Hepatitis B vaccination
Date: Dec 30, 16:52
From: Kathy 

My now 16 yr old son was always in excellent health and a superb athlete. Three months following the last of his hep B series, he developed severe Epstein-Barr, with uncontrollable hypertension and tachycardia. To make a very long story short, he now has severe autonomic dysfunction including hypotension and bradycardia, orthostatic intolerance, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, lost 80lbs. in one year, delayed gastric transit time, extremities with temperatures of the upper 60's to low 70 degrees, oral temperature that ranges from 92 to 95 degrees tops (unless he has a fever), very abnormal bloodwork, a catecholamine disorder, etc. etc. We go to Mayo (6 weeks total in the past year). A rare form of Guillain-Barre has been considered. I don't know how to prove that the hep B did this to him but if I had it to do over again, he would never have received it. Life as he knew it is over; he can no longer participate in athletics due to presyncopal episodes and chronic fatigue; his "activity" consists of sitting at the movies or at dinner with friends. He is able to go to school and his mentation and grades are good, but every time he is tested for anything, the results are abnormal but different. Abnormal has now become normal for him. When he first stands, his blood pressure drops to 70/30 and his heart rate goes up 50+ beats/minute, then falls back down to his "normal" heart rate of about 40. His work-up has been exhaustive and even invasive. He may have an adrenal tumor, as well. He was absolutely perfect before all of this started. Makes me furious!!

Any info is appreciated. Good luck to all.

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